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: it is a problem on your end. are you running the client as admin? are you on a potato computer and need to update? when was the last time you rest your modem and router?
The client should be running as an admin, my computer is decent, and I restarted my router and modem just a few days ago cuz they were acting up. I'll try making the program an admin again and I'll restart my router again. Thanks :3
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: Yone
Yea but Yone died. Idk how that would fit if he suddenly became a champion. You would have to get rid of Yone telling Yasuo who killed the elder and then that would give Yasuo no reason to hunt Riven. And then that ruins Yasuo’s entire lore. So even though it would be cool, don’t go for it. You have to change too many things. If we’re talking new champs tho, I would like to see Helmet Bro become a champ.
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
I feel so bad for the group in the first comic. Getting hit by both those has gotta hurt. Especially if Yasuo follows up with an ultimate thinking he hit Riven xd
: R.I.P.{{summoner:3}}
I feel like there should be an animation where he does everything right and then falls off a cliff at the end xd


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