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: Authentication issue
Whelp its been two days and the issue is resolved. If anyone knows what this is about pls lemme know this was just really strange.
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: Let's Talk About Runes and Early Game Damage
The old rune system was just light stat boost.
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Minarde (NA)
: 1. The Ranked season, and thus the split, hasn't started yet. That's on the 24th. 2. Since you said you got a rank after one game, I'll presume that Riot's new placement system is active. (Previously you didn't see any rank until you finished all 10 placement games). The rank you see after you finish your first ranked game is only a provisional rank. It shows the lowest possible rank you can end up with after placements. As you play out the rest of your placements and win games, that provisional rank will go up. Once you finish your placements, you get your actual rank. 3. The annual rank reset has always put you a bit lower than your previous rank. At least, I think it does. I'm not sure if it's guaranteed lower or just puts you closer towards the "average" rank. 4. Every game mode has a separate matchmaking rating. Your performance in ranked has no effect on your matchmaking for ARAM.
So i guess ARAM matchmaking just sucks for me the past few games?
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: 5% is pretty small tbh
*trundle escapes with 1 hp left..... SEEMS GOOD ENOUGH xD
: The lack of Fiora nerfs is quite disturbing.
{{champion:114}} is balanced just not in the normal way. champions like her are balanced by increasing the required skill to succeed. {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:122}} and fiora are the success of this system, Yasuo and Riven still have a ways to go.
: This hurts me. Super biased. I'm sorry that so many people are toxic, but must you group all Riven/Yasuo mains in that category?
story of league Lucifer xD.
: So basically Yasuo will become virtually unplayable after this patch.
{{champion:157}} does reward those with skill, but it does not take skill to be rewarded with him. unless you get counter picked or you are simply bad with him.
: Is there going to be anymore Vastaya/Ionia related stuff going on this year or will what we have be it for now?
they are probably wrapping it up for the year.
: I read this and I was relieved that {{champion:238}} also not a complete bad guy.
: Now the question is, where does {{champion:29}} fit into all of this?
probably a vastayan or a mutant
MsKatlyn (NA)
: I loved the thread but i have 1 question; What is your current thoughts on {{champion:107}} this patch? He is sitting on a 43% win rate, I feel like you guys just threw this rework at us and not really put much time into his kit. Riot I'm being serious, you guys took a step backwards, not a step forward. Instead of 'reworking' {{champion:107}} Why don't you just scrap his whole kit and make a whole completely new design? He's honestly so fun to play that it sucks just seeing the champion i've once loved is being gutted to shit. (Excuse me for language) But in all seriousness, this new Rengar is clunky, it feels like it was rushed. When the rework was announced I was so excited but as soon as I played him, I was so disappointed. The Q ability is really what gets me, it seems like Riot was going into a direction where he's a 'bruiser'. Well I know you guys were, I heard Ghostcrawler say it in a interview. I've honestly drawed away from League because the way this rework has put Rengars stats to shit. I got almost 1 mil mastery on him, ( But for now, I don't wanna play him anymore. This isn't a rant this is asking to not have a repeat of the old Rengar. He has counterplay. I promise.
this is not the place for this message, I suggest you copy it and paste it on the boards or the next patch notes. but you do have a good point.
nancymon (NA)
: But F is for Flash...
Players with flash on D miss-click much less then those with it on F.
: Ikr i cri q.q {{champion:163}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{item:3070}}
Taliyah is fine people xD, she just has a lot of counters and early game difficulty so if you get snowballed its over unless you know how to recover. consider looking up builds for her and maybe a few guides if you're having trouble. PS. consider damage support.
: {{champion:163}} Just gotta love how Riot forgot Taliyah {{item:3070}}
She isn't forgotten, Riot simply has too much to deal with atm so when a new champ comes out you shouldn't expect a new skin for a few months after their release.
: nautilus fights like a giant honestly and so does chogath, galio's e just seems impossible for a giant to pull off but the rest of his kit i think is fine for his size
The issue with size is that they would have to shrink more then half the game to get these champs to fit, {{champion:31}} is a special case because he is constantly growing but I agree there is little justice for the giants as stated in the msgs above. anyway {{champion:3}} s main issue atm is that he can go full tank and still do as much damage as steroid lux. Riot has a lot of problems these days with balance and trying to keep the money input solid instead of dropping so they cut corners and do things like make grinding so annoying that people cave and just buy stuff, its annoying. maybe when they stop working on champs the game will balance out but that could be years from now so in the mean time, play broken champs uphold the code and have humility, it could be a while. or maybe just leave and do something else.
: Patch 7.5 - Revisiting Aatrox
this update hasn't made him weaker or stronger it has changed his playstyle, to that of something more complex. he isn't just a {{champion:23}} with an auto activate ult. if you want to play him you just have to try something new, play risky, he traded damage for defense,build him like {{champion:11}} or don't listen to me, try whatever looks good but I do not recommend AP, without the revive it will difficult to survive a miss fire. don't over think it just adapt, if you cant then you will have to move on. PS. to those of you with the walls of text you are most certainly over thinking it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Good luck have fun.
: The Video looked like it threw him really far. id say his max range with homeguards and everything is a touch past tower to tower
he's jumping almost as far as {{champion:101}} ult can shoot
: he's going to be nerfed so hard xD
we need another monkey champ in this game.
: Will he be getting a legacy classic skin like the some other champions before him ({{champion:48}} ,{{champion:43}} ,{{champion:113}} )? I'm asking because of some of the in game art we've seen on social media (updated versions of his current art style).
no they aren't doing legacy/classic skins anymore. I don't really get why but they just stopped.
: Check out Warwick’s PBE Gameplay
he's going to be nerfed so hard xD
: 2016 ranked season ends
all my ranked season feels {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{champion:107}} moo?
: That's the first step to climbing, admitting that you're at fault for being in your elo.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
lol i have a part in the loss of my games but then i turn my head 45 degrees to the left of red-buff and there is my 0/12/2 teammate stealing my redbuff at 12 mins(i'm a jungle main btw) {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Commador NumNums is my favorite military officer/delicious snack.
i think i just joined the cactopus fan club xD anyway the reason i came here was to see the new champs moves and when i saw his ult i died.
: Champion Update Q&A: Taric, the Shield of Valoran [COMPLETE]
If he's the shield of Valoran then where is the shield? this has been bugging me for a while now
: here comes jhin cena
: Be Victorious
lol i cant have it i did no ranked this season
: Be Victorious
im lame like that

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