: Bloodbending can't do some things that blood magic can do. For example Vladimir can transform into a pool of blood.
I know, but manipulating blood in enemy's vein is straight up blood bending lol.
: {{champion:8}} too I want to see him use more advanced hemomancy spells (like burning blood inside the enemy's veins or some other crazy sh**).
so essentially blood bending (from ATLA if you don't know)? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I think the major problem is that with main-universe skins, most would fall under 520/750 skin tiers because you're not changing much other than what the champion wears. For example, Garen's various skins were him going on campaigns in different parts of the world such as Shurima. Riot tested 750/cheaper skins and...well, people didn't buy them. If you wanted a new skin, you were likely to buy something more flashy and something that changed a huge aspect of your character. It is a shame though, because I would definitely love for Riot to create a cheap skinline of battle damaged champions which look close to their normal appearance but have broken armor, cracked weapons, torn clothing/capes, etc.
Well, what if we made them as chromas for base skins?
: Reading over some of your thoughts I had an idea, not sure if ideal but something that would be helpful for the short term. *** Passive: Living Vengeance Blighted Quiver: Basic attacks deal additional X Magic Damage On-Hit (+X% YY) and apply Blight which lasts 3 - 9 (based on level) seconds on enemies and 6 - 12 (based on level) seconds on minions/monsters. Blight Affliction: Varus gains 5% (+15% of bonus Attack Speed) Bonus Attack Speed the more units are effected by Blight. Varus gains additonal 2.5% per additional Blight stacks he afflicts. R: Chain of Corruption Active: Unleashes a tendril of Corruption that upon contact with an enemy will Root the first target and Slow other targets in the area by 50/60/70%, while it deals damage over time for 6 seconds. *** Some explanation... Passive: if going by the theme of Corruption, I felt this idea seemed quite fitting. Spreading Corruption, getting stronger, or empowered by it. R: He is problematic to balance due to his AoE CC (that pro's abuse) so I thought giving him first target hit Root and the rest a 4 man Slow in a big area would be better. Even allowing him to duel better, due to his immobility. Or all of this could be a direction for his E, I don't know. What are your thoughts? I know this wouldn't solve a lot of his issues but I feel like this could be a start.
The idea of getting stronger by spreading infection is a really good idea imo, but the effect of aa dealing bonus damage can use some changes. Your ult is good imo. It seems that we both agree he needs some work in his kit. The only problem I find is that while his current playstyle (play safe then scale into combat) is not fitting to his theme, changing it (for eg changing to a casting ADC who shines in laning phase like Lucian) might face the Aatrox problem (who also changes from aa-based to casting-based, which I believe fits him better). Discussing like this makes me want to create a post to discuss the theme, kit, and playstyle of all champions xD The only problem is that it is too long lol. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Quite a lot of good points you made and I agree. As for the reason why I mentioned some champions who can be seen popular is because they aren't played because they are enjoyable but because they are meta. *** My personal thoughts on Varus (from a long time Varus Main) is that when you pile everything there is to know about Varus, in terms of; theme, story, sound, gameplay, connection to Darkin. None of it really adds up, or makes sense. Story: his story doesn't make any sense anymore because of so many lore changes. Like first they gave a complete new lore, and then they saw that people weren't satisfied, they added elements of the old lore. Like how Varus was a simple man, who was offered ascension due to his skill in archery (lol what, just like that). He then becomes a Darkin like Aatrox and others after the exposure to the Void or something like that (can't really remember now). Theme: A restless, persuing archer who wants to kill anything in his path. Where as before in his old lore, he was killing everything out of vengeance due to his family being killed. Sound: His voice is nothing like the rest of the Darkin. Another reason why he needs a Voice Over Update. Gameplay: His kit has this theme of Blight and Corruption (something his current lore has no references to, whereas his old lore did) that no longer makes sense story-wise. Then he is suppose to play out as a somesort of Darkin, who you have said share the element of (lifesteal/spellvamp). Varus has nothing gameplay wise, nor sound wise, nor theme wise that suggests he is a Darkin. So my champ is in a mess.
I do believe that most of Varus' problems come down to his gameplay kit. Not only does it feel disconnected from his current lore and them, but it also is painfully generic (partly because it resembles its old theme, which is also kind of generic: getting power for vengeance). Even if you say it has the them of Blight and Corruption (Corruption actually is a pretty good theme for demons/Darkins), I don't think it delivers that really well. Corruptions need to spread from person to person and deals damage over time as it corrupted the infected (Malzahar's e is kinda like that, but since it is only a normal skill, it does not feel that impactful to use. If it were an ultimate and has more power budget devoted to it, I believe it would feel very impactful and infection-like to use), while Varus' only move that is close to the corruption theme is his ultimate, and it does like no damage which makes it feel like spreading chains more than corruption (slows on the other hand is probably really good to sell the feel of infections). His other skills are painfully generic: increase attack speed (iirc) for passive, a long range arrow by holding, whatever his w try to be, and some arrow from the sky (the decrease healing is interesting but most of the time not impactful enough); in fact so generic that you can put them to any archery character and it would not feel out of place. Compare this to some other archers and you can see much stronger theme being delivered: {{champion:22}} is a leader-type archer who is always calm in every situation (never crits, immobile), scout for her tribe (e) and even interfere with battle from afar (ult) and use a ice magic bow (slow from passive) while {{champion:203}} is a hunter/goddess like archer (kinda feel like Artemis) who is very agile (moving around and shooting with q) and control the life and death of creatures (ult and execute e). His in-game playstyle also does not deliver the feel of a demon-like creature; he feels fragile and weak and need protection (like normal archers) and not a demon who can take on hundreds of enemies at once (Aatrox and Rhaast delivers this feel really well, and in terms of ADC, Lucian and Vayne are good candidates). Imo, Varus needs to be more of a caster-type ADC who is strong early game and scales less as the game goes on (therefore he will more likely dominate the lane and feel powerful). His w can stay (in either w or passive) and maybe let it heal him when proc (for the theme) and his non ultimate can be anything. His ult can stay but deal more damage over time (possibly change root to slow as well i suppose?)
: [Discussion] I wanted to ask something regarding character appeal to players
Hmm to be honest I quite like most of the champs that you listed lol. {{champion:421}} I never played jungle so I do not know if I would truly enjoy playing her or not, but her underground vision and tunnel mechanics seem really cool to play. Seeing the vibrations of enemies make me feel like Toph from ATLA (_if only we have a truly **blind** champion to capture this feel_). I also love that she has monster sounds; I wish other voidborns wouldn't speak English. {{champion:136}} His mechanics can be.. weird, but somehow satisfying. The fact that his gameplay revolves around keeping distance from enemies and dealing damages with passive makes me feel kinda superior (something like "I don't even need to touch you to kill you"). Not sure if that was intended xD {{champion:432}} Really fun to play as and annoying to play with/against, mostly because no one has any idea what he is doing. He can also f*ck both the enemy team and your team, as his e and r can be used by/affect both teams. Perfectly describe his character who doesnt give a shit about the world. {{champion:427}} Again I don't play jungle, but I have played him in aram and I can see why people do not like playing him. The fact that he is supposed to deal little damage makes it unfun for some people, and he seems really weak during combat (his aa range is terrible without bush, his q is meh, w is debatable as using correctly and you might make the enemy adc miss a few aa, e is a shield and ult seems less satisfying to use than say Annie's or Shaco's). That's not to say no one likes playing him, but since he is too unique, only a few find him fun to play. {{champion:74}} Really satisfying when you hit a skill and your cannons blow the hell out of your enemies. He is also quite unique in his playstyle so he is less popular than other mages. {{champion:90}} I like his w, it feels like you open a gate to another dimension to summon demons and so on (or in this case voidlings). The rest of his kit is pretty meh. {{champion:516}} One of my favorite champions and definitely my favorite tank. He captures the blacksmith/Ram demigod feel perfectly; all of his kit feels satisfying to use. His character and sound effects are also awesome. {{champion:72}} His kit is really meh. It does not capture the feel of neither a scorpion nor a crystal creature. To be honest, his kit is pretty forgettable as the only thing I remember is the crystal pillar passive and his ult. {{champion:112}} Is he unpopular? Anyway, I don't think he captures the inventor archetype well (Heimerdinger's kit is a better example of an inventor). He also does not feel like an evolutionist who would change his body parts to become more efficient (in terms of evolution, {{champion:121}} is a better example, while {{champion:145}} can also be one, though her kit feels more like adaptation). Despite all this, I kinda like playing him because his e is strangely satisfying to use. {{champion:110}} I don't think he is that unpopular. However, I do think that his kit is kinda generic and does not feel like a demon archer (or specifically a Darkin archer). Darkins seem to be defined by life steal/health recovery, yet Varus has none of those (I can see why tho). {{champion:29}} One of the best feelings in this game is to appear out of nowhere, use a Twitch ult into a group of enemies and kill everyone. Sneaky sneaky. {{champion:83}} I don't know why some people say this champ is not fun to play. Summoning ghouls (I usually call them dogs) and command them to attack the enemy with your e is fun as hell lol. ~~It feels like seeing your dogs to attack the mailman.~~
: maybe because the turrets confused a champion with a ' in their name, for the zz'rot, so it decided not to target them, as turrets dont attack zz'rot
what about kai'sa?
Asamas (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AbiwonKenabi,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=YjApLTIj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-11T22:06:18.200+0000) > > Love-hate is a great way of putting it. Even on Base Kayn, they think so similarly, but at the same time insult each other. Basically they want the other to die, but despite that they get along pretty decently. > > Odyssey Kayn's line when he kills Base Kayn is pretty good. An instance where they're on the same page. And then you have the lines where you can practically feel Rhaast rolling his eyes at Kayn's comments on Jinx. Rhaast rolling his eye* xD
: Jinx Teaser: Looks like Nunu and Willump Bot got competition
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQu2arZ4mDk First thing I thought of
: Maybe he just shortened to Jax because the cultural signifigance of his name is gone. Icathia is gone his surname, honorifics, and titles mean nothing to a bar wench in Bilgewater so overtime he just naturally shortened it to Jax. My father is an immigrant and overtime he did the same thing. Stopped going by a given name and took an American one even though his name is legally the same
Well we will never know for sure lol; it was my headcanon anyway. And since Riot never fully confirms Jax as Saijax, I doubt if they will after his update. After all, a little mystery and suspicion is always fun.. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
La Bello (NA)
: the Jax mini vu would be a great chance for a "Veteran combatant" esque VO
I really like the idea and most of the interactions, but I would prefer him not saying the full name of Saijax. I really like the idea that after the event in Icathia, Saijax also started forgetting his name like Axamuk at the end of "Where Icathia once stood", and finally only remembering "Jax". Also, if that is the case then his memory of Icathia and the void disaster would also be altered and partly lost; he would still remember that he is Icathian and its fate (or else all of his identity does not matter), but not crystal clear. :/ On the other hand, I do not think his ult should be kept as it is now as it is not really satisfying to play as (basically press this button to be tankier lol). But if his ult is unchanged or modified in some way (such as it become something like press this button to be stronger) then those interaction would be okay, perhaps also something like "Look like I need to get serious" xD Overall, the idea that he is teaching those he duels and looking for a worthy apprentice is really interesting and unique in League. Training might also be part of his past identity, as he probably had trained his soldiers back in those Icathia days.
Nylisa (EUW)
: Lissandra's story impact on rest of the Freljord Champions
Now that you mention the Avarosa's bow, I remembered that Swain has a quote when he collects Ashe's soul fragment: "She claimed it was the Frost Queens grave. They believed her" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaGaqTW6QPQ at 0:32), which possibly means that Riot has probably been planning for this for quite a while, and that most likely the bow Ashe wields is not Avarosa's.
MebeBebe (NA)
: Champion Personality.
I have always wanted to make a thread discussing all champions in League and how each champion's kit and playstyle describe the character of that champion, and this thread makes me want to create that even more. It will be a lot of work though xD. Anyway, my favorite champion at the moment is {{champion:117}} . I have seen people complaining that her kit is 'overloaded', and that is exactly why I like her. I can e -> aa -> q the enemy for a very painful trade, I can e to minion and q for a long range poke, I can shield to reduce the damage of enemy's trade, I can polymorph enemy when trading, etc. all of which annoys the hell out of the enemy, which is a perfect way to play Lulu. Essentially, I play her to have fun and annoy the enemy xD. But man her model is really outdated that it looks really weird (Pix looks fine tho), I wish they could give her a model update (or even a gameplay update, as long as her personality isn't changed). I like champions who are more light and playful, so some other champions that I also like playing (though not as much as Lulu) are reworked {{champion:20}} (I can spend all day rolling snowballs and I don't even jungle xD), {{champion:17}} (again, annoys enemy even when winning or losing lane), {{champion:497}} (I used to main him back in Vietnam but now I play Lulu much more). Some other champ that I kinda like but I can't play well are {{champion:142}} (her playstyle doesn't quite fit me, but I like her character and especially her model animation), {{champion:201}} (I can never trade when I play him and almost always lose lane, but I really like his character), {{champion:427}} (never played jungle and never played him, but he looks fun), {{champion:432}} (I think I never wins playing as Bard, but trolling with him is always fun).
: I kinda am copy pasting since you both replied the almost same thing at the same time but it is still my reasoning: The big problem with that theory is that he mentions those quest usually only once, while the village of stone a total of 4 times, and in them, he mentions they already failed, but can only try to stop it from happening again, for a cherry kid that is quite a tough challenge and is the reason why out of everything he says it is the most trustworthy. Sorry for being lazy but don't want to rephrase my exact views on it
You have a really good point. I did notice that the stoned village (lol) was mentioned more than once, but it just slipped through my mind. It could be that we are gonna get some new lore, or that rito are too lazy to think up a new one (jk the 1st one is more likely, and I want new lore too xD). But still... LEAGUE MMORPG 2019 CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
Well here are my opinions: - **Best**: Probably {{champion:142}} . I don't even play her but that doesn't stop me from admiring her walking animation. It is probably one of the most complex walking animation with skipping, rolling, flying and so on, yet the animation is so fluid and natural (a most visible example of a non-fluid animation would be Pix's autoattack animation right when Lulu is still moving, most visible in her newest skin Cosmic Enchantress). It also shows her personality really well (as well as make the enemy tilts xD). Other good ones can be {{champion:497}} (especially his ult animation), {{champion:6}} and {{champion:19}} when following the blood scent. - **Worst**: Many old champions with old models has terrible walking animation and probably need a visual update, so I am not sure if which one is the worst, but {{champion:45}} is definitely somewhere down there. I'm not even sure if the model moves or it just rotates left and right xD. I think Veigar really need a visual update (possibly even a gameplay update), but for the time being, probably making him walk normally might work (though it might be less visible :/ ). Some other candidates are {{champion:17}} (similar case, but a little bit better thanks to tilt element), {{champion:161}} (looks unnatural to me).
: What are the village turned to stone that Nunu refers to?
I'm assuming that it is just a village that Nunu imagined when playing with Willump. It's kinda similar to our younger self when we imagined ourselves as hero and go save the world. It could also be a reference to quests in MMORPG games when you have to go out to defeat some kinds of monsters to save the village, similar to his interact with many other jungle camps, especially the one with getting 10 raptor beaks to make pancakes (typical MMORPG side quests). p/s: A reference to MMORPG......... LEAGUE MMORPG 2019 CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}


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