: Yes, you are a slow learner. As you can see by my name I've already put my time in and gotten rewarded for it. I am not advocating for anybody to be flamed for no reason, but if you purposely ruin a game frankly I don't see the issues with it. I've played quite a few actually! Mostly individual since I can only rely on myself ultimately, but I've never had a problem teaming up and getting good results. Frankly put, I think the snowflake on here is you for having so many issues with the numerous trolls rampant throughout the game. With that said, good luck in the next wood division adventures.
so let me get this right... you think that if YOU find the person is purposefully trying to "ruin" your game then its ok to treat them like shit? you think its ok to treat people like shit, but treating people like shit is a shitty thing to do, and you want to do it in riots games, so by your logic riot should treat you like shit for ruining their game got it
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Rework
balance rework team and rework balance team RIP all the champs riot has buried for its doppelganger
Investa (NA)
: The "Git Gud" Fallacy: How Smurfing Damages Meaningful Competition
i enjoyed this post very much, im glad you took the time to write this out i have 2 points id ike to bring up real quick first (but not most important or relevant), you said the smurfs can buy lvl 30 accounts so they dont ruin ppl games getting to lvl 30, but the fact is, the bots that run it down in AI games are destroying the new player experience, so often someone if makes it through their VS AI phase of learning and think to themselves, i should be ok to play norms, i wont have bots on my team starting with boots and running it down, it cant get worse than that (the first stages of salt have already crept in, theyre sick of bots and expecting better) but then, they get into a game, and now everybody is treating them like a bot, and they know how bad that bot was, man thats disheartening at this point the new player turnover rate is quite high and the new accounts that arent quitting are more likely smurfs than new players (k sry had to get that off my chest) second, more important and relevant, if a professional boxer or hockey player or w/e competitive sport athlete has to wait 3 weeks for their next fight / hockey game etc they dont just go down to the peewee leagues and start kicking some lil kid butt in hockey and telling an 8 year old to "git gud" and everything is hunkey dorey and nobody does anything about it! NO they would be penalized in one way or another meanwhile riot pushes and pushes to have league be viewed as an on going esport but then dont treat their peewee league with any respect, like yeah its ok that mario lemieux just deeked 5 little 8 years olds while telling them to git gud, arent these kids down for a challenge? how are they supposed to get better without a challenge? thats insanity, that would never fly, if that happened in hockey mario lemieux would be disgraced, people would spit when they hear his name because screw that guy meanwhile riot is basically encouraging people to make smurfs and the match making system is completely out of sync and instead of saying, hey, theres a problem, we need to address this problem, they simply say, nah its fine, its no big deal then you turn around and look at the player base and their complaints ; i just faced riven as viktor and there was nothing i could do, that champ is busted and needs nerff but they dont know, their experience has come from a league where peewees play against pros but you cant tell if they are peewee or pro just by their face for w/e reason then they get into game, pro stomps peewee, peewee doesnt know what to think cuz he ASSUMES matchmaking wouldnt put a pro vs a peewee but WRONG! so now not only is the peewee learning the wrong lessons, they think, if i just play THAT champ then i can win cuz that champs BUSTED....WRONG! now theyve had 2 games back to back and they cant make heads or tails of it, "riven was op when i fought against her, but now shes trash when i play her" the peewee thinks, trying not to feel too defeated but understandably unhappy THEN all the sudden git gud this top omg 9x report i swear hes inting -says the peewees team omg, now the peewees mind is reeling, its not my fault, its the champ, its the map, its THIS side of the map, desperately searching for the answer as to WHY this is happening but they will never find the excuse because they are under the assumption that the matchmaking in this esport would have SOME level of integrity just like any other legitimate sport ever now they cant make heads or tails of a situation, everyones blaming, nobodies helping at all, its peewee vs his team vs the enemy team and then a new toxic lad is born F YOU ALL HE FURIOUSLY TYPES IN CAPS AT HIS TEAM F YOU ALLLL and runs it down, over and over, again and again YOU WANNA SEE FEEDING ILL F**ING SHOW YOU FEEDING as he rages down lane, spitting on his monitor with every word does this story sound familiar to you? i bet it does, maybe a lil too familiar, maybe hitting a little close to home? you are not alone summoner, weve all been there, were all ashamed of our reactions, we withdraw inside ourselves as we watch the next peewee go through the same torment, and the salt mines have eroded our sense of compassion DONT PLAY LEAGUE the former peewees will say! ITS THE SALTIEST GAME OF ALL TIME! and unfortunately nobody can counter point such a valid statement because weve all been beaten up by a god damn mike tyson while we just trying on our boy scouts uniform for the first time the matchmaking system is a disgrace to all sports, but especially the one Esport its supposed to be the foundation of LEAGUE OF LOATHING and the problem has gotten so bad, the salt in our veins runs so strong, the anger and frustration with nowhere to turn and we direct it towards eachother, from the salt in our veins, now, we are eternally stuck, clinging to the veins of salt in the salt mines that riot has created please riot please we plea and beg, this is unjust, not only to us but to Esports and our competitive natures alike but alas our words fall on deaf ears what is this peewee to do? (thx for reading, was supposed to be a real quick btw post and then boom i wrote a wall of text lol ooops so seriously thank you for reading) edit : i reread this and realized im much worse than i even thought, cuz when i reached the end and read : what is this peewee to do? my first thought, like a reflex more than a thought, 2 words : git gud i am still the monster, will i ever really change ? pray for me summoners, and i will pray for you
Revísal (NA)
: Rewards System [End Season Rewards]
i mean, if honor 2 is too much for ya then you dont deserve anything, thats how a punishment works, yes you can earn something, but you can also unearn it especially if you unearn it before you have actually earned it also, honor 2 is nothing, heres a guide on how to be honor 2 : dont talk in chat, always honor a team mate after EVERY game even if u think nobody deserves it, because to give honor is an honorable action if thats too hard then yeah, whoever finds that too hard doesnt deserve anything, no rewards, i think riot should take honor more serious in terms of rewards and punishments i would also recommend an honor level 6 but in order to do so you need to link your account with your real world ID a little reward for the nice people who have faith in themselves and dont hide behind the veil of anonymity and then honor 6 should give an exclusive, something the player can be stoked to have, cant buy, have to earn, itll be rare and those who have it will feel pride and hopfully make the unhonorable people jealous XD
: People on the forums just complaining 247
welcome to the salt mines, first time?
: Mods are so pathetic LOL
riot : this is what we dont tolerate : X you : OMG you dont tolerate X waaaaaaa waaaaaaa you guys are so pathetic, just let me me be an asshole and break the rules waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaaa like seriously? theres a forum for you on reddit, go cry there, no riot mod will mod you there as its reddit, but i mean cmon, u come to a riot board, and get modded by a riot mod, and then you come back to the riot board to cry about the riot mods that modded you on a riot forum...you know what, you do you man, show them true colors, dont have appropriate behaviour, or cry in the approppriate spot ( i mean u proved u know this isnt the place and yet ur still here ) yup its big brain time ok byeeeee buttercup go play ur "better games" with their "better communities" byyeeeeee i bet this post will be removed but i hope u see it first, a lil reflection of yourself {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: No Emotes From Essence Emporium?
lame is a compliment to this BE emporium its supposed to be like a reward system for the hardcore players who always have way over 100k BE at any given time even after buying chromas for BE and yet the only thing worth buying...the gemstones....are the same gemstones from the last BE emporium, long story short, i wait for BE emporium and theres legit nothing to buy cuz i bought it all last BE emporium
Cõmega (NA)
: then adc & support will just go top lane. This solves nothing.
damn dont be such a downer, open your eyes, he just gave you a solution and in your pessimism you ALMOST refined his idea but then you didnt, but thats ok i gotchu see what you could do is have dragon spawn either top or bot randomly at 5 mins, so everyone head to lane like normal then play around dragon once u figure out where it is, or have drag spawn alternating bot then top making both lanes useful or you could simply have 2 dragons spawn one at each pit, and which one you prioritize will have alot of variables, what type drag? which lanes are winning? no need to shut ideas down tho, try to refine them, make them better, cuz we all know riots having troubles figuring out how to improve the importance of everyone around the map and we gave them 10 years to figure that shit out {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Griseous (NA)
: I Waited Over 4 Years For THIS???
go preach to illaoi, shell understand, riot finally made a skin for her... well 2 actually, then said, ok guys which skin u want??? like uhhh hurpa durpa you make em both durpa durpa so that people can choose with their money durpa durpa durpa nah lets only release one of the 2 based on random peoples votes and wonder why nobody buys illaoi skins despite her only just getting ONE other than her launch skin and we just made 2 and then let ANYBODY vote not caring about if the voters play illoai or not so now my options are limited cuz someone who doesnt even play illoai said oh i think that ones cooler then never bought the skin they voted for its like riot knows the motto "build it and they will come" and they apply it to everything except champs that have few skins like no i dont want ANOTHER ez or lux skin, i have plenty, im WAITING as patiently as i can for there to be a skin release for a champ that has no good skins so that i can finally get a good skin for that champ like u telling me you cant make a dank halloween or xmas skin for illaoi? you telling me people dont want a glitter bomb zillean skin? you telling me the fanbase for these champs wont just spit out 1 million ideas and even design like 1000 of em for free? skin team amateurs smh lol ps i just reread this, lotsa anger came out lol, i SHOULD edit this up abit and make it more legible but imma leave that raw anger in the post XD enjoy
: clueless rant
no you _shouldnt_ report someone for learning, your report prob wont be taken seriously anyways and as far as i know riot hasnt confirmed or denied if they use a "boy who cried wolf system" aka u report ppl alot for no reason / nonpunishable reasons and then all your reports are ignored because your assumed to exaggerate or even lie be selective with your reports and dont be shy to leave a detailed description, you can say things in the report box that u cant say in game **for example u can say in the report box** : this guy plays like he just bought his account, wasnt very good and i looked at his history, 20 games just like it, riot plz i dont this person in my games **but dont say in game** : did you just buy that account? cuz your not very good, i looked at ur history, 20 losses? i dont want u in my game cuz u say that in game and now your the bad guy, dont be the bad guy :) ps if they on a 20 loss streak dont worry, they will be out of your range soon enough and you wont see them again :) hope this helped ya, good luck have fun m8
: The problem is that the problem exists in the first place. Since Twisted Treeline is gone, its script for the AI should've been removed as well. Yet for some reason...not only is it not gone, but it's in another game mode. Why? It's like a teacher giving you a Pop Quiz on a book already removed from the curriculum. The source of the problem is gone, yet the problem persists because it's replaced something still here, and one of the FUCKING STAFF is responsible for it being there.
those bots on your team arent riots bots, they are bots grinding accounts i dont know why riot doesnt do anything about them but i have a theory riot releases the numbers of "players" that play each week, month, year riot gets like 80 million "players" every month, and nearly 30 million "players" are playing everyday those are impressive numbers yeah? but oh wait, when they say 80 million players they dont actually mean 80 million PLAYERS, they mean 80 million accounts so if each bot grinder grinds just one account every, doesnt take long to bolster their numbers, and those are just the bots YOU see, what about the bots in EU W/E, what about the bots in OCE, what about the bots in every region? suddenly it seems like a chunk of their "playerbase" arent people at all even if its a measly 1% of accounts are grinding bots....just 1%, then thats 800 K each and every month
: People who said GGEZ should drink something special
the only time its oks to say gg ez is when u faced an enemy ez and he carried and you lost the game, then its ok to say gg ez {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: People can complain about volibear? Lol just kite him and or melt him. He literally can't interact with any other champ without flash. So once every 5 minutes he might be a little broken. This accounts op.gg suggests you can play darius illaoi and ryze, pick any of those into volibear top. As a illaoi main who also knows darius pretty well, both hard counter volibear. (As in you can literally stand there and let voli run at you and you still should win the fight, no kiting required). Ryze also wins easily but requires small amounts of kiting. Good luck my dood!
excellent tidbit of advice +1
: Ekko is disgusting yet Riot won't nerf cause they need to sell Skins
not really a fan of ekko, or poppy for that matter, but i play all the champions just so i can learn them all, and when i play as ekko i HATE seeing poppy for the same reason that when im playing poppy i laugh when i see ekko -anti dash- if you as poppy, allow ekko to dash to you, when you have an anti dash, then you mightve made a mistake, and mistakes are ok, we all make mistakes, just accept it, learn from it, move on if you as poppy are getting tower dove by an ekko and cant manage to stun him and kite him while tower blasts him then you may have made a mistake and mistakes are ok, we all make mistakes, just accept it, learn from it, move on if you as poppy, didnt have the mana to do the above suggestions then you guessed it, you may have made a mistake and mistakes are ok, we all make mistakes, just accept it, learn from it, move on what im getting at is i assume you either didnt play the fight properly, or you were over extended and ekko capitalized on it how long into the game was it? were u trying to track the enemy jungler? did u have any deep wards? did u watch those deep wards? what could you have done to avoid that situation? did u have an opportunity to back before that and greeded for another wave? is that why you had no mana to outplay the ekko? so many variables, so little info provided, all you said was ekko tower dove you and traded kills... gotta be honest sounds like either purposeful misrepresentation of what happened of a lack of knowledge of what had actually transpired and you just assumed lvl + item = win and forgot that positioning, awareness and outplay are possible factors
: Or get this, you may actually be rheatarded. Your MMR can still increase and decrease during preseason even though ranking up doesn't count during preseason. Just because you and anyone else that doesn't give a fuck wants to dumpster their MMR more you are free to but don't fuck it up in games of people that want to increase their MMR for a better placement next season so they don't need to climb and play with the pieces of shit like you. Go fuck yourself you smug mother fucker.
first things first, if ur concerned about your MMR then stop trying to play other ppls champs, play your champ and only your champ, worry about what YOU are doing and what YOU can improve because i PROMISE you that you made mistakes, in EVERY SINGLE GAME OF LEAGUE YOU EVER PLAYED second, if YOU CHOOSE to continue to be toxic then YOU CHOOSE to catch bans and third, you said you're done with league? ok bye, we have enough toxic people, we dont need you, good bye ;) at the end of the day, this was all YOUR choice, if you arent prepared to face challenges then league isnt the game for you and ranked certainly is the last game mode in league you should be in i pride myself on not being toxic in game anymore, havent been for a long time, was never so toxic as to get a chat ban either but it didnt take long to put 2 and 2 together and see that when i get mad at team mates we lose, EVERY TIME also im not toxic anymore because i dont play ranked anymore because i realized i didnt have the fortitude to play ranked and remain calm at the same time not everyone can be challenger, hell not everyone can be silver, and even more so, not everyone can handle ranked, so be real with yourself bro, realize u cant handle ranked and play to have fun since its not like ur gonna get challenger and go pro, what pro team would want a rage baby? none of em, so why do you care so much about fake league points in ranked? so ur MMR drops? ok now u face easier opponents and win...win some lose some i hope this gives you some perspective, good luck in your games summoner, and remember, you cant get chat banned if you dont use chat ;)
: Im highly frustrated and sad with the ban system (got perma banned for no realistic reason)
47 i repeat FOURTY SEVEN 47 lines of text banned bud 47 lines of text unless your saying gj team you rock 47 times then theres nothing to be said that takes 47 lines of text in the middle of a game that means 47 times u stood there afk typing while your team did stuff and all you did was distract your team with your typing, not only distract, but probably aggravate as well this is NOT "a completely normal convo" as you so put, for 2 BIG reasons first reason; its not normal to type that much in the middle of a game second reason (pay attention this is important) a CONVERSATION requires TWO people, what i just read was a damn dialogue, and 47 lines of dialogue should be on the late show with such and such, not in a league game with rando and rando who dont GAF about what youre saying and now will 100% be reporting after the game **AS A TEAM** if someone is typing in chat and you disagree / are bothered then here are the proper steps you should take : **step 1** STFU **step 2** keep playing the game **step 3** STFU **step 4** mute them **step 5** keep playing the game **step 6** STFU **step 7** report them after the game for negative attitude, explain calmly in the in the report chat box that this person was intentionally trying to tilt you and your team mates and you had trouble ignoring it **step 8** step away from ur computer, do jumping jacks, or sing a silly tune or say ALAWFUL FALAFEL out loud in your best richard nixon voice **step 9** dont bring last games frustration into the next game i really hope this helps you in the future, good luck m8
: this is what the precious community has become. Its no longer about working as a team (which is why I tell people not to give me the bullshit "its a TEAM game" excuse). But rather people are only interested in how good they look solo. They come into a 5v5, treat it like a 1v1 free for all. Then wonder why the fuck they lost when the other team can beat two sticks together and come up with the solution that if you attack one person with 4, You win. Meanwhile my teams are more interested in beating thier chest over who has MORE FUCKING KILLS THAN U, therefor by their logic you have no right to speak. As if just by the sake of them having more kills than you, they are right about everything, you are wrong and you are not allowed to speak. Yeah I really cant be assed to care about anyone in this egotistical suck-egg community anymore. Nothing but overinflated egos, everyone thinks they are faker 2.0. As I said before, This community doesnt Queue up to find TEAMMATES. They Que up to find the 4+ people that will be their own personal cheerleader section, there just to tell them how "op" they are and how trash eveyrone else is. But anyone who doesnt go along with thier self-congradulatory blowjob is just being "salty" or "toxic" for saying "No, you arent as OP as you think you are just because you have 85 kills and NOT A SINGLE TOWER." I personally have no problems helping out new players. But The rest of the community can go burn in a greasefire for all I care. They are only concerned with how solo carry they look, so I really couldnt care less about the community, or the developers who push this egotistical "im too OP" bullshit. Thanks to them for destroying a wonderful strategy game in favor of "solo carry big playz"
i feel like im one of the nicer players, mainly cuz i dont say anything in game besides, gj, wp and ty and therefore am a saint by comparison i will fully admit im a glory whore, i play carries alot and tend to pick up the most kills, i like to "flex" my skills but i use my team as much as possible, and unless im actually 1v5 carrying (pretty much never ofcourse) i make sure my team knows i appreciate them, i tell em they are doing well, and i use happy looking emotes for when my team does good, like a happy penguin or fiora giving the OK sign, when my team mates do good things and i give em the happy penguin they tend to play better, like they are looking for that affirmation that they are doing well, and i spam that emote for em if i have to and if they mess up, its ok, heres a worry free fizz shrugging his shoulders, maybe type in chat "eyyy (insert champ name here) shopping spree" to make em feel ok about dying im pretty sure were all glory whores, so give ur team glory, praise the small victories and they will seek bigger glory, they will do it WITH you because if your there fighting with them then you will see them do the good thing that they do and you can again say "eyyy gj" (flash happy emote) a happy team mate is a helpful team mate {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: I feel like the LoL community is turning into a real jungle
best rant probably ever ranted on these here boards, i love it bud :) i played a game last night, went 30/5/11 on yi, after the game the enemy team was saying i solo carried my team and they didnt deserve the win, lmao nothing could be further from the truth morg was like, ill get them low, u come in and clean up ok? ummmm ok sure bud :) galio and cho, well tank a bunch for ya and CC them to help you get kills and snowball lee, i will kick ANYBODY that dares even think about looking at my yi wrong, i will kick them right out of the fight and buy u time, then i will shield you with my W me : well gee thanks team enemy team : yi carried you me and my team : bahahahahaha 5v1v1v1v1v1s are so easy i was so torn on who to honor, i ended up honoring morg but REALLY wanted to honor my whole team, they all deserved it equally TLDR when / if you have 4 players with you who insist on actually playing like a team the game is so much easier and fun
Cr3ator (NA)
: yeah fuck this game, there is no coming back if a single champion gets a lead. the damage is so high strategy doesn't matter, get a few kills and just snowball, rito actually doens't play their own game.
i just played against Riot OGrigga and despite getting fed and his team kinda sucking he did really well, i doubt hes on the balance team though since he actually knew what he was doing LUL unfortunately it seems like the balance team is all bronzies XD riot needs to balance the rework team and rework the balance team
: Bot lane is 15/33 deaths for the team and sits in Alcove for 10min BUT I GET CHAT RESTRICTED
Goju (NA)
: SO let me see if i got this right.. and exactly how high people were to come up with Senna
whoever made senna is the same person that made yasuo and azir i believe, and its my opinion that this person should never be allowed to make champs again, like after azir i woulda revoked his champ making privs to be honest, with this champ creator im surprised he wasnt like, Q is a dash on a low CD, W is a double dash, E is a long dash that make you invulnerable and does %HP dmg and ult is a dash that does % missing HP dmg other guy : what about the passive? .... duhhh that a dash too, its on every auto attack, like kalista, except jumps further and automatically dodges skill shots so i mean, coming from THAT guy, senna is a pretty balanced decent on release champion LUL
: Draven this patch is a joke
i run dark harvest on draven, bully them, get ur stacks, get ur BT and IE then hit them with 2 autos and if they try to run use ur ult, procs DH, boom they dead, also bring ult hunter to do this even more and snowball harder my runes look like : DH > cheap shot > eyeball collect > ult hunter and 2nd tree is precision with POM and coup de grace some people dont agree with my draven runes, and thats fine, they can have their own preferences, but i doubt anyones thinking conq is the way to go on him atm, i suggest experimenting with runes till you find whats best for you, and dont be afraid to assert your dominance once you started to snowball, especially once u have BT good luck m8
: Riot doesn't care about new players
i agree, the new user experience is trash, has been trash forever, ive been advocating for a better VS AI system for a long time now and its very unfortunate that it wont get done this means the turnover rate is higher than it should be, which in turn means less money in riots pockets, i dont understand why they dont see this whenever im getting salty i like to go to bots and mess around with new players, help em learn things if they have questions or sometimes simply by them seeing what im doing, i often add new players and add a note to the account saying vs AI player and then help that person as much as i can for a month or 2 then when i think they r ok without me i let them know i dont have room on my friend list and will b deleting them to make room for other new players who need help there are actually 2 players that i play ARAM with semi regularly that i met through VS AI when i was helping new players, both have just passed level 100 and are pretty damn good and i wont remove them, i like them :) anyways, if ur playing in bots then choose the hardest difficulty, its the one with minimum amount of bots on your team ive noticed, but if u go to intro its like 2 ppl, 3 bot teammates vs 5 bots which isnt ideal for a persons first game, especially if nobody is showin em the ropes btw if the hardest bots are too hard at first just stick with, u will have better team mates and also learn something, there is little to nothing to be learned from intro bots, you might even be setting yourself up for failure by playing in that queue since its so pathetically bad in every way lol good luck in your future games m8
: "you're the type of player that thinks yi is op"
: this game is so shitty now
yeah its frustrating, you fall in love with a game, then before you know it you're playing and thinking, this isnt the game i fell in love with....wtf is this? unfortunately that will happen more and more and more, nonstop im afraid :( maybe riot will learn from blizzard (but dont hold your breath) and release LoL classic hope your doing better today m8! cheers
: I think they need to allow some flaming to be legal, as long as it doesn't go into racial slurs or death threats. If you want to call someone a stupid piece of shit, you'd be hammered for it. However, you can mute or just not respond. The problem is if they do something stupid, you can't say a word but they can ruin your game and you have to just pray not to be matched with them (or pray you get matched against them!) in the near future. It would be nice if you could make a few comments and they can simply hit mute if they don't wish to deal with an argument, especially if they are wrong.
oh some flaming is actually fine though, ive told people to stop being silly heads, thats calling someone a name, never got punished for it the problem is the way YOU want to flame is only in the most derogatory ways that are meant to upset or even hurt people, and also you seem to be advocating flaming your own team mates... dafuq?????? have you ever played a sport before league? ever? cuz in no other sport is that something that people do, watch a game of basketball, watch how often they give each other high fives for doing good (praise, you know, that thing you never do) and pat each other on the back to console them when they make a mistake, u can read their lips saying "its ok bro we got this" (thats called compassion, thats the thing that you are clearly lacking since u advocate flaming your own team) wow you're level 415 and STILL havent learned this??? damn your a slow learner you silly goose you ;)
: Why Flaming is healthy and should be allowed !
why do you even want to flame anyways? is someone upsetting you? well its just pixels on a screen! why you getting upset to the point of flaming someone? are you really that much of a snowflake? see how your terrible argument can be used against you and its no more silly or sane then when you said it i mean, i know you just wanna rant, but ur asking a question, a question thats been answered a billion times at this point and you could have easily found that answer if you actually wanted to know, but im sure you dont actually care about the answer and you just wanna bitch a lil which is understandable of course but seriously, why do you **NEED** to express your feewings in the chat? are you mad? yell at your monitor, it will do you alot better than keyboard warrioring during the middle of a game (cuz ya know, while ur keyboard warrioring YOU become the afk asshole, the thing you deemed worse than someone BMing) so by BMing you become the very thing u say is worse, really stabbing yourself in the foot there, and then what does that do? upset others? ok now what happens, we all fight each other in the chat box and now all 5 players are afk keyboard warrioring, my my what an excellent well thought out solution you have there, much more effective than yelling at your monitor, muting everyone, and just playing the fucking game grow the fuck you little "i gawta expwess mah feewings duwing the gaaaaaaame" and now even out of game your not gonna handle a little critical reality check very well, your gonna rage, and prove how wrong you are by simply opening your mouth to reply to this get off your horse and walk like everyone else, walk with everyone else, your no higher up then the rest of us just cuz u made a horse out of a broom stick, so get off your fake horse, play the game and stfu, we all Qd up to play, not to read ur baby rage in chat, and not to keyboard warrior against you for 10 minutes until the game is done, we're there to play, so stfu and play, only speak when u have something useful to say, because otherwise, nobody cares what you have to say, and nobody cares if ur upset or not, cuz in half an hour they will be in a different lobby with brand new assholes that they will also ignore
: Payment types are gone again....
im pretty sure some currencies have better buying power for RP, and instead of staying up to date on the exact currency changes they leave it at a fixed rate for each currency, and if they allowed you to pay with any currency then everyone would only pay with X currency and get the maximum bang for their buck and then rito would have a harder time squeezing every last penny out of you when they could simply not do any extra work, leave it a flat rate, and have you buy with the currency of the country your in btw i could be 100% wrong, this is just a theory lol but it seems legit to me XD if ur canadian i would suggest trying to purchase with american money if possible, idk if it will actually make a difference but i know that some sites like twitch treat canadian money as if its only worth 50% of american money and have weird payment "gotchas" like pay thru your mobile phone and get charged up to 50% more
m0zz4r3ll4 (EUNE)
: Riot Thought Proccess
this item is OP so we should remove it {{item:3161}} but lets leave it in ARAM for some reason that cant be described with your fancy "logic" and "reasoning" **insert evil rito laugh** {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Krystorr (NA)
: Does riot hate supports?
support : lol support item gives less stats and stops giving gold after a certain point? really? riot : you're welcome, well keep an eye on it, if its too strong well nerf it OMEGALUL
: Banned for insulting inting player
i cant beleive im about to stick up for riot but yes, you were in the wrong, much much more than the other person ruining a 30 minute game for some people is one thing, but telling someone to end their actual life is a whole other ball field you can say "i assure you he didnt care because X" all you want, but fact is, when people are on the verge they dont think straight, they do stupid things, like int in your games and piss you off, they also dont say "hey thats not nice, im actually thinking of killing myself" because the asshole who would actually type "KYS" will reply also with "GOOD" so instead of putting themselves down by allowing you to say "GOOD" they put you down because if your down your not putting them down also that person has a family, and just because your upset at someone over a video game doesnt make it not totally fucked up that you wish pain and sorrow and misery upon that persons family simply because you're a little bit upset, just because instead of being mature and reporting it, using words and proper thought you chose to simply say "KYS" which shows that you're a shitty person and now riot doesnt care if your game was inted....because you're a shitty person (do you see it from their perspective?) also, riot is a company, a company that obviously doesnt want more law suits than needed, and nobody is suing riot cuz disco nunu ran it down lane but you best beleive that if karen finds out her little kyle killed himself cuz some wannabe chad in a video game said KYS shes gonna "talk to the manager" and in this case means will start a lawsuit, or bring this specific, no longer hypothetical, video games cause violence or suicide or yada yada yada BS up to their governors or w.e politician that will push narrative which will in turn mean more restrictions on video games and alot more BS so why would riot put up with any of that when they can simply show that they have an auto ban bot to detect and ban anyone reported for saying "KYS" in game, even if riot doesnt care about us the players, they will, to an extent, pretend to care because its an insurance policy at the very least for them welp, now that ive defended riot i feel like trash, im gonna go shower and burn my clothes now, have a good day :) edit : i forgot you ACTUALLY asked why does riot value an actual persons life over your 30 minute video game smh i hope you reread your rant when you are calm and realize the depths of fucked up that you went into in it trust i understand inters are annoying, and that they should be dealt with more seriously, but when those who advocate for it dont do it properly then they might as well be advocating against it ps i dont think less of you for making a mistake either, were all human, we will all make a million more mistakes, including every team mate u ever get ever ;)
: Toxic? YES! Penalties? NO.
ALOT of good questions here, the only one i have a real answer for is why u cant "reverse honor" aka honored for inting / toxic / afk so that players can see that other players think this player is a ragequitter for example and the reason for that is simple, we would all be tagged as feeders and toxic wether or not its the truth, just think about how many salty team mates gonna hit you with that "toxic" despite you not saying anything all game and being the only one with any sort of decent score having the ability to link your account to your actual person would be nice, would be advantageous for the people who are proud of their account to only Q with others who are proud enough to link their accounts to their person, it would also help when someones account is hacked, i can show im me in the same way i did when i linked my account. accounts dont HAVE to be linked to your person, you could have 50 other random accounts if u want, but they will simply play with other unverified accounts
i wish thornmail was actually thornmail again, not poison mail, nobody asked for grievous wounds on TM, such a dumb addition, take grievous wounds off and make thornmail actually reflect a proper amount of dmg again, that way if the adc doesnt build lifesteal then they could actually be able to kill themselves by attacking you, if they do build lifesteal, then u negate their healing by doing enough reflect dmg and then u dont need grievous wounds, matter of fact, you could ***coordinate* *with* *a* *team* *mate*** who can apply grievous to the adc and have the best of both worlds without a tank getting a meh version of the combination
Eynox (NA)
: Client is absolute trash
yeah the client is absolute trash they switched to the new client so they could have more options on what they do with the client but as usual riot doesnt care about issues they cause, wont fix the issues, and as soon as you almost get used to the issues to some extent that you might be able to bear with these issues riot will release something else without first checking if it will cause issues, just release, let the bugs spawn, ignore the bugs, release something else that causes more bugs TFT release : client could barely be called functional for nearly a month TFT season 2 release : what a surprise same issue now clash shows up on the front page of client and what a big ol shocker, the client can hardly be called functional again but thats ok, because clash is such a big hit thats performed so well in the past /s @shadowsheath i would love to describe what the errors look like for ya m8 but there are just too many, it would be quicker to describe what they ARENT like bugsplat report bug window never appears. never. ever. NEVER EVER (open ur task manager and notice that riotcrashhandler is running though) thats the only real constant ive noticed also lately when i open league and i watch my task manager, it opens 4 instances of league for about 10 seconds then drops down to 1 instance ( not every time but quite often, yesterday it was everytime and i had to relog like 50 times cuz the client would start glitching out, often before i could even Q up)
Sosnek (NA)
: honor level 2 clash
2 things : first : honor is easy to obtain, just get ur honor back, i do it all the time second : you get to earn more honor orbs by dropping out of honor 4 / 5 then regaining the honor 4 and 5 orbs i dont even know how many honor orbs ive got this year but its a good amount :) ps if your having trouble getting honor try saying things like "good job" and "well done" also "please" and "thank you" work really well you have the ability to DST m8 now get out there and pay some lip service {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: Serious bug problem...
yeah ive had this bug too, for me it happens when i use the emote on the north section of the emote wheel, it will randomly minimize my game, i find it happens more in league than in tft but nevertheless its beyond annoying and has caused me to die numerous times
: Go to task manager, click "options", click "always on top". Voila, league wont force itself over task manager anymore.
damn im sad i somehow missed this comment, glad i saw it now tho, i thought that was auto enabled but i guess not, thank you very much. this couldve helped SO much in the past <3
: TFT forced me to restart my computer by blocking task manager access
at this rate im betting that riot wont fix this bug hell riot wont even put LP protection on for when this bug occurs ive lost over 1k LP due to this now and am pretty much at the point of saying fuck league of legends since they wont even fix their bugs let alone honor purchases or acknowledge that they have forums with which they should use to communicate with their fan base
: Trash Client
the old client was more reliable than the garbage we have now, and riot doesnt seem to have plans on making a working client or at least reverting to the old client, theyd rather release new things that dont work and continue compounding problems until league is no longer salvageable my suggestion is to look for another game to replace league in your game library since riot seems hellbent on shooting themselves in the foot
: TFT Win/Loss Points might be Broken at Plat
8th place is -54 LP i know this very well because half my games wont load and so i lose 54 LP each time it wont load, im about to demote to plat 4 and im not claiming id be grandmaster or anything but i certainly wouldnt be struggling to stay above plat 4 thats for sure
: Frozen on loading screen
ive lost over 1k LP already due to this, i feel your pain, i really wish riot would actually fix the bugs in their game, or at the very least the ones that are reported unfortunately riot ignores their report a bug section and only your fellow players will see your reported bug if it makes u feel better i can leave u with this joke : riot
those arent bots, those are players struggling with riots many glitches and bugs, and instead of being happy you get an easy game you want to report them? you trying for some sort of Dbag award? cuz id nominate ya
: Someone help.
this is a common issue that riot knows about but isnt fixing, better off uninstalling and playing underlords, same game but without the bugs
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freelord (NA)
: Hextech Does not Disable Class items
hextech was never thought out, it disables any start of combat buffs, doesnt disable spatula items, lasts an ungodly amount of time and yet hardly ever affects GA its a good thing they are releasing new things while ignoring the mountain of bugs they still have to fix from the existing things /s
: Demoted in TFT because client wouldn't connect to game, even after restart
yeah they dont even put LP protection for their buggy client, i just lost another 54 LP due to this and im about to demote to plat 4 again, i wonder where id be sitting if i havent lost 1k LP total from each time this has happened why even have a ranked mode if players are being handicapped this way
FTG Lowi (EUW)
: Twisted Fate Seraph's Embrace Interaction
this has been an issue since TF was in PBE, i wonder if riot will ever fix it tbh
: Champions buged when you buy them
this has been happening to me since TFT release, i dont understand why riot wont fix it oh u want sej? k heres poppy and thats if youre lucky enough for it to even give u a champ, half the time u click what u want to buy and it just simply wont purchase the game is so buggy it can barely be called playable yet it comes with a ranked mode, what a joke joke of the year : riot
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