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: The worst feeling is when you go 12/0 in top lane but you still lose because the enemy bot lane is a hyper-carry and the support bought Ardent Censor. But yeah I understand your pain. I struggle with those situations more often than I'd admit. I just try to get what little cs I can and otherwise I just do my best to stay in exp range. Sometimes I even steal camps from the jungler or I go down and take Scuttle Crab whilst there's some downtime. Roaming is also an option but that's very situational considering that you currently have a negative KDA.
I agree with the first part of your statement
: Riot does punish, but its not enough (here's an idea)
I think there should be demos for context when people review reports instead of just text because it is really too vague to know what actually went on, same with feeding reports based on KDA, how can you know if someone was intentionally feeding without a demo to watch? You can't
: Almost completely lost the love for the game this season.
> [{quoted}](name=tough noogies,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NEkk6PE6,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-17T14:51:24.071+0000) > > Only thing keeping me in the game is that right now I don't have anything better to do. Fuckin' depressing. > I can't play any of my favorite champs: wukong only good in low elo, udyr and volibear get kited into oblivion, vladimir is good but rework kind of ruined him for me. Only champ I could play was Soraka, but I got burnt out of the support role when I dropped from d2 to d5. Only adc I could play before was graves, but reworked into something else. Also, the meta is complete trash, I was never a meta slav, but this season is pure salt incarnate. Adcs killing some tanks in seconds, others like sej, galio are unkillable and cc overlords. Then you have someone like fiora ruining yor will to live, etc. I don't even want to talk about matchmaking, it has been said a lot. All in all, just a disappointing season. > Now I'm just waiting for the preseason, so maybe the new runes will get that excitement going again. I totally feel you man, I really only play wukong and lee sin so the idea of getting higher than diamond without playing cheesy meta champions is pretty ridiculous at least for a player like me
: ok if its your first season.. and your a fresh thirty.. first things first.. DON'T PLAY RANKED!!! and STAY AWAY FROM MOBAFIRE!!! even lolking is better. and that one is pretty bad at times too you have WAY too much to learn, before u do ranked trust me" i ranked into silver 1 i season 3.. i played like i was in bronze 3 i didnt know the game.. i didnt know the matchups. i didn't know basic things, like "supports should be buying {{item:2049}} " and not a {{item:3025}} you WILL inevitably be placed MUCH higher than where u belong, becuase EVERY new players is bronze. if your not placed in bronze... then you are going to bring every team you are put on down your team until you get demoted there at the start of the next season. (if not sooner) believe me (and i know you wont becuase even I myself didnt belive the people who told me this back then) "You ARE NOT good" YOU THINK ARE, but you're not. i did still in ranked in season three some of which i and still ashed to admit and i wish i could profusely apologize to any teammates who had to deal with me that season.. play 1 season unranked, w/e patch you joined on like 7.6 or something.. wait until 8.6 until you play ranked.. by that time you should know ENOUGH about the game to place relatively accurately. AND you wont get instantly demoted after you get placed I KNOW THIS SOUNDS HARSH. but its being human. i myself was hot steaming garbage who thought i was "great" about coming off sc2 "hero attack" with 95% win rate becuase i played in a group of 5 pre-made players who only played that custom games vs 5 complete randoms. if you don't believe me now.. (which you wont) you will in 2 years playfor an entire year before u play ranked, you will thank yourself later.
Not to belittle your opinion but I know enough that I can play ranked I believe and for the champions I play I am pretty well versed, I could expand on my champ pool for sure though
: It depends on the mmrs of who you happen to get matched with, so if you duo with a gold player who happens to have plat+ mmr, you'll gain a lot more from your 10 placement matches than if you solo or duo with a bronze player with low mmr. Theres challenger smurfs out there who on fresh accounts have managed to get placed plat 5 as a side effect of duoing with their high mmr friends on their smurfs for example. As a solo player I'd expect low gold for a 10/0 start though. That said, if it's your first time ranked, I would not expect to go 10/0, and would in fact expect you to be placed high bronze with a more average score, so perhaps tune your expectations accordingly.
I doubt I will get placed as low as bronze, considering I fit in with the high elo players I get in normals, my friend is ranked diamond so if I duo queue with him for my placements I have better chance of ranking higher? That's really my question at this point how do they know how to place you exactly if it isn't based on other games
: No, your normals mmr is entirely independant of your ranked mmr, and vice versa.
Ok thanks, so hypothetically if I were to go play ranked and win all my play in games what is the highest rank I can start with? I know I am going to inevitably going to have to grind out to get my rank higher but what is the highest starting rank I could hope to achieve?
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