: Vastaya Q&A
wait, what about my boy {{champion:33}} , what race is he?
: my hand is bigger than my entire keyboard what now
final boss {{champion:45}} , is that you?
: Have any of the play test members played {{champion:45}} lately? His E delays the stun if the opponent does a lock on dash (Ex. {{champion:24}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:12}} ) to a champion that is inside of his event Horizon. All of their damage goes through before they get stunned even though they get stunned in the exact same spot they were when their damage happened. Is this a bug? I'm having a great deal of trouble getting noticed in the report a bug section, but my favorite champion is suffering really badly because this is consistent and gets me killed in team fights. That makes climbing elo hard
I was playing as {{champion:202}} earlier today and i ulted at the same moment {{champion:45}} stunned me, after the stun was over i was locked into the position he makes as he ults and could not do anything until i was killed
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
{{champion:33}} over there just tryna steal the rice ball and sushi


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