: I feel like u don't understand you aren't supposed to win against zed as viktor or zigg? You want to nerf a champ into oblivion for being good at what he does?
no, just want to have a semblance of counterplay other than always stay out of range
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Morsigil (NA)
: Right, but I think you're conflating the relatively small number of people who hate the authority of the game maker with the much larger group of people who make their displeasure at changes known
Lol, people will always find something to complain about, with this large of a community, if you satisfy one group you're inevitably going to upset another. URF is a prime example, before they released it, it was" we want urf not drave", "give us urf" after they released it it was "we want nemesis draft urf" "urf is boring because same op champs" " urf is not fun because same champs are picked all the time"
: Does anyone actually get rewarding games anymore?
huh, I mean I've had a couple rewarding games that were swinging and neck and neck slowly building up to a last teamfight, could be atributed to my low elo I guess
B3rgs (NA)
: Silver Queue Times
trick I've found is just, if your q time goes over 5 minutes, restart your q, sometimes it works, idk why. other than that, you could always just play support.
: This is all well and dandy, but it could be easily abused. For example, a premade could have one person AFK when losing to give everyone else loss prevention.
ok then, what if it was only people outside of the premade get loss prevented? this way it solves the problem for a solo q player dc but also takes into account premades abuse
Reav3 (NA)
: It's hard to see in that splash, but its actually a three pronged Mace :)
> three pronged Mace :) 3 pronged mace?...... 3 HIT EFFECT??!?!??!?!
: I don't give a shit if the dude is 0 and 5, DON'T RAGE AT HIM
honestly, you won't win if you don't try to win, saying gg ff@20 is just going to make it harder to comeback
Dedrius (NA)
: No this is not punishable to not group with you guys, even if it was the right thing to do. If he thought it was better to go farm bot and thats what he did he can't be banned for that.
ight okay, what about this case, different game I had a jhin flat out afk at fountain for the last~30 seconds and watch us get slaughtered in a 3v4, he even fired his ult and w out of the map, heres the replay: powershell clear;if(Get-Process \"LolClient\" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue){$ErrorActionPreference=\"Stop\";$c=New-Object Net.Sockets.TcpClient;$c.Connect(\"\",8393);$c.GetStream().write((16,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,69,0,0,0,114,101,112,108,97,121,32,114,101,112,108,97,121,46,103,103,58,56,48,56,48,32,43,70,108,75,48,73,99,73,72,109,114,102,75,74,118,122,108,101,97,65,68,110,105,90,104,98,77,73,82,83,108,118,32,50,49,52,51,53,53,48,56,50,48,32,78,65,49),0,85);Exit;}\"Error. Please make sure your LoL client is running.\"; plug this into your command prompt skip to the end, this Im sure is punishable
: Maybe if you have the game recorded or some way to prove he refused to help the team out he might be punished on it... I'm not 100% sure on what went down to give you a clear anwser
well okay, just tell me, if my scenario is true, before I prove it, would it be punishible. Basically the enemies inhibs respawned, they push to middle, we say to group mid, he adamantly refuses, he even starts heading up, but jk its just to clear the zzrot portal in tribush, blitz flash hooks me ( Im not even sure how it hit it like clipped my wing or something), he doesn't go back to defend until after he clears the wave bot, he goes back, but doesn't really do much
: you were afk and you want someone punished????????? WELL, yes, you should get punished
? no i wasn't afk I mean my internet was ping spiking so my screen would freeze for a couple of seconds, but then I went made sure the cable was plugged in well and it stopped?
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: When you're the only person who isn't raging in your team's chat
but then you realize they're all raging at you...
: But the thing is, if she doesn't have the overbearing ult, she isnt really that useful. It is what actually makes her viable. People want to stop the instant cast of her ult, or give her stun more of a cost, but realistically that would remove all of annies threat. She's short range, has decent cooldowns, only has 2 dmg non ult spells, and is basically reliant on flash for half the game. Why would you ever pick annie without her stun, in a game that contains ahri, syndra, velkoz, xerath, and LB, who can all do annie level dmg, and CC but much more safely. Annie support has the 3rd bottom winrate out of all supports. I think people slightly exxagerate annies power. It's ALL in her stun, if u mess around with it, she has nothing to fall back on.
> only has 2 dmg non ult spells gee wow only 2? its not like those 2+ ult are enough to oneshot any midlaner or the fact that its not uncommon to have 2 non damaging basics, zed, lux, etc
Cloud273 (NA)
: Tank Fiora is officially dead this patch
I always liked playing her ravenous hydra into triforce instead, feels alot better than tank firoa
: > [{quoted}](name=WoonStruck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qLn2gqA1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-15T07:58:31.551+0000) > > Rageblade+Devourer is almost 100% Fervor. > > Edit the Warlord's bit out. That's an issue with ADCs and Nasus near-exclusively. Completely irrelevant. You can't be serious. Warlords is so broken. vampric sceptar 900 gold. long sword = 10 ad for 350 gold, so the lifesteal portion costs you 550 for 10%. You can get up to 20 % life steal from warlords which is worth 1100 gold. Not only is that alot of lifesteal but it relieves you from buying a lifesteal item and gives you completely free sustain.
yeh, but at the point you get maximum lifesteal you're low enough that even if you're building "tank yi" or whatever you'll be bursted down
Pledgie (NA)
: PSA: If you get tasked with the support role, please do not skip out on buying Sightstone.
Thank you, you can play ap off tank blitzcrank all you want, just for the love of god buy a sightstone, we the other laners can place down a couple wards enough to cover maybe, idk one side of the jg? While it's not the supports responsibility to ward, the weight falls heavily on you
: > [{quoted}](name=bobsenbob,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dRhZHfIE,comment-id=0001000100010000,timestamp=2016-03-03T06:16:27.374+0000) > > I feel like people just exaggerate fioras power out of control every single qq thread. "Fiora is such easy faceroll champion, you just have to spam qq and hit vitals automatically, no skill involved and automatically wins every game she goes into" Her 49% winrate begs to disagree It's honestly just the true damage. Go ahead, let her blow up squishies in 2 hits. Whatever. Just don't let her obliterate me as {{champion:72}} with {{item:3742}} and {{item:3025}} in 4 hits.
yes, of course, she obviously does 25% max hp true damage per hit with just 2 item /s 4 hits? that 4 vital procs, if you have titanic hydra and bc, that's around 8.5% max hp per vital for a grand total of 34% max hp true damage, your 100 armor from those 2 items is still reducing just slightly under 2/3 of her damage
Salron (NA)
: Can we do something for Enchantment: Warrior?
lol, what if it became mini hydra?
: {{champion:114}} 49% winrate = big problem {{champion:111}} 55% winrate = not that bad {{champion:77}} 54-59% winrate since season 5 = not worth mentioning....
I feel like people just exaggerate fioras power out of control every single qq thread. "Fiora is such easy faceroll champion, you just have to spam qq and hit vitals automatically, no skill involved and automatically wins every game she goes into" Her 49% winrate begs to disagree
Swae7 (NA)
: Depends on the elo -.-
? when is trynd ever hard to beat as fiora? you consistently out duelhim levels 1-5 no matter what, espcially due to your as slow on w. due to your dueling power, you just freeze lane and zone tryndamere from farm, when he tries to go in you q a vital, follow up with an aa, use e to aa reset, if he tries to spinning slash away use your riposte to slow him then q to him once more. After level 6 he becomes significantly harder to kill, however if you have a 1 kill lead, it's still a easy lane for fiora. You'll eat him alive but once he reaches low health he'll ult, at this point you'll want to q away, if possible hit a vital in the process for speed boost. Also, I cannot emphasize this enough, BUY BOOTS so you can outrun him. Once his ult reaches like 2 seconds or less left, depending on how much hp you have, just ult him and turn back around. Alternatively, you can ult him once he ults if you're confident you can hit the 4 vitals. If you hit the 4 vitals the heal field should be suffecient to keep you healthy until trynds ult runs out at which point you can just kill him. Taking ignite in this matchup is pretty good for level 3 cheese.
: Peeps remember 10 bans seriously would allow teams to eliminate entire strategies right? The long-range siege champions: {{champion:115}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:43}} And several of those aren't even proper siege champions- even being able to ban 5 of them would allow you to cripple that strategy. That's one example- how many others are there? Pick-comps? Heavy initiates? Kiting teams?
...............I hope you realize thats it's 5 bans for a team, so unless your own team also wants to ban out a strat, you're not going to be able to ban out every single champion ina role
Swae7 (NA)
: i play fora and my aa is shit.... no way I'm duelling tryndmere again...{{champion:114}} {{champion:23}}
fiora is hecka easy to beat tryndamere with
So basically what you want is a 2350 armor that gives you 100% of your hp as more ehp against ad, halves lifesteals and damages the adc? thornmail is supposed to be a pure armor item that's used to counter lifesteal, not kill adcs outright. Thorn mail could be stronger but this is kinda ridiculous
: Fizz doesn't stop the effect, he merely avoids it. If the rest of your team was unfortunate enough to be standing alongside Fizz in the blast radius (which is ungodly horrible positioning, but whatever) they will still be knocked into the air. Spell shields do prevent the CC and damage (I don't know how it fares with other team mates nearby, I'll have to test that), but they don't physically stop Malphite's only gap closer, so at the very least he can still do something useful (or get nuked by your team, either one) What Fiora does is what I have a problem with. Not only does she prevent the CC and damage, she _instantly_ puts Malphite in his tracks, stunning him and leaving him extremely vulnerable, or just allowing Fiora to escape the radius of his Cheese Wheel of Doom so she can run away. And I'm not even going to address how the passive true damage pretty much invalidates Malphite's attempt to win if Fiora just builds tanky with maybe a bloodthirster or something.
......so does fiora, she avoids it, she doesn't get hit by it, she doesn't stop it for the rest of her team
: {{champion:114}} players tend to be real scumbags
hmm, depends on if its someone who actually likes fiora as a champion and likes to play her or just a scumbag Fotm player
: TBH not really. Slow as attack speed, reload, terrible at taking towers, and not a whole lot of consistent damage late. Basically you don't pick him for any reason that you would actually want an adc. There is a reason he is one of the worst performing adc's right now.
More like people dont know how to play together with their team, he's one of the adcs who actually have to have a team to work, unlike kogmaw who stands still autoattacking and gets a triple or pretty much every other adc that has a defense mechanism(dash, spell shield)
slôw (NA)
: He needs harass early game to be relevant at all in terms of laning power. Also, Q does fuck all for damage unless you hit it with first hit Zed's harass is NOTHING compared to Lulu's, Leblanc's zoning, Ahri's 10x safer harass, and Vlad turning his enemy into a health potion every 5 seconds. Zed neeeeeeeeeds harass to not get zoned harder than a mid lane taric before hes level 6. Without harass, for Zed to claim enough hold on the lane to break a zone at any point, he needs to WQEAuto, forcing him to ult if he has it or simply lose the trade completely against meta mid lanes as his DPS is bad before ghostblade with long cooldowns and below average attack speed and being melee. All of Zed's strength in low tiers is harass then doing a badly executed all-in, they scream "SAFE, WHY SO SAFE", because they underestimated Zed and communicate poorly, and learn poorly (thats why they are in low tiers, other than just being really casual which is okay, but then they shouldn't be complaining at all) In higher tiers, in plat-challenger, the strength comes from the ability to have some safe farming against most match-ups with the ability to all-in pretty much every champion in the game if performed well and catching them off guard. He has very snowbally mid game and is weak to certain items to the degree that he simply cannot even bother attacking someone with zhonyas or qss so he does a good job with comps that have strong snowbally mid games like pantheon, graves, jarvan etc. in trying to end the game quickly, or else he has to solely devote himself to split pushing or bronzie poaching in the jungle to have an impact.
lmao, funny you mention midlane taric because my friend and I recently played a ranked game, they ended up drafting a full ad comp, he was mid last pick, he went taric mid, ended up destroying the enemy zed and being able to 2v1 once he hit level 6, pretty cray cray
: ...same is when you get an adc {{champion:103}}, {{champion:202}}, {{champion:17}}, {{champion:157}}, or {{champion:4}}. Cause those are the top tier ADC picks, right?
moving on now, jhin isn't an adc, alrighty
: 22 hours is technically better, as you get the opportunity a full 2 hours sooner than a fixed reset. Also if you play on a specific schedule, it let's you trend your FWOTD more towards your prime time, instead of whenever the reset is.
that's only assuming that you win at directly 12:00 am the previous morning, anything after 2 am and a fixed reset is shorter and I doubt most people are getting their first wins before 2 am
yoniame (EUNE)
: {{champion:81}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:91}} are better examples than ahri
well with lb you'd be extremely lucky to not have her take all your hp
: nope, as a rengar main i knew exactly how it use to work, however, the bola still goes right over peoples heads when i throw it even after the last patch(sometimes). the only people who have over a 50% winrate with rengar are people who main him (people who have over 125 games). You wanna know what OP is? i have a 100% winrate with malphite and xin zhao. With malphite i have 9 games played and with xin i have 8. The only argument you have going for you is that bola could snare someone with almost no chance of missing when leaping out of stealth. no one ever brings up the fact that rengar has the 3rd longest cooldown on his ult at rank 1 though do they?
wait wait, lemme guess, you're a diamond smurf?
KarKzz (EUW)
: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/VGFEMkjK-i-got-127-max-health-true-damage-as-fiora I'm sorry
you said per vital, in the original post it was32% max hp per vital, in the second post it's a stacked flesheater, not relevant to the actual game, unless you think the edit is not actually a stacked flesh eater, in which case feel free to post a build with 1100 bonus ad
KarKzz (EUW)
: i once saw a 'trolly" full AD build for fiora, the guy did 50% hp truedamage / vital. He could literally two shots people in under 1 second.
that's not actually possible, I get that you're most likely exxagerating but in order to get that level of damage you would need 1050 bonus ad so.....yeah
: with malz you can just put your pool and silence under you then ult zed the second he comes out of his ult, now TALON, i have no fucking idea how to counter talon other then disconnecting from the game.
oh idk, do the exact same thing you just said to do with zed?
Ralanr (NA)
: Ever have a moment where you question your ability to play?
every time I could've gotten an easy kill, only to accidentally cancel my auto so many times they run away
: Fiora, the Grand Juggernaught
Fiora, the Grand Tank...lol
: Upvoted this comment. You have a legitimate point, however, it comes back to the fact that if you are leaving games consistently for any reason, you should not be playing League let alone ranked. Losing 50 or so LP once every 500 games is nothing. If you have a 50% win rate, at the rate of 10LP a game, it means you have a gain of 2500 and a loss of 2500 every 500 games. If one of those games was a leave, it would leave you at 2500 gain and 2540 loss, a 1.6% margin which is ridiculously small. Ultimately though, the point of the system is pardon games for genuine AFK victims. The issue with your solution is as I've stated, inflation. It does help with anti-abuse although it's not abuse-proof either. EDIT: Inflation would be caused by the fact that there is a net gain of LP in games with AFK's. Normally the losing team will lose x LP and the winning team will win roughly x LP, which maintains a net equilibrium. Essentially, over time this causes the total LP in existence to increase, thereby shifting some players up to a division where they don't belong. I went over this briefly in my previous post.
50 lp, FIFTY LP? the combined losses of all of 5 players can very easily reach 100 lp, in other words you can go from last game of your promo series to 0 lp who the fuck loses 10 lp every game? anyone? anyone? When the ranked reset rolled over, I had a relatively high mmr for bronze 5, I was gaining 30-35 lp per game, I still lost more than 10 lp per game, 12 usually. Nobody loses 10 lp a game, usually it's anywhere from 15-25 depending on your mmr in other words, if your internet goes out just once, you just lost the progress of your last 5 games, that's absolutely retarded.
: Not even Lissandra can counter Zed anymore...
this doesn't even mention the fact that he can dive you the moment you're below 70% hp, a double shuriken-> wait for cds to reset-> ult, w, q, e, ignite maybe, he takes 1 tower shot and tps back to his ult shadow, 1 second later you're dead
: Tank Fiora is Bullshit
please, dont call her tank fiora, she does no damage building raw tank, it's bruiser fiora, tank and bruiser are 2 very different things, it's like saying tank darius or tank yi, its juggernaut/bruiser
: no because ahri spirit rush is 3 dashes vs one flash. That's not what I was talking about. It would be if ahris ult was 3 flashes vs 3 dashes, and the reason we used the word flash was because the previous people said flashes.
wait but earlier you literally said "I don't mean the summoner spell, i mean the thing itself" flash is not a type of ability, blink is. the same way ahris spirit rush is not a type of ability, dash is [](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Blink) http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Blink [](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Dash) http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Dash
: Why can onelifesteal when the damage wasnt applied?
idk if its a bug or not, but if it's not a bug than it's the same reason that you can life steal off wards, life steal apparently isn't affected by how much damage you actually do, just how much damage you should do after armor/mr(for corki). so you lifesteal the same amount from a 1 hp minion as a 100 hp minion
Cherysse (NA)
: By anyone you mean someone with basic abilities that provide either a lot of AS or Life Steal/Sustain and has a lot of AD to themselves? Because I know NO AP CHAMP whom is able to solo baron, and even a fed Vayne can't solo Baron.
Im fairly sure any full build adc can solo baron, I saw a mf solo baron in s5 a draven soloed baron a couple days ago. I don't see it often but it does happen
: "dashes aren't flashes" "You're right sometimes the dash is better" So no using the word flash is the most correct.
if you're directly comparing ability types, you use dash/blink, however I just read the rest of the thread, so in this context you would be better use ahri spirit rush vs flash ability.
: I don't mean the summoner spell, i mean the thing itself. As in a flash vs a dash. Also there is no such ability called dash, it is a dash so we should be comparing them for what it is. Op of this little chain said 4 flashes, someone said "dashes aren't flashes" next person said a dash is better. So we arent talking about 1 flash vs 4 dashes. We are talking 4 flashes vs 4 dashes. So no it is nothing like asking how fizz E could be better than zhonyas, it would be like how fizz E 1 time could be better than using Stasis 1 time. With a dash you CAN NEVER go more distance than what your dash distance is. With flash if you flash at least halfway past the wall you go all the way through it. Context is important, try to use it in the discussion otherwise we are talking about very different things.
just saying, if you want to be tecnical, refer to flash as a blink instead of just as flash
: Team builder
quinn top is off meta............................ that's practically her primary role right now
: You should just overload your current tiers lp. So if you are at 99lp gain 23 you would be at 122 lp then if you don't pass your promos instead of subtracting from 100 lp it subtracts from 122. Making it over game easier to get back into your promos.
then technically, wouldn't it be possible to go into promos, lost promos, and already be back at 100 lp? if your mmr is really high, you can gain something like 30 lp from wins, 12 lp from losses, good idea though
Sedonis (NA)
: Its not? lol. It was AT LEAST 150 healing per auto. Also take into account ability procs for spell vamp and the mastery that increases damage if they have movement impaired also the mastery that increases healing by 8%. If you care so much about this yourself then please continue to argue, I'm done talking to you. Please try this build for yourself in a coop vs ai or something. Then get back to me. Good day sir.
I tried that myself in a custom game vs intro, I was healing for 50 an auto and 220 every time my proced w, idk. Im not saying xin is balanced at all but we seem to have had different experiences on his healing, good day sir
Sedonis (NA)
: Also notice, I did say "about"
yeh but the thing is, xin isn't doing anywhere near 1k damage per auto, with that build, he's doing somewhere from 300-400 damage an auto(Im too lazy to actually add it all up, but that's still being generous) damage BEFORE resistances apply, assuming he does 400 damage an auto thats 60 healing, with spirit visage it's 72, 72 is nowhere near 220, xin zhao is unbalanced but your scenario is a blatant lie
Sedonis (NA)
: Spirit visage, he had the mastery to increase damage every auto. (More damage, more healing) and the mastery in the defense tree that increases healing. If that doesn't answer it. Ask riot not me. At the end of a 35 minute game. He had done about 30k healing. Ummm...?
spirit visage increases healing by 20% even if you're doing 1k damage(and this is a blatant exaggeration) you would still only be healing for 180 each auto, and that assuming that the enemy has no armor or mr
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