: I think you are trolling. Back in the day they had problem champs, like old sion, or kassawin, etc. Now a days a quarter of the roster 1 shots you no matter what you are playing.
: League players don't usually say "noob"
noob is for beginners. it kinda just gets tossed around in alot of games. you always see it in league.
Wuks (NA)
: Report Your Nexus Blitz Bugs Here!
Description: On fire did not increase crit damage from Stattic lightning. Visuals: none. Steps to reproduce: get 3 kills and lighted on fire, win the stattic lightning. Expected Result: deals more damage! Observed Result: damage was still the same. Reproduction Rate: on all hits it reproduced this bug. System Specs: OS, graphics unit, CPU, etc.
: I love this meta where you walk off your base and someone one shots you.
They are trying their best (by their words). the game isn't shit, its alot of more balenced then olden days, you can dodge a skillshot, but you can't dodge a point and click stun that delt half your HP (old sion). this version of the game requires players to have atleast a certain amount of awareness and skill, if you can't dodge a skillshot, your fault, if you can't ward to prevent assassins, your fault. the game in recent years has gotten more skill required, even if oneshots are present. also, the game is F2P, no one is asking you to buy anything.
: It's been 6
it tooks exactly 123 licks. it was fun.
: 1. How are you going to prove it was your brother? 2. Why was your brother on your account? 3. Who was responsible for the 14 day ban that the account has had? 4. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie rolls center of a tootsie pop?
> 4.How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie rolls center of a tootsie pop? Challenge accepted. I will come back in about 3 hours.
Modi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=breakordoom444,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=X2n1scHx,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-12-16T18:11:45.352+0000) > > To understand, the truth is always harsh. > you will never learn what is acceptable and not unless you are punished for it. > if you give positivity to someone who clearly has it out for the community. > might as well call this a day care. While there are some points where you need to "show someone the door", even then there are polite ways to do so. It's one thing to say "I wish you luck with the next game you play", but it is entirely different saying "don't let the door hit your ass on the way out". Just because you are ok with them leaving, doesn't mean you have to be jerk about it.
I understand everyone is different on how things go down, but I always follow (on the boards atleast) treat others the way you want to be treated. if someone understands why, I give them positivity and cheer for their future. if someone elo shames me and calls me a %%%%%, I tell them to get the fuck out and that they aren't wanted here. simple.
Farkinob (NA)
: Returning ex-toxic player; how do I ensure I don't get banned?
ITS THE BOARDS GOD FUCKING DAM- if you want to climb the ranked system, try and not trash talk and(or) help your team verbally(mentally). if you just don't want to lose money. take your enter key and introduce it to the ocean.
: I actually relate to your first point... I feel like the new system resolves it though... Just wait for it to become active. Your second point isn't too big because getting honor is easy as fuck. I fell to zero like 3 times and I'm almost h3 again.
for those positive and trying to get higher in honor, its easy shit. but players with a less positive look on life and honor may just stop trying to climb.
: Serious question: are you fairly new to the game? Cause there was a time without autofill and was PURE H-E-L-L. You think the average waiting time is too long now? You have no idea...
I've been playing since S3 in China and S5 in NA. I've seen most of the bullshit. Its was worse before, but even if auto-fill fixes that, it causes more problems by putting people in roles they don't know how to play.
: So, for your Honor-related gripes: **Why can't Honor reset for everyone?** Because you're supposed to reclimb into Honorable status, not wait for the yearly reset. If you got punished and are Dishonorable because of it, you have to prove to Riot that you can do better. **Why stop people from ever having a chance?** They don't. Just because you can't jump from Honor Level 0 straight to Honor Level 2 doesn't mean you don't have the chance to climb to Honor Level 2. You may not be able to jump to HL2, but you can climb to HL1, and then to HL2. **Can we have more visibility?** Practically speaking, I'm pretty sure the Checkpoints are as good as we're going to get. We can't have clear visibility (like an actual progression bar), since Riot wants to avoid making Honor a senseless grind to the end of the bar, as well as to avoid letting players get a better look at the math behind Honor progress. Granted, there may be other ways to increase visibility to some degree, but they wouldn't be offering the kind of visibility that people want. **Can we have more consistent rewards drops, like daily/weekly?** Well, depending on what rewards drops we're talking about, there already is a degree of consistency. Key fragment drops are random, but Milestone rewards are, if not semirandom, at least consistent in the respect that they outline your progression. Making daily/weekly rewards drops (I'm gonna assume this would refer to key fragments) would oversaturate how many key fragments players get, and then the rewards (key fragments) would lose their value, since, getting a fragment a day pretty much means you'll never experience a time when you don't have a key compared to not having a chest. And, if that ultimately became the case, the next big question would be; **Can we have more rewards?** Which, the only way I can answer that hypothetical question is with another question: How many free rewards can Riot give us for being Honorable without rewarding us overmuch?
I believe that people can change, for the worse or the better, and giving everyone a equal head-start in the honor system could (undisencourage? how do you even speak english?) people from trying to climb. based my friends info, it took him 3 month from H1 to H2. and he wasn't even talking. Its suppose to be a hard grind, but the amount of time just straight up discourages people to even try. now that I spent more money on skins, I think rewards can be things like Legacy skins or some Rare ward from 2011 or something.
: There was also a time (before teambuilder) where role calls and position order rules in champ select were very chaotic and you go into every game expect to be autofilled. Also when Blind Pick was the dominance queue, every game is autofilled. (Unless you are a support main. Then nothing has changed. 95% you will get that support role in any queue in any timeline. LOL)
"me in my corner with 3 of the last remaining support mains" well auto-fill isn't that bad- but seriously, Ive lost ranked games in the past when my team was auto-filled support. in my defense, try playing ranked as a support in low elo. its like fucking dying.
Ulanopo (NA)
: Negativity in PB
To understand, the truth is always harsh. you will never learn what is acceptable and not unless you are punished for it. if you give positivity to someone who clearly has it out for the community. might as well call this a day care.
: Queer Characters in Runeterra.
I don't like it when games go out of their way to make characters LGBT. But if you introduce it as a side story, or a character trait in a rework. its fine. but neeko still hits me hard. It dosen't make sense to me. maybe I'm just too stubborn.
: So how do ranked queues take 4 Million hours? I'm very concerned with that math. You can go up to Honor 2 after you get to honor 1, I don't see the issue. You have to actually progress to get back to honorable status. Daily weekly drops might be easier but it requires consistent honorable behavior to get drops, why do you deserve them if you're not being honorable?
I made Tea while waiting for ranked. its an exaggeration and I believe you know that. If everyone gets a fresh start except you, how would you feel? its also slow as flying fucking hell to climb after being toxic for a few rounds. Daily/weekly drops would reward players who have consistent friendly behavior, while other players with less of such behavior will know due to that they didn't get a reward and try harder to get one.
Vreivai (NA)
: Not everyone received the ranked rewards immediately upon the end of the season. I remember seeing at least several threads from people who didn't receive them and thought there was a mistake, but received them within a few days of the end of the season. And as far as I can tell, no, bans do not strip ranked rewards. Players that received a ban simply have not been given the opportunity to get their honor back to level 2 before Feb. 11th like those who were only chat restricted were.
well shit I guess I am wrong. Thanks for the notes atleast. well oof OP. hey, OP get borders in the middle the season next year! (this year?, next year)
: Like, I get that China is league's biggest playerbase
Vreivai (NA)
: That doesn't apply to anyone who got banned, only for those who were chat restricted. Though if OP did receive the ban after the end of the season, they should still have received ranked rewards. Hard to tell when exactly the ban was received, though. The end of the season was November 12th, and the last game the OP played before they received the ban was on November 12th. Clearly, it was either just before or just after the end of the season.
OP, damn I dont see that term around her. If I'm correct, I got my rewards Nov 12 12.00. so OP should have received the reward and then got a ban. are honor rewards stripped from banned B O Is?
: Like, I get that China is league's biggest playerbase
Remember, China(tencent) Owns Riot. even though they are only on ownership terms, Riot does have to appease china. just know, Riot has a separate server for China, so most their censorship rules will not follow to us. (ex: Tom Clancy's rainbow six oh fuck thats a grenade and china, seperate servers being created)
Rioter Comments
: Just some questions about regaining honor level 2.
I have played 2000+ games, and I have to tell you. honor gain is slow as shit, but even at a reduced rate, active positive behavior and honors will boost your honor to a good level!
: I just got a 10 match chat restriction
: Queue Dodge Timer when I didn't leave
How many games were you (kicked?) out of? I know if you have too many leave games in your champ select they give you a "cooldown" or its just me and you.
Wilyum (NA)
: Is stealing role punishable?
I assume a bot. most normal people have feelings, respond to ignite trolls. as ranked is not normie mode, roles are very reinforced. I doubt this was a role steal, maybe just bot fucking up with auto-fill.
Varashe (NA)
: No Season 8 Rewards
you have until February (i think?) to get your honor back up. now go and be a better person :)
: fuck you riot
whats the point of insulting Riot while appealing a ban? wouldn't that make yalls lives harder?
bobety (NA)
: Zoe being able to sell her summoner spells for gold?!
and by 10 minutes Zoes has 5 items. bad idea. you pick-up alot of summoner spells.
: TOXIC is it as bad as people say it is?
its not about competitive spirit. being competitive and calling someones mother a %%%% is different
Kaioko (NA)
: You mean it's mainly NA players complaining on the NA board? Genius! Next you're going to tell us how the floor gets slippery when it's wet.
I mean we ARE the biggest community. and the most annoying.
: > [{quoted}](name=breakordoom444,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mcE4h7Bv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-07T20:51:03.017+0000) > > fuck you too. > > canada will stand tall. If the US sided with Germany in WW1 this issue would have been over 100 years ago.
> [{quoted}](name=Irelia Bot,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mcE4h7Bv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-12-07T23:18:42.300+0000) > > If the US sided with Germany in WW1 this issue would have been over 100 years ago. C A N A D A W I L L S T A N D F O O L
: Personally I Think Its About Time to Rename the NA Server as USA
: we need to be able to report after we exit post game lobby bc i leave fast after negativity
You can send a ticket to Riot! describe his actions, and his ID and his (insert). If you REALLY want to report someone, you won't leave at the speed of me running away from class.
saltran (EUW)
: StOrY fIrSt. SeXuAlItY sEcOnD
Rioter Comments
: Apple crisp is better than apple pie.
Im getting a mod. Y O U R . O P I N I O N. I S. ** W R O N G**
: Because she is an all in support? If she lands the E, she is going in and can't disengage except for blowing Q and maybe R. DH will let her do damage without having to build it.
She has a Really hard time procing it herself, Aftershock is much more reliable damage.
BradNo (NA)
: R.I.P. Season 9
no. also. GD is better place. Riot is a North American based company. if a number(not refering to any date, time or amount of deaths in any historical scenarios) offends your whole country. its not even funny.
Saloz Mat (EUW)
: Thanks Riot for Making Top lane Into one Play Style only.
What playstyle? tanks work, Attack speed stacking bruisers work, adc top works. I don't see the problem.
: Rune is still busted. Move on. YOU'RE WRONG
you can't call others wrong. unless they are wrong. white knight-ing is more of a meme. shut the fuck up before you call others anything.
: WOW. That sure seemed to help a lot. LMAO. -3 stacks. There was so much thought put into that "nerf"
But thats its only mechanic? Dark harvest: Deal damage to low ppl and get some extra stuff and ur next proc deals more damage. what else can they do?
Rioter Comments
: Riot video games is a good example of a company who doesn't fucking care balance wise.
_Laughs in blizzard_ **Ques dungeons with 4 death knights and 1 disc priest** **gets kicked out of 12 mythics dungeons for not being Blood DK** **waiting for buffs on paladin, instead gets some wings** be happy most characters in this game is viable.
: Fix your fucking game you mooks
classic propose a problem but not a change or suggestion. you can't remove Keystone Runes. Dark Harvest is a good tool, although fucking broken and over used, it gives champions with jokes for damage a little bit of power after they wittle you down. assassins can use it, yes. A good example is thunderlords, it was F U C K I N G overused, and these runes have alot of things in common: 1: its a big Rune 2: they are easy to proc 3: they provide burst damage. 4: almost everyone runs it. Old dark Harvest only saw play in shit like one-shot thresh or kayn, its much better to have a broken rune for 1 patch then a useless rune for all of enternity. If you get rid of all damage runes in the game, early game would be as bland as salad without dressing and the game would revert back to season 5 and prior. Also, if you have problems with how Riot runs their company. **_HOW ABOUT GIVE SOME FUCKING SUGGESTIONS INSTEAD OF CRYING_**
Rexxiee (NA)
: Even TF blade wants akali to be reverted
well see. Old akali was even more bullshit. ALL OF HER ABILITYS ARE POINT AND CLICK. there was NO OUTPLAY, if she felt you were a good pick and she had a couple of kills, you were most likely dead meat. with her new kit, she provides a little counter play. not enough. but better then before. no point and click atleast.
Ellysium (NA)
: Fix the god damn game
yikes, might just be you. I and many of my friends has never had a bugsplat. the main game RARELY bugsplats for no reason. soooo. PBE?
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Some thoughts on more dated female champions, from a girl
I agree that some of these champions should have their models changed (what the fuck is going on with nid, she looks like 6 polygons glued together) , Ashe got a rework in season 5 (including I think her models, etc.) and it would be unfair to give her a model update since she fits the modern look of the game. elder demonic/mythical beings like leblanc or janna shouldn't be portrayed by human standards, its fine to add 1 or 2 adult jokes here and there (disney cough cough), and we as lower beings cannot question what the fuck is going on in the heads. Yes they are over portrayed, Yes they have questionable jokes, yes nid needs A FUCKING UPDATE. but Riot is more focused on balencing the game. and all the other shit.
KluPL (NA)
: A team of mine is making a new game based off League of Legends (MOBA)
Add cute animals or I'm sueing your company. jk. but there should be a cute/whatever the fuck mascot for your game. Rito got poro.
: Xayah Rakan Bracelets are shipping with misprints
just writ the A stupid. but seriously, merch sometimes do come with misprints, its really hard to make sure each piece of merch comes out perfect and the same. just send a support ticket. they are nicer then me.
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