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Vanjie (NA)
: @Riot - Another Ryze Rework but Zero Work on Karma, Lissandra, Skarner and Morde.
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: Garam the Codebreaker
> P: Encryption > > Garam encrypts his information so that no one can access to it. The enemy cannot see Garam's health bar, mana bar, spells, runes, items and any effects on him. > > Q: Trigonometry > > Garam fires a magical bullet that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit up to three times. If three bullets hit three distinct enemies, those enemies hit by bullets instantly form a triangle and all enemies in the triangle get magic damages. > > W: Inverting Fractal > > Garam creates the zone in shape of the Apollonian gasket (shown on the picture). All allies and all enemies in the zone get healed instead of damaged as much as the others out of the zone attack them. > > E: Decryption > > Garam fires a decrypting bullet that hacks enemy's head. Any first enemy hit by the decrypting bullet becomes unable to move and gets hacked to attack his or her allied minions or champions near by him or her with basic attacks for short amount of time. And if the decrypting bullet hits the enemy's turret, the turret temporally becomes an allied turret. > > R: Bijection > > Garam fires a switching bullet. If the switching bullet hit an enemy or an allied minion, Garam can switch the position with the enemy or the allied minion in short amount of time. If the switching bullet hit an ally, the ally can decide to switch the position with Garam in short amount of time. His P is op as hell... His Q is OK His W-- op His E is even more op R is urgots old r
: Pool Party Urgot?
Everything here is gr8. Would love to see this in-game. Only thing, though, for his octopus legs, it would be extremely distracting.
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Xcion (NA)
: Conqueror
dont miss vayne.
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4Sniper444 (EUNE)
: Nerf camille
She's actually pretty balanced with a 49.7% winrate. If anything, she is pretty bad with an avg kda of 6.4/6.1/6.4
: Rito pls
Just quit after 10 min and queue again.
: I got suspended for 14 days just because I called a champ brain dead and I said Kys bec my teammate ran under tower. Then I got reported bec 3 of the enemy team were a group
just saying, "kys" is worse than swearing. Those three letters are an easy 14-day ban, I don't even think a chat restriction is required for that, it's that bad.
mah1foo (EUW)
: (Follow up thread) Riot found my punishment for defending an enemy who was being bullied correct
(1) > "After the investigation we have concluded the fact that you were continuously spamming the chat throughout the game which can create a very disruptive game experience for the players witnessing the chat." Ey, mute who is disrupting you, Riot's favorite word for Player Behavior is mute. For clarification, if someone is disrupting you, mute them, and in this case, the "players witnessing the chat" should be able to mute you, no? I'm pretty sure chatting too much can't harm you, but if it's harming a teammate, they can fix it. Some people might even want to see the chat. (2) > "For future reference, please do bear in mind that we only take into account what you say, as all players are responsible for their own behavior" Riot's second favorite line. "Two wrongs don't make a right" "Don't fire the fire" --What if you defended someone who "kys" was directed at? For clarification, someone said "kys" to someone else, and you are defending that "someone else". Would you defend and help them or let them think about it and possibly... --If you do decide to defend them, you may be reported and punished. (3) > "In the future instead of getting into arguments with players even if you want to defend others it's better to mute those players and report them in the post game lobby." It's fine if it's too late. At least you'll be saved from a chat punishment and the person will be punished. Who cares about the harassed person, eh? (refer to (2), where the "kys" situation is mentioned") EDIT: Clarifying some things and making my points a little more clear
mah1foo (EUW)
: Punished for defending an enemy who was being bullied by his team, Riot advises to not defend him
Had a very similar situation. Although it did not get me any punishment, it slowed my honor progress. Briefly; I(soraka) was a supporting an adc(kog'maw) with a mid laner(lux) who was trash-talking and trolling. The lux constantly was flaming towards the kog'maw. Then, she comes ganking us when we don't need it, and then dies because she didn't even ping. Kog'maw was apparently "paralyzed by lux's stupidity" and was pretty much afk the rest of the game. The lux said "kys" to kog'maw. Kog maw replied "maybe I will" and that's where I entered. I tried to help kog, but then the lux found it offending that the support isn't siding with the right person and called everyone on the team retards. She ditches lane and opens mid lane to their mid laner. She helps top, who wasn't even behind, and the jungler, who was so behind, had to go to mid to fall even more behind. Eventually, she heads bot, and kog just walks to fountain. I eventually say "gtfo" (yes a little harsh) and I got honor slowed because of that. I reported Lux via ticket and the riot people confirmed it. Then, I come to know that I'm not making any progress at all in honor. This is why.
: People playing new champion in ranked 1 week into its release...
: > Soooooo, yeah. What do you think? It's hard to weigh in on "hilariously" weak. I think there are some things about towers that could be improved. Some thoughts: * I don't really think turrets universally just die too easily. I think if the outers especially lasted a bit longer (fewer "I lost my outer in one back" moments), however, that could be an improvement. * As players have gotten better at playing around turrets, managing their aggro mechanics and diving them has probably become too easy. * Turret damage on tanks especially feels pretty low. Tanks should feel better about taking a few turret shots than others, but it can feel over the top. Those stand out to me as the opportunities for improvement if we're talking turrets.
I'd like to add on that the outers _do_ die easily. So recently, as a vladmir{{champion:8}} , I killed zed{{champion:238}} once at 5 minutes and I destroyed 70% of the turret, in one go at 5 minutes. I'd also like to add that they do not enough damage to tanks. Pretty sure a nasus can dive in any turret and take it down in a few seconds without losing more than 20% of his health (late game) EDIT: I destroyed it _myself_ with no help of my jg (first point)
Gobe28 (NA)
: Teemo Nerf Idea
Teemo is balanced right now. Spirit visage{{item:3065}} is an easy counter, try it. He's unblanaced to unexperienced players, definitely.
Gobe28 (NA)
: Teemo Nerf Idea
Teemo is balanced right now. Spirit visage{{item:3065}} is an easy counter, try it. He's unblanaced to unexperienced players, definitely.
ZJD123 (NA)
: New Poll: Who should Riot nerf for 8.6?
Leave an option for all of them
: Mica and Ivaara - Darkin Whip/Support Concept
: At this point, I genuinely feel the Balance Team should be the next major Rework.
Automatic upvote just looking at the title. After reading this, I love you..{{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: [Skin idea] Queen Bee Syndra
Great Skin idea, just a few things -The bees surrounding her would be very distracting to play against in game -She should be floating, if she is, it's a little hard to see Otherwise it's really amazing.
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: > [{quoted}](name=ak521,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wXMpHE4W,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2018-02-04T13:00:01.865+0000) > > 100% agreed. > > They should lower his ulti cooldown for late game, too. That's his pretty much only useful ability for the team, besides tanking the turret. > > Ranged champions could also easily screw up Ornn. The ultimate nerf that came with the recent patches is exactly what Ornn needed, and it now forces Ornn players to be wiser with it. Saying that it's his only useful ability is ignoring all of the other utility he provides. Not to mention the masterwork upgrades. He is the _only_ source of Brittle in the entire game.
1. Ever wonder where his brittle came from? His W, where u have to be very very close to them and hope you don't get stunned bc now it's no longer unstoppable 2.Wiser; I agree; but Ornn still struggles without it. 3.Masterwork upgrades; not useful till late game, actually. Most people complete their build /then/ get masterwork. I guess that Ornn's passive and R are the best of his. But does it help against ranged champs? Not really, so he still needs a little less cooldown on R.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: For the preset rune pages, they were chosing the keystones which make the most sense for the majority of champions. Kleptomancy is usually strong on champions with AA reset and AA enhancing abilities. {{champion:81}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:41}} There is a huge difference in performance with that keystone depending on the champion you are playing. Unsealed Spellbook on the other hand pretty much gives the same benefit for every champion in the game. The difference is way smaller here and every champion is able to make effective use of it. That's why they have chosen it over Kleptomancy.
{{champion:266}} R + AA {{champion:103}} W, Q, R + AA {{champion:84}} Idk her abilities but still. {{champion:22}} W and Q + AA I can keep going on and on and on. As for unsealed, I hardly see anyone using it. It's usually best in ARAM, and otherwise, aftershock or electrocute are the best.
: Kidding right? In proplay/high elo games often 6-8/10 players use unsealed spellbook.
But is it /that/ good to make it a preset? It should be a custom, because Kleptomancy is used for many champions (TF, ezreal, etc.)
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Nolafus (NA)
: If Ornn is getting nerfed again...
100% agreed. They should lower his ulti cooldown for late game, too. That's his pretty much only useful ability for the team, besides tanking the turret. Ranged champions could also easily screw up Ornn.
: How I got to platinum
I got stuck in bronze last season from 8 trolls and 2 afks in my placements. I don't know if any of them are banned. I think there were 2 remakes too, or was that last season? Trying to play support, but 2 trolls in 4 placements so far... S6 I got s5, and I was doing pretty well. Bronze is toxic and people feed so much, to the extent where you can't carry with 50/5. It's hard to 1v5, even if you're fed (unless you're, for example, yi, or rengar, or kha zix, or someone with invisibility that can walk up and one shot every single person... Zoe can too)
Chermorg (NA)
: Hi, player here. Your chat referenced isn't neutral and it's not just a little bad. Your chat log referenced is full of negative, abusive chat. And it's highly likely that's not the only negativity you displayed. These games are certainly enough to slow your honor. 25 games over a month is not enough to show consistent positive behavior. Even if those two games never happened and you were perfect in the rest of your games (which I doubt), you do not regain honor that fast especially while playing less than one game per day on average.
As I said before, Lux had called my ADC, who was doing perfectly fine until he afk'd from the lux, retarded. I, myself, took offense from that and then, she starts trolling, then she AFK's for a minute. Negativity.. one minute. Are you talking about hers, because she was the only negative in the game? She as I said before, called everyone retarded, blamed everyone else for the loss, when it was clearly her fault for: -Leaving her lane after feeding it, letting their mid laner push mid and destroy two open turrets -"Ganking" other lanes without pinging randomly, calling us "retarded" for not being ready, flames in "all" -Afks and chats in ALL for a minute, letting 2 of our inhibs be destroyed completely Let me give u a conversation. - Section 1: Intentional feeding and summoner code breaking. First of all, this is bronze. It's hard to get out of, and these trolls only make it harder. So, when it's bronze, and you have a no-escape champion, you take flash to escape, right? Well, that's what I had suggested in champ select and she denied to. That's kind of unrelative, but still; that was one thing. Okay, the next thing; she goes to 1v1 brand and just stands in one spot. W + Q + E with brand gives brand that ring of fire. It's an instant kill. She did that- 3 times. Died- both all. No kills- both times. Okay; fine. That was OK, like, on the edge of tolerating that. But then; the other lanes are doing OK. Not good, not bad, but OK. Top was losing a little and bot was winning a bit. So, lux decides to leave her lane. She starts stealing jg's farm, camping other lanes, and toxicating when we tell-- no, beg-- her to leave. She stole our farm and started feeding our lane too. And guess what happened to mid? It suffered. Brand took down 2 turrets while lux was camping bot. And kindred, who was already weak and behind because brand had killed kindred earlier because lux was top and didn't call missing, had to go mid, and died to brand. So, fed brand, feeding lux in other lanes.. It's hard to deal with. But when we beg her to leave... she refuses. She says "you dont know what ganking is" and starts toxicating like that. Then, when she sees her lane so destructed, she finally leaves bot to feed top- again. What a relief- right? Nevermind, their top started getting too powerful too. All lanes were pressed, and we lost just like that. She didn't just mess her lane up- we can fix one lane, right? She messed every lane up. She stole farm, and then she fed. Fine. Even that is fine! She at least knew her Q's. But then the few minutes of AFK. She starts flaming and saying "free win" and is sitting in base for a few minutes, doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT CHATTING IN /all. Don't believe me? I doubt you would believe this. It's such a troll that even I didn't believe it. She even blamed it on us. Proof in logs. And if you can download a replay, I don't think you'll be satisfied with watching a bad game for 20 minutes, but you'll find EVERYTHING I said in this report true. Toxicity now. I didn't emphasize her toxicity before, which I should have. She called the entire team retards, and trust me, I got a chat restriction for just calling someone a loser and saying gtfo. Yes, I said gtfo this time too, forgive me for that. But, muting lux would've only made it worse. So, I dealt with it in a calm manner with hardly any offensive messages. Back to the topic, lux called everyone retards. "New level of retardation" she /all'd while she was AFK in the base, watching the inhib's, top turret, and bot inhib get destroyed. Just, check logs. It's too much toxicity. At least 30 messages. I remember a Player Behavior support member telling me that, "the system is evolving. It's much stricter than it was before." So this person should DEFINITELY get a punishment. I was even thinking of a 2 week ban.. because the gamethrowing was literally not OK - Reply: "Hey there, Sorry about your run in with these players. I know how much having people intentionally ruin matches can suck, but this isn't something we see as acceptable behavior so we'll investigate into these accounts further and take any action we feel necessary... ...Best of luck in your future matches!" Now, you decide. What do I do, let my ADC be harassed? What do I do, let my ADC be AFK? What do I do, let her ruin a ranked match? My ADC said they were "paralyzed by lux's stupidity" literally. LITERALLY, ok? JG, ADC, and I sided against lux, and they were none less "toxic" than me.
Warios (NA)
: The way i see honor working is like this. say for example you need 100 positive games for a checkpoint, you play 5 honorable games and get to +5, but then have one you are a bit toxic, blaming people for a loss, calling someone bad, harassing them because they are not playing the way you want them to play. perhaps a negative game is -3, that would reset you back to +2, you have 3 good games, then a bad game, net result is a gain of 0. I would suggest to not type as much or not at all, don't tell people how to play and what you think they should do, use pings and not text to communicate with your team. try that for 100 games, and see if you get past a checkpoint.
Yes; I've been doing this a lot. Dealing with a troll is another thing. As I said before, Lux had called my ADC, who was doing perfectly fine until he afk'd from the lux, retarded. I, myself, took offense from that and then, she starts trolling, then she AFK's for a minute. I will provide a conversation to another comment
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: RIOT is punishing the GOOD players
Imagine bronze. Not saying I'm a good player, but I think I deserve silver.
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: Ok I know I acted unreasonably, but why a 14 week ban and not a chat restriction???
Dhollian (NA)
: It's possible to reform
Not sure if League promotes it, though. With the new honor system, if you fall down to honor 0, you may be in there for at least 3 months (And that, is with a lot, and I mean a lot, of honors, maybe around 2-3 each game, even 4 occasionally)
Kugami (EUW)
: Project : KAYN
It's kind of nice, but it looks over detailed and distracting. I like how you made him have like, "two faces" but it looks more of fire and water Kayn than project. The project form of rhaast would definitely look great, and a program form of Shadow is also a great idea. But, project kayn in general .. it's like, too much.
ak521 (NA)
: Annie Time!
C'mon, only 3 in 9 hours?
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: ak521: noob bot for not saving the red [Galio/Top harasses me and calls me a noob, I defend myself, maybe not in the best manner] , I defend myself, maybe not in the best manner] ______ Just don't text with them , u will be the one punished at the end . (they will be as well if u did report them ) Just mute and at the end of the game report em . its that simple .
I absolutely agree and I will always do this from now on. I have learnt my lesson. Small disadvantage because my League had to restart to update. So I couldn't report. I definitely should have though. All I'm asking; and this is the only reason I posted this; is to be let off with a warning. I will fully agree to another restriction if I flame again. But I've learnt my lesson.
: Also :Be untiltable ^.^ Take a deep breath, let out all the stress . You deserve to be okay . Be positive and stay cool (if u want ,i'm not your boss )
I should have done that, I agree. But I did not and I'm facing consequences. Being only one game, I really wish this was let off with a warning.
: Permanently turning off chat.
It's definitely annoying having to have to mute everyone. I think there should not be a chat off, but a MUTE ALL PLAYERS feature and a MUTE ALL PINGS. Because; a player can be nice and helpful and you may miss out on his points. So you don't want to simply just keep mute all.
ak521 (NA)
: Chat restriction
If anyone needs clarification, just reply please.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: The Project Skin Shard gives you are random PROJECT skin from the past.
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: Not so much my FPS dropping, but chat issues are a big pain. Also on a mac
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