: Patch 7.7 Notes
So is there a plan to make highlights viewable by other players in the future, cause if not I dont see a point to having them viewable in the lolclient like this.
: I was a {{champion:266}} main for a while on my main account and tbh he wasn't that bad the way he was it really showed the difference of players who played him a few times and who knew when to take trades and how to properly, it literally was a champ you just had to learn how to fight your opponent in top lane with. He takes a lot of games to be able to take him into anything in the top lane even in normals and do well consistently. That being said I see why the argument is when behind he is difficult to get back into the game with cause he builds straight damage and when behind anyone that you have to build damage with while trying to get back into the game with is difficult but that's with just about anyone who's a melee squishy champ tbh just cause its that easier to kill you when your losing. So finally,(lol) I believe taking his life stealing aspect of his abilities and changing his old passive was a very unnecessarily big change to change him again later, SMH RIOT.
That's what I'm thinking why spend time making a temporary change for him when they are gonna change him again, I was also confused when they did a rework on Ryze to rework him again later. Maybe its because because I'm incompetent but I don't understand why they tend to make changes that will slightly change the champion to where they want him later instead of just putting it where they want his numbers to be.
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: m8 I need a link to the whole vid pls where
there is a link to the whole video on this post


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