: Recent changes to Quick Cast with Range Indicators
Hi, Thank you for the explain, but my friends and I had found one weird behavior. When you press a button to aim (not clicking left mouse click, just to aim) and press F1 to zoom back to your character, the spell would be auto cast and would fly toward the opposite direction you're facing. I'm not sure if this is a new system or just a bug. Please fix it if it's a bug though, it has been really frustrating. Thanks
: Patch 5.7 notes
Sorry guys, new update. We actually found that the bug is caused when you try to aim an spell and press F1 to zoom back to your champion. If you do this then your spell will fly behind you. Riot please fix this bug please!! So annoying.
: Patch 5.7 notes
after yesterday's update my friends and I realized that spells cannot be cancel now once you cast them. i.e. after you left mouse click if you right mouse click the spell you cast will still go out. Is this a bug or is this the new way of the system determining whether the spell will go out or not?
: The glorious evolution: Viktors around the world
I think {{champion:112}} is strong. I often used him as a counter to {{champion:55}}. But it's kind of lame that {{champion:112}} 's ultimate cannot be moved around by holding alt key like {{champion:1}} 's tiber. To me {{champion:112}} is already strong enough, just hoping Riot can make this change then it'll be perfect!
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: Rewards for positive play
Nicely done!! Really look forward to see this system come to a complete point. (Would greatly improve gaming experience.) Feel free to share my chat logs, though I don't know if I'm one of those positive players lol Meeting toxic players do make me get angry sometimes. Also if you can provide loss prevented to the rest of the team when there's a negative player on the team ( like AFKers or intentional feeders ) that would be greatly appreciated. Good job guys! Keep up the good work!


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