: So you bought Tickets for airplanes and hotels for tickets you did not purchase yet? You didn't buy insurance to protect yourself and get a refund in case you wouldn't be able to go? Hmmm...Sounds like you did it all wrong....Can't blame Riot because you made poor decisions on your own part...
You have up to a 7 day wait to get into the country through customs the tickets were sold 10 days not much you can do i used card points to purchase the tickets and hotels you cant refund thos however that is the same as costing me alot of money i can get the points returned for 200 per ticket and 50 per hotel dont be a asshat saying im in the wrong for planning ti go to worlds when riot was in the wrong in the release date of the tickets not to mention allowing the second wave to be bought by the chinese as well as they bought all the tickets within 3 minutes of then going on sale not to mention people ripping them up in china sue to there team not going. If riot planned properly non of the people planning to go to the event would have been screwed over and if riot didnt make it only 10 days tell the event to release the sale of the tickets it would have been fine riot is the one to blame here as due to there inability to plan or form a event correctly out of country it caused issues due to customs getting into the country etc and lack of tickets per demand as well as allowing chinese to get 2 waves of ticket purchase whil americans and other countrys only 1 wave and most of us didnt even get a ticket riot should have used there own site and not outsourced them i can keep going on there wrongs needless to say riot needs to come up with a way of compensating the people who got screwed over by them
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: that actually sounds cool and id imagine that he would be a tanky ad(so he can build the hydra items, but honestly ap would fit a hydra more) bruiser or just a caster tank (think chogath) and maybe your idea can be applied to auto's making him hit three times with less and less damage for each extra hit. also he could have some water or fire themed abilities such as a straight line fire skill shot that leaves a burning trail or creating a water pool that grounds enemies
very interesting concept there
: What do you think if: If you have 3+ heads, range on spells increases by X amount. If you have 4 heads, all offensive spells deal a % of the target's maximum health. The passive could be the Hydra Heads. The ultimate could be: **R:** Inhale deeply, pulling in close range enemies slightly before letting out an extremely loud roar. The roar knocking back enemies and dealing X magic damage. The width, range, and damage of the cone increases based on the number of heads.
o very interesting that would be crazy fun to see either that or they bite and pull in a enemy champion dealing % hp magic damage and stuning then for 1 second the amount of heads effects the amount of champions pulled in and if max heads gain a shield for each head
Phridolin (EUW)
: A hydra would be cool. A manticore, a griffon and a cyclop too. Gosh, I really like mythology. :3
same they should look into that a bit more
Sambers (NA)
: They said ages ago that don't want a hydra champion for various reason...
and honestly i think thats a stupid mistake on there part
: **R** **Passive:** Every time you lose 20% of your maximum health, you grow another head. Whenever you cast a spell, your other heads will replicate the same spell towards the same target. Maximum of 3 extra heads at 40% of maximum health. Subsequent spell damage after the first is reduced on all targets by 40/30/20% of it's original value.
ooo i like this idea the q needs to be a short range fire attack im assuming scalling off hp for damage and low base damage maybe the w is a bite that takes a % of max hp for each head as true damage at the host of its own hp and e would be something along the lines of longer range spell that shoots in the dirrection of each head and slowing the target scales off ap and hp and regular passive would be healing or if you would take leathal damage insted remove all extra heads and heal a % of max hp for each head then put the heads on cooldown
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: Warning: frank discussion incoming. One of the things we haven't talked about a lot with you guys, but which should come as no surprise, is that Riot does make revenue on runes, which we ultimately invest back into League to make the game better. This is indirect revenue, because it comes from players purchasing champions with RP since they don't have available IP to get those champions, since some of that IP goes towards runes. Freeing up rune IP (in the absence of any other changes) would let players buy a bunch of champions and spend less RP overall. Now we *are* making some other changes to the system, but overall, Riot is losing money on this deal. Potentially a lot of money. This was something we had to talk about a lot internally, but everyone was ultimately behind the decision, all the way to Tryndamere and Ryze. I don't want to make too big of a deal out of this, but if we seem cautious with some of our decisions here, this is part of the reason why. (Another big one obviously is that we are taking a gamble by overhauling such a core part of the game for something that we believe will be better.) We are making the new runes free because we believe 1) That it's the right thing to do for League and for League players, and 2) Our business model has always been to make a fun game that players want to keep coming back to year after year. Runes Reforged is a long-term bet on League of Legends (and Riot for that matter). If we thought that Rune Pages made no sense with the new design and risked feeling like a cash grab, we would absolutely just kill them as a feature. But we have found they are useful with Runes Reforged, just less mandatory than they were before. Definitely open to discussion on this topic however.
if all you are concerned about is profit take this into account how many players will you piss off by not compensating them correctly for there time and effort spend into the rune system you have veteran players and new players grinding it out every day and to answer like that seems greedy and leaves the public with a sense of you guys just dont care about anything but money as well as the transaction to us as the player base who pay into your game with rp etc will feel ripped off you will lose alot more money in the long run and quite a few players honestly this is the first post i have ever seen you do that has pissed me off as a player im disappointed in you
: Buying Runes Between Now and Preseason
honestly just refunding lp isnt going to cut it ive grinded out unlocking all of the runes over 4 years spend a few bucks on lp boosts etc but heres the think i like how its becoming free but just refunding lp isnt going to do it i already have every champ unlocked and all runes so what need do i have for more lp currently 20k lp just in my league right now so.... the new rune system really needs to look into players who invested there time and effort into the game
: a way to see stats on normal games being removed ?
honestly as a player that effects the community negatively if they remove services as such that lowers even more of the progress stats shown to see how you have improved over the full season etc honestly riot needs to get there act together and stop removing tools that benefit players growth
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Broporo (NA)
: Eeeeee that's no good! Hit up our account team in a [**ticket**](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) as soon as you can to make sure your account hasn't been tampered with. They'll also be able to help you secure your account and reverse any possible damages.
thank you they got my account back for me
: someone hacked my email and account
noticed my email was changed when i checked my boards account here and my password for my game is changed to sooo this kind of sucks
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: No. You're not going to get anything for playing a free game, getting free currency, to get items purchased with free currency. How many of these posts are there going to be lol.
removing items that people have farmed for a long time for as well as some have paid for ip boost s etc to get said runes and removing them and giving all players free runes makes the general population feel cheated so that is why you see so many of these posts
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: i dont see this being chat banned LOL FREE BUDDHA68NM
you and me both thats why i was like wtf
Escheton (EUW)
: chat can be a good way to start the game with good vibes and compliment teammates on playing well. when working, chat works quite well. When there is a negative vibe, it tends to spiral though. Fyi, 1 report (yours) is enough to flag a person for that game. No need to request reports. Considered a form of harrassment even.
someone spilling hate speech etc requesting reports should not be considered a form of harassment that makes no sense at all man
: Was this the only chat log?
Escheton (EUW)
: I agree in this case. You seem a rudely positive team influence. Think they got caught up on the rudeness a tad here.
not name calling harassment or hate speech used there i wouldnt agree there are 100 times worse players that get no bans or issues when reported thats more of a casual league players talk vs anything else if they ban me for that 98% of league will be getting chat banned and they should just remove the chat all together
: chat ban can be stupid as hell
buddha68nm: guess who gets kat buddha68nm: i banned darius buddha68nm: the cait ban was understandable buddha68nm: to be fair buddha68nm: eh most people in your elo cant handle her buddha68nm: you hate fiora right buddha68nm: name calling buddha68nm: is stupid buddha68nm: on ranked buddha68nm: stop being a dick garen buddha68nm: gragas try plz buddha68nm: reporting buddha68nm: plz report garen for harrassment and toxic buddha68nm: name calling non stop buddha68nm: hate speach buddha68nm: etc buddha68nm: gragas can you help me mid buddha68nm: this is a kat main buddha68nm: guys please chill with the typing buddha68nm: and just play buddha68nm: ight buddha68nm: dont worry about the ult gragas buddha68nm: just gank i got the snare buddha68nm: so team buddha68nm: can we all just chill buddha68nm: and have a gg buddha68nm: gj getting the kill on kat buddha68nm: careful tho bot buddha68nm: gj team buddha68nm: that passive damage tho buddha68nm: this garen is so tilted xD buddha68nm: ? buddha68nm: 2 ults buddha68nm: 4 summoners buddha68nm: i take it you are a rank 7 kat buddha68nm: and only play kat buddha68nm: this draven carry buddha68nm: uh no buddha68nm: i need to farm buddha68nm: i told you buddha68nm: missing buddha68nm: careful buddha68nm: leave buddha68nm: yeah i need farm buddha68nm: lmfao buddha68nm: dude buddha68nm: you overstayed buddha68nm: thats on you buddha68nm: nothing they could do buddha68nm: i even pilled for you and your still tilting buddha68nm: xD buddha68nm: im not trolling buddha68nm: i stayed and died buddha68nm: so you could live buddha68nm: your attitude is definetly one buddha68nm: can only hold so long buddha68nm: sorry guys buddha68nm: got j4 tho buddha68nm: the only one who can get draven buddha68nm: top then baron buddha68nm: kog % hp buddha68nm: hurts buddha68nm: baron buddha68nm: ima get kog maw buddha68nm: you guys get baron buddha68nm: that baron fucked us buddha68nm: pretty hard buddha68nm: we neede3d it buddha68nm: ..... buddha68nm: no buddha68nm: its ranked buddha68nm: deal with it buddha68nm: you are the most toxic buddha68nm: harrassing draven all of my league buddha68nm: play safe buddha68nm: tell inhibs up buddha68nm: draven is silver 1 buddha68nm: he isnt diamond buddha68nm: darven is more toxic then garen buddha68nm: calling us trash worst league players etc buddha68nm: is definetly toxic buddha68nm: gg report draven and garen that was my chat history on that game they chat restricted for me keep in mind what others said prior does not show up on here and dont take speach out of context
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: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
i own all the runes in the game and have farmed for quite some time to get all the champs and runes i would be very upset if i do not receive compensation for the time and effort into getting runes that you guys are removing for free runes
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Is it me or Kha seems weaker than Rengar?
kha is in a pretty weak set right now so rengar is ahead used to be a time where kha dominated everyone and everything
: Where's all the support mains at? [Silver ADC]
Eh i can support really well but 2 things i require first dont blame the support if you lose lane second be willing to learn from mistakes and take advice if you do that ill get you to gold
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: Thanks for your quick responses, guys! I'll add you in game and we'll play a few together and see how things go. I think I have a jungler lined up, but if either of you know a Top or Support main that would like to play, let me know. I main top, but secondarily support.
> [{quoted}](name=FinalFawn,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=v3VVyxUl,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-04-25T15:04:58.298+0000) > > Thanks for your quick responses, guys! I'll add you in game and we'll play a few together and see how things go. I think I have a jungler lined up, but if either of you know a Top or Support main that would like to play, let me know. I main top, but secondarily support. I can do all lanes honestly so i can fill
: Starting a Gold/Silver 5's Team
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: Nightmarish Legacy Skins descend into the Vault
: I had this happen to me earlier. I accepted match and my League window went black.
yeah was stupid happened to me 1 more time since then to
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: Birthday gift
Heck ya happy late birthday man you should get gragas he is fun
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djfx (NA)
: For those of you guys saying that we should expect no compatibility for apps using Windows 10 is absolutely ridiculous. The preview is not just for people to test it out but also for companies to make sure their applications are stable for when it does launch. There is obviously a good amount of people using W10 now, so it should be a concern to a company when you have this many people not being able to use your product, no matter what we're using.
I agree with DJFX we have a lot of users on your game that use windows 10 preview and pay for skins and a lot of league players spend a lot of money on the game to help support patches and bug fixes it shouldn't matter if its a preview or not at this point the preview has been out since last year that is enough time for company's to start working on compatibility issues and not tell us to go back to windows 7/8 like the last riot rep told me. I would rather not have to deal with reinstalling windows and all my games setting up the computer redownloading league as that takes a very long time and I don't see riot giving out rp to people having to take the time to do this.


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