Sukishoo (NA)
: So you're saying no skins should have a prestige, as all the skins that have had them so far can be bought in the store.
What I am saying is, no skin should be named Prestige if it is obtained ONLY by purchase. Sure other prestige skins involved spending at least a season pass. But that included a hard Grind that made the skin have a personal value and at the same time adding the prestige concept of it all. How can you just make a skin and release it for purchase for a limited time going for as little as $100+ and call it prestige?
Aiur (NA)
: ***
: So Riot is like: "Hey guys, we heard you loud and clear about the Prestige skins from the token events, and we got all this feedback about how the grind was so exhausting and demanding, so we've now made prestige skins available as BONUS CONTENT for spending $100s of dollars on the game! Such an improvement! No more grinding! Aren't you all happy?!"
More upsetting aspect of all of this, is that people will actually spend this much money on this game, because LOL IS an amazing game. Never thought I will have to rethink my position on that statement. When I played COD non stop and spent hundreds over a lifetime of playing, I haven't noticed how much money they pulled out of my pocket before I was done with it. I personally own 270+ skins in LOL and I have always respected RIOT for making these skins a fair price and easily achievable for the first two prestige skins if you put in time and dedication. The Gem stones RIOT introduced made it harder to achieve special skins unless you spend a lot of money, however at least it wasn't a temporary thing, meaning if I needed time to make some extra money on the side, over a longer period of time the special skins will still be available (Dread Nova Darius..). Riot are you helping Trump build the wall and need money from us?
: Prestige Points and new prestige edition skins
When the first prestige skin was in the works, my friends and I where so excited that we dont have to spend HUNDREDS, to unlock the skin. But instead spend more time playing league and get better while we are at it. Now it seems that LOL is just Money Hungry, they are taking the spirits of all LOL players that loved the prospect of working for something special and giving it up to those who are more fortunate and can fill RIOTs pockets more. This release of Prestige Aatrox only available through store purchases is very upsetting, not only because this is the first prestige skin RIOT is forcing you to pay for, there is also a precursor in their explanation of prestige skin releases. "The skins team has a bunch of ideas for future prestige versions of skins, so we are experimenting with another way for us to release these skins throughout the year without limiting them to events." (Scroll up) this basically tells you, we are experimenting how much people can pay us for prestige skins! Will this be the way prestige skins are released from now on?
: If you can only get the prestige points from buying shit then it kinda removes the sense of _prestige_ from it; please make these prestige points unlock from in-game achievements with chests and bundles being purely additive, just like how buying chests earns tokens but the primary way to earn tokens is still missions.
OMG yes! that is one of the hugest arguments. Purchasable skins should never have Prestige skin! Good point
Kaipop (NA)
: idk, riot mightve forgotten to change the description
Kaipop (NA)
: today is the 17th, and the hotfix for today mightve already gone out that makes warlords work only when attacking champions
well it should explain on the mastery stone. it doesnt say anything, what are we supposed to just guess if it works ? if the fix has gone out than im expecting the description to change as well
BosborHD (EUW)
: [GAMEPLAY] Warlords Bloodlust doesnt work on Vayne!
hey I have the same problem but with tryndomere!!! its making me mad. i Build my char especially for crit! and i get nothing in return played 3 games as well and no change. i get no heal and no attack speed boost. Started happening as off 11/17/2015. it worked in the morning but about 3 hours after was the last time ive healed for a crit while having warlords masteries


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