: Every update or rework someone usually ends up broken. >but the fucking ult is the most useless piece of shit I've seen in league so far! If Azir's ult didn't do damage, it would be even worser.
> [{quoted}](name=lR3KTl Trollops,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=t3Al7suE,comment-id=001c0000,timestamp=2016-07-14T20:09:35.282+0000) > > Every update or rework someone usually ends up broken. > > If Azir's ult didn't do damage, it would be even worser. No because Azir is actually a good counter to champs who dominate in locking down certain areas, like Trundle, Kindred Ult, Heimer, etc. Azir ult can also completely seal off a certain area such as an escape route or something. Terrain is generally beneficial to your team when used correctly. I fail to see any useful playmaking potential in Ryze ult except for a well timed contested objective (dragon/baron). If you don't want to opt in to the TP you can escape the zone easily enough I've seen.
: Champion Update: Ryze, the Rune Mage
I honestly cannot play this new Ryze. It's garbage. I absolutely do not like it at all, the ult is trash, who the hell needs an AOE teleport, and why does this fit on Ryze? His old ult was perfectly fine and perfectly balanced. Maybe shave the passive CDR off if you're that concerned, but honestly, his old kit was the best kit he's had. Wish I had refunds left, because i'd be refunding my skins and the champ. New rework is utter garbage.
: Ryze, the Rune Mage, available now
i don't understand how ryze is broken now... the champ was solid and balanced and now it's broken and useless. admittedly he has better waveclear now when the combo is done properly and timed right, but the fucking ult is the most useless piece of shit i've seen in league so far!
: MSI In-Game Rewards
Honestly, people in NA didn't wanna turn on the icons for an IP weekend. I tried to get my friends to turn on the icons, but everyone has to be special and didn't wanna share the same icon as everyone else. Maybe it's just me but apparently an IP weekend wasn't enough of an incentive for NA to get their collective heads together and use the icons. Turkey won this competition regardless of who won first place at MSI, sadly.
: CLG rises to represent NA at MSI
God, can this article be any more biased towards CLG? Not that I don't like CLG, but christ, this is madness. Let's be realistic here, Doublelift may have talked trash about TSM for days back when, but don't write your article out to make it sound like he left CLG entirely, 100% of his own volition and made a 100% purposeful intent to go out of his way to make sure he was signed by TSM. That section of the article makes Doublelift look like the bad guy for leaving his longstanding team for the rivals he trashtalked for years. Horribly biased writing there. This is an otherwise good article except for that section, and i'm not a hardcore Doublelift, CLG, or TSM fan. (For the record, I'm a C9 fan. Sneaky's from the same hometown I am.) This makes it look like Riot is officially saying that Doublelift left on his own to intentionally pursue a contract with TSM, when while we may not know all the facts, we do know that there was dissonance between CLG and DLift, and his leaving was not all on his own.
: As a special offer, the first 100 subscribers will receive a complementary Ward of Draven, along with any Harrowing-themed summoner icon they choose.
But wait, there's more! If you call now, I'll even add in a poro plushie! Please call now, tons of poros and old skins need your help and support for just 120 easy payments of 16.50 RP.
: this ministory could only be completed by Kha-Zix jumping out of a goddamn flower yelling "SUPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS" in Jackson's voice
take my upvote sir, i just let out a very loud laugh
: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
Man, this is pretty awesome actually. Can't believe this only took Rito several years to finally implement this. I hope Howling Abyss/ARAM gets Champ Mastery though, because I play a lot of it, and I think we should earn Mastery on there as well. Not all of us like playing SR all the time. I think i'm more excited for all the fun modes I've played that were only around once and never played again.
: Patch 6.3 notes
Gonna nerf Graves, make a comment about his smoking, and he STILL can't have a damn cigar?
Doktor X (NA)
: At the moment, she's a perfect candidate for the Ministry of Silly Walks.
Logged in just to upvote the Monty Python reference. Thank you sir/ma'am. :)
: Competitive Ruling: Chris Shim, Geon-Woo “Ninja” Noh, & Jin-Yong “Fury” Lee
This anti poaching business is getting out of hand. A free agency season needs to be implemented where teams and players can talk to other players and teams about future employment opportunities without regards or fear of punishment under these haphazardly enforced rules. What disturbs me even more is that if someone owns a stake in a gaming corporation/team, they should not and cannot be forced to sell their stake as a punishment under a competitive ruling handed down by the developer/organizer of the professional series of a game being played by said team as a condition of that team being able to remain as a recognized competitor for that game. I'm certain this has to be illegal, especially in the case of an organization like say C9 or FNC where the team is encompassing of more than just League of Legends. I would not be surprised if Shim files an actual lawsuit against Riot over that particular part of this ruling. This is definitely something to keep an eye on, and I really hope that Shim and TDK don't take this sitting down.
: When Poppy ults you so hard you end up in Dominion...
When Poppy ults you so hard you end up in Challenger...
: Patch 5.22 notes
Feels like the core of the game is so fundamentally reworked that it could pass for a new game... not sure how I feel about the changes until I fully playtest them all out. The change of adding full stacks to {{champion:110}} ult seems like it could work in {{champion:110}} benefit, especially when it's used as an engage tool. As a heavy{{champion:110}} player, I could see myself benefiting from that, and from the early boost to mana. I don't like the {{item:3508}} rework though. I found it very viable on Varus because of lifesteal, CDR, and Mana Regen. Without the lifesteal, and the mana regen, it's useless because it doesn't provide the sustain in skirmishes and fights which is what made it very viable in the first place, especially as a first build item in lanes with heavy skrimishing and a low mana pool with near constant Q poke being used. On the note of ADCs re Crit: Is it me or is Rito trying to negate all the use of Crit by tuning champs to not actually do crit damage but add effects and buffs on crits instead? Crit should equal extra raw damage, and maybe a small buff as well, but don't take away all that damage. It's a "let's buff ADCs by giving them a whole buncha situational items, but tune back the actual amount of damage they do significantly". Also sad to see the Hitchhiker's reference removed from {{item:3091}}. {{item:3070}}
calisker (NA)
: About the Harrowing
The very plain and simple of this is that eSports is more valued by Riot because it likely brings in the majority of the money they make via sponsorship's and advertising. As long as Worlds continues to occur in October, expect Harrowing to be completely disregarded. This is explanation is absolutely disrespectful to your worldwide playerbase, and as countless others have said, this feels like a quarter-assed brush under the table piss off response to someone somewhere missing their deadline (probably either because they were watching worlds, having to do work for worlds, or something related to e-sports). Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy watching Esports because of your casters and watching pros play to better learn the game myself, but don't ignore your casual playerbase who can easily outspend your teams and their corporate sponsors.
noxToken (NA)
: This is an absurdly naive way to think. I don't know where people got this idea that bugs and defects can be fixed instantly. Hell, if you do not have _exact_ instructions on how to replicate a bug, a development team may never be able to reproduce the bug in question. A sizable code base with multiple developers writing code over many iterations of a product will have quirks. Developers are given a task, and as long as the code passes new tests, regressions tests, code review and user testing, then the code is considered valid. Even with these safeguards, developers can sometimes write code in such a way that causes unintended interactions that happen under very specific conditions. The code then needs to be refactored to fix the issue, pass the above review/tests and deployed. It sounds simple, but code is not magic. You don't always just look a few lines of code, think, "Oh there's the problem,", change a few lines and call it a day. That can happen for some bugs, but it's not always so easy. I understand that Riot's code base is far from perfect. We've heard the same tired excuse of not being able to implement a feature due to how something was written. However, development is not wizardry. Code bases with thousands of lines of code can have an absurd amount of dependencies and coupling.This can make finding the source of a defect like finding a needling in a haystack.
As a fellow developer, logged in just to upvote and commend you for your well thought out and well written explanation. Code doesn't fix itself overnight, especially when I guarantee you that there are developers (and probably quite a few of them) likely there at Worlds as part of the Referee/Integrity staff to make sure that when situations similar to this happen, the devs can indeed verify that the issue is something that is behaving contrary to the developer's implementation and intended purpose. Very similar to the Renekton stun call that came out during Groups. Someone has to know if a bug is indeed a bug, and not someone fucking up or mechanically impossible/possible action. Plus, if quickfixing one bug causes 20 others to pop up which causes a revert to happen, or several more remakes to occur, the teams and the players and the fans will all get salty and get frustrated at having to essentially play extra rounds. Integrity of the game is important, and if sacrificing 3 champs out of a pool of hundreds fixes the problem until it can be fully examined and permanently fixed, then so be it.
: Considering this event just came out, I am surprised you were able to play 20 games within two hours...
dominion games can be as short as all hell, and it only has to be 6 minutes long for it to get ip rewards... :P
: time to q up with the complete strangers on my friends list that i added because of that one good game and then never talked to again but they are still on my friends list.
30% of my friends list is irl friends, the rest are exactly as OP described... people who had one uber game and then never queued with again!
: RIP Revive {{summoner:10}} . You will be missed...
ty revive you'll be missed {{summoner:10}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3070}}
iSekaru (NA)
: > She’ll be ~25% off (2450 RP) for the first four days following her release That's... kinda unfair than saying giving a week? What's the reasoning behind this?
Rito wants to make bookuu money off of DJ Sona so they're only going to discount it for a short time to suck in those people who will only buy it on sale price, then raise it quickly and suddenly and everyone else will guilt trip themselves into buying it because "DJ SONA OMG!1!!!11!" It's a shit money grab and an attempt to divert players from actual problems with the game by using fancy graphics and "original music" from people who are famous and should have cred with LoL players like Skrillex among others. I wouldn't be surprised if Sona got a nerf a couple patches down the line once the Skin sales start tapering off and let them credit it to "an influx of Sona players and problems we've noticed from it" or some BS like that.


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