: I guess your team really got bee hind once you left.
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: How to throw a game as Taliyah
I find it more hilarious that Annies Bear, 100-0 Cait without a spell from Annie, nerf that shit
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: When me and my ADC congratulate, our jungler, mid and top lane for getting triple kill.
Kiriyago (NA)
: Make it so 99 LP gets you into Promos
What about 98 LP or 97 LP or 96 LP or 95 LP
: what i am trying to say is they should of made it better for both, they said they didnt want to split NA into two servers but Its 2017 Im sure they can somehow make a master server for both to play decently.
Chicago is the master server
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Buttèrs (EUW)
: Ripost should'nt block AOE, it makes no sense!
You mean, it isn't realistic if Ziggs throws his mega atomic bomb at her and she parrys it? You don't think she built an anti-missle system before it hit and shot it down so it does nothing? Noob.
: I've always seen people rush GA when they are ahead. Once you had a few damage items and were kicking ass you grab GA and make them all cry.
Lol yeah, that's after you have a few damage items and are past the 30-35 minute mark, I'm talking about grabbing this thing pre 20 minutes.
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Nimrahc (NA)
: What did the Yi say after killing you?
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: If I ever get diamond
Final boss is Faker, good luck.
: Read rest of post Second thought: Super Cancer
Reads title again Reads rest of post Reads "Yasuo Main" *Develops cancer*
: It doesnt change the hitbox it changes the looks
I'm well aware of that, but if it looks smaller, and there are less particles, then the hit box is less visible, and therefore an advantage.
: Yeah no way ahri would have stomped you that game if it was only one pixel bigger damn
I've experienced it in multiple games, but more so in my last one, the charms she threw, I completely side stepped, but they hit, if it were the classic skin, they wouldn't of hit.
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: Yasuo's Identity
Read title First thought: Cancer
: > [{quoted}](name=awdaf,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rZ5YMikg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-16T00:15:10.416+0000) > > You have a flat % decrease of damage on your W active, you have a lot of effective health, you don't need to be more of an annoying bully in lane. Who does Garen actually bully in lane anymore, besides maybe Wukong? Serious question.
He can get annoying if you make a mistake yourself, but if you manage cool downs correctly, he isn't an issue.
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: until you get around to some actual work on garen later this year.
You have a flat % decrease of damage on your W active, you have a lot of effective health, you don't need to be more of an annoying bully in lane.
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: How to lane better against Gangplank
Steal his oranges from Costco.
: jungle ? tank jungles exist
Sure, if you want to fall behind and not have lane pressure.
: ok why didnt support pick tank or jungle ? why to you make the responsibility on top lane ? hence is why i asked when was teemo picked in your champ select CUZ IT FUKIN MATTTERS
Even if support went a tank, he would be short on gold, and won't be as tanky, OR, have the kit of a tank, it wouldn't provide the necessary things needed to be an actual tank.
: you cant argue cuz you have nothing to stand on for your arguement you are just bitter and sour for losing a game and wanna blame it on the champ instead of the individual player , or give the enemy any credit for winning... your team had no tank, no engage, no cc, no peel and you are vs {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}}
I wonder why we had no tank.
: you are wrong again... he can provide a lot of damage and mixed damage from ranged...
I can't argue with someone who doesn't know the fundamentals of the game.
: WRONG and the fact that you cant see that is part of the issue if he was 1st pick and your team picked the way they did knowing teemo was picked and jungle went ad carry, mid is only form of cc, support has no tank or cc abilities and cant peel for either graves or vayne its NOTS TEEEMO FAULT it is the rest of the team failure to pick accordingly to make a proper team comp
Lol no, because you can't build a team comp around Teemo, he provides nothing that a team comp would want, you can't build around him.
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: ok so when teemo picked what pick was he in your champ select?
I don't remember, but it doesn't matter, whether it is picked first or last, it shouldn't be taken in ranked.
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: 10 minutes into farming and chill when Gangplank gives you this look
Rioter Comments
: Idk man, I went from d2 to d5 0 lp... every single game was unwinnable, tried playing different champs, back to main, didnt matter, I just keep losing...
I feel you, as I said in my thing, I went from P1 Diamond 4 MMR, to P5 0 LP G3 MMR, people say you can carry if you're good enough, and while I believe that, you can't carry some of the less than 40 IQ people you get.
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: He's not unbeatable if you have a Mage. He just requires some lock-down.
Didn't say he was unbeatable, I'm just saying he's way to overbearing.
Khâmul (EUW)
: Which of the term of "anti mage" you're not understanding?
I realize that, but it's too much, with his mobility, being able to spam that shield constantly, probably twice a fight, which is a free {{item:3156}}, and a flat 15% reduction in damage, he does everything too well.
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: When i play teemo what do i do?
You don't play Teemo.
: Hard Stuck in Gold.
Abuse champion cool downs in laneing phase, work up to 8 cs per minute at least, be very good mechanically with around 4-7 champions, help your jungler as much as you can, land skill shots, don't go above 4 deaths every game
: it's until 08:00 PDT. As in, 8 AM. So about 15 minutes from now.
No, the maintenance starts at 8 PDT, doesn't end at that time.
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