: @Riot, i don't understand why you can't listen to the player's feedback BEFORE releasing a feature.
The difference between you/"the community" and riot is the fact that that have shit tons of data to back up thier decisions (good or bad). You and others that may agree with you are only represent very small anecdotal evidence. I actually like the be change and think Syndra has been fine regardless of changes I don't see what wrong with trying something tha ghat make a champ broken or might offer opportunities to improve the champ with nerfs in different areas. In the end riot does not need to listen to anything you or I say.
: "Klepto is the problem" (Ezreal)
As an ez main hes either useless or overpowered even without changing a single thing in his kit. As far as adcs he's on level with Vayne for shitty waveclear. So that's a weakness and he's not a hard carry like Vayne late game. What I think is the problem is his w is pretty useless so he has to have a ton of power in his q. Having the dmg (on hit), low cd, and stacking attack speed on his q is necessary for him to function because his w is useless on ezreal unless he is going ap(and I love the hell out of his w when I play ap ez). And don't say he can use his e to boost his own attackspeed with his w. Because that is a waste of mana and cd on all of his abilities for a little as. And the as from is w on his team mates doesn't make sense for an adc. So if you make it so ez w has more power/utility you can take something away from that q (maybe the on hit proc).
Kivolan (NA)
: Riot Took People's Feedback, And Did The Opposite
I don't know how you know exactly what feedback riot is getting. I mean you can see the stuff on the boards but most of it is from people who have no clue about balance and ist want to complain. It's not like riot can just fix everything people complain about without making even more problems. So let me ad read some of my reasons that riot may have not changed these things. Turrets don't do enough dmg, well I think this is to spice the game up with turret dives. It s a very risky high reward high stakes decision to do a towr dive. Even pro players screw up dives. If towers do more dmg you lose the strategic value of diving and make the game more passive/no interection.as for taking dmg I think towers could use a slight buff. But they did make it harder to pull off lane swaps for early towers. Adcs were the shit in season 7 but mostly from a broken item on thier support. Basically every adc had to run attackspeed and dmg. Lifesteal quilts were crap, as well as every other rune. Now you can actually make meaningful choices. (That goes for masteries too) all you had was warlords and fervor after the dft nerf. They may need to tune precision but we need to see how press in goes to know for sure. Not sure what your talking about with tanks. They seem to be garbage right now unless they can somehow get to the late game which is near impossible as you admit. It's all about the carries this season. The reason for the snowball meta is it suits assassins. Assassin's havent been in the spotlight for a while. I hate snowball meta/assassin meta but the people who like zed, lb,akali, yas, and so on should be able to have fun too. If the game goes on too long they are useless. Riot is givin g them thier spotlight like they gave adcs and tanks the last two seasons. Now the dmg creep is a consideration but you have to realize they took away runes and masteries that gave dmg stats. Those got replaced with pretty similar runes that we need to see how they work out and adjust. It's way too early to say they are broken. Riot admitted it will be like a new game with this big of a change. Mobility rules the game. Sure it does, it always has. With move speed quints gone champions that ran it need a compensation. What you have now is much more situational move speed. You have to earn kills to get those stacks. You have to wait 60sec for that preditor active, you give up a significant dmg rune if you want the new stormraiders (which requires 3 hits to activate). The thing is mobily is more of a skill expression now. With a game that has high dmg and quick pace you need to have mobility to make th ings happen or get the hell outta dodge. If you forego that mobility you are given huge dmg to stand your ground and hope you kill them before they getcha.
Eedat (NA)
: This new system REALLY isnt friendly to older players.....
Well i gotta say I was surprised with what I got out of this conversion. I spent a crap ton on runes (I still had like 20 champs I didn't own). I've been playing since season 3. I got over 100k blue essence two free skins a ward skin and a unique emote showing my veteran status. That is very generous in my opinion. I agree the rewards you can buy are pretty lame. But you don't need to buy them. They are meant for people who have so much ip and own every champ. I didn't have a ip sitting around ever and now I have over 100k of the new currency that I can chose to buy champs,chromas,mini icons, mystery champs, or I can save it for when the grind for be gets ridiculous. (Or of course I could wast it on the stupid urfwick/emotes). But I don't feel I was cheated at all. If riot gave you everything you wanted for free they would go out of business.
Reav3 (NA)
: While it's not technically a new Champion, Swain VGU is coming up and that will be a MUCH darker themed Mage
It's not a problem with thier theme of being dark or gleeful. It's the style of art that is the problem. It looks wierd and doesn't fit.
: we haven't even seen zoe's kit and people are already complaining, i feel bad for rito
We have seen her kit. And no one is complaining (except that one guy about her mobility) about her kit it's her art style.
: New champ is out, and guess what everyone’s complaining about?
We already have cheery champions like trist, lux, jinx. The theme isn't the problem it's the art. The art looks foreign to league.
: Be funny if we all started stealing China's shit and ignored them when they pitched a fit.
> [{quoted}](name=A Swarm of Koala,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IRRok6tv,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-03T00:24:29.304+0000) > > Be funny if we all started stealing China's shit and ignored them when they pitched a fit. You don't get it. China doesn't have anything to steal. It's all just interior copies of what the rest of the work makes.
Rioter Comments
: New Champ: Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight preview
: HA me the toxic one, considering you're the one that commented in a toxic way telling me to just shut up......do you not read what you type before you type it. That was a straight up toxic reply, KID! But ty for the laugh. :D
Well I guess all i have to say is... ive never had any sort of ban, game restriction, or feedback from riot on my account and ive been playing since season 2. Can you say the same?
: I feel like everything does TOO much damage.
Just wait until season 8 lol. I got killed so fast by an ashe on pbe it wasn't funny. Im Iike wtf where did she get dmg like that! Master yi with massive attack and move speed killing like he's a late game vayne. Kah zix jumping from stealth and one shorting with a q. The pbe feels like every champ got steroids to thier damage.
: IF you didn't like what was said, then why post about it, its called read and move on, but thanks for wasting your time and energy saying that. Made me feel special :D
Im not talking about what was posted here on the boards. I was saying that you could've just shut up yourself instead of telling the lux to shut up. It was a suggestion to prevent yourself form being toxic. Your right though I wasted my time because you are just a toxic little kid... lol
: how about you stay out of other peoples conversations... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
you posted on a board that is open to anyone with an account to respond lol......
GigglesO (NA)
: So punting champions now counts as a skill shot, we better let Lee Sin, Alistar, and Tristana know that their abilities aren't point and click. :'D Also, does this mean a teemo that is flying through the air is a skill shot?
you do know that it is ideal to kick/ knock back opponents into the enemy team on trist and lee sin right? it doesnt matter if something is point and click if you are then sending the object on a trajectory it is a skillshot.
: Ivern Needs a Artifical buff(Hear me out)
GigglesO (NA)
: "Everyone Misses a skillshot, even you"
If you save someone instead of stunnin them into a wall you definitely missed a skillshot.
: ***
The basic message is good but man does he take himself way too seriously!
kalima994 (EUNE)
: People are victimizing themselves too much though, let's take for example swearing in traffic. If someone swears at you do you go and cry to mom and tell her that someone cursed at you? Yeah we get it, it's not okay to say toxic stuff and wish people death and we know and people that do it know too but they just don't care. Making posts about it everyday won't change them and it won't do anything... i even consider it upvote farming at this point. People should just report and move on instead of spamming the boards, people do get banned for being toxic so there's no reason to keep bringing the same discussions here over and over again.
League has a massive reputation for a toxic unforgiving community. Why blame riot for attempting to change that. It's not about sensitivity, it's about not promoting being a dick. If you swear at a traffic light your a dick. Unfortunately we don't have dick police lol. There is just no reason to be mad and rude irl or in a game. Just because being rude exists Irl doesn't mean it's desirable.
: I couldnt agree more, honestly I think that restriction should be removed, considering I said nor did nothing wrong except telling someone to shut up that was laying into me bc i didnt play the way they wanted me to play. Arrogant pos' that dnt get there way and report people for no reason. Funny thing is the next game i played the same way and got fed and got honors. ALL due to my support feeding me kills LUL!!!
How about just shut up yourself...
Rioter Comments
: Don't do drugs, kids
I glanced at this post a few times and every time I thought it said "don't do krugs kids"
kasfas (NA)
: 1: {{champion:119}} 2: {{champion:119}} 3: {{champion:119}} 4: {{champion:119}} 5: {{champion:119}}
I gotta say I agree with you. Well done. I really want to be able to play draven but I can't get him to work for me.
: Are players really surprised by ADC dominance when people begged riot to nerf mages and assassins?
I think assassin meta is the most toxic shit. No matter what an assassin has the potential to kill an adc. In adc meta you have to be a skilled assassin and even then it's risky because assassins are so snowbally. When it's assassin meta they are just so overturned all you need to do is faceroll your keyboard and you kill everyone. Mages can be toxic too because they often have long range high dog spells along with utility. They just bring it all. I think that tanks are the least toxic but the most boring. Tanks don't get going for a while so you have opportunity to win early and itimization against tanks is available to every class.
: I keep making the same freakin' mistake
I would say instead of trying to make the plays follow your teams lead. If your in an elo where your team can't see what you are going to do then you need to work around them. It's better to make a bad decision as a team rather than make a good decision by youself and no one else on board.
: Yeah I agree, {{champion:110}} is not suppose to be {{champion:96}} 2.0. I wish he would get a rework or something that would make him as cool as he sounds in lore, he's the first champion I ever played and the only champion that I like most.
Varus was my first champ too and my favorite. That being said he doesn't need a crappy rework that will make him nothing like he was. He just needs those stupid nerfs reverted. His q slows him, has a massive channel, does reduced dmg if it passes through multiple units, and has the potential to be dodged/miss. It does not need to have this massive cool down that they put on it. They already nerfed the reason varus got "out of hand" with the dft nerf.
: When my ADC starts complaining about me taking kills
That's fine if your playing lux, annie,malz, brand, or even son a support. But I can't stand it when something like a thresh is going to carry a game.
: Hey bleufromage, thanks for posting about this so we can clear up some of these confusions you're having. 1. Jikker is part of the NA Boards Volunteer program as a Warden (a type of moderator), and isn't a member of Riot or Player Support. Rioters will be indicated by a Red name on the Boards (rare exceptions). You can find the roster of Volunteer members along with the identification and description of their role [here on this Introduction thread](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/TP4y93oc-introduction-to-the-riot-games-volunteer-programs). 2. You *can* select which board you'll be posting in, but only if you select **Create a Discussion** while on the Boards Home page; not all sub-boards are in that dropdown because they don't appear on the front page or you can't create threads on them, so while *inside* a specific board that dropdown is absent and **Create a Discussion** will be for the sub-board you're in. Let me know if you have any other questions on this!
"From: Riot Games Hey bleufromage, I am removing your threads for being in the wrong section of the Boards and for multiple posting. Memes & Games is for just that -- memes and games, not for recruiting players for completing missions. Posting a thread multiple times is not permitted and is considered spam by the Universal Rules. Since you already have a copy of this thread in Player Recruitment, I'm going to go ahead and simply remove the two from Memes & Games. This is not a warning or a punishment so rest assured this won't be a mark against your account. Here are links to the first and second removed threads. If you have any questions or concerns about this removal, please come to the Discord or post on Discuss the Boards. Thanks, Jikker" That says "from riot games" so I don't know if hes with riot or not thats just what it says. If he is a volunteer hes representing himself as a rioter. And I already stated in my response to him that I am aware i need to back out to the home page. did you even read my post at all. This is a suggestion to change the fact that you cant change which bard you are posting in. hence why i posted in discuss the boards. I figured real rioters would like ideas for improvements.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Set smite as default spell for jg
What if I am in lobby as jg but I'm trading roles with the support because they got autofilled?
: Well going to be kind of blunt but here we go Stupid simple answer for Stupid simple question Because riot makes Skins for champions who are played Often. Basically If riot sees people playing a Said champion a crap ton. they make a skin for that champion knowing people will spend money for that skin for their overly picked and played champion Right now Leona and Diana are not played often enough to warrant any new skins along with many other champions who do not get many skins.
Thats why yoric got a legendary skin right?
: Riot should probably solidify Varus' identity as an artillery marksman
I've been playing varus as my main go to since late season 2 and I have to disagree with everything here. On hit has always been a viable build, that is true, but his identity around his q was not toxic and it should've stayed the same as it was. The problem was dft was broken on him and jhin which they nerfed and they also did a piss poor job with lethality. Varus has stayed essentially the same from when I started playing him until this season where he all of a sudden became "op". The problem was game changes not his kit. Dft is going away (which was nerfed anyway) and lethality isn't optimal anymore. I think they need to revert the q bill shit they did and make him back to what he was. Varus q takes a long time to wind up so you see it coming. It deals reduced dmg as it passes through units and it's a skillshot that is able to miss/be dodged. It's not like q has no counterplay
Raoul (EUW)
: As a Support main by heart, I am sick of being the ADC slave!
To be fair adcs can't function by themselves unless they are super fed. Supports really can't function by themselves as they need someone or a team to support. Adcs up until this meta have been largely neglected. Supports got to work with the rest of the team for the past 3 years.it's the adcs season in the spotlight. I suppose that mid or top will receive disproportionate attention in this next season. Then everyone will be bitching about riven bursting down 1v5 in a milisecond. How broken jax and irelia are with stareks triforce. Or if its mid lane people will biych about how ap champs have gotten more new items than any other class and it's not fair. It goes on ans on. Riot has an agenda for what they are doing. People need to realize it's not because they are stupid or aren't doing thier job it's because they want the game to feel different and refreshing from season to season.
: So you want to delay assassin burst..
I've never seen an Elise actaully 100-0 anyone. She might take you down to 200 go or something but then her combo is blown. Now if she has help from a laner her burst is pretty potent. As for Diana she's nothing till lvl 6 and then she has to snowball to be of any threat to anyone. I mained Diana at one time and couldn't burst someone 100% unless I had a full item advatage. Can't really speak to akali because I don't play her but she rarely uses 1 combo to kill you unless she super fed. She spaces her cds with her shroud so she can get two sets of bursts off without dying. Unless she's fed and then she doesn't need to worry about cds. But hey if anyone gets fed they deserve to one shot you especially as an assassin. Build armor pen and ad on a j4,pantheon,or noct and they can burst your ass too.
: Why should I ever want to be above Bronze?
I dont think I have serious delusions but once you get past silver 5 your MORE likely to have competent team mates. I say more likely because you still get shitheads. But it's not soley on you to carry your team if you are having a bad game your team actually has a possibility of carrying you! That doesn't happen in bronze. I don't think I have good mechanics/awareness to be gold but I like having semi decent team mates evry once in a while that aren't smurfs
Rioter Comments
: Gotta do what you gotta do
Lol we were winning so fast I had to rush these items on lux and I didn't get to finish randuins. But man those passive procs with infinity edge crits... new standard build?
: These are legit horrible roasts and are probably the most cringey things I've seen on this forum so far...
Salron (NA)
: "Just dodge the hook"
The power isn't evenly distributed in thier abilities. Blitz hook is like 75% of his usefulness his speed boost is only good for positioning to land a hook and his knockout is only useful if he has pulled someone too him with is hook, the other 25% of his usefulness is in his ult but he loses -5% usfullness in his stupid passive that steals cs. Thresh is slightly more balanced in his skills. His e is 25% useful because he can stop dashes or pull someone in. His w is 10% useful because he can save your ass or get the jg in there for a gank. But thresh ult and passive are like meh, okay. Let's say 10% combined. That's still 55% of his kit centered around catching people with his q. Im sure people may disagree but that's my perspective. When you play adc and have a fresh or blitz tha t can't land a hook they are next to useless. Like I said naut will always be useful because of his point click ult. Not to mention he can tank shit up with his shield.
: I mean, I'm interested in the wider discussion, but this doesn't convince me. A lot of people have always said that lowering the total amount of damage would help the game. I just don't agree with that. Assassins and Mages *need* to be able to burst squishies. The problem is *solely* that marksmen burst, too. You can't help them bust tanks and do reasonable damage against squishies with the way crit works right now. Riot has acknowledged that something needs to be done with crit. I think that's why. I still think marksmen need the exponential power growth, too. I think that's healthy. This rework of crit solves all those problems. Lowering damage across the board just creates a situation where adcs and tanks are even more powerful, because if you can't burst squishes, they can burn you down. That's not the answer, imo.
Like I said crit needs to be reworked into an assassin stat and armor pen should be reworked into an ad stat. Attackspeed and crit don't belong together. Armor pen and assassin utility actives/passive don't belong together either. (I'm referring to things like speed boost on ghostblade, spellshield on edge of night, duskblade passive)
: > [{quoted}](name=KempyreanPirate,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=G6HXVNFO,comment-id=000100030000,timestamp=2017-10-21T00:06:06.908+0000) > > That doesn't solve the issue of marksmen bursting other squishy champs. Lethality is even *more* effective against targets with low armor, so this would only exacerbate my main issue with carries. good point. i just dont like having armor pen be too heavy a feature in the game. what if crit dealt %max hp physical dmg?
Eggbread (NA)
: Suggested Change to Critical Strike: Cement the Burst > Sustained > Tank > Burst Cycle
Ive posted a simialr argument with some of the same things people are saying here. Armor pen and crit are reversed in theme and gameplay. Ad assassins rely on armor pen to snowball an advantage, when a true assassin should do a precise strike dealing tons of dmg (a critical strike if you will). Autoattackers shouldn't be shootishooting super fast crits. They should be piercing the armor of thier opponents with ranged weapons. I would argue that crit items be reworked not armor pen items. I think make armor pen ad and as stats tied together. And then make more items with crit modifiers tied to assassin actives/passives with modest ad. Right now you can't build an adc without crit because all of the attackspeed items (a core stat on sustained dps champs) have crit tied to them. It makes no sense.
Rioter Comments
Kloqdq (NA)
: To be fair, I think Sion is better off now XD I loved the old Sion but I realize it wasn't good to have.
I'm inclined to agree with you. However I feel like new sion should've been a new champion altogether, and they could've made sion similar in gameplay to what he was in a less lunatic kit. Idk. They did do a great job I just don't feel it does service to his original kit.
Salron (NA)
: "Just dodge the hook"
If you can't land a hook on blitz or thresh ur useless. Naut has his ult.
Hell no. That's a not worth $50.
Verxint (NA)
: If there's this many crit items {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3046}} is it really a problem to have 2 anti-crit items?
You build 5 of those items for the crit chance not for insane critical dmg.it does t matter if you hitting 100%CRITS but ur attack dmg is only 150.
: Thornmail should reflect crits for extra damage
This would be the equivalent of ardent censor for tanks. It would be broken and it would be in every game and only champs that can build it will be picked.
: "Give up tons of farm and wait for late game" is the most unfun "counterplay" imaginable.
I don't play top lane at all and I gotta say this is one of the reasons why. It seems like the lane is so dominated by counterpicks and the first person on the team to be sacked and left to have no impact. Idk though because I don't play top.
: Anyone else miss Quinn's old ultimate
I liked her play style and her ultimate way more back then. I feel like most all of the remakes missed the mark significantly. Even the new sion (who I think is pretty cool and innovative). Does anyone remember that point and click stun and massive amounts of lifesteal.
Penns (EUW)
: Honestly, you cant tell me adcs are balanced anymore
The thing is most all adcs will have a pretty similar rate no matter what because all adcs essentially do the same thing, autoattack. Sure some will be better than others because of abilities and item synergy but they are picked for thier dps. Every other position on sr is much more diverse in what the champions do and how they do it.
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