: pretty sure Trick2G built Zephyr more times than anyone has bought Poachers Dirk
Fowus (NA)
: lol trundle hasnt built botrk in a long time its one of the hydras in full tank
which is a mistake if you ask me. the item even with the nerfed active is too good for Trundle not to take. right now the extra ad you get is great the extra lifesteal is great. I started playing him in ranked back in season 5 played him consistently in s6 and is a pocket pick for me in s7 so far im fairly succesfull with a bork rush in jungle edit: and its funny how you do exactly what the OP made a post about
LuIú (NA)
: As a support main, I'd be happy if Redemption and Locket got nerfed if...
{{item:3109}} i buy this one a lot on braum it works quite well atm in combination with stoneborn pact. {{item:3060}} needs a new build path {{item:3105}} + {{item:3067}} with new stats something like 40 armor/mr with 300 hp and 10% cdr. then a different active. something like give a mini version of lulu ult to an adc like 50+10 per lvl hp and 5+ 3 per lvl ad for 4 seconds. {{item:3050}} new build path {{item:3024}}+ {{item:3114}}+ {{item:1033}} new stats would be 25 armor 25 mr 20%cdr 75% mp regen 300 mana new active would be generating charges by moving casting spells and auto attacking. when the ally target reaches 100 stacks his next auto receives 20% extra ad. when the support reaches 100 stacks the next spell cast will receive 20% extra cdr(allowing it to go over 45% total cdr for that one ability alone). {{item:3222}} instead of giving the target 40% movement speed on cleanse how about 40% damage reduction for the next 2 seconds? {{item:3174}} instead of damage allow spell casts and movement to affect the stacks. then also increase mp regen to 100% like it should be. {{item:3069}} not sure what to do here i like the item its just that{{item:2302}} is so much more gold efficient. (total of 1900 gold really?) so tbh i think that the cdr on the active simply needs to be reduced by 50% but only on target click (allow self cast ofc) then give it 1 extra second with about 5%~10% more movement speed. {{item:3056}} instead of giving the turret a zhonyia's allow these things to block one ally from tower shots with a "tower shield" and not yourself ofc.
Raiyza (NA)
: People are stupid brah. {{champion:266}} top lane rushing {{item:3153}} against a {{champion:122}}. Amazing.
Raiyza (NA)
: In low elo, players dont think about their opponents or their role in the game. Especially top laners and junglers. Oh you want to play {{champion:48}} top lane? Oh shit, but our jungler is a {{champion:11}}. You realize that as {{champion:48}} you are our tank right? {{champion:48}} proceeds to rush {{item:3074}} and {{item:3153}} He goes in the middle of the teamfight and melts nearly instantly. Not a single armor item at 25 minutes in. -_-
{{item:3047}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3065}} is core on each trundle imo then tanky from there on out. trundle needs the bork it scales too well for him
: Do you guys consider Ezreal the closest to a perfect champion than any other champion?
no. ezreal breaks about 90% of all the items riot adds to the game.
Traakin (NA)
: Garen is fine.
no he is not, there are very few champions that he can counter, and in most cases a decent enemy player can turn those lanes into a skill match up.
: Who is the hardest champion but most effective when mastered?
{{champion:201}} is not difficult to play perse. but when mastered is one hell of a support. W>E when used properly can deny penta's aces and in general do so much damage soaking for the team. (i always lvl E on Braum just for that reason) {{champion:12}} just watch some lcs games when this guy gets played. {{champion:26}} double stunning while denying every kill an assasin tries to make {{champion:44}} a good Taric carries the team in such fabulous manner that the enemy wont even be mad for losing they will in fact cheer you on.
Rioter Comments
: When my support slave doesn't get a sightstone first back, and I am forced to place a single ward
when my adc and his yellow trinket with 2 charges and refuses to ward bush so you can keep aa'ing the enemy jungler that was foolish enough to jump onto me as braum.
awdaf (NA)
: I really don't feel out played when I get killed by a Yasuo after 20 minutes
they need to remove his double crit. and replace it with something **HEALTHY**
: @Riot - Garen sprang to his feet and unsheathed his sword...
each time Garen unsheathes his sword he rips the sheathe apart, his fellow soldiers just replace it when he isn't looking. when on the summoners rift the job is given to the caster minions.
: Seriously, what's the deal with sightstone and the support role?
the alternative where you just buy loose wards is way, way waaaaay worse. season 1 and 2 were HORRIBLE for support players HORRIBLE. basically what it came down to is that you were the designated ward bot that meant no items for you if you took that to heart il repeat NO FUKKING ITEMS. except for gold items such as heart of gold or that blue dagger thingy. (which had no stats worth mentioning) i saw supports blow 2 k gold on things like clairvoyant potion (400 g a piece) just to clear enemy wards i saw supports having 10 wards 75 g each and be proud about it. all the while of having no items, and people tried to convince me and other support players that we didn't need items and would report us if we did buy items besides the gold gain items that were "allowed" ow yea and you were not allowed to take any cs either. ADC make you their bitch. THEIR BITCH THAT THEY RAPED OVER AND OVER. the role was something of a sadistic twisted fukfest for people that loved to hurt themselves. not to mention that if you had vision control you could basically deny the enemy team of ALL farm and ALL objectives. so on the one hand you had a super crucial aspect of the game raping 1 person per team. that on the other hand made games super onesided to the team that was winning. it was super cancerous as far as game health goes. then came season 3 and we got sightstone with a ward limit now sightstone was not the biggest fix it was the ward limit that was the fix.
Murl0ugh (NA)
: My Issue with Ranked
honestly it would fix most of the toxic behavior. although might i suggest a 50/50 ratio on this? so the game looks at your overall performance but winning still counts.
Jbels (NA)
: S+ is too much. It would be nearly impossible for certain champions under the current mastery grading system to ever earn an S+, since the grading system doesn't care about what you did to contribute to the win over how many minions you killed and how good your KDA is. Supports would be the most fucked on that. Hitting a certain mastery point score sounds alright though. I've already shattered 200000 with my main, so I feel like I deserve that rank 8 :P
score is based on the average of what players do on that champion. so CS score is not taken into account as much if you play braum i got mastery 7 on both braum support and sejuani support so idk it always seemed easier then other roles for me. trick to good scores is **not dying**. like don't bother saving that moron. **warding ** like dump a few wards in base so your team mates will hate you for gettingt that s score regardless of placement. **have a good kill/assist participation**. do throw a few skills at enemies so you rack up your assists in the off chance your team is not brain dead and somehow got the kill **and some decent cs for your role**. so yea last hit those minions if your adc backs, why wouldn't you? btw LAST HIT, NOT PUSH unless you need to reset the wave.
: Support main you aint special! in fact you are just nothing!
we are gods gift to the rift plain and simple. you are a Satan spawn to the rift plain and simple
: I wonder if ascended actually get the animalistic characteristics..
{{champion:58}} certainly seems to do so
: An Exhaustive list of Sona's problems and how Riot can potentially fixe them
her visual is fine she needs a kit rework plain and simple all three of her basic abilities all she needs to do is be in range thats it she has no skill shots besides her ult which is pretty much point blank. her ult is probably the only thing you could keep. her passive somewhat maybe with a few changes. but her basic QWE need to be fundamentally changed in order for her to be done right.
: {{item:3143}} is that a mountain? Mountain of the Rising Sun?
: your main now has a 40% pick rate without being changed recently
{{champion:201}} i dont think people would complain too much jhin mains adore him ezreal enemies hate him but everyone hates ezreal so yknow win win.
: Okay, why are you still allowed to make Zac invulnerable with Teleport?
someone burns a 300 second summoner spell to save someone idk i think its ok and to be expected tbh you can teleport to thresh lantern and j4 flags as well
: > [{quoted}](name=agbudar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yaP4ZUnx,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2017-03-26T16:48:25.058+0000) > > no i like the cdr and cdr is meant to be a tank stat. > > how about we remove the healing passive and give it something more along the lines of {{item:3211}} passive? but something like 300% instead. There is so much CDR in the game you can find it on a ton of other items. I want a real health item back in the game.
{{item:3025}} {{item:3110}} are both items i stopped building on many tanks i build {{item:3143}} instead. most of the time if i want cdr on lets say braum {{item:2303}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3109}} is usually my core but i only get 10% out of it while still being semi low on mr {{item:3065}} is not the best item on braum but since {{item:3190}} lost its health and cdr its the item i gravitate towards. so now im at 4 items sure most would probably tell me to get {{item:3110}} at this point with enough cdr to finish my 40% but personally i really like {{item:3083}} sets me at 30% which is quite often enough for me. and allows me to deal with most damage sources with the new stoneborn pact keystone i can get about 5 k hp (which is good for the healing on allies) with respectable armor and mr ( i take pure armor and mr runes).
: Give it back the old stacking health passive in place of the 10% CDR. Make Warmogs great again.
no i like the cdr and cdr is meant to be a tank stat. how about we remove the healing passive and give it something more along the lines of {{item:3211}} passive? but something like 300% instead.
: 6 years man he was released in june of 2011. Too put it in prespective if he was a child hed be in kindergarten and he still hasnt gotten a single skin. And illaoi mains think they have a right to complain.
: Ignoring your transparent e-peen flexing, he's strong, can be overbearing, but I don't think he's op. He has weaknesses. Also you can't use your ***own*** history as proof or evidence to whether a champion is strong, weak or balanced. That's now how it works.
what if the history of all people show the same thing? that you can easily win games with the new galio after you played about 2 days with him?
: Gapclosers in other mobas lul, League by far has the most mobility of any moba I have ever played.
ehm have you played ilidan? thats 1 skill shot 1 targetted an ult like galio and he reduces his cd's with aa's (and he is a fast attacker)
: With Liss new Passive let's talk about melee top laners
{{champion:86}} needs a shorter CD on his Q and a bigger movement speed boost and then you can remove that silly armor shred he doesnt need. {{champion:83}} either lower the mana cost on E (by like half) or make this thing more reliable to hit. {{champion:48}} about time he gets his pillar back to former glory. a game is not ok if i cant show my glorious pillar to quinn (all the time)
Rioter Comments
abdul569 (EUW)
: Your main now gains a new passive ' basic abilities reset on kill'. How op is it?
{{champion:86}} would actually be really op on him sorta would like to see how that would work out {{champion:113}} not overbearing tbh i can stun someone a little faster i guess {{champion:201}} i like the idea of a potential 15 second E duration
FNC Jinx (NA)
: The KEY Difference between Cait and all other Crit ADCs
: Redemption + Locket still too strong. No one cares.
i dont get the fuss. im building {{item:3109}} consistently these days on my supports been a long time since ive actually build redemption on a tank supp
: Do you mean auto attack reset? Let the AA hit then use the ability to reset your AA timer. I know that that is how Shyv q works
scenario: im auto attacking i cast Q trundle /shyvana stops auto attacking i have to manually click the target again in order not to lose aa's
Rioter Comments
: @riot: a lux buff isnt wrong, but it should go to her w imo
the buff people talk about thats currently on pbe is a april fools buff most likely
Tazret (NA)
: What is garens ACTUAL weakness
{{champion:21}} is a bad pick vs a garen in general. {{champion:236}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} are in general better they have more windows of oportunity to deal with garen either through better 1v1 or better kiting abilities. if garen flash+Q on you though usually that will be the end of any adc. if it wasn't you would never see anyone play garen
Rioter Comments
: I really don't understand nerfs like these...
i think this is more of a carefull way of nerfing her then anything else. wont really touch her combo but removes some of the overkill damage. personally i dont think this will affect her in the least as the ult damage was only ever usefull in team fights which is not something she (should) excel at
: Be honest. When was the last time you saw anyone build more than one of those? They're allowed because they have next to no synergy with each other. One provides Lethality, the users of which already build plenty of CDR and thus don't need any from Maw, and don't benefit from lifesteal. One gives lifesteal, which requires use of autos to be effective, and thus doesn't synergize with CDR or Lethality, as most Lethality users rely on abilities. The last gives CDR, which, as stated, isn't helpful for the people who build Lethality or lifesteal.
i could potentially see this build on a {{champion:202}} a champ which sees tremendous amounts of play who can use all three if needed quite decently. {{item:3047}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} and he would still do viable amounts of damage while being pretty much untouchable by mages.
: Lets suppose a tank has 300 armor 300-75=225. WOW SUCH A COUNTER. LETHALITY COUNTERS TANKS FFS I repeat stop lying. Lethality is not good against tanks, if you think it you are pretty stupid tbh.
most tanks have 200 armor at the end of the game. cases of 300+ armor are very rare and would only occur if the enemy team has nothing but ad which these days is quite rare.
Dremiist (NA)
: Playing support every single game makes you want to kill yourself, especially in lower elo.
mute your adc in that case in lower elo you also mute enemy team ward that bush like you are suposed to and if they cant handle your swag tell them to go fuk their inlaw
WarWork (NA)
: Ivern, so stupid and creepy
his supporting is not bad but not great either. if the game drags on for too long you wont be able to carry.
Zarkkast (NA)
: I still don't get how S ranks are calculated
not enough cs not enough wards.... reason i never buy red trinket on anyone except for support
: everyone now has the thresh mecanic
{{champion:75}} HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{champion:17}} i dont always shroom but if i hit you there will be shrooms everywhere. {{champion:67}} im done... im am sooo done.
: > [{quoted}](name=agbudar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0O8A68g0,comment-id=000200000000000100000000,timestamp=2017-03-17T18:28:28.627+0000) > > 28 games played 57% winrate terrible kda of 2.58 but i was playing splitpush nassus at the time which builds {{item:3512}} and who doesnt really care too much for kda. an average of 225 cs per game with a duration of usually below 30 min I am at 113 Games on him with a 53% Win Rate. I've had some shitty lucks with AfK's lately so my win rate went from around 60% down... =( Currently still holding a 3.29:1 KDA though so I am still performing well besides getting potatoes. Split Push Nasus is really not great in the long run. Sacrificing your Q for the stronger Early game severely hinders your power mid game and negates his largest power budgeted ability and his passive. Some of the Master Tier Nasus Players I talk to say that the E-Max build is in general worse unless they are up against a super hard counter top. ZZ-Rot is still ok but the nerf really hurt it's effectiveness. May want to leave this one behind and just get a GA.
yea i havent really played it after the zzrot nerfs in ranked.
: Lethality is NOT good against tanks. Cleaver and last whisper are the culprits here.
if you can ignore 75 of anyone's armor its good against everyone, tanks included. everyone would lose their shit if tanks could potentially remove 75 ad.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lyseth,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0O8A68g0,comment-id=0002000000000001,timestamp=2017-03-17T18:07:25.381+0000) > > I'm also a Mastery Lv.6 Nasus. Mastery doesn't say as much as win rate and KDA. You can just play a champion a lot and get the mastery Icon but its consistent wins and decent KDA's that show true mastery IMHO.
28 games played 57% winrate terrible kda of 2.58 but i was playing splitpush nassus at the time which builds {{item:3512}} and who doesnt really care too much for kda. an average of 225 cs per game with a duration of usually below 30 min
: I think there are few times Nasus get's to stomp vs competent opponents and as such 9/10 times IBG will be the preferred build. I think Warmog's is highly situational and ultimately not the greatest purchase on Nasus. It's just straight health and regen which can be good, like I said, vs several true damage enemies but even then Deadman's or Sterak's would ultimately be more beneficial. You still have all your bases covered and have better stats that synergy with Nasus from resistances and passives. Plus I think taking the 10% CDR in runes is best as it doesn't force you to buy another 10% CDR item or over cap. This is just my opinion. I have a lot of games with Nasus and he's my highest played champion. For whatever that's worth! :)
thanks for the adive. il keep it in mind when i pick him up again.
: If Ninja tabi is unhelathy for ignoring 12% of auto attack damage
24 lethality from runes 6 from masteries 45 from items.{{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} and meanwhile {{item:3035}} lol at this {{item:3047}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}}. congratz your 5 item build which is 11.6 k vs {{item:3047}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3075}} which is 14.8 gold and 380 bonus armor from which 246 armor will be flat out removed without any condition. thats roughly 4k gold in stats removed even though you are ahead. if the enemy were to build {{item:3071}} on top of it all he would remove even more, creating an even bigger armor/gold deficiency on the tank. vs a rammus lvl 18 (base armor of 104) who is not in W form black cleaver alone would remove another 70 armor. thats not including abilities which can remove more armor. **but clearly ninja tabi's is the issue.**
: Actually, they were pretty powerful back when they had the dodge stat on them.
: Lethality is not good against Tanks. Stop telling lies.
lethality is very good against tanks when you build items like {{item:3071}} {{item:3035}} most players like {{champion:21}} for example build {{item:3142}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3147}} and they shred anyone with it. this build removes over 140+ armor against anyone who has 200 armor or more. what was that again about being tanky against adc? god forbid mf has 24 lethality from her rune page/masteries
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