: What is the hardest thing to react to in league? (Fastest)
Full ms {{champion:19}} ultimate while you are low
: Here is my possibly unpopular opinion: Put Nexus Blitz in Place of Twisted Tree
It would be a fantastic replacement because it ALWAYS ends at around 18-20 mins so people know that they can get a quick experience. If not I would love to get it whenever we can
: If mobile league is the celebration for the 10 year anniversary. Im done.
Mixed queues will become a meme and whenever someone makes a flashy play they'll say "I'm playing on mobile" and it'll be "I'm using tilt controls!" all over again.
NY64 (NA)
: Teaser for brand new Qiyana skin
Rioter Comments
: 1. I was actually planning today to watch jungle, warwick and ashe tutorials to become better. 2. I will start using "/mute all" command whenever I will solo queue drafts. 3. I like people pinging at me like 7 times in 2 seconds, so I have no problem with that. 4. I will try MS WW builds, whenever I will get B+ ratings or above every round when playing WW Thank you and have a nice day! <3
That's awesome man have a great time and don't forget its a game and to always try stupid build which sometimes work {{champion:41}} + summon aery ftw
: " that they you are new to the game just based on the way you play, " Problem is i can find more experienced players, who play worse than "the way you play". Its hard to judge the amount of time a player has spent playing by the skill level they exhibit.
Yeah thinking about it, me and the friend who got me into it are the same skill level, he even said that is some cases I'm "better". So yeah I'm wrong there.
: Help me, I am too scared to play Jungle role on draft solo queue.
I started playing in October last season. Getting flamed really sucks and put me in a bad mood and turned me off from the game for a while. So I decided to get better starting in January this year. I recommend you start watching guide from youtube channels like proguides, (can't remember the other 2 oof) they will help you out tremendously. Also recommend their website, they have some good free courses there aswell. In terms of flame, it's like a college professor calling a elementary child "stupid". They know (or should know oh boy) that they you are new to the game just based on the way you play, and your level. But they flame anyway, kinda the nature of most of the playerbase. Gotta get used to spam pings from top lane when you are supporting in the bot lane (?). Good luck out there, also When playing with friends full movement speed WW is plenty fun.


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