: iron 4 exists and thats usually where unqualified people end up... if you are good at your champ or at least a few in a role gold is easily obtainable with time and patience but as far as playing new things, if you are bad at cs, rotations and map awareness.. you were relying on something that made your comfort picks strong
not at all what im talking about... lol just had a game in gold our top lanner never plays GP like under 1000 mastery...gets destroyed top lane then goes afk... like no duh your gonna get crapped on the enemy laner has played this matchup many times on there main and the gp had no idea what to do. Makes no sense to let peoepl play a champ they don't know in ranked teams at a huge disadvantage.
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: But what if its his best chance at wining what do you then just rek him even more
75% chance at loosing means they should pick another champ or at least hit normal and practice... if your bringing a 75% loss rate on a champ to the competitive part of the game then you should have that champ banned and you should be practicing in norms on that champ at the least or picking up another one. If I see some one with that low a score and all they do is insta lock it in ranked over and over and no normal games or anything to show they at least tried to get better why not ban it? It's obvious when some one has that low a win rate over a couple games its not chance and they just can't play that champ so it's best to have that banned and roll the dice on another... I mean even a 50/50 on an unplayed champ is better than a known 25 as you know they over estimate there ability on that one and might be more passive on one they don't play so less chance to feed!
: teammates banning your champ should be reported
at times its better to ban a team mates champ... like that guy hovering yas yet you see he has 30 games played and 25% win rate with 1.5 kda.... might as well ban that crap you know hes gonna feed on it!
heroikc (NA)
: Compensation buffs on Vayne?
They nerfed her by having her banned most times if your smart about it. Just silly atm!
: What changed in the past 7 days?
Exactly like the OP ... I was wondering if there was some school spring break or something that let the youngins out or something? The games have been so bad I came to the boards to see if it was just me making a correlation without causation or if something has been a miss!
: why can talon push wave faster then taliyah?
Don't forget most talons will rush a tiamat to be able to get that W tiamat wave clear so that they can then roam! So it's not so much that talon can wave clear that well its that hes melee and combines an aoe ability with an aoe item early to get that clear advantage to use his E to roam!
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darkdill (NA)
: There needs to be some sort of comeback mechanics pertaining to vision
Just a question.... how many team members swap to blue trinket in the situation that is being described? Ther is already a way to safely ward when you are behind and you know the enemy team might be around but how many people actually use it / swap to blue trinket in that situation? When you are behind it is becasue for one reason or the other the enemy team did something better than you, I don't believe they should be punished for that however the team that is behind shoudl need to take risks to farm or be more conservative and use the blue ward to scout out before going out to potentially dangerous territory. Comebacks should be more about outplaying, taking advantage of an enemy overstay , or trying to drag the game out more than trying to take away the advantage the other team has from beating you earlier on. If you want to go out and ward but there is a potential that the enemy team is around either don't , go out in a group, or use the ranged blue ward first!
: December sales schedule
Will the old winter skins come back on sale? Like candy cane MF , sleigh bell kata etc ? Just wondering :)
kiroland (NA)
: Riot I am very angry with you.
wait.... some one was stuck at 0 and they didnt lock in (you said their so im assuming its not you) and you think YOU lost lp ? You only loose lp if YOU dodge ... you don't loose anything if some one else does.
: Turret Plating snowballs the winning team even harder
... Laning phase is longer due to plating no if and or buts about it... it was to stop say a 10 min 4 man roam bot kill the adc and support take 1st turret then take those 4 mid get that lane dominated as well and take that turret etc etc snowball out of the game. They did that it's much harder to get that early snowball. HOWEVER There is still incentive to win the lane dominate shove to tower now and that is the gold. If you don't want "ALL THAT GOLD" to go to the enemy team then don't get beat....that is the whole point. It's risk reward.... they win lane but shove to turret and try to get that extra gold...well that means they are pushed and exposed to a gank / collapse from your team. If your team does not punish that then should they deserve to win? It was never about stopping all snowballs and just picking all late game champs to out scale an enemy team it was about stopping the 1 messup at 6mins in snowballing to 2 lanes getting dominated and the game being over ... much harder to do that now with plating and it rare to see a tower go pre plating so they got what they wanted but the team that is winning the lane still comes out ahead as they should!
: Ok I did some thinking for this recently because in bronze I encountered this while climbing
Basically what the system is saying is your game play is indicating you should not be at the level you are so you loose more than you gain as it is trying to bring your rank down to the level your playing at. Inverse if you play really well in a rank over and over you will start to get more LP (+28 etc) as they system tries to get you out of the rank and into one where the players are on the same level. When you gain 20 and loose 20 the system is basically saying this is where you belong.
: Why are normals so fucking hard?
attitude differential and peoepl trying weird shit and in general just not caring. That shoudl be how normals are compared to ranked.... ranked is where you go to try and win and do your best normals is where you try stuff and do things for the lulz .... I wish it was always like that where you didn't get the "normals" attitude in ranked...that is the worst!
: Annoyed with Riot...
Unfortunately your playing in bronze (silver is even worst believe it or not) and the amount of raging is going to be pretty damn high as some are trying to actually climb out and do well and others are just there for the lulz. The issue with the game is that ranked and normals especially in lower elo are basically one and the same. The issue then is that those in ranked trying to climb or do better are matched with those of the "its just a game bro" "get a real life man" "i can play how i want i don''t care about you" style players that treat ranked like normals. The two are quite different one is suppose to represent the competitive side of the game where you try to get better while the other is the more casual have fun and learn / try new things .... but the lower the elo the more normals and ranked attitudes blend .... ergo where much frustration by those trying to improve comes from. If there was a stricter enforcement in ranked than normals to differentiate them then maybe it woudl not happen to sucha degree but as it stands that is the state of the game!
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: The game is placing me with bad teammates in purpose so I lose and don't get to the rank I deserve
I fell ya...for me it's promo games... everythign is fine till i get to promos then autofilled and about 50 mmr difference between teams each time and we tend to get stomped....then back to the ladder and poof teams are balanced again!
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TheFortex (EUNE)
: Please no more missions like this
it works well in games like HOTS where there is a general chat that you can go out and look for other peoepl to join you but in a game like LOL where you are limited to your friends list its really REALLY stupid to have made things like "all yasuo" ... you beg pees and "sorry man im i need ziggs to finish my quest" time and again... like what were they thinking? Either come out with a general chat to organise stuff like this or don't put it out like this!
: "High silver" "Silver 5" Silver 5 is not high Silver. Silver 5 is actually the *lowest* Silver division.
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Anatera (NA)
: WoW has managed to surpass LoL in twitch viewers today.
> [{quoted}](name=Anatera,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xtBE6tau,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-02T20:11:43.118+0000) > > At time of writing, WoW has 104k viewers and League has 103k viewers. > > Still don't think there's a problem? > > And no, there isn't a tournament going on. > And no, this isn't because of the new expansion, since only one streamer is listed as doing anything new content related. did you miss the part where sodapoppin was streaming wow atm so there's like 50k from him alone lol! Edit 2 streamers make up 70k viewers for WOW atm soda and asmongold .... when 70% of the viewers are on 2 streamers I woudl not really call that wow taking over :P
: MMR doesn't take a hit though. That's what actually matters in the long run, your MMR. The LP penalty is there to deter people constantly dodging until they find the perfect team, because thats what happened when there was no dodge penalty.
O I agree there needs to be a balance so its not abused to get the team you like but the lp loss and 25 mins lock out while the troll insta joins another game penalty free is frustrating to no end! I mean they are in a game right now playing nid support.... Happy I'm not in the game with them but still my dodging did nothing to deter them from going support "for the fast queue time" and then playing whatever they feel like in ranked because "its just a game"
: Miss fortune is basically a ranged Rengar
Mf has like 3 viable runes and build options... It's kind of hard to narrow down what woudl need to be nerfed. What you seem to be describing is a darkharvest (or conq proc) Mf with lethality killing squishies. I tend to find it amusing however those that complain about it do nothing to help themselves in there builds normally.... like "OMG MF SO BROKEN WTF" yet they have no armor, didn't get tabs, no life steal etc etc they just blindly build dmg and even when behind try to out trade MF and then complain when it doesn't work... not saying that is you but generally what happens!
: Smite for Jungling
agreed it shoudl not be that hard to code that smite is auto selected for the one that is put in JG. If there is a agreed swap they can figure it out after the fact!
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: Is funnelling a symptom of assassins being too weak?
No would say it is a result of the new early snowball win in 20 mins meta. Assassins adc and tanks....basically anything that dominates late game when they get items traditionnally had to our class the planning opponent in player skill or farm late game to shine. Now if you take that item spike that puts them ahead and fast track to it through fuelling you get all the advantages of the assassin with none of the waiting for the items. Ergo the early game but galls off layer champs don't have the traditional.advatage off the late game scaler and the late game scaler is full beast mode where the early game snowballed should be dominating it. It's simply a way to skip the waiting to scale and blowing up the enemy team.... boring as fuck but a solution to the dev team having delayed the spike with many item changes ... players will aleaysbthink of creative ways to abuse changes devs make specially with the pbe testing that is done in lol.
DNFVixen (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dope Solo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EmGaPkjI,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-06-23T19:07:40.392+0000) > > More on the meta problem here: > [(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isZzgLSEXrM)] > > Why ADCs Died: League of Legends’ New Season 8 Meta Explained (Patch 8.12) > > Conqueror and bruisers {{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} > Mages fleeing mid {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} > Absence of 'late game'. Everyone should just quit the game, Riot is killing the game. We will come back once they stop fucking everything up.
> [{quoted}](name=Gentle Lynn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EmGaPkjI,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-06-23T20:17:28.281+0000) > > Everyone should just quit the game, Riot is killing the game. We will come back once they stop fucking everything up. Smells more like ghost crawler at it again...did the same to wow and once that was totally past repair he came to lol and since then what happened to wow started here !
5050BS (NA)
: They are not stuns but the hit box on them (and Lux Ult) does NOT fit the animation
> [{quoted}](name=XXXMurderPenguin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Il78a1N7,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-23T18:21:34.169+0000) > > They are not stuns but the hit box on them (and Lux Ult) does NOT fit the animation This is the biggest issue I have! Animation to hitbox makes dodging them hard at times as you seem out but still get hit....
: Tryndamere isn't played in LCS or challenger, therefore git gud, trynd isn't broken, change my mind.
Organised teams on communications are very different from silo q ranked games where at most 2 people might be on coms... an organised team will take advantage of trynds bad team fight and won't just leave him afk split or leave top to try and 1 v 1 all game. Since lsc is focused on team organisation they need more team fight team objective control characters to accomplish this. Long story short they will cc and gang bang trynd as a team and trynd will put his team at a disadvantage in that scenario.
: I have a thread up from yesterday about an idea to rework tenacity so it lowers damage while cc'd. Wondering if you have any other ideas about changes that could make tenacity more consistently useful.
I would like it if tenacity applied diminishing returns on cc much like in world of Warcraft how the applo3d it to stop things like rogue stun locks. Would be nice especially in this mage heavy meta where a could forms of stuns snares on a team is not unlikely. Would be nice if it stopped or ignored 2nd 3rd stuns etc that were close togethere removing some of the no counterplay to stunlocked to death. Just to be clear...still reduce initial cc but greatly reduce additional.cc in short sequences of time.
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Rouxful (NA)
: The main problem with your argument is using the word _troll_. The correct word is off-meta and as long as they relay to the team what they are doing it should be okay so the team can play around it. I do not agree that people who say "oops im ad main" and don't share until all of you have picked should be punishable for you though
> [{quoted}](name=Piero Isbad,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7XO5aXXX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-06T19:19:09.947+0000) > > The main problem with your argument is using the word _troll_. The correct word is off-meta and as long as they relay to the team what they are doing it should be okay so the team can play around it. I do not agree that people who say "oops im ad main" and don't share until all of you have picked should be punishable for you though In formals i can agree to go off meta and have fun im talkign about ranked specifically... had a last pick support lock in wukong today.... and just had nasus jungle not say a word just lock it in even though they never play nasus or jungle... perhaps its not troll...but it's deff not filling the role they were appointed.
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: Buff bottom tower
considering 40% of a team is bot lane and once that tower falls bot jg and mid can just 4 man shove mid id say f yes! Games can get out of hand fast if you just get 4 manned bot god forbid they tp and 5 man it then just rotate all over. I mean yea it's a somewhat risk move but freeing up 40% of the team to roam is opop!
Rioter Comments
: DC Bug
Same here was in a great game was going well then I got huge lag spike everyone in the game said the same but our adc DC'ed and didn't come back for like 10 mins (gg 4v5 could not win) . Would be nice if that game was scrapped from the record or a roll back seems like something is messing with connections... or disable ranked till it's sorted please.
: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/290dc4d9156761020da627c07ed8d1c786a094963dc1cbf97f6012f83d110cc3.png
Please give us the option to choose what one we want if you don't want to revert this change.... this voice is so cringe and garbage!
strut (EUNE)
: What is up with promos?
To get to promos you are on a winnign streak and thus they put you with others that are either neutral or a losing streak to "balance it out" at least that is the only ideology I could think of!
: It does solve it. If someone knowingly enables autofill, that individual knows he will be thrown into any role randomly. That person would "in theory" be knowledgeable of the roles he/she may get placed in.
not at all some will just choose the faster Q even if they are trash at it! I solves a fraction of the issue but those that use it for speed over quality will still be there ergo the problem will still exist.
: The most reasonable solution to autofill
that does not solve the issue... you may get your main role but then your supp and JG are autofilled and have no idea what to do but chose a afster Q and the issue that autofill creates is still there!
: Build a team of 5 people if you are okay to wait longer, you will never be autofilled then :)
that does not help if your main interest of the game is solo duo Q like many of us...
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Reav3 (NA)
: Warwick Skin Feedback
Always nice to have some one at Riot explain and give us feedback on what is happening. However I just have to echo the sentiment that feral WW is just not good anymore. I would rather go no skin WW than use that skin now! It does not look feral at all it looks more like a bad rendition of Vader (from wrestling) Meets Bane! It has a more tech oriented feel than a feral oriented one... a claw enhanced with wood IMO would have been more fitting ...you know feral wild not tech and modern... just my 2 copper but as it is the skin is a pretty bad failure compared to it's previous iteration in my opinion.
ItsOrval (NA)
: So I Made A New Bronze Account Unranked Because People Claim Low Elo Is Impossible
It's said to be impossible because we are not 3 Elos ahead. If say you shoudl be gold 5 but are currently in silver 2 you are not so far ahead that you can just carry a bad player. Your specific skill set is so far ahead you can plow through it no problems but some one 2-3 levels behind may get stuck in elo hell as they are good enough to be 2-3 levels up but not good enough to carry basically a 4v5 like some one 2-3 elos higher could. How is that hard to understand?
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