Sahnjin (NA)
: Dude, the majority of civilization lies near the coast. Salt Lake City? How off-meta do you want the location to be?
There's actual a pretty big fan base in Salt Lake. They would definitely be able to fill up an arena if they had an event there.
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: Can we get a DPS AP jungle, So we can stop playing Amumu
{{champion:432}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:3}}
: Jenson = Complete domination. MVP confirmed.
I think honestly Jensen has played awesome this split, I would love to see him win it. However, player of the game effects MVP chances pretty heavy so....
u3000 (NA)
: LOL, you're not serious, are you? FW isnt so bad that a low-tier NA team would be able to beat... It was a fluke that CLG even got past FW...
I'm just saying Flash Wolves for a first seed is really low-tier also P1 are gods or at least Inori is.
: CLG made it to finals in MSI this year..... all a fluke in my opinion though and easy draws
Ya it kinda was a fluke because all they had to do was get through Flash Wolves (which honestly P1 could probably beat), the real challenge was the SKT vs RNG match. Now that was a tough series for either team to win.
: G2 will have a long Korean bootcamp before worlds (assuming they don't take another vacation - kappa). That will allow them to get quality scrims and grow as a team. They're going to need it because no one in EU looks ready to fight on the world stage right now.
It will be rough though, although G2 have shown some amazing play so far they have a history of... choking in international competition, not to mention how little of that this team actually has. They're good the real question is are they good enough to fight the tough chinese, korean and NA teams.
: Ya, they did. In fact both TSM and C9 were doing pretty well s4. But then they got SSW and SSB in the quarter{{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
It was a good but at the same time bad year for our teams at worlds. I think that TSM and C9 will both do well at worlds this year.
: It's still blows my mind that Svenskeren was the person that single handedly destroyed TSM's dream of getting to Semis or even Finals back in s4 worlds. He came back after the ban and carried SK gaming for 1 game vs TSM which then put TSM in 2nd place of their group, forcing them to play SSW instead of having a tie-breaker with SHRC to play EDG. As a TSM fan, I thought we had a good chance to beat SHRC, EDG and OMG in a bo5 which would've meant facing SSW in the finals. But unfortunately SSW was on a whole other level, so we probably would've lost in the finals. it was a sad time, but now that clutch worlds jungler is now on best iteration of TSM. HYPE
Ya its kinda weird how fate can turn out. Now svenskeren is one of the things that can get TSM to the finals of worlds, rather than stopping them,
: They took 1st in the split, but the only came 2nd in the playoffs where Dark Passage beat them 3-0.
Oh really. Well thank you for letting me know. That's too bad I really liked them
: International Wildcard Qualifier 2016: Match Schedule
So where is supermassive? How did they not make it in here when they took 1st in the TCL Summer Split?
: Wait 6th? I thought they didn't make it season 4.
No they did really well in season 4 actually. That was probably the best team they have ever had (except for maybe this one).
Maszii (EUW)
: Faker is actually the only one trying. They should have not benched Bengi.
The problem with Bengi was his champ pool was unpredictable. Although that may seem like a good thing in this meta with power junglers its not. One very out of meta unexpected pick could make them lose a game really quick as the other team snowballs them out of existence.
: Fighters are officially dead - potential solution
I completely agree with you. The fighters are extremely weak right now. It seems like the only fighters who have some sort of strength are ones that can build iceborn and sunfire. The only fighters that can be played right now are ones that can get tanky and play tank style. I miss the squishier fighters that can get into team fights get kills and not need to get tanky. We need to show our support and show people that fighters have just as an important role as mages and ADCs do. I love what Riot has been doing with their reworks on the overall game and i hope something will happen with fighters so they feel included in this as well.
: OMG you guys wont beleive what i just got from a hextech chest
ITS TRUE..... THE LEGENDS... THE CIGAR... ITS RETURNED Well this calls for celebration. How about some URF... oh wait {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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Twiggles (NA)
: In no particular order... {{champion:131}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:80}} {{item:2010}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:114}} Me {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}}
I like the panth one that is great
hexarte (NA)
: {{champion:222}} x {{champion:245}} (I can see an "I love you more" contest like thing going on here) {{champion:8}} x {{champion:7}} (IDK Deception with blood?) {{champion:37}} x {{champion:86}} (again IDK I'm just going with personality here!) {{champion:238}} x {{champion:103}} (idk I think they'd look good together aesthetically) {{champion:268}} x {{champion:133}} (it's not for just the **BIRD** thing....but think about it, Azir could see qualities he likes in her or something) {{champion:131}} x {{champion:122}} (they're both on a mission) {{champion:55}} x {{champion:82}} (they both enjoy the thrill of killing!)
M K man whatever
: The Tahm Kench Cookbook
These actually look like they would be really good
: > [{quoted}](name=asianoccupation,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=ibAP4hzB,comment-id=00390000,timestamp=2015-08-19T04:22:58.697+0000) > > dude why irelia f**k irelia thats why xD
: {{champion:6}} +{{champion:39}} {{champion:29}} +{{champion:39}} {{champion:83}} + {{champion:39}} {{champion:78}} +{{champion:39}} {{champion:79}} +{{champion:39}} {{champion:36}} +{{champion:39}}
dude why irelia
Kenocka (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Helmight,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=ibAP4hzB,comment-id=0036,timestamp=2015-07-23T04:25:23.461+0000) > > {{champion:75}} x{{champion:10}} babyy > > Also, has anyone considered {{champion:421}} x{{champion:64}} ? I mean, they're both blind, so they'll have a lot in common :P YES to WingStaff!
> [{quoted}](name=Kenocka,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=ibAP4hzB,comment-id=00360000,timestamp=2015-07-23T04:54:18.420+0000) > > YES to WingStaff! lol wingstaff what is this a flying wukong
Kaxi (NA)
: {{champion:117}} + {{champion:45}} FOREVER...ALWAYS. QQ {{champion:81}} + {{champion:99}} is nice. :) {{champion:245}} + {{champion:222}} is awesome. {{champion:28}} + {{champion:4}} is just...great, too. It's a shame {{champion:223}} had to ruin their love. QQ I would love for {{champion:18}} + {{champion:115}} to be a thing, but she's all obsessed with {{champion:17}} and {{champion:68}}. ALSO. {{champion:96}} + {{champion:421}}. <3 {{champion:32}} + {{champion:1}} has always been a thing, but I'd see him more with the odd pairing of {{champion:84}}.
lol {{champion:18}} and {{champion:115}} would certainly be EXPLOSIVE I like the void ship too thank you
: Incest between siblings in fiction (ONLY in fiction) doesn't bother me as long as it's consensual. Mlazahar and Kassadin are not rly on the same side because Kassa wants to protect everybody from the Void while Malz want to let the Void consume all. Also I'm a female :D (in reference to the 'man' comment. Feel free to call me dude tho. I don't mind that one)
srry there is only like 10% of your kind so i have a higher chance of getting a guy then a girl
: I think in high school /middle school Amumu is just the sort of broody loner guy I'd have been sooo into
Riot and their weird fetishes
: I have been waiting for this: {{champion:103}} x {{champion:37}} (Ahri is a gumiho so she can communicate telepathically and Sona is a mute + I like to think of Sona as a Huli Jing or at least partly (I'm writing a story about that)) {{champion:89}} {{champion:131}} (the IronStylus comments are fuelling this one with a burning passion) {{champion:44}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:51}} (cupcake) {{champion:238}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:99}} (it's because of a story I'm writing) {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} (hero/villain romance is the best romance) {{champion:38}} {{champion:90}} (again, hero/villain romance) {{champion:55}} {{champion:86}}
thanks for the input man but firstly morgana and kayle are sisters and malzahar and kassadin are on the same side but i like the sona ahri one that is a good thought
: {{champion:62}} x {{champion:16}}
unicorn and a monkey thats new
: {{champion:122}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}}
well that's... original
: LFM IP boost normals.
: queen anne's revenge
Xano501 (NA)
: ***
Neamean (NA)
: love triangle Volibear Udyr Tibbers
: {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} All I need to say
some people really like animal ships
: ARAM pool party event 5v5!
Jynx (NA)
: Fan Artist Feature - FF Sade
: How does time work in Runeterra
I forgot to mention the example of urf how time can go on and he can die but no one else can.
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: Whoever designed the URF login animation deserves a raise
Thats true some sort of profile system should be set up
Thryale (NA)
: has no one mentioned the yordle's mother ship?
When i said ships i didnt think you would take it so litterally
: Please. Baron is a sloot. Gromp needs a respectable lady like Brambleback.
I heard Gromp is with Golum they have a lot in common being similar buffs and all.
: Ever read Zulidoodles' comics? Those got me hooked on Sona x Draven, it's waaaaay to adorable and cute
Na man it is all about {{champion:119}} and {{champion:119}}
: Ya Ive read the comic that one is so I cant even describe it
Because I love it so much
Mansana (NA)
: Favorite ship: {{champion:238}} {{champion:134}} I NEEEEEED IT
Ya Ive read the comic that one is so I cant even describe it
: I really don' think it'll happen but {{champion:122}} +{{champion:99}} . This would make {{champion:86}} so angry though!
: {{champion:126}} + {{champion:40}} It all started with an interview xD
: Alright, I'll give it a try. {{champion:222}} x {{champion:115}} - I mean seriously...
Well it would be EXPLOSIVE
: Ships?
Like couples pretty much who would look good or cute with who
Cuix (NA)
: They call each other brothers, but so far we don't actually know much about their history. What we do know is that they were once very close, that Nasus still holds some sort of love for Ren, and that Renekton's madness is specifically targeted towards Nasus in a way that's supposed to be seen as tragic. If he ever gets cured, they would make an adorable item. Presumably that would mean that the term "brother" refers to bond-family rather than blood-family.
I just feel like it is more of a brotherhood like fight like brothers in battle kind of thing. Not a gay relationship.
Xano501 (NA)
: ***
or maybe just {{summoner:14}}
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