: I legitimately believe they need to change two things with the queue system: 1) You must own at least 5 champions with mastery level 5 or higher to enter ranked queues. 2) If you routinely go negative KDA (support role not included), you should lose more MMR than just simply losing. It's time to start putting the feeders with the feeders.
: > [{quoted}](name=KempyreanPirate,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AA6YxLqe,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-01-17T18:02:08.641+0000) > > I don't necessarily agree with your premise. Lots of champs have pretty decent diversity of choice with the new Rune set. Perhaps I'm biased since I mainly play Swain and Taric, but both of them have very decent options in several trees. > > My third highest mastery is Varus. All three of these champs have pretty lively communities that actively discuss the different playstyles and decisions that you can make with Runes and items. From where I'm sitting, things are much more diverse than they were with the old Runes/Masteries, especially for the first two champs I mentioned. What does Taric take?
> [{quoted}](name=Chromatic Eagle,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AA6YxLqe,comment-id=00030003,timestamp=2018-01-17T20:16:30.416+0000) > > What does Taric take? Guardian, Aftershock or Glacial Augment (could even go PtA if you're feeling ballsy)
: When you give up adc for a duo
: They do this when someone is solo laning in a duo lane because of something such as a jungler or a player just wandering for whatever reason, because 1v2 throughout the laning phase just isn't fun even if the enemy is brain-dead easy.
Sszy2204 (EUW)
: Mastery 6&7 Price
Yeah, but at least you can wait for a shard
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Not every other Starguardian except Lux has a pet: {{champion:78}} The sense behind this is that their pets are permanently transformed into weapons. Staff for Lux, hammer for Poppy. And after giving Lux a VO update already, I don't think they should put even more extra effort into updating stuff for her. There are other champs in bigger need of that attention. And they have an explanation for the missing familiar. I think that's enough.
They aren't permanently transformed, it was said that Lux's pet (Mimi) can come out with enough coaxing, ofc, Riot could've been joking
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Karui Yoru,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=yEZaJ1pq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-10T21:40:13.830+0000) > > Varus is 2/3rds gay, isn't he? Something tells me being a murderous psychopath isn't really going to roll in the men. He isn't in a relationship. though I guess there is an orgy going on inside his body. heh. > > Isn't Caitlyn and Vi a bit too generic? I get the relationship but I think its boring. I personally don't like when they make characters like Vi lesbian because it propagates a tired stereotype. I dont think cait and vi would be generic. Just my opinion. Could be quite the romance, maybe make cait bi and make another love triangle. Lux is pretty much hinted at being homosexual when you look at her lore and the "i have a secret" thing Btw there is no transexual in the game, this is a micro agression towards transexuals, riot should make a transexual character, or rework an existing one into they as done with varus.
Lux's secret is that she uses magic, something that is heavily frowned upon in Demacia
: New Skins for Unusual Champions
Deadly Kennen is basically Deadpool Kennen
: Are the teasers designed to be misleading, at this point?
The face of the dragon didn't symbolize anything in particular, other that the fact the was the lunar revel event. According to a rioter the rainbow as the gates opened was supposed to be Lux.
: Hello! There's a lot to unpack here, but I'll do my best to address the points you've made in this thread. **Why was Lux selected for a Lunar Revel skin this year?** I pinged my product owner for a reply for this one, since he's more deeply involved in the selection discussions than I am myself, and I didn't want to misconstrue anything. *"From early on we decided to do Warwick and Nasus for year of the dog, with the idea of exploring good dog and ‘bad’ dog. As we developed the idea further with them being divine door guardians we coupled it with having a powerful godly princess they would be protecting to balance out the skin offering. Lux was the champion that fit the best for this fantasy and since her last skin was over a year ago we felt ok with adding her to the group for this year, and she is also an extremely popular champion in countries that celebrate Lunar New Year, so we also feel these players will appreciate having her be part of this celebration. Other champions that could have also made sense, that were less fitting on the role anyways, were not available due to having other skins already planned or in other cases having either gameplay or full re-works coming up. "* **What's the deal with the Illaoi skin?** We realized that Illaoi had waited quite some time for a skin, and felt that letting players vote for a thematic would be a great way to involve the community, as opposed to just popping a new skin on PBE. We submitted three concepts that were vastly different from each other to give everyone a variety to choose from. Granted, not everyone's favorite would be selected, and as such, not everyone would be super happy about the result, but imo, having a voice in voting is better than having us say, 'here's an Illaoi skin, kthxbai.' This project also enables us to really show what goes into creating a skin, which may shed some light on why we make choices, why things do and don't work, etc. **Okay, but there are a bunch of champions who are in desperate need of skins.** You're absolutely right. Some champions that you've named had pending reworks in 2017, such as Eve and Urgot, which made them ineligible for new skins. Swain's currently sitting on that waitlist right now. We tried to tackle some of the champion who needed love last year - Viktor, Cassiopeia, Yorick, to name a few. We have a ton planned for 2018, and I can assure you we've considered champions who haven't seen a new skin in a while. **Xayah and Rakan skins, though?** We felt that this was a no brainer for this year's Valentine's Day skins. They're *love birds*. They're an adorable couple in Runeterra, it seemed like a really good fit! This pairing of skins - Sweetheart - was one of the most suggested thematics from players for these two when they first released. **Riot's a business.** Yep, we are, but we truly do strive to be the most player focused games company in the world. I understand that we aren't perfect and that we do fall short at times - who doesn't? I'd highly encourage you (and everyone!) to continuously give us constructive feedback - both positive and negative - tell us why something does or doesn't suck, seriously. It's honestly the best way for us to know what we should keep doing and what we should do better. You aren't going to hurt our feelings, so please, be honest like you have been in this thread.
I know you're busy and all, but is there a reason why Nasus still looks dog like and Warwick now looks like a dragon chimera hybrid?
: I haven't seen anyone build Crucible in years.
I build it against teams where getting CC'ed gets you killed, especially if they have a {{champion:142}}
: blitz is low risk? i would like you to try to play against alistar that blocks all of your hooks
If you're against an alistar as blitz just don't hook unless he's low and wait until the mid/late game.
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: ***
http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/12/1213-pbe-update-varus-splash-update.html Ardent Censer Unique Passive heal and shield power reverted from 8% to 10% Forbidden Idol Unique passive heal and shield power reverted from 5% to 8% Mikael's Crucible Unique passive heal and shield power reverted from 15% to 20% Redemption Unique Passive heal and shield power reverted from 8% to 10% Salvation (Ornn Masterwork Upgrade) Unique Passive heal and shield power reverted from 8% to 10% I believe I do.
: He isnt a god.But he is the best player in the world.Not his fault bang was playing worse than wood IV adc.
A wood IV adc goes 0/10/2 by 10 minutes (speaking from personal experience)
: I'm not a huge e-sports guy, but can someone explain the context of this?
SKT TI's teams typically consists of playmaking supports and poke style champions, while the Ardent meta was basically the enchanters and tanks using whatever they had in their arsenal to stop the adc from dying. Basically SKT rarely compromises their playstyle for a meta, and this time it cost them.
: Adc takes skill. wait fuck that i triggered myself saying this
I can't play adc so I guess that means I have negative skill (and 150 ping)
: 10 words? I accept the challenge 10 fold. 10: Zoe is the best champion, both lore and kit wise 9: ADCs should have burst so they can beat assassins 8: CertainlyT has never made a bad champion design 7: The class updates were very well done 6: I like the new URF mode. 5: We need more Ahri skins. 4: Top lane is interactive. 3: Heimerdinger vs mele. 2: Buff Kalista. 1: Yasuo.
: Did you read what I said ? there is a small colored circle that shows under the honors if you get honors , and it doesn't show for Camil , so she didn't get any
Oh, well if that's the argument then there exists the possibility the Camille is honor 2 or under, in which case a circle would not show.
: Yeah it does not since you are support main abuser and you want to click one button to shield adc from dmg of 5 people at once. How else would you climb if supports actually took more than just spamming shield or heal.
Unless you are ridiculously fed one shield from {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} or {{champion:43}} Is not going to stop the adc from a 5-man dive. However, a janna ulting then immediately following up with a charged Q, and then shielding the adc as a bonus, and possibly locketing and/or redemptioning most of the team probably will.
: Yes they did.
I would like you to take a moment to hover over the icons for the items on the boards, or in the client if you don't beleive that the boards' stats are right. Now, after a bit of reading, you will find that the heal and shield power of {{item:3504}} and {{item:3107}} are 10%, not the proposed 8% nerf, and {{item:3222}} is still 20%, not the 15% nerf that was planned. The changes didn't make it past PBE.
meowwow7 (NA)
: or yet supports saying they have no impact buying actual support items and they build{{item:3109}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3117}} {{item:2303}} and not use any of their active
Only non-support mains say that
: Vayne got the honors , there is no way you will get 3 honors when you are 6/3 and Vayne is 17/4 and it doesn't show the honor circle thing under your name unless you are less than lvl 3 honor I had the same bug too , and there was a bug when I had a match where we had to remake and still I got 4 honors , like what the heck , you can't honor after a remake , and had matches where everyone had 3 or 4 honors
There are several factors that could've made Camille get the honor, people don't only honor for KDA, especially not when they're honoring for **shotcalling** and being chill
Krizonar (NA)
: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/272093640694693888/398321429185167360/l5MprXFpCKwwB9Mv7L4pSg25pRo1XYOvIzsGrJqzlZU.png
Nocturne's ult makes me stress more
: Im not talking about overheal nor double relic shield because this sht is obviously broken. Oh dude they nerfed shield value by 20 early. Oh my god its disaster. Literally unplayable. It's like saying "omg the price of butter went up by 5 cents, holy sht wont be able to afford butter ever again". lost windspeakers blessing wow so bad nerf. Outside of the fact you build 3 support items that give you 45% more shield and heal power total. All you have to do is just being a shield/heal bot and use polymorph, howling gale, or silence on the enemy that engages your adc and you are good to go for freelo. Call me when they nerf shields so you cant give adc twice his hp bar of a shield or when they make it so shield doesnt have armor and magic resist. For now all shielding healing supports and items are as busted as in ardent meta and that wasnt change untill a proper balance will take place.
> [{quoted}](name=T4underbolt,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2NaxMBOE,comment-id=0001000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-06T14:46:31.873+0000)> All you have to do is just being a shield/heal bot and use polymorph, howling gale, or silence on the enemy that engages your adc and you are good to go for freelo. Ah yes, because only enchanters are capable of peeling. Also {{item:3222}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} give 40% heal and shield power. The only want to get 45% is with another forbidden idol, AKA a waste of a slot, or go revitalize, which isn't always optimal when you have things like cosmic insight/biscuit/magical footwear, zombie ward/ingenious hunter/cheap shot, scorch or gathering storm/ult hat or mana band/transcendence in the other pages, and the ever occasional and rare presence of mind in precision.
: You're exaggerating. Nullify damage of 5 people cmon. Please give me a video so I can see how a shield is nullifying damage of 5 people please. Janna's E is barely absorbing any damage now after the nerf and the nerf on the core support items ({{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} ). On the other hand, a good support should know when to shield you so the adc or whoever's tanking, absorbs the most core damage for that moment. If you're talking about that, then I'm glad that/those supports made you feel that way, so we can prove that supports are essential in this game.
: Bot lane and their entire item sets (adcs and support) are in need of a complete overhaul
If only they didn't try to make supports active item centric, rather than improving the supports' kits
: > [{quoted}](name=Rexxiee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8kfeI13E,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-06T04:31:19.903+0000) > > "We swear support items havent been overbuffed into the heavens and arent overpowered at all, SUPPORTS ARE WEAK REEEE" > > On a more serious note, when are support items recieving another balance pass? tank support items + spell thiefs + aftershock all need nerfs. Aftershock won't get nerfed until Riot gives tanks more viable runes. Atm it's the only one. It's not like Aftershock is the biggest problem anyway.
: As a support main, support were never weak. Riot just thought making support items completly overpowered would attract more people into it.
The quests were not necessary. They're more or less just a hidden buff, they hardly changed how supports were played (except {{item:3301}} ), and even that just resulted in slightly more effort being put in.
: That's probably why you feel low impact if you do exact build every game. Definite times when Mikael's active is better than Face of Mountain shield. And if you are playing against a team that has strong AOE or lacks an assassin, Locket is absolutely much better than Face. Frozen heart is absurdly good against a lot of teams (especially since I've been seeing way more Udyr and Jax than we use to). And as a support and not a DPS or tank Locket is absolutely better than Abyssal Mask unless you have an AP heavy composition. Especially if you are picking runes that let you have more CDR on your actives. Itemizing as a support is all about recognizing what is going to give you the most value, whether as something like Alistar you should be focusing on peel or engage or both. AND recognizing that you role is not just to support your ADC, but support the whole team. If you build 90% the same items every time and always focus on engage yeah you will feel powerless for sure. Alistar is probably my second most played support, and I've found during this preseason that half the time the enemy team take at least one or two squishy divers, so I don't even need to build Righteous Glory. I just stand near my back line and combo the divers, my back line kills them and fight is over. No it's not as flashy as getting a flash pulv or high value combo engage, and it might require patience. But it is still fun and it is reliable, and LOL is a game in which reliability is HIGH HIGH value. Straight and narrow of it is that support is highly dynamic compared to a lot of what is out there, and doing something like shutting down someone hungry for kills just by being patient and using your items at the right time, or just neutralizing aggression altogether with good vision control has it's own kind of satisfaction that is as good as nuking someone dead. You all know that feeling where you are just laughing on the inside watching an enemy team trying to find flank patterns or contest you at drake, but you have a vision monopoly and they can't get in safely so you can actually see their frustration in their movements and you see like the jungler spamming emotes behind drake wall cuz he knows you see him and you and he both know damn well he can't do anything about it. That is as good as a multi kill any day of the week in my book.
> [{quoted}](name=Whisper87,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mVnvQqLe,comment-id=0001000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-06T21:23:28.814+0000) > > but you have a vision monopoly And it gets even better with zombie ward.
nodice21 (NA)
: let me clarify like maybe a strong term. is there less hate yes why because people actually picked it in the blind pick vices the stupid teambuilder autofiller that is right now
Well, as I said, I never played that much in season 6, but blind pick still exists, and it's usually a race to call whatever isn't support.
: > [{quoted}](name=ampheon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mVnvQqLe,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2018-01-06T03:11:00.795+0000) > > *For some people no it isnt fun i like the supportive support play style but if it is ever effective riot nerfs it but wont ever touch adcs. worst part about being a support is that riot decided you get 60% of an item for each of your item slots all of them are defensive items after deciding that full tanks with real tank items cant even tank more than 2 people for a good amount of time.
The supportive playstyle is effective right now (ofc this may be because I'm unranked), but it usually just means you have to poke far more in lane now, prioritizing your heal/shield max is less effective right now (since you won't have the damage to keep up in your lane), but you can max them second and still be as effective come mid game. Nerfing {{item:3504}} didn't kill enchanters, it just took away some of their early game power, and if targon + overheal becomes common then enchanters will become even more relevant, since games will likely last longer.
: "We're mechanically retarded we can only play intensifed hypercarries with massive shields" {{champion:67}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:222}} so fucking true I hate hypercarries with a passion.
What's stopping a normal carry from being paired with an enchanter?
: Camille isn't supposed to be a jungler which is why they removed the sustain from her W on minions/monsters a while ago
I thought they did that because she was too oppressive in lane? I don't think they cared about her being a jungler.
Preljepa (EUW)
: Well as someone who is in that bottom tiers ranked vise and as someone who picks supp role cuz i want to lol(i honestly dont feel confrotable in ranked being the one who has to do all the dmg or whatever) i must say that playing Janna/Soraka for example gets really tiring after a while,however it will sound werid but i hate playing as a tank,i legit cant stand being a tank so i refuse to do so.And i do pick Lux as a support but not witht he build you mentioned above,and it works great. My suggestion would be try not to point out how bad their choices are even if they are using the set of items that u menioned,and also tellin someone what champ to pick or not to pick could be very disturbing.(i for example legit get triggered when someone complains about my picks and im not motivated to win that game)I do agree that autofill sucks but hey its League,something has to triggering xD
Tbh lux support isn't that bad, it's just that people who go lx support usually forget to support and leave the poor adc alone.
Tibold (NA)
: That's the problem. Being a supportive support ({{champion:16}} {{champion:40}}) just isn't fun. Since, Riot has released playmaking supports (Starting with the release of {{champion:412}}, because his kit was originally intended for top lane). Unfortunately, players haven't found it interesting, and that's when things started to go downhill. They released AP supports. That's where the major problem stems from. Because they were originally from mid, they had kits to waveclear, trade and damage to some degree. They were designed to do damage. Because they were moved from mid, like many autofilled players, they don't understand the concept of doing more with less. That's the main problem to address here. They keep the laner mentality, where it's the jungler's job to ward and that they're not supposed to farm or take kills. So here's my tip: REMOVE AP SUPPORTS! I'm a support main myself, and I believe that this is where the problem started. However, if we do so, even less people will enjoy playing support. People are stuck with: "your KDA means everything". They don't get the support's role.
> [{quoted}](name=Tibold,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mVnvQqLe,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-01-06T00:59:10.480+0000) > > That's the problem. Being a supportive support ({{champion:16}} {{champion:40}}) just isn't fun. *For some people > > People are stuck with: "your KDA means everything". They don't get the support's role. This, it gets even worse when you go 2/1/16 as a tank, but someone on your team only says you went 2/1. Because last-hitting champions is the most important part of the game.
nodice21 (NA)
: no not really just in league. reason guess what in the whole team builder ranked autofill people can and do refuse to play it but in other mobas and how it used to be it was first come first serve and let me tell you people actually want to pick and play supp like in heroes of the storm and smite but in league peopel refuse to play it and thus hate doing it. back when in league in liek season 6 it was liek blind pick and thus people actually chose supp not like it is now.also in mmos healing is the easiest thing to do ill i do is stand there and click on portraits to heal
> [{quoted}](name=nodice21,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mVnvQqLe,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-01-06T00:50:49.077+0000)no not really just in league. reason guess what in the whole team builder ranked autofill people can and do refuse to play it but in other mobas and how it used to be it was first come first serve and let me tell you people actually want to pick and play supp like in heroes of the storm and smite but in league peopel refuse to play it and thus hate doing it. I don't play HotS or Smite often enough to know the community there, but if you type 'do people enjoy supporting in smite' you'll see a bunch of posts saying they don't like it, or asking why other people don't like it. I can't really find anything about HotS, but perhaps they reaon that is because HotS seems to encourage roaming more, as the objectives are scattered throughout the map, and laning phase, although short, doesn't feel merely staying in lane and supporting your adc since you're gonna roam. There's also the facts that all we have is SR while HotS has like 12 different maps but that's not relevant to this discussion >back when in league in liek season 6 it was liek blind pick and thus people actually chose supp not like it is now. Unfortunately I didn't play much during season 6, so Idk what could've changed to make people dislike it now, since if I remember correctly, the only supports that were added were Rakan and Bard, so there are probably so itemization changes between season 6 and 7 that I don't know about. > also in mmos healing is the easiest thing to do ill i do is stand there and click on portraits to heal In MMOs everything is easy. To do damage I just have to stand there, press tab, and then press buttons. To tank i just need to start the fight first and occasionally use my taunt skill. The only time difficulty is introduced in MMOs is when the boss has AoE effects, and you have to move to get out of the way (for squishies), or when the bosses do high damage and your healing spells have a long cd/cast time. One game that does this well is Tera, since you have to aim most of your abilities, and dodge abilities, but after getting my archer to about level 40 I became bored (and tired of waiting for healers), so I just made a new healer and leveled him up.
: I think that's your problem bud. If you're a top laner who prioritizes split pushing that's good for mid game, but early game you should be trying to get one or more valuable teleports bot lane every game. Every other game your bot lane is gonna get 4 man dived, now imagine if your TP'd right then, and instead of 2 people dying and losing tower, you kill 2 of them and maybe take theirs? Plus feeding your bot or mid laner makes split pushing much easier for you mid game.
Can't remember the last time I've seen a teleport to bot lane.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: I think it is fine how it is, it just is the games are usually short. It outscales scorch at 20 minutes with full combos and at 30 minutes with single ability poke.
This^. When the meta changes to having longer games on average GS will be more popular
: Sona, Soraka, and Rakan among my mains legit benefit from this rune, if only a little. When you're a support main literally any AP is helpful for poke.
I personally find scorch to be more effective for poke, but gathering storm is amazing in games you know you'll be able to stall for
: Gathering Storm
As long as you don't need early poke from scorch can can use this rune
: Is Poppy good right now?
I don't play top often, but I do play poppy supp occasionally, and she's great, as a counter-pick (or in a full yordle comp).
nodice21 (NA)
: no one likes to supp period and if its as impactful as you say every one would be wanting to play it. to bad i cant force adcs to build right and stop rushing ie( it cost to much and gives you little in return)
I think overall in most MMOs or MOBAs people tend not to want to support, not because it has no impact, but because they find it boring because they aren't blowing up people. Source: Someone who plays a supportive role with his friends in every MMO or MOBA all the time (because I'm the only one who enjoys it).
: > [{quoted}](name=PhantomAxolotl,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2GtJcREw,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-01-05T03:09:47.544+0000) > > Wait... Lulu turns Kog'Maw into a 1v5 machine... but he requires Lulu? That would be a 2v5 machine lol. Lulu is so uninteractive it doesnt even count as champ. Thats why lulu and janna players are the worst.
Janna has interaction during laning phase
: what are any of sivirs splash arts? some of her skins splashes look like theyve been taken from a cheap chinese ripoff game. the art style looks almost like anime and is entirely inconsistent with the rest of the game. http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/2/28/Sivir_WarriorPrincessSkin.jpg http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/0/05/Sivir_HuntressSkin.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160405201049 http://media.services.zam.com/v1/media/byName/lolking/img/champions/skins/splash/15_4.png https://i.ytimg.com/vi/lo3J140A1J8/maxresdefault.jpg
: {{item:3123}} {{item:3076}} These items exist for a reason. Also {{item:3165}} is effective against him too because his amped passive sustain kicks in around the proc so its possible to get him with it before its a threat.
No one ever remembers these items unless there are 3 healing champs on the enemy team
Slythion (NA)
: > Because you clearly can't choose to ignore the most popular champions in game and pretend they do not exist to make your own point valid. As stated by Riot Yasuo alone is the most popular champion and funnest by a large margin. You can't say the opposite then ignore facts wtf you mean. most popular as in most played dude...I already agreed with you that Yasuo is incredibly fun to play as in my last reply. I didn't even ignore "the most popular champions in the game" like you're claiming, wtf? I broke down my exact reasoning to you in my second reply as to why I didn't include most of his champions because they're only fun to play *as* and not *against*. > Ughhh Yasuo Also has the most counters in game, darius too. Your logic is getting poor. Anytime I play against a Yasuo I destroy them cause its so easy to counter. you say my logic is poor but justify your statements using reasoning that isn't necessarily related to the topic. A champion can be unfun and still have a lot of counters, so what exactly were you trying to say? There's no way you meant "yasuo is fun to play against because he can be countered"...right? You understand how that's a nonsensical argument...right? > The reason it's hard to play Darius and Yasuo is cause they are skill based on the player and not click and point champions like Annie. It is kept that way so poor players can't reach the top without gaining skill. As for playing against, both are easily countered. It all comes down to skill. Alright, wow. Darius is not a high skill-cap champion lmao...I've played him a lot. Yasuo I can give it to you, he has an insanely high skill-cap...but don't say that about Darius. And there you go again, saying somehow a champion can't be unfun just because they can be countered lol. > That is completely false. Like Yasuo is #1, popularity wise, in the game. So people not liking his champions and not playing them can be thrown right out the window on your argument. The community is a bunch of clue less silvers crying because they have no clue how to play. I. Don't. Get. It. Yasuo is definitely not the community's favorite champion to play against. I never never *never* said that people don't like playing him, I actually said the exact opposite lmao. Like...how can you sit there and go "ya Yasuo has a lot of players who like to play him, so obviously there's a lot of players that like to play against him". It's asinine how far you're reaching. I'm not silver btw. I'm curious if you're posting on your smurf or if an unranked is really flaming a bunch of imaginary silvers. > I call every last one of you butt hurt and sleep like a baby. Why? Cause your whole argument is "it's not fun". While mine on the other hand is based on fact, statistics, and logic. Yasuo "isn't fun to play against" says someone playing a click and point champion against Yasuo, whose whole kit is meant only to kill and nothing else as he is a slayer and 1v1 a slayer is going to get you killed. You understand that "fun" is a legitimate talking point when talking about game/champion design...right? The way you're talking, it sounds like you don't think fun should be an important focus for champion designers which is downright stupid. Besides that, did you notice what you did here? Other than claiming to have used facts, statistics, and logic (of which I've already shown you that your facts are incorrect and logic is fabricated), you created a hypothetical situation to justify your own reasoning lmao. You didn't counter any point we've made, instead resorting to "yasuo is just doing what he's designed to do" and completely disregarding *how* he does his job, which is the most vital point because that's what makes him cancerous to so many people. But w/e, keep pretending like the community somehow loves playing against a Yasuo with a passion and he's the #1 most popular champion in the game. Not just #1 most played, but also #1 favorite to play against too lol. "Honestly, Thresh is literally his only solid champion that sits in the top 10 "best" champions of league of legends, and he made Thresh almost 5 years ago..." > False. Name me another champion that CT has made that has consistently been meta without being gamebreaking. They also have to be loved by the community of course, *because that matters has a champion designer*. Darius? He had to be reworked because of his unfun/unfair + stat checking kit. Thresh? Yep Zyra? forced into the support role, and even now is only good when she can make life a living hell for enemies Yasuo? Loved by the community? Consistently meta? lol Kalista? Her and Azir literally became a meme because of how they had to be guttered because they were such problem-children in terms of balance. Zoe? Tbd, but so far the community dislikes multiple aspects of their kit. So, like I said, Thresh is the only true and solid champion CT has created. You *could* argue Darius, but he's a fairly simple champion as well. You are obviously incapable of thinking that champion design matters beyond "are they fun to play as" and have created a false reasoning that if a champion has a dedicated playerbase then they are somehow fun to play against. You also tried to say that if a champion has counters then they are somehow fun to play against as well.
> [{quoted}](name=Slythion,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=141pchRq,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-03T23:18:48.736+0000) Zoe? Tbd, but so far the community dislikes multiple aspects of their kit. But she only has one aspect in her kit (I'm sorry I couldn't help myself).
: I don't believe it's the nature of the Darkin to be of a supporting role. From the three that we have, they're all incredibly violent, with savage-looking sharp weaponry (arrows, scythe, triple-sided bendy blade), and lore suggests that the rest of them were violent too. A 'supporting role' doesn't seem plausible for an in-your-face race like the Darkin. The only kind of support-like Darkin I could whip up with about thirty seconds of thought would be a specialist, tricks-and-traps Darkin that utilized unorthodox weaponry to trap, ensnare, and execute opponents. (It'll need some work). I adore the strong-man concept of Darkin though, a bit different than Jugo that utilized bladed knuckles, or something similar to Cabrakan from SMITE and Mayan mythology. Oddly enough, Cabrakan fulfills a tank/support role, so there you go.
Supports can be violent {{champion:412}} {{champion:89}} As long as it's a catcher Darkin it'd be possible to fit, the only way it could be an enchanter is if they used blood magic.
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: short answer: no they are not in same universe. Project are half human/half cyborg(robots) entities fighting for remaining humanity while program are just 100% robots with AI going haywire and capturing the city from their creators. long answer here https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/Ef60a2HF-what-is-the-story-of-the-program-skins
Considering the fact that Kindlejack said there weren't any current connections (a year ago), it is fully possible that they are now apart of the same skinline (especially due to the quotes some project skins have towards them)
: What if it wrote above ennemy players if the player is lagging very hard/Dc'd ?
I was playing HotS once and my friend suddenly started doing well after he dc'ed. When a bot is better than your friend. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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