: Thank you for all the nice comments you guys left I don't have the time to thank each and everyone individually but know that I am very thankful and comments like these motivate me to continue doing what I love most.
Add it to the fan art in the discord channel. https://discord.gg/FfXnCgm
: Jhin Wick (drawing)
Lol this would be awesome. Nice plane changes, its a good sketch.
: Well I always look at my games at 0 lp as "last chance to not drop". It's nice if i lose but still remain there, but I wouldn't count on it. Maybe a more transparent system(at least a message like "No more safety for you, if you lose, you are going down") would be better, but it will also make it better for those whatever rank 4th division 0 lp players who abuse the system by playing only to avoid decay
Yeah I get you, I need to start looking at it the same.
: > At this point it is up to someone else to dodge! that's the point. trolls **want** you to dodge so that you get punished and they get off scott free. you need to stick to your guns and hold it out. if no one dodges they hey, you get to play a game and have a chance to report them post game. but reports in champ lobby would just get abused hardcore. "you banned my champ i will report you!" "you stole my champ i will report you!" "you are playing off meta i will report you!" do not lie. you would do something like that if it was implemented.
No actually I wouldn't. When I report people I make sure there is proof of what they did, every time someone uses words that are considered hate speech they deserve to get banned form the game. "you are playing off meta i will report you!" do not lie. you would do something like that if it was implemented." By the way being pessimistic about how you think people would react to a situation isn't always the best option in life. Might want to take a good look at why you automatically go towards that sort of mindset.
: It is dependable You can't possibly demote if you are >0 lp. If you are at 0 lp, you will most probably get demoted after losing unless you got this whatever 0 lp rank after promoting(and even then its like 1 loss protection). Maybe they already have that "negative lp" system enabled, its just hidden. So if you are losing 30 lp per loss and you had 20 lp at the beginning, your first loss will bring you to 0(actually -10) and second loss will briing you to 0(actually -40), resulting in demote. Meanwhile if you are losing 15 lp per loss, after you hit 0 you need at least 3 losses in a row to demote. Or maybe its something else entirely.
What your saying would make sense, but I have dropped to 0 Lp in the past and lost 3 games after and still didn't get demoted. This didn't happen within that protection period that you receive after gaining a rank... Your protected for 10 games after ranking. I would just like more consistency.
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