: Hey there, this is a great question. Esports allows a lot of diversity and it's very easy to carve out a role for yourself based on what you'd like to do. Before I came to Riot, I was writing articles for community websites and studying that at school as well, so I definitely wanted to include that. That was my focus last summer during my first internship. This summer, I wanted to branch out and work with some other teams which is what landed me on Special Projects. Under this jack of all trades team I've been able to work with web content some more, league ops (tournament rules and organization), production teams, the events team, and a lot of others. If you want to work with player management or the events team, then you could definitely do that and your internship would be geared toward those types of tasks.
Wow! Sounds like you've accomplished a lot this summer. =D Thanks for answering!
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: Riot Games Summer Intern Q&A
@Riot Katana @Riot Brick Fort Hey guys, just a quick question on your esports internship: Esports is a huge category so, does riot assign you to certain tasks or do they ask you what you want to learn more about within esports and you go from there? For example, @Riot Katana, you mentioned that you work closely with the editing team to publish articles. I'm assuming writing is a hobby of yours(?) so you geared more towards that route. But say someone is more interested in player/talent relations or events planning within esports, would they still be required to write a minimum number of esports articles? Thanks!


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