: Go to task manager, click "options", click "always on top". Voila, league wont force itself over task manager anymore.
damn im sad i somehow missed this comment, glad i saw it now tho, i thought that was auto enabled but i guess not, thank you very much. this couldve helped SO much in the past <3
: TFT forced me to restart my computer by blocking task manager access
at this rate im betting that riot wont fix this bug hell riot wont even put LP protection on for when this bug occurs ive lost over 1k LP due to this now and am pretty much at the point of saying fuck league of legends since they wont even fix their bugs let alone honor purchases or acknowledge that they have forums with which they should use to communicate with their fan base
: Trash Client
the old client was more reliable than the garbage we have now, and riot doesnt seem to have plans on making a working client or at least reverting to the old client, theyd rather release new things that dont work and continue compounding problems until league is no longer salvageable my suggestion is to look for another game to replace league in your game library since riot seems hellbent on shooting themselves in the foot
: TFT Win/Loss Points might be Broken at Plat
8th place is -54 LP i know this very well because half my games wont load and so i lose 54 LP each time it wont load, im about to demote to plat 4 and im not claiming id be grandmaster or anything but i certainly wouldnt be struggling to stay above plat 4 thats for sure
: Frozen on loading screen
ive lost over 1k LP already due to this, i feel your pain, i really wish riot would actually fix the bugs in their game, or at the very least the ones that are reported unfortunately riot ignores their report a bug section and only your fellow players will see your reported bug if it makes u feel better i can leave u with this joke : riot
those arent bots, those are players struggling with riots many glitches and bugs, and instead of being happy you get an easy game you want to report them? you trying for some sort of Dbag award? cuz id nominate ya
: Someone help.
this is a common issue that riot knows about but isnt fixing, better off uninstalling and playing underlords, same game but without the bugs
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freelord (NA)
: Hextech Does not Disable Class items
hextech was never thought out, it disables any start of combat buffs, doesnt disable spatula items, lasts an ungodly amount of time and yet hardly ever affects GA its a good thing they are releasing new things while ignoring the mountain of bugs they still have to fix from the existing things /s
: Demoted in TFT because client wouldn't connect to game, even after restart
yeah they dont even put LP protection for their buggy client, i just lost another 54 LP due to this and im about to demote to plat 4 again, i wonder where id be sitting if i havent lost 1k LP total from each time this has happened why even have a ranked mode if players are being handicapped this way
FTG Lowi (EUW)
: Twisted Fate Seraph's Embrace Interaction
this has been an issue since TF was in PBE, i wonder if riot will ever fix it tbh
: Champions buged when you buy them
this has been happening to me since TFT release, i dont understand why riot wont fix it oh u want sej? k heres poppy and thats if youre lucky enough for it to even give u a champ, half the time u click what u want to buy and it just simply wont purchase the game is so buggy it can barely be called playable yet it comes with a ranked mode, what a joke joke of the year : riot
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: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16 notes
once the fight is over send people back to their own islands and allow people affect their board when someone gets stomped in 3 seconds they shouldnt sit around for 20 seconds waiting for other fights to end, this person who got stomped could use that time to actually do stuff instead exception : dont send them back to their islands before a carousel round
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16 notes
still no scaling timer? 7 seconds round 1 30 seconds every other round? like uhhhh im just sitting there for 24 seconds in round 2 while in round 20 im trying to move 7 or 8 champions, look at other boards, buy champions, level up, add champs, make items, etc and i only have 30 seconds?????? how is 30 seconds considered enough to deal with 2-3 champs on the board and also considered enough to deal with 8 champs on the board? everytime i lose a fight because i had 2 units left to reposition when the timer was up i just think "man if i wasnt sitting around doing nothing in round 2 for 24 seconds and instead had scaling time the game would last the same amount of time but i wouldnt have time sensitive struggle moments in the same game that i sat around for 24 seconds waiting for things to start" just start round 1 at 7 seconds, add 1 second per round and 1 second per person eliminated so by round 20 it would be a 27 second timer assuming nobody has been eliminated andthe more people who are eliminated / the more rounds ppl have been eliminated for gives the remaining people more time this way the game will progress faster without as strict of a timer when dealing with max or near max units in the end game
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16 notes
no fix on the single target abilities firing blanks? im sick of of a unit targeting a unit for their single target ult but since their target dies before they ult they just spend the mana but dont actually ult its especially noticable on veigar, the amount of times ive watched him gain full mana, spend his mana and start the ult animation but not actually ult anybody is ridiculous. it would be one thing if his ult was mid air and the target dies and it hits nothing, but thats not the case, he just decides that since his target is dead he will go oom and not ult anybody
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: Old games and old runes were funnier and less problematic...
i agree the old runes were better, new runes (which arent runes but mastery pages) arent as enjoyable, i would rather have rune pages than mastery pages but riot just removed runes and called masteries runes, i dont know why the current runes are quite problematic, if they were removed the game would become alot more balanced right away the only thing i dont agree with is you saying annie has short range...do you know annies range? her Q has same range as her autos and i think the only people with further autos are like: late game trist and kog with W on and caitlyn i absolutely hate annie, that champ needs RW or deletion asap imo im still waiting for the day riot realizes tanks are good, tanks should exist and be extremely tanky, but like anything tanky you need to make sacrifices, cant wait for them to change the resist scaling so it doesnt fall off as hard but instead starts limiting your damage, theres no reason someone should be able to 100-0 someone if theyve built pure tank and theres no reason a tank should be dying in 3 seconds if theyve built pure tank resistances having diminishing returns is so counter intuitive, its not like u buy a BF sword and it gives u less AD cuz u already have a BF sword not to mention resistances blocking a % of dmg doesnt make alot of sense either, like, if paper provides 1 armor and i have 0 armor and i put the paper on as armor and it blocks 1% of damage then paper could block zero damage, paper could block 100 damage, which doesnt make sense, it has a threshold it can block, its paper
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: Yeah. The first cast of E is to make them easier to hit. The goal is to make him have less burst, yes, because he's also supposed to be kinda tanky, not a bursty mage or assassin. I'm trying to make him more... him. And to nerf his damage. I'm also trying to make him a little more skillful with his normal abilities than he is right now. Think of him like a juggernaut but with ranged abilities except a little less tanky. Also I just posted a Skarner rework idea if you wanna check that out.
yeah i like the idea also can u link the skar RW idea?
: So for his E I decided to make his mech's mace NOT useless, and the harpoon hardly does any damage now instead of being a burst with 2 charges of the same ability. It makes it so instead of just 2 high damage slows, its a 2 part combo with a slow _then_ the damage. The slow makes the damage easier to hit. The Q just hits them for damage and deals slight damage overtime instead of just a "hey, ima stay on top of you and let my ability kill you in 2 seconds". His current ult is really annoying because if you have no mobility then by the time you get out, if nothing else damaged you, youre at like 15% health. This way he doesn't do that much damage with having a slow that bad, and you can dodge it. Thanks for the feedback, though.
so the E is also like a tether then? (sry if im not undertsanding) is the goal to make rumble less bursty and more brawly, have him fight for extended periods of time kinda deal?
: What champion is similar to Velkoz?
hard to predict what you might enjoy but when i started playing vel i had been playiing malzahar before that, that was my transition, so its possible you might enjoy malzahar? but its hard to say, for all we know ryze becomes your new main if essence / owning champs is no issue then i say start experimenting with all the suggested champs from people, other wise i would suggest xerath, he has long range poke, 2 forms of CC, and his passive gives him mana back, not to mention your R is so long you can almost gank mid without leaving lane
: Rumble Rework Idea
so i dont understand your changes to his ult to be honest, but lets tackle main kit changes shall we heres what i see, tell me if im wrong, E is same but has a 2 cast system for some reason instead Q is a line instead of a cone that you only need to touch someone with and have no need to continue burning them as it will do so on its own please tell me if ive misunderstood these also id like to tell you why i believe these changes wont happen; first, riot doesnt seem to like DoTs at all so turning Q from something u need to keep on someone to a DoT that only needs to touch someone will likely be ignored ( i know, we could use more dots in lol and make helm the anti dot item and it would be nice ) second off, you will need to explain your logic behind the double cast system on E, if it has a good reasoning then i could see it taken seriously, but i dont know the reasoning and i assume riot wouldnt want to reprogram an ability "just because", i mean, they dont reprogram some abilities that are bugged unless they have to or they take yrs to do so, so i just doubt it would be changed without proper reason btw im not trynna hate on your idea, just replying so you can see someone elses thoughts on it, i hope a Red replies and you have a better reply than my own but at least for now u have this opinion XD cheers man
: {{champion:2}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:86}} welcome to top lane where its balanced around counter picks enjoy your stay in the rejection lane.
: > [{quoted}](name=aLawfulFalafel,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=jAOilvn9,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-19T09:10:25.976+0000) > > heres my suggestion to equalize the game : > > first off, remove the carousel entirely, it promotes losing to win and doesnt seem like it can be regulated to work well > so instead just make every PVE round drop one component for everyone, no gold, just drop for everyone or for nobody at all so theres plenty of RNG but things are "fair" > instead place the champions with items in chests and let the players pick them, without knowing whats inside. > second give item drops options, so you kill pve round, 2 boxes pop out, one has armor the other has belt, you get to pick one not both, but you still have some option but are limited to the RNG and sometimes wont even get an option really when your options are belt or belt lol > > like this nobody is losing for better spot on carousel, everyone values their hp fully, and everyone is trying to snowball on each other while also trying to balance economy > > everybody gets the same number of items, everybody gets the same chance at economizing or investing into snowballing and the choices that come from there would, i think, feel more satisfying to the player even though they're still at the mercy of RNGsus keep the mystery boxes random, but give boxes half to the amount of opponents on the field, with that i mean 3 minions = 1 item 4 minions is 2 items 5 minions is 2 items, 6 wolfs is 3 items etc.... so you get rewarded for playing good and defeating the monsters, you shouldn't be limited to picking between items on the field, sorting out which item you take costs time as well.
im not mad at that at all, i think i would be perfectly happy with your suggestion, would at the very least love to test it out, cuz it sounds good to me on paper btw thanks for actually reading my post before replying, so many people lately replying to my posts that clearly have not properly read the post and then want to have an opinion that contradicts my opinion while they butcher my opinion and say "its wrong / dumb" or w/e so yeah thanks again, thanks for reading, thanks for your opinion, i do like it
: I'm not sure how long you have been playing league. I've been playing for a few years now. They use to have honoring the enemy players. you would even get a different banner if you got enough honor votes from the enemy team. I mean granted they got rid of honoring everyone and just honoring only 1 person on your team but still. I enjoyed giving honor to a enemy player who was either cool to chat with and trash talk with during the game. or someone who just absolutely destroyed me and my team.
yeah i remember that, and i agree with the change away from being able to honor everyone tbh, like, if everyone can honor everyone then honor doesnt have much value, its stock plummets and nobody honors anybody anymore because why bother but with limited honors its more valuable, and i agree with that change, but i still wish i could honor one single enemy, and i think having a lesser honor for a 2nd teammate would be good, all those game where ur sitting there like, wheres my honor guys? wtf? those might be games where u have 4 lesser honors and you know, ppl had others they wanted to honor first but you are still recognized
yeah ive had these bugs happen too one game i got sej ulted, well, both teams got sej ulted, neither team had a sej, both of us sat there for 5 seconds pinging ?s until the fight started back up also the X card = Y champ bug is annoying, when i u go to buy a 1 cost unit at last second and it puts a 2 or 3 cost unit on your board and messes with your econ or when youre like YEAH MY 3RD ASHE but shes the card on the furthest right of the shop so you cant buy her, only the other cards are purchasable and none of those cards are who they say they are either (sometimes one of those cards is the card u want though)
: Bug Issue bypasses task manager
yeah this is beyond annoying, league wont let task manager appear over top of it. but sometimes my taskbar is allowed to pop up out the bottom? but every pop up possible will be allowed to pop up over the game and clicking to close the pop up will minimize league everytime but task manager isnt allowed to show up, like im not actively trying to access that window but windows wants to tell me its hiding something in my task tray, it ironically pops up OVER league, and minimizes league when i click to close it, if i dont click to close it then i have this little tiny normal windows cursor to try to play league with its been like this on every computer ive played league on since i first started playing league like 6-7 years ago, i dont know how this hasnt been addressed yet
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: one gold is not worth 2 or 3 items
i know right, tired of getting one single piece of gold, looking at other peoples screen and they have items, like, why cant everyone start on equal grounds?
jujulian (OCE)
: Ability targeting and animations
i would rather see kennen just not ult with RFC rather than ulting nobody, that way if someone jumps on him he has his ult ready, kennen is great on the offensive but he could be the dollar store kindred if he has an RFC, i would like that, he does good dmg and can also keep any carries beside him alive should they get jumped on hmmmm actually that might be too good, idk i also think it would be cool if he just simply ran around when ulting XD also look into the stun on kennens ult, ive watched him die to basic attacks from champs that are "stunned" but they decide to auto one more time anyways dont get me wrong ive appreciated my champs killing him real quick when hes ulting but i know thats not how it shoulda gone down, my dudes should be dead and kennen potentially alive
: > [{quoted}](name=aLawfulFalafel,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=nnVhrRH8,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-18T08:10:08.273+0000) > > yes, go into howling abyss and walk into the LL > it will block you like a champion instead of passing through it like a poro Never had that issue before. Sorry it happened with you.
IT GOT FIXED ahem sorry for caps, im very happy it got fixed :)
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: Aram
yeah its not only annoying, it not only ruins every game, but if you happen to be the one who doesnt connect in to the game you get treated as a leaver and dont get your arcade tokens for playing Qing up RN is like guaranteed no fun time with a chance of being penalized
: ***
and yet, i would still wreck you elo doesnt equal opinion relevance, and if you think skill = opinion than come fight me garbage man
: shyvannas passive can be gained in ARAM, by killing turrets. they did that change awhile ago. V6.24 Howling Abyss Fury of the Dragonborn Fury of the Dragonborn Each turret destroyed by Shyvana or her allies permanently grants her 5 bonus armor and 5 bonus magic resistance.
ahh good, i mustve missed that, glad to know thanks
: > [{quoted}](name=aLawfulFalafel,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=IjMucYOF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-17T18:42:05.054+0000) > > played my first ranked today, not a single mob dropped an item, gave me a bunch of gold which undoubtedly led me to have a stronger early game than everyone else and then i was last pick on the first 3 carousels, where there were expensive champs with good items for all the people who already had items from PVE and now they get expensive champs which makes all the gold i received earlier less meaningful AND they have items, then after 3 carousels everyone uses their items to destroy me, 4th carousel rolls around, nothing but armor and MR and no expensive champs on 4TH CAROUSEL so i get my 4th item of the game, on a 2 gold champ, these 4 items i have dont make anything good, in my next fight i face someone with 4 completed items on their champs and a component sitting on deck, they wreck me and deal 33(+) damage and kill me > > unless im getting 20 gold then i dont want gold instead of an item, and even still, id give up 20 gold for an item any day but rarely would i give up an item for 20 gold > > also if getting gold is equivelent of getting an item then you should be able to sell items for gold, but you cant sell items for gold, because items are worth too much, but then why am i losing items for a pittance of gold? > riot logic doesnt follow riot logic smh same thing happen to me.....i counted 8 times i got money from the first 3 fucking waves n i got shit in the carsoul cuz hey i had no items to begin with.......so byu the 2nd one im down to 30hp while the stronger are getting stronger.... at the rate riot is going with this rng crap id much rather have a shop to buy items least i can get something......when u go aginst someone who has 5 items to ur 1 and a half n get slaughtered becuz of it kinda makes u want to punch ur pc n just give up on this crap game.....
yeah more often than not i get money and not items, money shouldnt be in those boxes
: I ran into the problem earlier today, as soon as you realize that your game is crashing, restart you PC immediately, you might still be able to join the match. Try to contribute by a small amount to catch up if you end up joining the game late.
yeah i did that, made the last 2 minutes of the one game since my team lost 4v5 real quick (cant blame em) and still got leaver penalty warning and no rewards once it crashes theres no point in trying to return to the game, your gonna be too far behind and lose anyways, you wont get the rewards from the pass you paid money for, you will be treated as a leaver either way. so its actually better to do something else while waiting for that game to finish. so during these times i wouldve been playing league i was downloading other games that i can play instead of league when it crashes XD been enjoying smite and i didnt expect that
: > [{quoted}](name=aLawfulFalafel,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=nnVhrRH8,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-17T23:52:06.768+0000) > > ..... > > it blocks you....it gets in your way, it prevents you from moving in the path you should be moving > > did...did you read my rant? cuz it talks about the LL blocking and causing your champ to dance left and right as they decide which direction they should pick to simply walk around something that shouldnt be in the way in the first place > > its worse than minion block for some reason, its like a teemo sized area you can walk in for no reason other than because the LL is standing there That's very odd. Not seen or heard of it yet. Is it something you can repeat over and over?
yes, go into howling abyss and walk into the LL it will block you like a champion instead of passing through it like a poro
: So i think that if AND WHEN Shaco gets a rework the focus should be more on his trickster identity. Just spitballing here as someone who plays shaco for fun. What if he got a rework that focused more on a Jack-in-the-box type theme Messing around with his boxes and tricking people into them is one of the most fun things about shaco, what if you ult, instead of just making a clone that explodes, allowed you to "jump in" a nearby W box and "jump out" of another one causing damage and a fear or you could just hide in the one u jumped in and jump out for the same effect Or perhaps when you jump out of a box, some mini marionette versions of shaco jump out with you and attack the enemies What if shaco had an ability to make the things in his boxes that attack jump out of the boxes and run after enemies, for example what if his E marked the target for a bit, if the marked target triggers a box and gets hit by it the mark activates, causing other nearby boxes to have their lil dudes jump out and run at the guy, that'd be cool Like i said im just tossin out ideas but whenever I play shaco my favorite part of his kit is the boxes so I would love to see a rework based more around that aspect of him, the trickster part.
i like ur thinking make shaco more about deception and trickery, make him annoying and keep ppl on their toes, rather than an invis nuke
: Shaco is in Dire Need of Bug Fixes and Changes
my suggestions for shaco 1 - make E magic damage again 2 - make Q have a flat 3 second invis, not have bonus damage and get 5/10/15/20/25% move speed during invis 3 - remove ap scaling from passive 4 - boxes should either a) not give gold when destroyed, or b) be tankier (i prefer A) watching clone blown up dealing zero damage and giving the enemy 30 gold is pretty pathetic for an **ultimate** ability theres alot of little changes id like to see but these are my priority "wants" that would make me perfectly happy and i think i could settle with dealing with the rest
4Druler (NA)
: subway gift card, i cant redeem it anymore??
well im glad i didnt just buy a subway gift card the last time i bought RP, i decided to go to another store cuz the subway card wasnt the value i wanted i thought you could still sub your way to RP
: Qiyana and ARAM
Riot NEVER takes aram into consideration when making a champion despite arams popularity riot barely shows it attention, were lucky to finally have the buffs and nerffs in aram, as lazy, simplistic, and frankly pathetic as they are, we are still lucky to have them so unfortunately hoping riot will do something for the new champ is just wasted hope, shyvanna doesnt get a passive on aram at all and riots never cared i really wish they would show that map some love so these champs arent missing sections of theirs kits, or give those champs certain aram tweaks it wouldnt be hard to place a couple puddles on the map, then waterwalking rune could pretend to have a use on aram too lol give shyvannas passive 5 armor and MR every 5 minutes or something since she cant kill dragons
: > [{quoted}](name=aLawfulFalafel,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=fZPfwfKr,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-18T01:18:14.447+0000) > > ive never seen / heard someone say turrent until league of legends, and for 6 years now ive seen and heard people saying turrent Dude, I know. I don't know why. It drives me crazy. And then people argue with me that it is a word and I'm wrong. And then I mute them.
i think the most frustrating part about it is when people argue whether its a word or not is that you know you are arguing with someone who never googles anything to double check if they are right or wrong the first person who argued with me about it i conceded that i didnt know 100% that it wasnt a word but was pretty sure, told him we should google it after game and play for now he kept arguing, we lost the game, than after game he left immediately and i googled it, turns out turrent is not a word and that guy keyboard warriored me for 10 minutes instead of simply playing or even taking only 1 minute to alt tab and google it. and whats also funny is that after the game i was ready to admit i was wrong if turrent was actually the correct word and i had been saying it wrong my whole life
Yinless (NA)
: Is there a reason Cassiopeia's E does not stack Conqueror?
its bugged, i already enjoyed conq cass so when i saw the patch notes i knew id be playing it, but with all the bugs the game isnt even worth playing right now, assuming you can get into a game that is, my last couple games wouldnt even load in and now im sitting here wanting to play but worried about getting leaver buster penalties anyways, when things are working as intended im sure conq cass will be fun and strong
: People keep talking about Shaco being useless and yet we forgot about Wukong
wait? are you complaining about wu kong? hes useless???? what? hes one of my favorite champs to play and has been for a long time now, if you find him useless than maybe you arent playing him right? i find him to be consistent, fun, and definitely not useless am i missing something? cuz i dont want wukong changed at all, i have multiple skins for him cuz i love him so much ♥ usually i only get one skin per champ because i want a skin for every champ eventually but wukong is worth more
ive never seen / heard someone say turrent until league of legends, and for 6 years now ive seen and heard people saying turrent
: Honoring the enemy.
i always honor the person i think deserves it, rarely do i not honor anybody, and often i think an enemy player deserves an honor imo there should at the very least be primary honor, secondary honor, and an enemy honor im sure im not alone when i say i would love to have a game where not only my team honors me but so does the enemy team and i get 2 most honorable awards or when you set someone up to carry and your whole team obv honors that person, it would be cool to see if the enemy team recognizes your setups and honor you TLDR let us honor our enemies, its the honorable thing to do
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