Meddler (NA)
: Syndra's nerf was removed from patch 6.24 because her win rate, ban rate and pick rate all dropped more than we expected. Balance isn't decided by those stats by itself of course, they're a particularly useful guide when it comes to understanding urgency of problems though. When we pulled the nerf we were originally thinking we'd wait and see whether we should add it to 7.1 (the next patch) instead. Current thinking is that we can instead use that extra time to explore better changes than just a base damage nerf (removes some power, but doesn't by itself address underlying problems enough)
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0Qr5NaAf,comment-id=0028,timestamp=2016-12-06T08:03:31.571+0000) > > Syndra's nerf was removed from patch 6.24 because her win rate, ban rate and pick rate all dropped more than we expected. Balance isn't decided by those stats by itself of course, they're a particularly useful guide when it comes to understanding urgency of problems though. > > When we pulled the nerf we were originally thinking we'd wait and see whether we should add it to 7.1 (the next patch) instead. Current thinking is that we can instead use that extra time to explore better changes than just a base damage nerf (removes some power, but doesn't by itself address underlying problems enough) My concern with Syndra's current state is that her ultimate is too simple to use effectively. Before the mage update it took much more planning, tracking your spheres, and making use of w on the correct sphere to get higher sphere ultimates off. With both the Q and W max changes, Syndra players are no longer rewarded for careful planning and can have 6-7 sphere ult potential up as long as they have mana, which makes it frustrating to play against and isn't as fun to play as.
: Patch 6.13 notes
BunnyFuFuu buff incoming.
Statikk (NA)
: Next Class Update - the Assassins
I really don't want K6 changed much, he's a great assassin with uniqueness in his dueling power and reset capability (well, shares that one with kat). I hope they don't change him too much, he is insanely fun to play in his current state.
: Competitive Ruling: APX Eve
Glad he took responsibility and worked with Riot to make things right.
: And kits are simpler. There is risk reward. But this meta likes lower skill cap for now. Start killing off enemies with just long swords. Done it. Had it done to me. See it a descent amount. Yes assassins r at a disadvantage laning. But most ADs need only a bit of atk dmg to one shot, mages need more cd, mana regen, or ult, at least from what ive noticed this meta. Even countered, mages r easier to deal with. Assassins are not as easy, especially if they r AD (hard to deal with, but still possible).
: The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?
Bound my summoners to mouse buttons 4 and 5. They are a lot more efficient to use in my opinion.
: Anyone else live in constant fear that their favorite champ is gonna get Nerfed or Reworked?
Vel'Koz main here. Surprisingly enough I'm not worried. Riot has done a great job recently of communicating and listening to feedback and I feel I can trust them to do a good job. They made the champs in the first place, after all.
: i can't be the only one who is upset about the {{champion:238}} nerf, with no gain in another area. (such as the second Q dmg only doing 50% when both he and the shadow hit, maybe lower that percentage to something like 35%). i find it a little unfair for a champion with a higher difficulty as it is being hurt by such a percent damage change.
How about the gain of an item specifically designed to work well with his kit? That's a buff I'd say.
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
As an avid Vel'Koz main, here are my thoughts on the matter of changing him. Vel'Koz is not in a bad spot right now. He has defined strengths and weakenesses, is fun to play and is not frustrating to play against, and is a fairly balanced champion. He is definitely not in need of any major rework. All his abilities work well together and his kit as a whole is fluid. The strongest elements in his kit in my opinion are his passive, his Q, and his ult. His q and passive are fun and rewarding when you land them (even more so when both happen at once!), and comboing people with his mega disinformation beam is some of the most fun I've had in League of Legends. The weakest elements in his kit are his W and E. His w meshes well with his kit, especially with his passive, but its relatively low base damage makes clearing waves slightly awkward and inefficient, since you either need to expend both charges or use all 3 basic abiliites to clear the wave (or be quite fed). It is also just rather bland as an ability. His E works well in his kit as well, but it is rather unreliable as it is a somewhat small AoE and has a moderate delay. The weakness of his kit overall has been accurately determined by Riot in my opinion. He is not de_void_ of an identity, but he doesn't have a very strong one. He's a decent poke mage with strong (actually VERY strong) combo ability. Not exactly unique there. He does lot's of damage. Overall his kit is in a decent spot right now, and he doesn't need much. If Riot can keep his strengths together and simply define and refine his identity, then I think they will do a good job. They created a brilliant champion, and if they realize and respect that brilliance than surely the rework won't detract from his design. {{champion:161}} I'm trusting you Rito.
Sir Nope (NA)
: Sir Nope, with suggestions for future fixes: {{champion:268}} Is it possible to allow him to cast Arise at target location (ala Tibbers) rather than casting as far as he can from where he's standing? {{champion:412}} Keep an eye on his Bonus Armor, due to LW+. {{champion:23}} Keep an eyevon his damage, in case Crit becomes too much of a thing. Hunter's Potion (no image yet ;-; ): Does giving Mana mandate that it gives less heath? {{champion:96}} Does W lessen only his AA damage, or does it weaken his on-hit damage from other sources as well? More later if I think them up....
To answer your Koggles question at least: no, it still applies full on-hit affects.
: HOLY FUCK A jinx nerf! Jinx loses 15% total attack speed while using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher
ph1234k (NA)
: I love almost every one of these changes with the HUGE exception of the trinket changes. Thanks for rewarding terrible players Riot and making good vision decisions matter less. Also why not add more vision items for other lanes/roles?? There is not s single role I play where vision is not a main portion of my build and now I cannot even buy stealth wards to where are the items meant to replace them? Pretty unfortunate to force buying support made items for additional vision. Or do you really expect that those 64% of players who never buy wards in their games are going to magically become vision aware and want to coordinate vision instead of trying to play mortal combat on the rift?
I think that Riot wants the fog of war to actually be foggy.
: will double jungle still be fine? They reduce the exp for the neutral monsters
double jungle was severely nerfed.
: Oh yeah and one more thing. Good luck low ranks at learning all of this. I know it will be a pain for you guys.
Hah! Currently sitting in Gold V, I have no trouble understanding this! Not that I can predict changes in the meta (other than the rise of AD assassins, specifically Yasuo), but I understand how each change affects the playstyles of their respective roles.
: I feel so bad for all the AP mages. Yasuo/Zed/Talon/Riven were all ALREADY coming to dominate their AP based counterparts in midlane, truth be told: AP mages were struggling to find relevance in the Top-Lane/Jungle heavy meta anyways. But with these AP item nerfs combined with the resurgence of the AD Carry, i wonder if we won't see the meta evolve to just have either a second ADC (Looking at Quinn specifically here) or a second Top (looking at the entire previous season here) in the mid lane. Will {{champion:103}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:45}} and company become, at best, niche support picks in solo queue like their old lane buddies {{champion:1}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:99}} already have? I'd really be curious to know what Riot's gameplan is for midlane, is season 7 going to see all that you did to marksmen here happen to mid mages in similar fashion?
As a Vel'koz main having played him in both support and mid, I can tell you he is WAY better mid. When he get's ahead he **dominates** the game.
: Patch 5.22 notes
Biggest change: by far the warding system. Also: Hooray for Talon's rake finally getting the treatment it deserves!!!!!!
: That should be what it says when Illaoi and Vel'koz got a pentakill ;)
I am still of the opinion that Vel'Koz should say "Thank you for your...contribution."
IAeneasI (NA)
: that feeling when you failed gold promos 3 times this week now your stuck in silver 2{{item:3070}}
I tanked 6 promo series just to get into silver 1. Thankfully it only took me 3 series to get to gold.
Voluug13 (NA)
: Since assassins will have problems sustaining their dongers.
Yeah but at least the masteries give them 1% more penetration.
: You forgot my main tentacle vel'kosby
I feel insulted by this list. I play only 3 champs mid lane, and one of them isn't even on there. He would be way up there toward the top too :( RIP {{champion:161}}.
: > [{quoted}](name=Herbye,realm=EUNE,application-id=aAJWt2b9,discussion-id=748EyQOB,comment-id=000500000002,timestamp=2015-09-22T08:15:13.707+0000) > > Really depends on taste I'd say. I do really dislike Skrillex's style but Dubstep has a lot of great tracks tied to that genre. I hate dubstep, but I think it's completely absurd to deny that it's music in some form.
That's true; I don't like it myself, but that doesn't mean it isn't music. It's not rap after all.
: We had silly skins for halloween last year. I'd like some scary ass skins.
Why not make the whole skin scary instead of just the rear end??
ImSoFull (NA)
: Lee too! and dont forget Velkoz!
Vel main here, can confirm. Not enough for NLR? grab a long sword.
HighH1 (NA)
: {{champion:268}} Sorry but Azir is the most beautiful person in this game may the never ending rays of the sun bless him
{{champion:89}} You called for sun rays?
Jeddy017 (NA)
: We can't have that,he's should do that with every 3rd post.
With %max HP true damage, right?
Murano (NA)
: So i live in hawaii, and i checked with CMD. It'll get me 110 ping max, most likely overall 109. Not sure if thats terrible or not.
110-120 ping is what I play with regularly (east Nebraska). It's not too bad, you'll just have to adjust timing for CS and skillshots somewhat. Not hellish in my opinion, but I haven't ever played with less than 70 ping so I don't know what 10-40 feels like.
Wuks (NA)
: Hey yall, I'm on the West Coast, and I'm ecstatic for this move. I understand that our ping will be marginally higher, but I think this is a great change for the League of Legends community at large, as well as for the gaming base. This change is a long time coming, and I'm glad the East Coast is getting the attention they've been needing for the past five years. Remember, not all of us West Coast'ers are salty pirates! {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:41}}
: No LP rewarded in rank win.
If the problem doesn't resolve itself after relogging in, send a support ticket! The support staff has helped me when I needed it, I'm sure they'll be happy to help you too!
Méteora (NA)
: WHY DO WE STILL HAVE DOMINION LMAO NO ONE PLAYS IT.It just lacks that fun from other game modes I mean bring back one for all or U.R.F just something better than dominion. (P.S upvote this lml)
Dominion? You mean the card game? No? Then what are you talking about? What is the "game mode"?
: Vel'Koz main: Calamari and Hentai
I prefer the act of disintegrating things myself. All in the name of science, right?
: Upvoted because OH DARN!
Hey, nice to see another Sp4zie fan!
: FORCING a Champion to a particular lane ONLY is unacceptable.
Skarner is just as forced into the jungle as well. :(
Effly (NA)
: I guess at least he's not Trundle. Cancer troll.
{{champion:48}} You got a problem with me? Join the club!
mrlagg2 (NA)
: {{champion:104}} New change should be give graves his cigar
Marksman Update maybe?
Brydaro (NA)
: Yorick's floating in a no-man's land where Riot doesn't know how to curb his cool abilities, so they nerfed him into oblivion and now he's exceedingly difficult to play well. Due to the nerfs, there are bruisers that do his bruiser job better than he does and his uniqueness doesn't compensate.
His Pentakill skin does though.
Anidan (NA)
: What's wrong the that little raccoon-looking little guy being viable? He's no worse than other champions when he is.
: No Choices for 10% CDR Items for Mid Lane
Guys if you want some CDR you don't absolutely have to get to the 40% cap. I usually just run with the 5% mastery and 20% from an item and call it good. Yes some mages benefit from as much CDR as possible but really it isn't a big problem if you only have 25% or so.
: Boards needs a "Whine and Complain" Section
I think the Boards IS the whine and complain section. Go to Reddit if you want some decent discussion. (or trashtalk threads or random game highlights or pink ward montages)
: No, it's because giving her mana gives her access to better itemization for cdr, muramana would be broken on her, better power spikes with more reliable trading, actual sustain, legitimate teamfight and lategame presense less dependant on positioning and individual skill. Once again, giving Riven mana is the worst possible idea imaginable.
I don't think you get what I am saying. She still has the ability to buy those items; she doesn't need the mana, but if she did she might be forced to get one or two of them. Here try this: go into a custom game as Riven, farm up to enough gold to buy your choice mana item, back, open the shop, and try to buy the item you have money for. BOOM. Riven has access to mana items. The only damage item I see that would be bad on her is muramana because she has no base mana pool to scale it off of. Trinity Force would be a decent buy likely with all the stats it gives.
: you complain about riven but you main of the strongest junglers and champs in the game. if anything reksai is as broken as any other fotm champ in the game. keep crying. you have no idea how broken reksai is if you think riven is worse.
Your argument about Rek'sai isn't invalid by default, but ad hominem doesn't accomplish very much and you didn't support your claim with any evidence.
: First of all, if she is catching up to you quickly than she isn't going to stun, knockup, and block your damage. Secondly, she is a very good duelist (and is intended to be) so with the exception of a few champions, you are going to have problems trying to win 1v1 vs her. Thirdly, her strong duelist capabilities hides some very significant weaknesses in her ability to be kited and CC destroying her as easily as it would an adc, despite her being a top laner.
"CC destroys her!" CC locks down and destroys everyone except Irelia.
: I totally disagree about Evelynn, one of my friends plays her jg on a regular basis, he builds almost full AD (with lots of lifesteal), and can easily solo an entire enemy team. As for Ahri, she just needs to get built to be good (kind of like Katarina). I agree about Lee however.
My problem with Ahri is that almost half of her damage is auto-targeting (foxfires and ult) and that her principle damage spell gives her extra mobility. Why the heck does a mixed damage spell get to give an already mobile champion even more mobility?
: for a while it was {{champion:10}} for me. I thought she was far too weak but right now she isn't that bad with sated devourer if you can get past early clears. {{champion:72}} I don't personally think he has any place in this game because he is far too weak {{champion:60}} same as skarner {{champion:28}} I personally hate this ad/tank eve nonsense and for me she has early clear issues to make ap good. {{champion:4}} I just can't play this champ. Some of these are more personal problems with the champs but yeah. I'll support anything though. If someone wants to play something i'll try to work with it as best i can.
You think {{champion:72}} is weak? He can build any of the jungle enchants and then go tanky, making him an almost unkillable bug that runs up and flash ults an enemy carry into the your team. Also is exceptional peel if you want to protect your carry. Almost always useful even when far behind. I love playing Skarner, the rework hurt him but he is still strong and does well in many team comps. Completely the same though with {{champion:4}}, ARAM I am decent but normals I end up 0/6 in lane or something similar.
: Zyra's Passive
It just needs to not be so ridiculously clunky. Otherwise her passive is fine. Her base movement speed needs some help, since she is only a mid-range mage and has no mobility spells.
: Now she has access to: {{item:3508}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3042}} {{item:3057}} {{item:3024}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3025}} Are you sure?
Because it's illegal to buy mana on a champion that doesn't use it. Giving her COSTS isn't a buff.
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:90}} all more viable than Riven. All far more cancerous than Riven.
{{champion:119}} ain't cancer, he's just extremely strong in good hands.
Rioter Comments
: I like the direction they are taking with champions, but I'm concerned the AP item changes may not put us in a better spot. The Deathcap becomes the main source of increasing power. With mana regen changes for S5, most mages opt for some sort of mana sustain item first. After that, they could still hit a mid game power spike with Luden's and/or Zhonya's into Void Staff. Nerfing both Luden's and Zhonyas weakens AP assassins and mages in the mid game, where assassins need to be strongest. Nerfing Zhonya's particularly hurts AP lane match ups vs. AD. What all this means is that AD assassins like Zed will become stronger because mages rushing Zhonya's are now 20 AP weaker. Furthermore, AP assassins won't be able to compete as efficiently with AD assassins in terms of damage because Luden's has been nerfed; they'll be 40 AP less with itemization set up this way. With these changes, the only way for an AP to exert a competitive mid-game presence, the most snowball part in the game, is through the new Liandry's with its buffed AP. The problem here is that Liandry's also doubles as an anti-tank item. Basically, any mages who want a mid game presence (which will be many), will be rushing an item that simultaneously counters tanks. This indirectly nerfs tanks because their health will be less efficient vs an item like Liandry's. Tank viability is crucial for diversity and important to protect. The other part I don't like is the huge hit to health from the RoA. RoA will now be competing with Liandry's as a medium health bonus offensive option, and with Tear as a mana sustain option. With Seraph's also having been buffed, RoA is outclassed in both aspects and coupled with its ramp-up time will no longer be as attractive an item outside of Ryze. It's like this: If you want mana sustain, RoA takes so long to ramp up that you might as well go Tear into Seraph's, getting more mana, more survivability via active shield, and more AP. If you want a little tankiness + damage, then you're better off going Liandry's for even more damage, similar health initially, and no ramp up time. The pricing of 2700 is also awkward because it constrains its stats to be less slot efficient, which is directly conflicting with its scaling nature. You don't buy a scaling item, an investment for later, only to have it be decently slot efficient. A scaling investment should represent the pinnacle of slot efficiency. All around I don't like the RoA changes on paper. Items costing less than 3k are usually tempo items such as Ghostblade, in which case you get an immediate mid-game spike in exchange for stats less competitive late game. RoA can't be a tempo item if it takes 10 minutes to ramp up. Predictions for this patch: 1. RoA crowded out 2. AD casters stronger; AP burst weaker, possibly not viable, depending on feasibility of Liandry's in their builds. 3. Tanks weaker to any AP with sustained damage or poke. 4. As a result, comps will start becoming squishier, games will end faster, and mostly AP who can use Liandry's efficiently or can play an AP bruiser style will be viable. By World's Zed will make a comeback barring further changes. First reaction to these changes on paper: * I think RoA has been hit extremely hard with the way it's been positioned. I'd rather have seen it retain its old health value (or at least be at 400), 450 base mana scaling up to 900, and it's gold cost raised to compensate. This gives it a niche as a strong defensive/control option. * I'd like to keep an eye out on MR itemization for tanks * Consider adding 5 armor to Zhonya's just to keep the AP vs AD match ups stable. * After thinking on these changes, I am now of the opinion Liandry's is an anti-combo item. It provides flat MPen, a stat for mid game power spike, but it's unique passive is designed to counter late game tanks. These two stats are in direct opposition with their roles, and it will make confining Liandry's identity to a specific niche in the interests of game balance impossible. *Edit: Had a comment on turret changes but didn't realize they were Twisted Treeline only.*
> Nerfing both Luden's and Zhonyas weakens AP assassins You say that like it's a bad thing. {{champion:7}}
: :D Thanks for watching!!! <3
Me too! I really enjoy all your videos, they are full of helpful tips and you present them very professionally. Keep up the good work!
: Why do people say Vlad's kit is toxic?
He's toxic because probably some of the blood he has drunk is infected with disease such as AIDS.
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