: Eternals Feedback Thread: Set 1 Uniques
So first I'll say the obligatory comment of saying this doesn't feel like payed content yet, we as the community do want to give you our money but we want it to be worth it. also please don't put these in chests, Apex had them as chest rewards and they just felt so bad to get a tracker for a character i don't play or care about, if they must go in chests make sure i can pick who they go to, like instead of giving me a {{champion:89}} eternal give me a tank one so i can use it on a tank of my choice. that would feel a little better. Now onto my review of eternals! I'll only be looking at champions i have at 5+ or have been trying to raise up higher, since i feel i understand what matters to them. sorry in advanced for the long post {{champion:266}} 1: feels good, makes sense and encourages playing him right. not very exciting but it works 2: it's ok... i personally don't like champion kills but i'll give this a pass since it requires aatrox to be in a certain state 3: its good, nothing too fancy but it works well with the first eternal or generally requires help to accomplish overall hes fine, not great, not bad. {{champion:32}} 1: exactly as it should be 2: kinda a boring tracker. "hit enemies with ability" doesn't feel unique to amumu or really to any champion. add the long range cast to it and it will become more interesting. 3: its good, except i can easily abuse this tracker by sitting at the raptor camp and using them to reset the cd {{champion:136}} 1: i think its good, encourages him to roam. but again if people are just trying to get credit i can just E before i get a solo kill or a gank 2: this is another tracker that's "hit enemy with ability" its not unique to any champion. how about instead track enemies knocked back from R, or even multiple enemies stunned by Q would be better 3: i'm not a fan of this one either, its basically hit enemies with abilities. not really sure what to do with this one, but its not feeling great right now {{champion:268}} 1: it's fine. i approve 2: yea its pretty good, but it still feels like hit enemies with ability. but i like it slightly more 3: not something i'd expect from his eternals so i'm happy to see it {{champion:432}} 1: why just enemy champions? this isn't only an offensive ability so it shouldn't be tracked as such 2: feels obvious but good 3: meh, i would rather have take downs 10-15 seconds after E. but its probably better as is since i use it more as a mobility spell to help collect chimes {{champion:201}} 1: exactly what i'd expect 2: also good 3: good so far my favorite set, they all are good stats to track on a character and feel mostly unique {{champion:31}} 1: yup i was hoping he would get total R stacks tracked 2: yea its fine 3: why limit aoe abilities to track if they hit at all? make more track multi hits {{champion:28}} 1: sure its fine 2: i feel its terrible. this is something generic that can be tracked on almost any character. stay away from these 3: love it. one of the most satisfying parts of her kit {{champion:3}} 1: i'm actually ok with this one being just hits rather than multi hits. 2: no. bad. stop tracking if i hit my spells. 3: its good. {{champion:41}} 1: good interesting gameplay stat to track 2: yes keep it. tracking bonus gold is very nice 3: also yes keep it another good set of eternals {{champion:150}} 1: yup keep it. 2: not really a fan... but its ok (would picking up mega gnar's boulder count? sorry weird technical question) 3: the overall purpose of the ability doesn't feel like it lends itself to just move around faster. sure it does that but theres other factors to track, like the AS buff {{champion:104}} 1: just get kills with ult is boring. add the long range tracker and maybe its better? 2: i actually like it a lot. it encourages healthy gameplay and spell weaving 3: the language used on this one sounds a little weird, but as always ill say stop tracking if my ability hits. its supposed to hit anyways {{champion:420}} 1: i'll give this kill tracker a pass because like aatrox it requires the champ to be in a certain state 2: no. that just tracking if my spell hit. track if i kill it 3: ok that's fine {{champion:39}} 1: yes its good 2: perfect and unique to her kit 3: was expecting something with her E but i like this more {{champion:202}} 1: i like it and yet i'm breaking my own rule of not using trackers to see if my spell hit 2: yes good 3: kinda good... {{champion:145}} 1: yes i like it. encourages her aggressive playstyle 2: as it should be 3: also yes. all good here. kinda reminds me of Braum's eternals but they all work {{champion:38}} 1: its good. i'm really happy you didn't just use a distance tracker on his R 2: yes! also a good reminder to people it actually interrupts! 3: also good. i approve surprisingly good trackers on Kassadin. good job {{champion:10}} 1: its actually really good, but i'd like to see it also track something like if i gain an assist through it. so if i ult a friend but they kill the target before it actually deals any damage 2: no. why would you track a spell's kills, especially if it deals execute damage? 3: meh, would've preferred a tracker for Q {{champion:85}} 1: perfect tracker. i love it 2: not a fan. i can't miss this spell, and it tries to force me to last hit with it 3: doesn't feel like that's what should be tracked. maybe instead track all enemies ran through (minions and monsters included) {{champion:203}} 1: yes. much like Cho'gath's tracker i approve 2: it's purpose isn't for travel, why track it like that? 3: yes love it. i was hoping this would be one {{champion:127}} 1: yup it works for her 2: actually i approve of this, despite it kinda breaking my rule of tracking if an ability hits 3: its fine... i was hoping we would see some sort of a combo tracker, like an E+W combo {{champion:90}} 1: not a fan, there's better things to track 2: i like it, how many voidlings have i made? 3: instead of dot damage (which makes it sound like it would track damage from liandries torment as well) track my dot uptime. how long have a kept E going? if there's enough enemies or enough hp it never has to fall off {{champion:57}} 1: multi hits are better for aoe spells 2: while i like combo trackers, this is too easy of a combo. W cant be missed and sets up Q to be almost impossible to miss 3: yes this is a good one {{champion:56}} 1: its good, except i might extend the duration the tracker times. but it's fine as it is 2: yup i approve 3: kinda interesting... not bad. maybe you could track how far the shadow trails from Q become? just a thought {{champion:78}} 1: yup perfect and unique 2: terrible. don't use this one. instead track something like E stuns. 3: i actually kinda like it. its a fun tracker {{champion:133}} 1: normally no, but in this case yes because of how important roaming with R is to her gameplay 2: its fine, it can stay 3: the purpose isn't to travel. instead track how often i find someone with W {{champion:497}} 1: yup its good, keep it 2: yes it can stay 3: yes, thank you for having a multi target on this {{champion:92}} 1: not really a fan. would rather track how often i stun or knock up someone 2: actually an interesting tracker. keep it 3: why not track the damage blocked from it? {{champion:14}} 1: could be a multi hit tracker. 2: sounds fun 3: yes please {{champion:16}} 1: i like it. keep this around 2: not bad... i personally would've preferred a self healing tracker from Q 3: sounds pretty good. especially in hectic team fights where you have to heal everyone left and right {{champion:50}} 1: its fine. maybe track the healing received from it instead 2: perfect tracker. actually unique 3: yes its a good one {{champion:223}} 1: yes that would be great. i have saved my idiot friends so many times and i would love to see how much 2: yes i approve. 3: kinda boring... {{champion:163}} 1: yes i love the combo trackers 2: surprised me with this one. i like this hit enemies with spells because it requires a little more 3: ehhh its fine... {{champion:91}} 1: perfect kinda tracker for an assassin 2: kinda good? idk not that excited about it 3: i like it even though a lot of the time a full combo is enough to kill a squishy {{champion:412}} 1: nope. don't track if i landed the ability. what if this one tracked if they died during the stun? so it actually tracks if it was a "death sentence" 2: yes its pretty good 3: oh lord here comes the thresh memes. but in all honesty i like it {{champion:23}} 1: yes, like i've said on other champs if the tracker requires me to be in a certain state its good 2: yes. i was honestly expecting something about how far i traveled with E (please don't do that 3: yes! something critical for this character {{champion:110}} 1: i'm ok with this because it requires a fully drawn Q. but i still think multi hits is better 2: there's the multi hit! 3: yes a very good tracker for varus {{champion:45}} 1: love the passive stacks trackers 2: i'm mostly ok with it... i saw someone else comment that it creates unhealthy gameplay and i agree, but i dont like the idea of a tracker of if i got a kill from R. that can go on almost any champ 3: im a fan. put them in the cage! {{champion:254}} 1: yay a long range tracker! 2: interesting... i really like this but i have questions about it. do Q and R count as punches? 3: yup that's a good one {{champion:112}} 1: yea its fine because it feels like its more than just "hit enemies with spells" 2: not a fan of R kill trackers 3: yea this one is ok {{champion:106}} 1: feels pretty specific. like the only way to progress it is to use it the moment i flip them with Q 2: this is good. its specific which i like. although you don't always want to do that. but i still approve of it 3: yay the unkillable bear tracker! {{champion:101}} 1: not a fan. 2: it's a given on the sniper mage but it's good 3: yes. make me be accurate ok i have more notes but i've apparantly reached the text limit so i'll leave it at this. i hope i was helpful in identifying what the issues with eternals are
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