: Give junglers exp back
Too much early jg pressure? nerf jg. Forced meta to even more aggressive lvl 2 gankers. What will the new solution be? I'm going to be more jg nerfs.
Dynikus (NA)
: Please try to remember that your new account experience doesn't reflect what a genuinely new player experiences. You're playing against smurfs because you yourself are a smurf.
100% correct. If you are garbage/new your mmr will be so low after 10-20 games that you will never see anyone who can influence the game consistently.
: Unpopular Opinion: Riots last few patches have made this game more fun
VileKayn (NA)
: Why I hate that people don't play for fun anymore
The lack of periods made reading that unfun. Will you change your ways?
: PSA: Riot NA is EXPERIMENTALLY giving ONE chance perma'd players to prove themselves. ONE. REFORM!
I don't understand. I checked my perma'd old main account and it is still banned. Is this happening later or do you have to apply or something?
: Scarra's thoughts about the game right now.
pretty good points being made in that video. I hadn't thought about his point that Riot is going to wait for Worlds to be over before correcting this situation. Kinda made me sad to realize this is for-sure the meta until Novemeber or December.
Xavanic (NA)
: dunno what to ban anymore
Ban yourself from playing LoL right now. It is a Fing mess.
Arsinik (NA)
: It's hard to play this game anymore
I've been playing since the Lux release. For the first few years I COULDNT WAIT to log in and play for hours. Now I feel a hesitation to que for a game because it's a gamble if I will enjoy myself or not. Even when I'm smurfing 2 tiers below my main account I still feel like games are surprisingly unwinnable after about 7-8 minutes and a lot of the games I do carry are unenjoyable because my team seems hell-bent on losing the game with their horrid macro. There are a multitude of accurate complaint threads on the forums as to what's wrong these days so I won't repeat them. Just wanted to vent here with the OP.
Rioter Comments
: Bring back old runes - Give them to everyone for free - Make reccomended pages for new players.
W4terboy (NA)
: Mandatory Email Verification
Stop making me register throw-away email accounts every time I want to play on a smurf.
: AFK's and inting in ranked.
I int all the time when games are 100% over and I get punished sometimes. The real trick is to take all the farm, bait teamfights and then just lose them on purpose. That's how you end a game pre-20 every time.
: dear mr riot, in 8 years of playing game quality has never been so low
I've been playing Kayn lately and it kind of feels like you get your form after the game is already over. It's amazing if you get it pre-10 minutes and your R button really sucks until then. Meanwhile you have champs that are relevant at level 2 and the jg is even more about early pressure then ever before. I'm just waiting for the new wow xpac to come out then I'm taking a big LoL-vacation.
Rioter Comments
: LCS viewership went down so much.
nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing one-mistake game-over sign me up for some of that please /s
Sayong (EUW)
: Hello Meddler. Is there any chance we are getting changes or buffs to **Phoenix Stance Udyr soon?** The ability to flex into that spell or build around it is not there anymore, at least in comparison to what Tiger offers, but also as a standalone. One of the biggest problems is that the stance is supposed to give a PvE advantage, but Tiger Stance outclasses it even there. The ability is just too weak especially on the first ranks (second rank is double the damage compared to first rank entirely). It definitely needs a buff early game and a scaling curve into the mid and late game because it falls off hard against nonsquishies in particular. While Tiger scales off base AD and Udyr has a big AD growth combined with the AS steroid which ties into the AD growth, Phoenix Stance caps at level 9. Phoenix Stance should in theory and historically allow Udyr to go for more durable and onhit focused builds to work for base damages, while Tiger is the more AD damage focused stance. In my opinion Udyr should have a % max hp damage on the spell (if it's on cone it can be harder to balance some lane Udyr shenanigans with guinsoo's splitpush, but if it's on the aura it can be hard to balance 5xx5 hybrid iterations I think, so it's a tricky choice). Other possible options outside % damage would be great as well. This is coming from an Udyr player who played in master-challenger elo in the last 3 seasons with thousands of games, just for the sake of accurate feedback. The best thing that I have with Udyr is that his seemingly narrowed kit allowed for a lot of flexibility from game to game like choosing the damage type, building and playing closer to certain classes while still being a true Juggernaut, being all rounded to dps, dive, soak, disrupt, peel and basically be a Jack of all trades. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that it would be cool if **Phoenix Stance** would have a good AoE impact against champions. Or Maybe it could have a similar mechanic to a weird Brand passive? Or maybe it could bounce around other people after 2-3 procs? I don't know, but that would give Udyr more flexibility depending on team comps and make the ability a worth niche. I don't think that leaving it in the gutter for about 2 years now considering how things evolved overall is a good thing even if Udyr himself is doing fine with Tiger Stance and it doesn't look like much of a problem. This is supporting a champion's kit, fantasy and historical value. What would you tell to someone picking up league to learn that "oh that is the dead spell of league of legends that nobody cares about". I would also like to mention that working around and playing with AP Udyr is very lackluster, as itemisation for Tiger Stance is so much better because you also get damage to your auto attacks, while AP to Phoenix only increases the spell damage. The spell needs good base damage to work on its own while you are able to make use of stuff like Wit's End and Sheen for DPS. **List of things Phoenix Stance needs** * higher general power * higher damage and especially clearspeed early game to differentiate between the skirmishing spell vs the farming and waveclear spell * damage curve scaling into mid and lategame and better efficiency against all targets; one of the obvious solutions being adding a % damage . There could also be a base AD ratio (an AD ratio on Phoenix Stance was explored in the Inner Beast iteration of Udyr on PBE from my memory) It could be a small base AD ratio that would not make worth building AD items for it (so it can still differentiate from Tiger stance), but it would work well with his high base AD and give a slight boost to items like Trinity Force. * HIGHLY OPTIONAL - make Phoenix Stance have a bigger AoE impact against champions in skirmishes and teamfights. I hope you understood everything I tried to put out and I really hope for the best of this part of Udyr. Much love to Riot and all the great gameplay design changes this year.
Udyr is the champion that got me to diamond for the first time in S4 and R is my preferred button to win with. Even though Udyr is top tier in my elo I dont find Tiger satisfying so I play Kayn. Gimme my phx back.
: @Riot is a detailed post about Damage Creep, TTK, Snowball and Game Length too much to ask?
Because the forum community is knee-jerk negative about those topics. If Riot concedes it will be endless flaming and if they disagree it will still be flaming.
Skorch (NA)
: It is 2 games for a division and 3 wins for a rank. What is so hard about that? it is just seeing if you have AT LEAST a 50% winrate within several games.
The system stacks the MMR against you for these "super fun games," which ultimately makes them less enjoyable. Also you can't dodge the games, which forces you to play out a game with 3 jungle mains on your team. awesome.
: > just to discover you had gotten in to promos the day before and **forgot** about it. That was dumb.
Promos offer 0 excitement to me, so the rest of my life clouds it out. For that to be your perspective I suspect you don't have much going on outside your computer chair.
Rioter Comments
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Amorith (NA)
: I'm tired of my entire purpose of a tank being negated because of a fucking keystone.
They should add a rune to resolve that negates all damage by 20% after 4 seconds
: Is League even fun anymore? The current Meta and general state of the game is downright awful
: Holy SHIT is that an actual map!???
is this a playable map or just some picture?
: Vent Post. What was your daily dose of AIDS from League?
It's the ADC that goes bot lane all game no matter what What are ADC player so useless?
Eggbread (NA)
: We Need a Tank Item Overhaul
Imagine that there was a rune that negated 20% of incoming damage after X number of seconds. That's how stupid conq is to tanks.
Sentrık (NA)
: Don't start a ranked game if you don't have more than 30 minutes to sink into it.
Nah I can tell who is going to win by 20 minutes. That gives me 10 more minutes to make sure I take all the farm I can then try and solo my way down mid lane until the game is over.
Rioter Comments
: Remove conquerer and bring back fervor of battle
: Tenacity is useless
it's a stat vs old champions only power creep at it's finest
: Cinderhulk era showed us that when tanks can front-line, every other role can then have value
This is honestly the most fun I have had playing this game in years. Different things are viable. HAVING to have an ADC is poison.
GigglesO (NA)
: How does Blizzard keep up so many games?
Because each game generates blizz income and therefore supports it's own staff... ...so yeah, pretty obvious.
Malak (NA)
: Ignite and Electrocute Together is BS
Riot did this to get people out of the "endless sustain and farming in lane" meta that was horrible. You need to learn power spikes and lane match-ups better.
: I still think the jungle changes were a massive mistake
recently decided to play kayn and it has reinvigorated me to jungle. maybe try a new champ?
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: So Meddler thinks gold funneling will be fixed by nerfing nunu and taric
Jungle has been a 2nd rate support for years. Now it's just obvious.
: It feels like people don't even WANT to win anymore.
I was on my smurf in gold yesterday, playing jg fid. I handed my team early game, mid game and baron. We are ahead in every possible respect but they won't group for objectives and keep going and doing our jg camps or solo pushing side lanes. If we walked down mid as 5 we win, I told them that, they kept throwing and wasting time, so I alt-tabbed out and did some online banking. Honestly I was happier to stop playing than I was to try and suppress my frustration and carry that dead weight across the finish line. There is a point where people don't want to play anymore and forcing them do doesn't to any good for any of us. This game is like a prison sometimes.
: They really want to buff up Master yi And Tryndamere
run udyr in to yi. I think my winrate is 90+% in that situation.
GigglesO (NA)
: So adc's might be trash...
The premise of the thread is wrong. ADCs are not trash.
Azadethe (NA)
: Fiddler is currently one of the top ranked junglers.
Nice. Link me some masters or challenger fid accounts please.
Krytoric (NA)
: I love league, but i get why people are quitting. (Long Rant)
iPav made a great series of youtube videos on the current state or LoL as well. His core point is that Riot is removing the creativity from the game with their balance changes. Teemo HAS to be played AP teemo now, AD Ekko CANT be done. It's getting to the point where champs are being optimized around specific builds so much so that of you don't build that way you are crippled.
jgbbgj (EUNE)
: New jungle sucks for every player who loved to play jungle
As an udyr main i can say this doesn't effect me at all. But as an ex-fid main I'm like HUH
: I'm fine with Taliyah being playable as a jungler.
buckle up for nerfs that will make her useless in lane and a mediocre jungler, then they will change some of her core itemization and she will be in the dumpster for years.
Kivolan (NA)
: What The Hell Are These Celerity Changes?
It's an early game meta and things that scale are generally useless. I think this is a big nerf to the rune.
Ëntoma (NA)
: New players quitting because of the sheer volume of toxic smurf accounts at low levels.
/fullmute all every game. I do it in diamond and plat ranked i dont see why you can't do it in normals
Rioter Comments
: Flaming Players because you dont like the fact PYKE IS A SUPPORT.
I didnt like the pyke on my team in last game because I have not seen anyone do well with him. This guy carried. Guess it had to happen eventually.
: Regardless of whether or not Yasuo needed this hotfix,
Rioter Comments
: I feel so bad for anyone that doesn't play a popular champion.
iPav won't play Teemo above plat or diamond anymore because it is "completely impossible"
: Which pagan God do I need to sacrifice my first born to to come back from honor level 0?
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