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: are you on the new beta client? or the legacy one?
On the beta. Works fine in the legacy client.
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: We're not asking for special treatment. We're asking to be treated s equals. We all have our stories of adc's who yell at us and call us failures because we accidentally (or not by accident if the adc isn't in range to get it) taking a kill. And we're not required to buy sightstone. You're not allowed to report for someone not buying an item.
I like to blanket the river with vision. I enjoy sightstone and control wards. Why is this such an issue?
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: If you don't declare your champ.....
I agree completely. I NEVER declare. I want people to ban who they want and I will play a champ that works from there. If you are a one trick pony, then you better declare. Although all too often people will ban them anyways because they either are pricks or they just NEVER want to take a chance on playing against that champ.
: Lets appreciate this one new feature in the alpha client
the alpha is an interesting departure
: I had an Acer Intel 4400 laptop (paid $600) and played on my bed for all my games up until tonight with my new gaming desktop😁
My current laptop was given to me, it shipped with windows vista on it to give any idea about age. It now runs Windows 10 fine.
Mozhu (NA)
: I think you should stick to desktops, they run games better and besides.. Good posture is important. _____________________________ It may not be proven but I am sure that a person with good posture will likely do better in game than a person slouching or slumping in bed or on a couch.
I know desktops are overall better for gaming. I need to replace my laptop anyways and thought might go ahead and get more utility out of it. Not a complete replacement for gaming on my desktop. Might just go a laptop for general use though
: and then there is master tier yi cowsep. 6 item yi is scarey as fuck esp if he builds tanky. he can melt tanks and squishys like they are nothing also split push an take towers like no1 else. i think yi is fine and im glad he is not in any of my games cause i hate his guts.
When you become on with the champ, you can do anything. Not to mention even Cowsep has said that team comp and team play is important with yi now. He isn't just the come out of the jungle after 15 minutes and nuke the opposing team guy anymore. Doesn't make him useless though.
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: nsa has large database, everything will be recorded for later analysis
Kuzja1 (NA)
: ADC's refuse to let supports farm
I feel NOT last hitting is a waste, fine you don't want me to push the wave, I get it. I WILL last hit when you back, and I will reset the wave to improve our position for when you get back to lane. If you notice, high elos do that too.
: This autofill thing is going great... now i get autofilled supports that never support....GJ!
I used to main support, now I go jungle mostly, why do people hate it? I just wanted to broaden my skillset... wait, I must have skill first.
: Yeah I am sure playing against bots is the same as playing against humans.
intermediate bots can be more difficult than normals often times.
Eedat (NA)
: Why can't people accept the rank they are at?
I am bronze V. I have way over 100 games at Bronze V. I have bounced to Bronze IV. I am bronze V because I lose alot of games. I think I am about 40%. I am trying new roles to see if I can work things out. I was support main, was ok at it. I am comfortable with mid, am working on jungle now. I am here because I lose. Please everyone that has an issue with not being challenger realize it is because they lose, that simple. You win and move up, you lose and go down. Deal with it or move on to Tetris.
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: Start allowing players to play ranked before level 30, Normals experience is antifun
No bots, less smurfs in ranked?? Are we talking about League of Legends here????
: Creating an Amateur LCS League
are we able to do this even with full time jobs that require our primary attention?
Ladrac (EUNE)
: we need more supports
Played against a WW support. They kicked ass after lvl 6.
BoeBu (EUNE)
: For all bronze/low silver players
Ah warding. I am now working jungle more as I have support maimed for awhile. I am not sure of the sightstone on junglers now. I do get vision wards and use my trinket wards whenever possible. No one else does though, saddens me.
Fegone (NA)
: How about you just don't play ranked for 1 week, and get the same effect? That way you get what you want and don't project your viewpoints on everyone else.
: {{champion:53}}
I main supp and anymore just don't care for blitz. I don't bother banning him. He is too easily mitigated. Just stay near your minions, and when his animation starts, walk sideways.
Aír (NA)
: For God's Sake please increase tower damage...
turret damage should be based on %hp and %armor damage. I believe that three consecutive hits from a turret should kill any champ at any point during the game.
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: Can I sue my ISP for the trouble I'm in now?
You tend to get that punishment after more than one issue. You can sue for anything, doesn't mean it will get you anywhere. It seems you reacted possibly a little harshly for the circumstances. Stating you want them to die because your internet dropped might indicate you may need to relax a bit. Just my opinion.
: I am so bad and people threaten to report me... what should I do?
I understand that ranked gives more competition. I would recommend to just play normals to work on your mechanics. I don't recommend the 'one trick pony' way, but either way, if you are struggling this much in ranked, do normals until you are consistent. Just don't give up. Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to take a few steps forward.
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J0ckyKing (EUNE)
I never declare I champ I intend to play. I just wait till my turn to pick and pick my champ since which chap i declare means nothing anyways.
: [opinion] why are sand soldiers invincible? They should tank for their king and be attackable
is there a truly reasonable argument against this idea? Clones can be used to tank damage and are targetable. So why shouldn't the sand soldiers be treated like them?
rescued (NA)
: I'm a support main, and roaming is so important. But the times I play ADC (my second role), there are those rare occasions my support will take my cs, push waves when I'm gone (I ask nicely for them to just freeze it) and then they said "fuck you" and leave lane. I report them then. I don't care if they roam otherwise.
I got bitched at for "roaming" at lvl 3. I wait till I have the gold to get a sightstone and vision wards, then I back and ward the river on my way back bot. My adc evidently didn't realize that when I said I was going to ward river then come bot, it meant don't go all in on both opponents before I get there. They then just complained the rest of the game that my roaming is what lost us the game.
: Gj? Who the hell says Gj to a sup? Its normally "Stop feeding Leo your like 0/5/27 with 39 CS. Do something you fucking noob. Be like Caitlyn shes 16/0/3" This is what support complements look like.
then you get a kill and they complain that you didn't give them the kill.
Shadòw (EUW)
: If you don't want to build a Sightstone, don't play Support.
the issue is that people don't like the idea of being a position that isn't meant to get kills. Everyone wants to melt someone and as support you are suppose to go utility. In the long run it helps, but most want that big powerful build. The reason they go utility builds on the supports is because that is the best for the long run. Notice that most pro games don't have a tremendous about of kills especially early. Patience is the key. This from a bronze support main of course.
: I've had to climb out of bronze every season I've played in (4, 5 and 6); provisionals in new seasons always dump me in bronze. Randomonium gave a lot of good advice in his answer. Let me stress this additional point, and I'll note it comes from my challenger coach: "Don't die. I know it sounds stupid, but really, it's the most important thing. If you're dead [I'm an ADC], you're not dealing damage or getting gold and XP. If you're not getting gold or XP, you're falling behind. If you're not dealing damage for your team, you're not fulfilling your role. Worse, you're giving gold and XP to the enemy team. So it's really, really important not to die." Another important note: if your opposing botlane gets a kill or two and they're ahead, the answer is not to try to kill them to catch up. They're ahead, and will have an easier time killing you. Farm, and wait for them to get overconfident and mess up. THEN kill them. If they never get overconfident and mess up, they might be the strongest people on the opposing team. In that case, stalling them lets the better people on your team get ahead of the worse people on their team. {{champion:51}}
A big issue in bronze, and I am guilty of it as well, is not realizing that it is often times best to back and regenerate rather than stay in the battle and probably die. You always think you can just make THAT play, but in our ranking you probably can't. Is best to just head back and then come back to lane or the battle zone fully recharged rather than with 5hp. Alas, I am rather guilty of this myself. Also, if you are bot, then remember to just back off alittle when your lane partner backs and you are 2v1.
: Can we have an actual feel for the difference between bronze, silver, and gold?
I am god, the problem is riot is just in denial about it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: WOW got their movie where is ours?
perhaps a movie about how league was created and how it went from a geek dream to a massive international sporting event? Unfortunately Tron stole the show idea of having someone transported into the game and playing for their life.
: Doesn't matter if it's a Ranked game or a Custom game. If a player isn't ENJOYING playing it, if the match they're in feels like a CHORE rather than a good experience, then it's fine. Winning but not having fun? Play. Having fun but losing? Play. Losing and not having fun? Afk. You can't expect someone to sit there for 30-40 minutes playing a game they aren't enjoying, any other game they could just turn off EDIT Also I don't know what planet you live on but the enemies never throw, not even in Bronze. If they do it's what, 1 in 100 games?
if normals, fine, if ranked, don't play if you aren't in it to win it.
: Is it just me, or are super minions a bit too strong?
Turrets need a buff on damage they give. It should be proportional to armor the same way the dragons levels are in relation to champ levels. I think that super minions should get a boost of armor and damage if all three inhibs are down.
: PSA: Playing an off-meta support is not trolling
Malphite is off meta? I have nearly 80% win rate with malphite support. If someone is going freakishly off meta, don't do it in ranked first.
: You do realize that supports can buy non-damage items, right? I can think of a few reasons why supports would rather spend their limited gold income on other support items rather than buying a sightstone. The wards that the trinkets offer the team should be enough to grant the whole team vision if everyone freaking remembered to use them, which they often don't. Talking as a support main that always buys sightstone, I'm starting to get annoyed at people who only see supports as ward bots and don't take responsability for warding when they literary have access to them FOR FREE.
That is all we are as supports. We are there for vision. So only 4 total wards ( 3 stealth and a pink ward) are the ideal amount.
: No more bronze Flashing!
It is meant to be somewhat skillful. You can either do it or not. Making it simply easier doesn't teach you how to do it. It just takes practice. Why is everyone's solution to just make things easier?
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Can we remove lee sin's ability to flash during his ult animation?
Why does lee need more counter play? I think counter play against him is fine.
: So support players, give me, the Abusive Top Lane player a reason why you don't have a sightstone.
I get upset when as a support main I do my normal thing of waiting till I have enough gold to back first and get sightstone and at least 1 pink ward, then head to ward the river. Only to have the adc complain that I am roaming at lvl 3 and leaving them to die. I tell them i am going to ward the river and then head to the bot lane. They then decide they just need to keep pushing into the two opponents while I am trying to lay a visual defense against ganks. Just give me a damn minute to lay the wards and I will be right down there. Vision is life.
HibHib (NA)
: My girlfriend died today
While we may lose those we love, we will never lose the love we have for them.
Caítlyn (NA)
: If Jin can 100-0 someone with only his ult
cait is guaranteed to hit something, jhin is not.
: > [{quoted}](name=blkh1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Qhsuy7W1,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-01T03:41:18.506+0000) > > yea, we won't talk about that. > > and god forbid they might ward. Ward? Wtf is a ward?
I saw it in a league discussion once. Thought I might just mention it.
: Petition to make Rengar wiggle his butt when there's a pounce-able target near his bush
: My first game after two week ban. Six extremely toxic players, 2.5 afks.
I actually had a game where I was Naut tonight and we had an afk and still won. Oh it feels good, but damn I hate the fking afk's.
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