4 Gum (NA)
: Bring Back Hide and Seek
I was talking about Hide And Seek with somebody In a game of Aram last night and about how much I miss it. for a long time I used to log on on and play hide and seek for 6 hours straight, it was the most fun I have had playing league of legends.
: I'm thoroughly convinced that Vayne should have most of her AD ratios removed and become a purely attack speed carry who focuses on dodging and darting around to kite.
: What is Riots hard-on for True Damage?
: Worst Champ in LoL?
Me personally I cant play{{champion:19}} Not that he is bad But his kit is so incredibly boring in my opinion
: The story of how I found my main
My first true main.{{champion:121}} when I first started I looked through every champion, and read almost every lore when I decided, "That one looks cool, ima save 6400 ip and buy him." 14 year old me was super Hyped about Halo 4 and his Mecha skin looks similar to the Knights in Halo so that might have influenced
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: It's better than your sister looking at your Jinx phone wallpaper and calling it "weirdo porn" and proceeding to discover your porn collection. I cri everytim.
My sis found mine once, thank goodness it wasn't something weird like Jinx. Just a bunch of Annie
Elindiir (NA)
: That weak champion... That you fell in love with anyway...
Not necessarily weak, but definitely unpopular. {{champion:121}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:161}} I would just like to say that, I played Kha long before his Rise to power and fall. Along with Gangplank and skarner before their big reworks
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: I hope the Swain update dramatically improves his waveclear and farming
Hell if they only make his auto attacks not so shitty. It will be a 100% successful rework for me
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Igotlazy (NA)
: When your Main becomes FotM (Flavor of the Month)
yeah for me it was{{champion:121}} then {{champion:41}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:72}} I may have a habit of intentionally playing unpopular champions. {{champion:161}} probably soon?
: Your favorite champion has eaten one of Teemo's shrooms, and hallucinates a nightmarish future
{{champion:56}} Its always a sunny day out. {{champion:161}} The average IQ is 50
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: because at low elo nobody knows how to just end the game or they're being assholes having fun stomping everything and then they lose because they chose not to
this is a possibility, which might be true but just my last game. we tried pretty hard to end. winning team fights most of the time. i just feel like im missing somthing
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Zacster (NA)
: What Describes Your Main
Solideus (EUNE)
: Xenomorph Zyra
If Zyra gets a Xenomorph skin before Kha'Zix i'll cry (however the edition of chest bursters/facehuggers is pretty sweet.)
: I was playing urgot top vs a nasus
I had a similar situation not to long ago, I was kennen top vs nasus. (terrible matchup for me) thank god he had a sense of humor, we spent 30 minutes just afk farming minions/spamming different emotes. but its all fun and games until the Nasus with 1500 stacks wants to end the game.
Ýones (EUW)
: It is intended, not a bug.
: Post on the PBE boards for bugs on unreleased champions.
we all know PBE boards are a joke, nobody looks at them. and they are largly ignored.
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: I think he was trying to reply to that one topic about Kha's ult stealth and Ghostblade.
how the fuck, I must have clicked my back button or somthing. I have no idea how it got here
: Can we have an "exception" option?
im pretty sure any active cancels it. I havnt tested this for all actives. but back in the Hide and Seek days o so long ago (Rip Dominion) you had to use ghost before ult or else it would instantly cancel his stealth.
: I honestly cannot wait for URF
I was looking forward to N-urf
: What's your favorite Lol pairing?
{{champion:161}} and {{champion:1}} is pretty obvious
: It's been days and I already miss Dominion ..
A moment of silence for my brethren who can no longer play Hide and Seek.
: When I have stacks on Relic Shield and see a siege minion. . . .
Gotta HAND it to you, that was a pretty neat gif.
eldERaNe (EUNE)
: Auto attacks making sound but do not land
I cant speak for shaco but I do play a fair bit of Kennen and I have noticed the aa thing. I assume that this happens when you cancel an aa by moving at the very last possible moment (thats what I have seen in my experience at least). and the W bug where it sometimes doesnt actually proc has been addressed by Riot before, Even improved in an old patch. Used to be way worse, but it still does happen from time to time now.
Trídent (NA)
: Penguin Smite
Zorasama (NA)
: I don't get it. You play this game since season 2, you should know that 'abuse OP things or more likely to lose' is always here. It's part of the game already. It sucks, and if you hate it you quit, simple.
yes it always has been a thing, but theres just way to many things people can abuse right now. making it worse
: This game has never been balanced. There have been, are, and always will be broken champions/items/strategies. A lot of the people complaining about the game are lower elo and their frustration comes from a lack of understanding. Just recently in season 5, Top Cinderhulk Maokai was the most oppressive shit ever so broken champions abusing broken items is not new. And you made a big post saying you want to quit and listed details of a match, so yeah you are talking about that.
People like you that judge a persons performance by what Divison they are in; are half the problem. I gave 2 completely different examples that are real issues right now and you're talking about this non existent match I had?
: I guess that explains where the complaints are coming from. No one can make you play this game, but losing a team fight 25 mins into the game against xin, the adc, and maybe even 2 other extremely fast pushers isn't shocking that would end the game. You just fought a team that focused on objectives and had the right comp to end a game fast under specific conditions. Feelsbadman
quite frankly i dont understand what my rank has to do with the health of the game, everyone agrees that balance is pretty bad right now. also what the hell are you talking about, their team had a good comp? I'm not quiting over one game and that last game is is not what im talking about?
: how do you play this game for 4 seasons and not get beyond silver?
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Canidae (NA)
: I had this Nami game where I built zz'rot cause our lane was starting to fall behind. Placed it under the mid tier 1 tower for half of the game and had it take an enemy tier 2 tower while we were contesting a dragon. Not to mention the stats on it make you much more tanky.
funny because zzrot range wont go from T1 tower bot to the enemy T2 tower
: Top Lane Mains... Why do you do it?
we dont have to deal with the bullshit of Zed, Talon, ahri, akali, katarina, Fizz, Leblanc, annie. im sure I missed a few people who are not very fun to play against. Not to say top is perfect though.
Yenn (NA)
: Can we just remove baron from solo queue?
Rozark (NA)
: Perhaps if you finished at 24 minutes instead of 35 minutes, you know, when you had a 12.6k gold lead, you might've won. You screwed around for 10 minutes and let them overtake you.
I feel like people get so caught up trying to tell others that they're bad they forget the entire point of the post.
sakmegaris (EUNE)
: u had 29 kills on a champ...just protect him u cant even do that?
protect him from a fed kayle? the champion who can dive 1v5 and ult herself. she would kill our carry before we could stop her.
sakmegaris (EUNE)
: Its not any ridiculous...u just dont know how to push into base...u left em go to fountain to heal or attacked em bad and without teamworking....
im not sure how to read this. but the enemy team being able to win 1 team fight and then push an entire lane to end beofre we respawn is pretty unjustifiable
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: It would be great to see more Cinematic video again
{{champion:121}} VS {{champion:107}}
: These "Increase To 10 Bans" Anti arguments are bad
honestly I would enjoy seeing entire roles being banned out. all adcs banned? great maybe ill get to see somebody try adc kennen, or TF. I feel like it would be much more interesting than just expecting graves or vayne in every game
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: Anyone find it weird that Kha'Zix doesn't do true damage?
when kha'zix evolves his ultimate his passive now deals true damage instead. numbers stay the same. Thoughts on this? numbers might need to be bounced around for balance. but that might make his R worth evolving instead of his W
: 9/10 ign too much water
> [{quoted}](name=Mattboy2000,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=zPpWWnUz,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2016-02-06T22:58:19.287+0000) > > _7.8_/10 ign too much water ftfy
5050BS (NA)
: Riot please bring client to front when it is your time to ban for christ sake
Its almost funny how much of a band wagon these forums are, I made a post similar to this, about how if you forget to ban because of the example stated above it counts as a loss in your promos. I received down votes and people told me I deserved the loss. But yes I agree with your post
: > [{quoted}](name=No flash no life,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=c3mqki4w,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-03T07:50:42.394+0000) > > Well that procedure is arguably illogical, but out of curiosity how did you forget to lock in? Did you simply choose the champ and leave it there until time's up, forgetting that you have to press the button? It's perfectly logical. Not having a ban would be a disadvantage for the team and create an unfair scenario. Losing a ban is actually a punishment in LCS. I certainly would not want to be in a game where some clown forgets a ban and thus we are at a disadvantage whenever they pick something like Graves. Why should I get punished for someone's inability to pay attention. The que dodge makes perfect sense and is deserved.
I dont have an issue when it comes to sending everyone back into que, I just dont appreciate that it counts that as me dodging, and am therefor punished in my promos
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