: Light over dark: Creating Lunar Revel’s triptych
something something lunar monsters something something no graves cigar
: New Champion Q&A: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
i got one. what is their view on bard? bard may or may not save people form death indirectly by changing the outcome of certain events so do they have conflict? also if kindred is a celestial being (im not sure at this point , probably?) wouldn't they know each other?
: {{champion:44}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:119}} Bravely bold Sir {{champion:119}} Rode forth from {{summoner:17}} He was not afraid to die Oh, brave Sir {{champion:119}} He was not at all afraid To be killed in nasty ways Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir {{champion:119}} He was not in the least bit scared To be mashed into a pulp Or to have his eyes gouged out And his elbows broken To have his kneecaps split And his body burned away And his limbs all hacked and mangled Brave Sir {{champion:119}} His head smashed in And his heart cut out And his liver removed And his bowels unplugged And his nostrils raped And his bottom burnt off And his {{item:3027}} split and his... {{champion:119}} - "That's... that's enough music for now, lads."
{{champion:268}} we are the knights who say; SHURIMA {{champion:64}} what is your favourite buff? {{champion:59}} blue. {{champion:59}} NO, RED! {{champion:64}} WRONG! *dragon kick* {{champion:41}} she turned me into a squirrel!{{champion:117}} {{champion:24}} a squirrel? {{champion:41}} well, i got better.
: {{champion:432}} Can be in the game, but Graves can't have a cigar?
id choose bard over cigar any day {{item:3070}} {{champion:432}}
: Champion Update: Gangplank
...i have so many mixed feelings about this. he used to be a scrappy, dirty, awesome pirate, but now hes like a grand, fancy pirate. he looks better with his old non heavily groomed beard > {{champion:41}} . also now hes all burly and stuff? all of this i think would be ok-ish if not for my main concern; his pistol. what used to be a legitimate flintlock is now a goofy miss-fortune like hand cannon. his ability change is decent in some aspects and lacking in others, but his model looks just, overly decorative. hes now less of a pirate and more of a king, cooler than most kings, but still more kingly than pirate like. rip old gp {{champion:41}} {{item:3070}}
: As another D&D player my response to that is YES!!!
we need to give some a hurgek skin ..but who? (may have spelled wrong but hurgek is a hilarious looking bugbear diety)

boot that kills

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