: Auto fill should have higher rewards/loss
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: Plat team going for Diam
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LateXx (NA)
: Team Rocket Pro LF Plat+ competitive players
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: [LFM] ADC Plat 5 + for Ranked/Tourney 5's
Current Division: P3 (94 Pts) Grinding Diamond Desired role: Adc Preferred Champions: Cait Ashe Draven Varus Lucian Ezreal (Ad) Vayne Can you make all the practice/tourney times: Yes, Except this weekend im going to Vegas. Will be back Monday Favorite Team Comp: Beefy top/Jg Peely or agressive support, Orbwalk all day bb Weaknesses: Sometimes I fail to give my support his Gold item stacks when he calls it, Im zoned out focused on the game and Dont process it, Also I play when tired instead of stopping which can cause bad games, need to realise when to stop What makes you want to join a team: I want to go professional Do you have previous ranked 5v5 experience: Yes Ive been PlatV in Ranked 5v5 did about 30 games.
: PLAT 3+ Serious 5s Rank Team Need Top. & support & Adc
rank: P3 top 5 Champions: Vayne Cait Varus Lucian Twitch Draven curse/skype/teamspeak: Yes, prefer skype what will you bring to the team: Alot of experience in my role, Im looking to go professional also so alot of dedication. Anything we should know: Sometimes I tilt because I dont say when Im tired and stop, its a weakness What you prefer to be called such as a nickname: Doublelift
: Starting High Plat-Diamond level ranked team to play mornings of late nights.
Current Division: Plat3 Role: ADC Top 3 Champions at role: Cait Lucian Vayne Why you want to join (2 sentences min.): I put alot of hours into this game and I would really like to go professional, I put the time and effort in and I believe its just about finding a stable team Do these times work for you (prefer evening times): Any time works for me, I can set a schedule with whatever we set up Age:21 Working mic (Yes/No): Yes Your experience with competitive gaming (if any): World Of Warcraft, 2400 Rbgs/Arenas from Wrath - MoP, 6 classes t2 almost every season, Sold numerous carries on Tichondrius
: Sona (The real one) Champion Mastery Points (200k+), anyone else gets carried away with theirs?
Gaboon (NA)
: Gaboon eSports, the begining.
lol its like a job interview for something you dont get paid for and probably wont last, Theres also no tier req so guaranteed this team doesnt go anywhere because a good attitude on a bronze 5 can make the team. el oh el
: Creating A Serious 5`s Team High Plat/Diamond LF Players
Time Zone: PST Rank: Plat 4 Champ Pool: Cait Ashe Draven Twitch Lucian Vayne Varus Strengths/Weaknesses: Never really lose lane or feed, Just break even if I dont win, I could get better with realizing when im too tired to que and stopping rather than just playing anyway
Okuban (NA)
: Team LF mid and jg plat +
IGN: Roger TheAlien Elo: Plat 4 Role: Mid
RC Lrsn (NA)
: Plat+ Serious Ranked Team looking for players!
IGN: Roger The Alien Role: ADC Rank: Plat 4 Mic/Programs for communication: Curse Voice/Skype Champion Pool: Cait Ashe Draven Vayne Lucian Twitch How you think you would benefit the team: Im dedicated, Always on and qued & want to reach diamond before the end of the season Normal times of availability: All day :)
Zefen (NA)
: Looking to Start A High Plat - Diamond Team
> IGN: Roger The Alien > Rank: Plat4 > Top 5 Champs: Cait Vayne Sivir Twitch lucian > Strengths: Never really lose lane always at least go even or dominate, I play very passive under my turret and wait for JG, Very good at csing > Comments/Questions: N/a I just want to play on a competitive team
: Team Fantazy PLAT+ Team Looking for Members
IGN: Roger the Alien Rank: Plat 4 Position: ADC Top 5 Champs in that role: Vayne Cait Twitch Sivir lucian Schedule: I make my own, Very open have 900 games this season to prove it :P Why you want to join or tell me about yourself: I want to start competeting in tournaments & become a better player with a group, I really want to get into competitive play in this game though, Ive done it in WoW for years and now want it in this
: Looking for ADC and Top Lane, Plat + with Open Schedules
IGN: Roger the Alien Age: 21 Solo Q Rank: Plat4 Position Applying For: ADC Practice Times Available: I make my own schedule and have 900 games this season so as you can see im always on :)
: Looking For New Members For Our Gold Ranked Team!
IGN: Roger the Alien Role: ADC Rank: Plat 5 Top Champs (3): Vayne Twitch Caitlyn, I really main all adcs tho, check my kdas and stats pls CV (y/n): Yes Experience: Plat2, been playing since the start of S2 Timezone: PST Schedule: I make my own so ill make practices
: Creating a plat+ team
Rank:Plat 5 Role: ADC Champion Pool: All Adcs. litterally, Please check Kda's Strengths: Doubelifting Weaknesses: Sometimes I dont watch wards as much as I should, Being in a team though the support and I can communicate this, Im normally really focused on trading and csing Random Fact about yourself: I own an App about to launch on the IOS/Android stores
: Ranked 5's recruiting players all positions Gold+
Youre silver4 LOL and not taking g5... Hahahah
: High Gold/Low plat Team LF botlane
IGN : Roger the Alien Role : ADC Current Elo : Plat5 Have mic + curse : Yes Schedule/Availability : Any Strengths : Doublelift Weaknesses : Relegation Shotcalling : Yes What is important for you about our team : It wants to be serious and its in my elo Willing to sub? :no
Eversio (NA)
: Looking for a girl to play league of legends with, I have skype.
: Looking for Plat+ ADC to try out for Semi- Serious Practice team
Role: Adc only Age: 21 Time zone: PST Availability: All the time. why you want to try out: I'm stuck in Plat5, Have been Plat2 would like to see what I could do better
: Creating a 5s Team... Plat +, Need ADC, Mid and Top
Age: 21 When can you play?: I make my own schedule, have like a million games this season and every season beore Role: ADC only Solo Q Rank: Plat 5
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Elevated (NA)
: Serious team looking for ADC main
Rank:Plat5 Timezone:PST Champion pool: All ADC's, Please check stats/Kda's, all are exceptional Availability: I make my own schedule How dedicated you can be: 100% Lets do tournaments!
: LF Plat Adc and Support for ranked 5s
Hey, Adc here, Was p2 last season, Fell during a busy time in my life, Im G3 currently, You can tell from my Kda's on all Adcs im not meant for gold and will rejoin plat soon, Please let me know if interested! IGN : Roger the Alien


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