: Just opened my third box
from one chest i Got master veigar during the draven axe event and got a shyvanna skin due to legendary skin. :^)
Aurkth (NA)
: Alistair's W
Its been like that for as long as i can remember.
: What exactly am I suppose to build against Yi?
You shouldnt be trying to 1v1 him if thats what your doing. As a Shen i would say you actually hard counter him in many ways. You provide a lot of map presence at 6 that can take advantage of his weak early game before his spike. If you then start using that pressure to prevent him from getting any camps then he doesnt do much all game. If you are trying to stop his split, best thing to do is when he dives (and he will) is to take advantage of your dodge and let the tower do most of the work and hopefully have someone come help. In team fights, whoever he goes on taunt him off and use your dodge field and during that time your team should kill him. Even a tank yi should die in that time. If he doesnt the issue isnt the yi, its your team/comp.
: Feel free to enlighten me, then.
His strength comes from sated E. It gives a load of true damage on hit and it procs with devourer. BONUS TRUE DAMAGE: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 (+ 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 17.5 / 20% AD) Sated procing this twice as well as your double strike passive means you deal a load of true damage. When you watch a yi shred through an ali with his ult up is when you notice how much damage it really does.
Xilky (NA)
: Lol... trust me... You don't wanna know... okay maybe you do I ended last season as bronze 2 (yayyy) I feel like I have been getting better and better working harder and not fucking up and just climbing my way out of bronze..Pre season hit.. I achieved bronze 1 got my series to silver... Lost that series.. Fell to bronze 4 Climbed back up to bronze 3 back to bronze 2 Fell back to bronze 3 then back to bronze 4 Climbed back up to bronze 3 Ended pre season in bronze 3 promotionals to bronze 2...Placement matches *GROAN* 8 wins 2 losses Back to good ole elo hell and bronze 5... Yup... RIOTPLZ!
Brutal. Ive never been placed in bronze but the silver climb is annoying enough.
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