: {{champion:31}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:161}} **All hail our master** {{champion:112}} **Thank you, thank you. You are all to kind** {{champion:72}} **All hail our-** {{champion:112}} **No one likes a brown-noser Skarner ** {{champion:72}} :(
Oh Ok ): {{champion:101}}
: Sona Update
I really wish you guys would quit complaining. Let Rito do what Rito does. I'm sure they'll make this work.
: League of Draven mode. Everyone is Draven with random abilities from other champs. Done.
I really loved the idea of champs with random abilities, but this....this is beautiful,{{champion:119}}
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Hueon007 (NA)
: New Aatrox or Garen Skin
: Lose yourself in the song of River Spirit Nami
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