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ageking (NA)
: Diamond team forming to play in prized leagues / Tourney's this October
Thank you to those who came out for tryouts. We will be hostin a second round tonight 10/1/2019 at 1230 PM EST. msg here and add me in game if interested.
: Main: Mid Rank: D4 Can make it to tryouts today/tomorrow
Jerkie (NA)
: D4 ADC, play all champs IGN: Jerkie Might be able to make tonight, depending on the time. Playing with another team as well.
Got it add me in game ill check in with you when i get on around midnight EST
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Witsy (NA)
: Looking for a coach for our team (Gold/Plat Elo)
: Diamond Team LF Top/JG/ADC
Hey add me in game im d3 jungler looking to get involved ign agking
: Diamond Support LF Clash Team
Hey add me in game: ageking might need one for clash. Im jungler d3
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Aërys (NA)
: Looking for players for a diamond Ranked team
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: [VS Purge Academy] Is seeking talented players D3+ Hi I am interested in getting involved. D3 jungler looking to play on competitve team. Also can shotcall. -ageking
: D4 average team LF D+ Jungle for competitive team Hi looking for team, jungle main can shot call and also mid. Schedule is able to play nights late EST on anyday I dont work (I work 12s so im off a good bit).
Ðaze (NA)
: Ranked 5s team Looking For High Plat/Diamond JG, ADC, Support
HI, I can fill any role, but currently a jung main. my IGN --- > ageking
: LF PLAT + TOP for starting role
Hi I'm a d4 solo queue. have some experience with 5's in the past. I currently main jungle but am looking to switch to top. I'm willing to play with you guys and look to improve together ageking
ageking (NA)
: Diamond jungler LF team
{{champion:59}} main
Kelyx (NA)
: Dawn Esports Mass LoL Recruitment! (Gold-Challenger allowed) March 23rd/24th 7 PM EST APPLY NOW!
: Plat 2 AD looking for support or a jung
hi, jung main here, can also support. add me in game ageking
ageking (NA)
: Diamond jungler LF team
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Tysser (NA)
: Former Diamond Support, Currently Plat 3 Supp LF DUO!!!
ageking (NA)
: I got Dcd from a game, rejoined and won, and I lost LP.
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Aure (NA)
: {{sticker:sg-syndra}} TAKE MY ENERGY! #SupportC9
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ C9 TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
ageking (NA)
: Plat mid LF jungler
Ishe (NA)
: [NA] Platinum Team LF Midlaner
Hey add me ill be on Sunday morning/afternoon
ageking (NA)
: Plat mid LF jungler
Was plat S7 unranked currently, waiting for good duo.
ageking (NA)
: Plat mid LF jungler
You can also leave a post here, ill check in at night for the next few days.
ageking (NA)
: Plat mid LF jungler
: You're not ranked yet for Season 8 but I'm a jungle main add me if you wana play some ranked tho
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: Plat ADC for duo support/jungler
hey I can play good jungler and solid supports. looking to main sup if I can get a good ad duo. plat 3 here
: P2-D5 Janna main LF adc
Hi there, I can play a mean mf if you wanna duo sometime
: Plat 3 Support Smurfing to Diamond Need Duo
hey, add me in game plat 3 mid/jungle main, climbing fast -ageking
VCasts (NA)
: Diamond 2 Top/Mid LF Serious Rank 5s Team
hey, I added you on league. I have a plat / diamond (mostly diamond, I am plat 3) team that needs a top laner. Ill be on for the next couple hours. Thanks Ageking
N C (NA)
: Coaching
I have a team (plat-diamond players only) that could benefit from coaching. I will be adding you in game when I get the chance (likely some time tonight). looking forward to it. ageking
Humn (NA)
: Mid Laner Looking for Team for serious ranked 5's
Hello Humn, I am starting a ranked team myself and you seem like someone wed like to have. I myself am a support main and we have most other roles filled (mid and top arent as of this second). We will play as much as possible and look to improve. I personally can tell you I am a very collected, and strategically skilled player. This nature and the ability to adapt with a friendly attitude and extremely team-oriented play-style make for a good team foundation. message me in game if you are interested. P.S. we are in eastern time ageking
: LoL Design Values: In-depth with Clarity
do we have an estimated time this will be added?


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