Kai Guy (NA)
: Always get 5 hp every time you hit a enemy champion with it. yes.
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: After 5 years of League, I am calling it quits at the end of the season.
i called it quits after 7-8 years about a month ago i look through the forums from time to time and have trouble putting into words what it is that frustrated me about this game currently. and i think you are hitting the nail on the head. objectives to win the game are far to easy to get. (and throw in that this game has the most toxic community out there, doesn't help) if i have to give a reason as to why i gravitated towards Hots is because that game has comeback mechanic's.
: Patch 7.17 notes
taric should have been a star guardian
: 100% crit rune?
{{champion:157}}{{item:3153}} {{item:3006}} {{item:1416}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3748}} . man that would be anoying
: Was it flex/solo/norms all have different mmrs and can skew results if its not solo que
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: Can we just appreciate how fucking awesome Draven's music was?
personally i like the velkoz one better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE0IcFbJtSg
: so im not the only one i thought he was fine, not really good nor bad, kinda like velkoz i guess if they wanted to make him more interesting they shouldve done something with his ult
his ult slows now.
: What really throws me off is the sheer range of skill in mid gold and lower. I've seen people in low silver who I shit you not, playing lee sin, last second flashed a skillshot while casting q, ward jumped to dodge another skillshot while getting close, ulted and reactivated q (and also landed his e somehow) all in like 1-2 seconds. And then you have the guy who dies 10 times before 10 minutes and blames jungler/support.
or a thresh that lands hooks on people right after they flash away consistently.
Karakot (NA)
: Kill 300 minions individually
what about supports?
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Why doesn't Gargolye's Stoneplate active reduce TRUE damage dealt?
the funny thing is that if Cho gets the full 100% increase even if true damage would be reduced by the active he can still get a net gain in damage depending how much health he has.
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Zedex (NA)
: Can Kayle save a teammate with her R? What about Taric? If so, then I'm perfectly ok with Tryndamere being able to do it. If not, it does make sense, but those others should be immune too.
are they not? both those ult's state they prevent the recipient from dying.
Meep Man (NA)
: > Boom, problem solved without actually nerfing anybody unnecessarily. This is actually a nerf to: {{champion:14}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:154}} Because they all defensive mechanics (not just offensive) that scale off of their maximum/bonus health that are increased by Stoneplate. Some might need a nerf, but others do not.
stoneplate rduces your damage by 60% did you forget about that?.
: I know that but for me it feels unnatural for the explosion from the passive is considered a basic attack
{{champion:104}} also gets countered by jax.
: When You Get into Your Game with the Wrong/No Masteries
{{champion:33}} fervor with ad runes. was not as bad as expected. the dps was actually disgusting. took a while to get tanky enough to abuse it though I tried fooling around with it quite a bit back when fervor would stack on spell hits.
: {{champion:201}} nothing makes me happier then tanking multiple ults and surviving. besides braums vo keeps me from tilting.
i like the interaction of when you catch draven axe/ ezreal ult. kinda sad how there is no interaction when you catch {{champion:45}} ult. seeing that 2k damage mitigation is satisfying.
: ... Yeah i just saw the videos. That is dirty.
going to get patched out next patch confirmed by riot. it will still kill braum if he is below 25% HP. but thats to be expected.
: What's the story of your Summoner Name?
i almost never explain the meaning of my summoner name. people always ask but i never feel like its something i can just talk about "agbudar" its a name. means laughing/dangerous one. in the demon/devil language. he was a demon who defied the devil, and fought him with some measure of success. He rests in piece now. impossible to pronounce properly with human vocal chords in the actual language itself. (metal grunter could maybe do it) there is a great epic story behind it all but that would take way too long to type. edit: im saving up RP to change it into "Braums goatbutter" thats easier to explain then my current one.
: Patch 7.14 vs 7.15
i think its fine. {{champion:245}} i agree with this the least but if you look at the numbers he is underperforming... the rest im MEH about {{champion:99}} buffs are a great idea because she is a good counter against {{champion:90}} who happens to be a bit on the strong side. {{champion:15}} when is the last time you saw siv actually kicking but? (sure that mistake was stupid but they hotfixed it imediately. and i could go on like this but you get the picture. {{champion:75}} that is shit is stupid though holy hell that's such a massive buff that shoots him straight into the beyond broken.
Joxcab (NA)
: "Don't want super specific champion interactions" Urgot R is ONLY projectile Braum blocks completely
Urgot ult should only be able to pull on the condition that the target is below 25% of his health. if Braum is not below 25% of his health he should not be pulled period.
: Hey, just wanted to chime in here. Am the designer on Urgot. This is currently working as intended, but **will ** be changed next patch to only pull Braum in if he is also below the HP threshold.
this is super hotfix level imo. but at least its looked at so thank you for that.
Joxcab (NA)
: No, because Braum isn't the R1 target. The grinder does absolute death regardless of health. Braum is the only champion that can die at above 25% health to it because he's the only one that can get hit by the R2 chains instead.
aka permaban urgot till riot decides to do something about him. i know i will
Joxcab (NA)
: You're a Braum main and you don't even know your own kit. Holy shit. Braum's E only negates the damage from the first projectile. The grinder is not a projectile. The chain does not do damage. The chain is CC only. CC still affects Braum. Braum E also reduces damage, but true damage cannot be reduced.
yea i know thats the part im upset about why isnt the damage not tied with the CC and comes as a second part?
Ralanr (NA)
: .... You could just...you know...not fucking jump to the ally who got ulted.
Joxcab (NA)
: The reasons why Braum's E 100-0 interaction with Urgot's R2 is perfectly balanced and healthy ----->
100 k + mastery on braum here OP goes on about in his essay explaining why this is particular interaction is healthy (urgot main in the making) il tell you in my own essay why i disagree. ITS FUKKIN STUPID! tldr: ITS STILL FUKKIN STUPID!
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: "We made it so Urgot can't kill Tryndamere through Undying Rage with his ult
ehm braums E is suposed to block the damage though so this had to be a bug. or at least deal the same amount of damage to him that would have been aplied to the ally he blocked it from.
Rexxiee (NA)
: With tanks dominating in lcs, i hope this will stop the myth that tanks "got nerfed and are weak"
right lets just forget that tanks are SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE BURST AND DIE TO DPS. AND RIOT FINALLY MANAGED TO ACOMPLISH THAT. outside of item actives combo's such as {{item:3193}} {{item:3190}} tanks go down pretty quickly. lets not forget that tanks still need to build HP outside of these 2 items since none of these provide any. they are still building 2 items to get 3 seconds of glory within a 90 second time span i would say that's MORE THEN ENOUGH OF A WINDOW TO BURST DOWN THE TANK AYE? as ironic as that sounds. boohoo now that tanks survive more then 3 seconds in a teamfight. i can't burst/dps them down in less then a second. perhaps people should start playing {{champion:96}} again
: Then it would just be teleport but with no target and shorter range.
im not talking seconds here im talking like 0.3 seconds
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tieger05 (OCE)
: I wish flash wasn't a neccessity.
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Ralanr (NA)
: I don't understand why people want Thornmail to be a big damage item.
{{item:3075}} is complete shit we want it to be good not broken
: inb4 sej mains of the board she has 4% pick rate, before rework according to leagueofgraph she had 0.6% pick rate
well more like 2% but yes it did go up.
: cold steel reduces base attack speed. so its fucking minimalist and useless.
i know and its actually counter intuitive. lessens your damage by quite a bit. the 15% slow is a total slow not bonus slow if that makes any sense.
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deathgod5 (EUW)
: What champion passive would be completely broken on other champions?
{{champion:24}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:157}} with {{champion:44}} passive
: So we're saying it's balanced for this to make 1k+ more gold than the other items? Is this your claim?
you set yourself behind stat wise with the coin items compared to the other ones
: Coin line's gold gen is apparently stupid high
the matter of the fact is this: its not usefull for anything else so what are you gonna give it then? 20% movement speed when people move towards you? cuz thats what its gonna take. already its super easy for a tank support to sit on your gold for you to never get it.
Lõyalty (NA)
: To all you "Lux/Brand support" players...
{{champion:63}} quite frankly it doesnt matter what you get on this guy. if you get that 5 man passive proc that hits all enemy champions it really wont matter they are all dead anyway. (please don't start {{item:2301}} is ALWAYS MY FIRST ITEM)
Sinlaire (NA)
: You did it Boards! Fiora was dumpstered!
you forget that she has been in the top 5 pickrates for a very long time. and she has been for a very good reason.
: you know i didn't really think thornmail would actually get worse.
it also has cold steel passive applied to it atm so thats there as well.
: Pantheon has had a 53%-55% win rate for about 6 months now if not more
Pantheon atm functions as a counter to fiora who happens to have a 15% pickrate (the highest pickrate btw atm) so its only natural that pantheon is starting to see more use also one should note that Fiora has been in the top 5 pickrates over the entire season 7 and 6 depending on the patch. so seeing pantheon only with a 6% pickrate (10th)tells me that, although he is a counter he still doesnt get picked as often as he should in short his winrate is inflated because the champs he counters get picked a lot (not just fiora)
: After heavy testing by the highest of pro players Kayn has been dubbed a Utility.
yea they said that yassuo sucked back when he was released as well. same about zed. then someone figured it out... and league was never the same again.
: Thornmail can't have it both ways
{{item:3035}} this actually exists as well yknow. a counter to half of what tanks do which is soaking damage. {{item:3036}} omg it actually works against health stacking too? {{item:3033}} o wow look at that i cant sustain anymore. another half of my kit just got negated.
: Riot, we need a pants item.
{{item:1051}} yknow for the longest time i thought these were pauldrons. HEY WE NEED GLORIOUS PAULDRONS TOO [](http://s993.photobucket.com/user/Stuartantony1/media/GiantPauldrons.jpg.html)
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