: Mastery level 10 should give you a animated portraits/loading boarder/champ select for your champ
Wanted to definitely upvote this. I love the animations on login screens and such and think those would look amazing when showing off champs i love enough to master that high. Of course yeah it would murder this client and there'd probably need to be a disable feature for toasters but i'm on board with this 100%
: its based on games played not waiting out the penalty. for a two week suspension its something like 600 games without being banned again.
So you literally have to play hundreds of meaningless games in order to do it? Man I aint got that kinda time, i'd say about a year is accurate then But legit, thanks for the response thats all i really wanted. Hell had I known this maybe I would have played more often.
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: Hextech Question/Clarification?
Works for me. I just thought I read somewhere the rerolls were always for something you owned. Ah well, thanks for the response.
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Arie (NA)
: Community Skin Spotlight
Seriously tho, Crazy Cat Lady Yorick and Car Salesman Tahm are amazing 10/10 would pay for! :D But how could you guys forget ASST MANAGER AZIR AND SPEEDY DELIVERY SIVIR!?!?! http://41.media.tumblr.com/b7d46e58c89eacdae176c982dda20ab4/tumblr_nhiweiks2P1rgdio9o1_1280.png "THE ORDER IS GIVEN!" (Wish i knew artist to Credit, pls reply if you do. But yeah no i'd pay out the nose for these, even get both champs just for them)
Mirross (NA)
: This is cool :) Don't think we can do animated summoner icons in the current client, but having a way to unlock something specific to those champions is something we'd love to add in future.
I wanna follow this message up with a thought: You know how Ultimate skins give you banners and icons? Why not mastery? Like, master a champ to level 5/6/X and get THEIR champ icon as a Profile icon, and/or later levels, get their splash as a banner! (maybe even include skins splashes as banners) This not only should be relatively easy, but offers more customization on profiles too, something I feel could use a bit more work.
Mirross (NA)
: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
So yeah just a big group of questions but first: LOVE what i'm seeing so far. I'm not really someone that can dump money into league, and usually only get skins and such as gifts, but now I can just work my way into them :D 1) Will legacy and Legendary skins be eligible? 1.5) and unlikely long-shot, but what about skins from events? (I.E. "Riot" skins or Pax ones) 2) Will it be easier to get low IP champs than higher ones? And when a new champ is released are they automatically also added into the crafting? 3) Can you elaborate a bit on how Essence is earned? I am a little unclear there. 4) It mentions that partying up earns more rewards, will it work similar to community party IP system (like when the Summer Sale happened?) 5) Will you be able to gift chests/keys? 6) last but not least, are Chromas and IP Boosts possibilities for rewards either now or soon(TM)? They may not be the most exciting rewards but a good IP boost has gotten me a few of my now fave champs! Thanks again guys have a great day!
: New Champion Q&A: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
What are Kindred's accurate pronouns? (He/She/They?) Is Kindred's Bow and Arrows physical or does Lamb manifest them from spiritual energy Who does Lamb and Wolf's voices? If Kindred ulted a Tahm Kench, and then Tahm ate Kindred, could Kindred still die? Weird question, but could skins team consider a sorta "Druid Spirit" skin one day, with green and brown nature-like themes? And lastly, would you all be opposed to a Kindred Animation at some point? I'm personally hoping the fandom hops on this, but Kindred just seems perfect for the medium. That's not to say i didnt read A Good Death like 5 times, but yeah just a thought. Thank you in advance for the answers!
: First League of Fighters actual gameplay from the alpha!
OH MAN! I have literally been saying I would love a league fighting game and im sad im only just now hearing of this! Project has my full support in every way, shape, and form :D
Jynx (NA)
: Playtime with Gnar
Cait's Yordle trap is set and Gnar appears to want the cupcake | So he sticks his boomerang in the trap and then takes it! (All while Cait watches from a bush maybe?) Vi punches a tower/enemy/wall even and Gnar is impressed | Gnar is then shown clutching his paw and pouting (Or alternatively, Gnar goes Mega and smashes something even BIGGER than Vi did) Garen doing his Spin | Gnar attempts said spin and ends up on the ground dizzy. All I got off the top of my head, but I really feel like somehow more Yordles should interact with Gnar, and on a biased fave champ note, something with Jinx would be wonderful :3
: Lists of Legends: Champion Teasers You Might’ve Missed, Part One
I think my favorite tease was the one so subtle i didnt even catch it until just a couple months ago. Apparently Jinx was teased in Pool Party Graves art. A tiny lil head peeking from near the diving board. Course as a biased an avid Jinx fanboy, all of her teases were amazing to me. I love teases that interact with the site like her defacement most. Just sorta draws you in you into the general feel of the world.
: Arcade Ezreal
The Arcade theme as a whole is one I hope will get some love in the future. I'm sure many champs could rock the arcade look. I'm biased towards {{champion:222}} mainly because she's both my main and I would love a skin to rock other than Mafia. But Ezreal above works, Lux would be simple, Ahri for the Otaku fanboys (myself included), hell Arcade TEEMO! Not even sure how that'd work BUT IM SURE IT WOULD SELL!!!!
: Mecha Skins
Pacific Rim inspired skins and not even for {{champion:53}}


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