: > [{quoted}](name=barbarianskull,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=uOA1d95z,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-21T18:32:06.422+0000) > > No that wasn't me. I also have never given my account information to anyone else. Does that mean I was hacked? Likely someone else, yeah. Try contacting the official support. Be aware though, they might not accept this since it is a very common excuse. Still worth a try.
That'd be horrible... thanks for the advice tho.
: There are some games in january on your account. Was that you or did you give your account to someone else that played them?
No that wasn't me. I also have never given my account information to anyone else. Does that mean I was hacked?
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: So your balancing team can nerf Darius and Yasuo
Dynikus (NA)
: I would recommend playing a lot more normals before hopping into ranked.
: Im excited to reach lvl 30 and join the cool kids in ranked
Well I tryed jumping into ranked immediately after I hit level 30. I fed so hard that first game and I got flamed super hard. I then continued to play normals for a month or so. You might wanna try one game of ranked just to see what it is like.
: Which removed item would like to see in League?
: One of the biggest things that killed my trust in the report system
: When is Jayce going to be addressed?
I hate Jayce. Take my upvote.
garren9 (NA)
: If I got 4 dollars for every time I got a quadra kill as mastery level 4 jhin with 4 items
: I will never ever make it out of Bronze
: To the people who wombo minions from 100-0 when Im right next to them with 4 stacks of Spoils of War
dominusx (EUNE)
: Can we litterally gut vayne.
: When are we getting the 5 ban per side???
: I'm done apologizing for "ksing" as Support
Just play brand. Then it's ok if you take the kills
: Your poll sucks. The time to kill on Rengar is much different than the time to kill on the likes of reworked LeBlanc, Fizz and Katarina.
> [{quoted}](name=HazyCloud7,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=geasqnWJ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-11-16T10:54:35.601+0000) > > Your poll sucks. The time to kill on Rengar is much different than the time to kill on the likes of reworked LeBlanc, Fizz and Katarina. Totally agree.
ItsOrval (NA)
: *New Idea* Vote To Dodge:
They would dodge bad matchups. Would take forever to get into a game.
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vaderpl (NA)
: How come vayne hasn't been looked at yet?
hudzell (NA)
: After over two years of playing this stupid ass champion, I finally did it...
Oh... that's a champion? I thought that was a flying cannon minion
: Diamond players think Plat and below are garbage, guess What
: Imagine an LCS for Bronze and what's the caster's reaction to the Bronze LC$Play$
Zarvanis (NA)
Down voted so there would be 4
: [Title that ends in "..." so you have to click on the post]
[salty person that thinks this is gameplay boards]
: Nasus's winrate went from 47% in 6.20 to 51% in 6.21
Yeah I've been playing him. He feels good
: Shaco PBE Rework: Problems revolving the changes that need to be fixed...turned into rant
TBH I'm happy sharp is getting his damage nerfed. I hate that guy
: Game: A champion gets ONE little bug that completely breaks the game.
{{champion:21}} ult is now as wide as {{champion:202}}'s ult
Xanieron (EUW)
: I have the name of a player who neeeds to be considered for toxicity and behavior modification
: Well thanks but apparently everyone else disagrees :( Even rito #permad fbm lol If i ever play again ill try to be less annoying tho
: Banned for "intentional Feeding"
I'm an adc comes to my lane a starts "lagging" under turret you bet I'm gonna report him
: I want to know if this is toxic. Hehe xD? For real how many would report for this.
: Name a skin line and a champ that would be redundant together
Crocodile renekton Warewolf Warwick Mr. Steal your girl thresh
: Here is a something I wrote on the subject for a school assignment, it is pretty bad, but I had fun, and thought I would share it here. (btw faker is 100% a robot.) "Light. I awake. I lift up my head, and look around. I lie on a sterile metal raised platform, red fabric around my limbs. As I lift my head there is a faint buzzing sound, as various parts of my machinery hum to life, obeying my wishes and moving my body. As I rise, I see a symbol on the mesh of fabric around me. I hone in. Wings, and symbols. Analyzing symbols “T1”. Match found: Roman alphabet. Meaning: Unknown. I stand, my legs hold well. I sense a lifeform approximately 4.3 meters away. Human: Male. Matching expression with database, human male is registering surprise. Surprise is directed at me. “It worked…” The human spoke in a language registered in my databases as Korean. “I can’t believe… Abruptly he addresses me. “Can you understand me?” I activate my voice production software, answering him in the same language, “Yes.” Again he whispered, “I can’t believe it…” Then his voice projection orifice widened in an expression registered as indicative of joy. “Follow me,” he says, turning and walking into another room. I follow, and scan the room. Room is empty, save for a seating device in front of a wooden structure. Resting on the structure is am electrical device I recognize as being called a laptop. The screen displays a brightly colored map with figures moving across screen locked in simulated combat. Immediately circuits start vibrating inside my head, analyzing every aspect of the game. I understand. “This is a professional League of Legends match. Do you know what that is?” “I do.” He sits in the seating device and initiates on it a League of Legends game. He motions me to the chair. As I grasp the controls, I find that I completely understand every aspect of the match. Victory is achieved 20 minutes later. The man smiles and asks, “Do you know who you are?” Referencing my database, I find the information. “ I am SKT-T1 Faker.”
: Let's see, if you: ##1. Never win a game ##2. Get about 70 ip on average per game, and ##3. Only play on Summoner's Rift The number comes to about # 7,170 games If you are curious, if the average time for a standard League game is roughly **33 min**, the time spent getting the ip is: ## 3943.5 hours or #At least 164 consecutive full days
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: I seriously cannot farm with certain top champion because of creep block.
One of the reasons I like playing irelia sometimes is because you can just q and not deal with that.
Rioter Comments
: Ivern's E is misnamed.
: Patch 6.20 Translated.
Candoodle (EUW)
: Why NUNU is the best champion for climbing ladder in league...
: Can some one remind Riot balancing team that they have a champion called Aatrox?
What's an aatrox? Oh wait he is that flying caster minion right?
: When primary role is "fill" let us put a role we DON'T want as secondary
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Once I was doing Dragon solo as {{champion:222}}. Used the ult in blind at the Baron, because nobody from the enemy team was visible. Got the Dragon, Baron and a triple kill within a second. --- There was that one time when I played {{champion:134}} and the game went on for pretty long, solely because my team was making stupid mistakes. At one point I was so angry and it was obvious enemy team was doing Baron. Of course there were no wards, so I casually strolled to the back of the Baron pit, QE'd and just as casually I walked to the pit, I stole the Baron. In front of the PC I was like, _"That's how you are supposed to play, you fu\*\*\*"_.
: Dear Squishy Underleveled ADCs
"Since the 10/0/5 rengar one shot me, the 0/4/1 kogmaw, he must be broken
: What Do You Say When Ivern, Maokai, and Zyra Are In The Same Room?
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Naenia (NA)
: Do you like ARURF?
I wish they would just add a ban faze
: Why teemo should be banned from the game (DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY)
I was expecting "because his kit is TOXIC" I'll find the door
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