: Why Patch 9.19 needs to be REVERTED after Worlds!
The buffs to {{champion:114}} were needed tbh. As an ex-fiora main (main thresh now) fioras biggest problem was split pushing. She could 1v1 most champs but then what? She wasn't a threat to towers at all because she took forever taking them. These buffs fixed that problem however, her previous buffs plus these one make her go over the top. What riot needs to do is keep these fiora buffs but revert some of the previous ones which will fix her split pushing problem while also not making her broken. Also your post overall on fiora is stupid. Have you ever played fiora? Cause it definitely doesn't seem like you have fiora has never been a team fighter mate and transforming her into a teamfifhter would ruin her theme of being the grand duelist. GRAND DUELIST meaning 1v1 fights which she literally does in toplane forcing the enemy team to send 2 or more to answer her push. Before these buffs you could have an enemy fiora split pushing take 1 tower while your team takes 2 plus inhib. Fioras main weakness is team fights she usually gets blown up in a few secs as she can only dodge 1 cc,is squishy af, and cant really get to her targets which is why she is a split pusher
: NB3 was in the right there is no chaos justice was served the way it should of been when he got banned.
> [{quoted}](name=Light Burner,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=sWXnItMW,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-18T18:39:38.286+0000) > > NB3 was in the right there is no chaos justice was served the way it should of been when he got banned. Thing is nubrac deserved the ban hell I would report him if he was in my game. But the MAIN THING PEOPLE ARE FORGRTTING is that if I did what NB3 did by threatening, harassing, and verbally abusing nubrac while going afk I would get punished for it 100% so why isnt Nb3 getting that punishment? Toxic behaviour is toxic behaviour there should be no bias in riots own rules.
: Lack Of Toplaners (High Silver / Low Gold)
I used to main top only playing one of my favorite champs renekton or fiora. However, I've noticed that a majority of the time I will never get any assistance from my jg even if they are at krugs/gromp. See I dont mind get no help at all, or even if the jg only helps bot. BUT IF IM FUCKING FIGHTING A 2V1 FOR A MAJORITY OF THE GAME GOING EVEN/BIT BEHIND I EXPECT YOU TO WIN BOT AND GET DRAKES. The amount of times ive lost because my jg refuses to gank my lane even tho I'm pushed to tower and rather help bot lane but bot lane still loses is insane. That is why I switched to support but in now being auto filled to adc/top cause of all the yummi support players. Overall top lane is usually a coin flip either you win or lose it also depends on whose jg wants to gank top rather then bot
Zed genius (EUNE)
: How do junglers do it?
Been playing udyr jg a bit (still trying to find a champ to main) and it's been hit or miss sometimes u get decent teammates who dont flame but most of the time at least 90% of the time they flame all u do is mute. And continue with your gameplan. I've been flamed by my bot lane for taking my red buff. Kinda funny they put me behind and expect me to be magic and win. But I gotta give a shout out to this brand he stole my red with his passive but unlike other people who said "oops" and walked away he actually helped leash Raptors. He kept saying sorry and was 100% the nicest person I met in league so far. I hope you read this mate your the best support a jg can ask for
: The universe surrounding the game. Honestly League's setting is something I really dig. It reminds me a lot of early WoW before some of the really outlandish stuff. You know. "WoW is a fantasy game so get into the space ship so we can fly to the demon planet and fight the alien demons in our holy spaceship"
Reason why I'm still playing league while being unsubbed from wow. I honestly fell in love with wow with tides of darkness and beyond the dark portal. It created a world of fantasy with so much lore you could spend months on just trying to learn how everything is connected. After I unsubbed I did not find any game like it until a friend recommended league. Tbh I loved the lore of league I would read every champs story sadly they keep changing the lore/have two lines of it which I dislike
: The issue with Conqueror is that it makes it impossible for tanks to itemize better for the abusers such as Fiora, Irelia, Darius, Jax, and Master Yi especially. Just changing the true damage to armor or adaptive penetration would make it much healthier and not feel as bad to play against as a tank. Physical damage can still be mitigated, true damage can't. I personally hate that Conqueror gives true damage and think that it should be changed to armor penetration, which makes it both easier to balance as well as better to play against. Of course, using a squishy low health marksman for an example in a situation where Conqueror is not going to do a whole lot due to the 80% physical damage is likely enough to kill is gonna make Conqueror look lacking or fine. Use a real and relevant example, say Cho'Gath, Sion, Maokai, Rammus, etc. And don't be afraid to use one of the abusers for an attacking example either, as they're the most frequently seen users of Conqueror.
Have to agree with you played a match as master yi and boy does he make tanks look like a joke the fact I wasnt that far ahead even and able to melt/kill sion before he could flash is really unhealthy for the game I shouldn't be melting a person who had tabi,s unfire, deadman and thornmail within seconds
: I honestly do not get how this is toxic
Wow if this is considered being toxic people must get offended quite easily. Guess I'll have to just not talk cause it seems like people will get angry even if I say "hi" and scream toxic. People feelings get hurt so fast lmfao. Idk if mods lock posts but if they do go ahead learned how soft the community is.
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