: > [{quoted}](name=bageli11 11,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AHTOLwtr,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-01T14:38:04.059+0000) > > Like literally just dont trade with him at lvl 1, dodge his q, stay away when he has e, I kite him and i win game ez pz. I am a renekton main so you guys probably know he counters Darius but also Jax is op vs darius to completely f**k him up when he tries to aggro me when i have dodge. Plays champions that do well in lane versus Darius. Claims it's easy to lane versus Darius. Err.... duh. I play Quinn and J4. Playing as Quinn, Darius is a joke. One of the easiest lanes in the game. Playing as J4, lane is a nightmare. I can poke him with Q at level 1 and even farm somewhat, but once he hits 2 I go through about 5-7 levels where all I can do is try to farm with my Q, and MAYBE drop my e for a caster minion if I know the wave will push before my Q is back up (and if I E for a caster, I can't Q the cannon while the E is still there because no matter how hard I angle it so it definitely doesn't hit, there still seems to be like a 25% chance it will randomly connect the EQ and pull me in to my certain death) (yet somehow you EQ simultaneously and it doesn't go - the width hitbox generosity on the flag versus the distance one is ludicrous). Even then, against a bad Darius who pushes in it's not that hard (stay safe under my tower, save my E to R-E-Q if they dive me, and call for a gank when he's pushed), but most will freeze the lane and mess you up (fall way behind on farm despite being full health).
not to mention he can get countered by an 800g item
Skorch (NA)
: Vlad is actually my favorite passive in the game. BTW how did you find this post?
A good post to see hatred for some champions ( I hate {{champion:420}} ) A better post imo is the opposite, the champions you love laning against
Skorch (NA)
: What champions can you NOT lane against, no matter what.
1. {{champion:420}} just... CAN'T LANE AGAINST THIS HENTAI BITCH 2. {{champion:8}} Now he's low health. Now he's not. what kind of passive is more broken than his 3. {{champion:157}} ok i like mid lane i like mages and ranged champions but i dont like some psycho samurai dashing and yelling all day, blocking all my damage, and as a tank main his god damn armor pen from ult.... i just tilt by just watching him at champ select no matter what team, double critchance is even worse than hitler. ** I HATE THESE CHAMPIONS SO MUCH**
bbQsauçe (EUW)
: ***
: As a Garen I hate laning against Darius and Ekko. Darius's spammable sustain is a pain when you have shit sustain in your kit, and Ekko just rewinds the moment he's low enough to get ulted making lvl 6 all ins pointless.
{{item:3123}} get this item and darius is complete shit
: Champion mains, who do you hate laning vs the most?
{{champion:420}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:85}} seriously FUCK ALL THOSE ASSHOLES illaoi and vlad never die illaoi baits your team to 1v5 her but she kills you ALL Vladimir heals way too fucking much Kennen no real cost poke and constant stuns in teamfights GOD HELP ME LANE AGAINIST THEM WITH SUCCESS FOR ONCE
bbQsauçe (EUW)
: ***
or just get this item and fuck up his q {{item:3123}} or {{item:3033}}
: I literally only play Riven top, and it is a PAIN to play against Darius You have to burn E and Q just to dodge his Q if you stand anywhere near him, and then he can just pull you back since and EQ isn't enough to escape his E, which means he can slow with W and the bleed is free damage So basically 1/2 my hp at level 3 which isn't really Darius' fault, but more of damage creep's
then why do you only play riven at top lane? Jax is op vs him
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: Renekton or illaoi
Im a renekton main and most of the time i get a first blood and win lane, if you dont want to fall off late game take this build {{item:3074}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3142}} and{{item:3047}} or {{item:3111}} . Take {{item:2138}} if you have full build.
: no. u max ur w first because it gives u the most shield, an INSANE heal and very good dmg. If u are lowlife just go with a Lvl 5 w to the raptors and pop it. BOOM fullife :D
I was thinking of maxing q for big dmg but thanks
EVG Mike (NA)
: You need to actually know how and why to play his "counters" and the most effective strategy for beating him, is to freeze the lane at your tower because most yasuo players are stupid. You exploit this by making him take turret shots to trade with you and letting your jungler know that he is out of position so he can take advantage of it. Edit: Idk who told you zyra/kayle are counters, those are disgusting picks.
Actually i played yasuo vs kayle and she could only catch me with q which was blocked by wall :D
: I main {{champion:268}} and i beat Yasuo like every time. Tipp: {{champion:157}} players are most of the time pretty cocky. They love to dive u at lvl 3,4,6 Take some cc with you. With {{champion:268}} i have my wall to push him back into tower. {{champion:101}} is also not bad because he cant use his Windwall against ur Q and W. And MANY {{champion:157}} Mains are relying on this wall. But if {{champion:157}} comes close to u...u ded :P Tipp 2: Sometimes i pick {{champion:82}} (Full AP with Rylais and Gunblade) against him. Its a pretty sick Counter. Ofc u have to play {{champion:82}} pretty well but IF you do {{champion:157}} cant do shit against you, if he even comes close u can deal some RETARDET Dmg and Heal urself. Just hold your shield up. ^^ Max W first and violaaa.. he cant farm.. he cant deal dmg.. he could just go afk it would not change anything. :D For summs go {{summoner:3}} or {{summoner:14}} or {{summoner:21}} (last one is depending on team and matchups)
Wait... don't you max e or q first on {{champion:82}} ?
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