Myrmiron (EUW)
: Lmfao that's insane! Does the shield persist or does it break after some time?
it slowly decays over time but since the shield is so large it actually takes quite some time to fully decay.
: Ya know I've been getting huge shields from Overheal since the last patch. I was chilling in lane last hitting ready to back and Alistar last hit like 3-4 minions with his targons and proced his passive. I had a shield the size of like half my hp. I think they messed overheal up this patch. Did Anivia have overheal? I checked your match history, that Anivia is abusing it. Overheal is bugged right now and I bet her passive heals her for like 1 million HP.
Yea he did have overheal that match. I don't really understand why an anivia would have overheal but the way he acted made it seem like this was his first time experiencing it. He also had no overheal anivia games before the one I played with him. But yea I also think that overheal is bugged and there is some weird interaction between overheal and anivia passive to make it so that anivia gets an insane shield whenever she goes into passive.
Blocks (NA)
: This just happened to me in one of my games and i was so confused.
everyone in my game including the anivia player was so confused lol
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