: Please get Brand out of the support role
who wants a piece of the champ?
: Friendly reminder for fans of One For All: If whole enemy team is a 5 man AP comp...
: Riot, I thought you'd learnt... Why do you never listen to the community?
: When Riot gives you a simple challenge...
abdul569 (EUW)
: Rito, this actually needs to be a thing when you get executed
Willioss (EUW)
: Stop Buffing Zed
Rioter Comments
: Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes
one less reason for me to play this game rgms are the only thing worth playing cause standard just isnt fun cause every new mechanic just adds more toxicity to the game, and its impossible to even play the game anymoe
: Probably a low priority, but could maybe make the Honor rewards be adaptive, in regards to keys? I myself have a BILLION key frags, but very rarely do I get chests, and I've heard similar stories on the opposite end of the spectrum. Or at least something to ~do~ with out-of-balance keys/chests would be appreciated.
your pretty much saying you cant get an S
: you get 6.5 timses ur ip ONE time, the cost of mastery is 3900 ALL THE TIME, your math is fucking retarded, they did not increase be GAINS by 6.5x
aight i strongly suggest you get a tutor for math blue essence is now ip you get ip at the same rate its the same damn price
: i hope this is a sarcastic comment.
i hope you know what your talking about it cost about 600 BE before with the update, your be got multiplied by 6.5 which means it should cost about 3600 BE now pls dont talk if you dont know what your saying
: What on earth could POSSIBLY justify Mastery 7 costing 6.5x as much as before?
bro do the math its the same price as before your blue essence from before got multiplied by 6.5 when converting to the new system
: so lemme just get this straight Ezreal sitting at #1 in ADC with 57% win rate and third-highest role pick rate, banned in >80% of games Q Total AD ratio goes from 125% to 110%, which is literally just a buff revert Kleptomancy, his standard rune, no longer has 25 bonus attack range — which wasn't even how he was activating it 90% of the time Leona sitting at #1 in support with a 55% win rate and second-highest role pick rate, banned in >35% of games 20 damage off Eclipse Aftershock, her standard rune, untouched Miss Fortune sitting at #2 in ADC with 55% win rate and sixth-place pick rate, banned in ~15% of games literally nothing Sona back down to 8th in support with a 52% win rate and ninth-place pick rate, now only banned in 2% of games rank 1 Q mana cost increased by a third, on-hit damage from empowered basic attack halved, AP ratio increased from 10% to 20% but that means you need >300 AP for it to compensate Aery, one of her two standard runes, nerfed last patch Kleptomancy lost the aforementioned 25 bonus attack range, which, unlike Ezreal, actually matters for Sona {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
no one likes enchanters anyway
: Man, the 4 meme isn't even a good meme or funny one at that. Don't understand why people circle jerk the meme.
: Patch 7.22 notes
there are so many typos and little errors here looks pretty incomplete
: I feel like there's so many options to destroy towers, but there's none to buff/protect towers
Rioter Comments
Secimon (NA)
: This isn't a nerf fam, it's a goddamn death sentence. It's completely useless now. Its max dmg is now what its base dmg was originally? Are you kidding me?
im not complaining :D
Daunt (EUNE)
: You're exactly the reason i don't take these boards seriously. Entitled people that think they're the best while 70% of them are silver/gold.
Rioter Comments
Daunt (EUNE)
: LOL i'm a Katarina main that's been playing her non stop and my opinion is more than valid unlike yours. Remember the old Kat R? The one that could actually burst you? I already made myself clear above with the fact that they made it a DPS ability now and if you think her ultimate does a lot of damage it's most likely that you just really fed a Katarina to the point where it didn't matter what she used. From levels 6 to 10 her R serves as some extra damage that can secure kills for her since you can't get one shot by her combo unless she's already fed. After that the ability actually scales and can be useful in team fights. Even then it's not just flat out burst damage and more of a reliable DPS cause the only burst she has comes from her daggers. And now we come to team fights and her worst stage of the game, late game, where her R is pretty much becomes irrelevant again since you will use it for like 0.5-1s depending on the situation since it's so easily stopped. A fed Kat usually doesn't even get to this stage of the game. If you let a Katarina channel a full R at that point, you deserve to be punished. It's particularly easy to use but it's also particularly easy to stop. The ability is actually pretty balanced, it provides damage, she can't move and has to channel it, it can be stopped.
who are you trying to convince yourself? your well beyond convincing me
Daunt (EUNE)
: Uh Kats ult doesn't really do a lot of damage. They changed it to a sorta DPS ability rather than a burst one with the rework. Making her throw daggers on her R would break her since her burst is kept on the dagger pickups.
you havent seen a kat in game recently have you spend more time in game, and less on boards and your opinion becomes valid
: @Riot Can we get an appear offline mode in league?
just set to away, and dont respond
Daunt (EUNE)
: How was Katarina's rework a failure exactly? You do get that nothing was suppose to change besides their added delays and more skill expression, which they did deliver on. Katarina doesn't one shot you unless she's fed, her daggers are really telegraphed and dodgeable. If anything, Riot stated that they think Kats rework was the best out of the bunch. Try playing her before talking bullshit cause that's the only thing you do on these boards.
they should change her ult so she throws out daggers rather than just do damage the damage on her ult is too high imo, and its not particularly hard to use
: Make every new champions/reworks disabled in ranked and unbanable in Normal Draft for a week.
they even reopened pbe signups lol its hella easy to get my friend got it in 2 days you cant complain about pbe just cause your lazy
OHminus (NA)
: Ez only is "viable" in the jungle due to early game cheeses and him abusing certain items (duskblade, red smite). Once they nerf those he'll be utter crap in the jungle again.
your point? you can make that arguement for 90% of champs remove some items and their gone
: Did you not read the entire thing? I said attack speed/crit items and penetration items. {{item:3094}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} are all 2600g. "They then get a couple expensive items and melt everything." Every single adc build I have seen has at least 2 of the listed items and a lot of them have up to 4 of them. If the ADC builds {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} the average cost per item is 2667 gold. If a tank builds {{item:3001}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3111}} the average cost is 2591 gold. This is only after the absurdly high priced bloodthirster brought the average up considerably. Go 5 item average and you get 2460 per item for ADC and 2540 per item for tanks. That is exactly the problem. How often do you actually get full build? I do in maybe 1 out of 7 games. Another thing to consider is cs and kills. On average, a tank probably has 5 kills and 250 cs in a long game while an adc has 15 kills and 400 cs. Their 5 item build is cheaper and they get gold way faster.
Tanks have low cs unless your trick2g
: Viable just because "LCS picked it hurr durr". I bet you'd call me a troll & threaten to report me if I played Ezreal jungle first before they did. Get off your LCS-sheep ass outta here.
You're so toxic jeezus, I say one that's not even remotely negative and you start complaining. Pls grow up, and in response to you playing off meta, I wouldn't care I do it all the time. I've played 95% of champions in the jungle
OHminus (NA)
: >garbage and unplayable botlane BOTLANE
So what if he isn't viable bot, look at graves, after marksman update, he became a jungler
: Tbh I really dislike the Zed skin.
honestly, it and viktor skins arent bad, but the katarina one is complete trash compared to project
Inertià (EUW)
: This is also why Ez is garbage and unplayable botlane right now, his 2 core items are way more expensive than shiv+ie+zeal and he needs too much to stack muramana. Make ez great again, nerf crit item cost.
ez is viable in the jungle it was even picked in lcs
: Twitch needs a worse early game imo.
another upvote farmer lel
Abion47 (NA)
: Judging from your comments, you wouldn't know argument skills to save your life. All you are capable of is personal insults and strawmans. Learn to have a coherent _and relevant_ point, then you can talk about argument skills.
it seems that when i make a point you choose to ignore it simply because you have no good response and are too cowardly to admit you are wrong gl in life your gonna need it
: I think kayn gets different orbs from the form swappers based on what form they're in at the time of combat.
he doesnt he gets red from jayce and kayle, blue from elise and nid you can tell what orbs kayn is going to get by the form the champ is in at the beginning of the game
Ramen226 (NA)
: Obvious trol is obvious now
: Yet you resort to insulting my pride and calling me a child to continue your illogical argument based upon deflecting a simple question that wasn't even directed at you. Keep inserting yourself into others' actions for fun and throwing tantrums, but I am done giving in to you, bye.
Ramen226 (NA)
: Outstanding strawman argument I provide a 2 cases where matchmaking drafted uneven teams and you can't defend it. So instead of just admitting that matchmaking is screwed up at least in this case OR developing a coherent argument you claim my argument is simply > im mad that im bad and cant climb, so im gonna blame riot and matchmaking instead of actually trying to get better Ya know I think that you're pretty much saying you have a small penis, low iq, and that you're bronze 5 so that you don't actually know what you're talking about anyways./ You never said anything that even came CLOSE to saying any of that but I can say "you basically said x so obs its true" Instead of addressing the actual point you hide behind your fallacious arguments like a friggin child. You have nothing to add to the argument/
if you dont listen to my points, theres no reason to arguing with you you deserve it
Ramen226 (NA)
: And I believe my teams are worse because based on recent match history because they've been "underperforming" for a while. And I like how I can show that the players on the other team are on a semi hot streak but the teams on my team are on a hard lose streaks but you completely ignore it.
your pretty much saying im mad that im bad and cant climb, so im gonna blame riot and matchmaking instead of actually trying to get better gl bro your gonna need it
: It's "pride" to wonder why one has to conform to a random pointless rule for no reason? Way to be a tool. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
your literally just proving my point gj you have the arguing skills of a 5 year old
Ramen226 (NA)
: "So what if you get worse teams?" With this solid and outstanding line of reasoning I wonder how the league community disputes about anything. Oh and yeah, I've gotten a better team than theirs twice from the last 30 games. But in my past 5 games every other turret was down by 19 minutes. Only one of which I can honestly say I could've played way better, but during my review both my other lanes AND my jungler lost with 0 pressure from the jungler, where I can say that my mistakes came from not being able to avoid a gank vs new xin. So yeah I've gotten a better team about 1 out of every 15 games, and in the last 20 games have gotten 6 games where my team was the primary cause for the loss.
why do you believe your teams were worse? is it simply because they performed worse? even if you look them up and the enemy team has better players rank wise, maybe they are on a losing streak so they will be considered worse and let me point one thing out there is only one factor that remains constant in every game, and thats you you cant blame your team every single time
: See {{champion:77}} jungle more than i see {{champion:24}} or {{champion:266}} top
MaddMan (NA)
: {{champion:11}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:62}} I remember when we were good at split pushing... owait
Xemeron (NA)
: Ok, something is not right with Tango Evelynn...
: Petition to add a Resolve rune that lets tanks PROTECT towers.
Ramen226 (NA)
: Complaining about teams =/= pointing out flaws in the matchmaking system Complaining about teams would just be wildly shit talking the people I get in my promos. I don't blame the players for being bad, I blame the system for putting the clearly worse players on my team just because I'm on a winning streak. Oh and saying "if you're good you will climb a few losses shouldn't really mean anything." I have been climbing, way too slowly and way too long because STATISTICS are showing that the players that I get in promos are worse than the players the other team has. Actual cold hard numbers, not feelings or opinions.
so what? why do you care if you get worse players? the point of that is to make sure that people who get promoted actually deserve their promotion and as i said previously, its prob just bad luck, and if your good it wont make a difference people will point out every flaw in a system that works against them, but never when it works for them im sure youve seen many many posts on boards where people complain about their teams and matchmaking, but have you ever seen a post where someone says "I looked up the stats for my team and they are all way better than the enemy team and i wanted to thank matchmaking for carrying me"? i didnt think so
koshkyra (NA)
: This. I had a 5-game win streak in ranked this week 6th game: every lane besides mine lost a little bit, we ended up losing the game (oh and they fed the jungler like crazy lul) 7th game: toplaner gave up first blood before minions even spawned (it wasnt even to an invade, he was trying to 1v1 a mundo as jayce, wtf?), team fed 10 kills before the 8 minute mark, i was the only lane doing good until they decided to feed my ahri 3 kills after i gave them an mia like 20 seconds in advance and even said to them "guys gtfo bot ahri is def coming" What elo do i get competent teams in?
jayce does beat mundo 1v1 tho unless mundo took e, which i doubt
Ramen226 (NA)
: Why is it that when I'm on a hot streak my teams get progressively worse?
regardless if you just say your not complaining about your teams, thats literally what your doing if your good you will climb, and a few losses shouldnt really mean anything
Felaze (NA)
: It’s always posts like these that make me smile. With a lot of people complaining about how terrible the new Evelynn is, it’s so nice to have someone who dedicates an entire post commending the teams for their work. You go Jinx! I agree 100%!
its cause every time theres a rework, a champ goes straight from trash tier to god tier every time
: Caitlyn, with 45% winrate, _is fine right now?_ She is underpowered, hence why she is getting a buff next patch.
wait they're buffing her? https://i.imgur.com/Z5tOSZB.gif
Meriipu (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tarquin96,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2GvEOszw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-26T17:24:34.941+0000) > > i mean if your yi gets fed af and you go 0/19 in lane you shoudlent be getting a chest why not? what if the only reason yi got an S was that you went in and CCed or damaged players on the other team and died in the progress so yi could clean up?
someones just mad they cant get an S stop one tricking and maybe you will
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