: Totally fair. It was a long post. Either way, though, I still don't see it being overtly broken, as he can't apply it willy-nilly. He has to make sure the first target he hits is the one he wants to keep track of, and that's not always easy in high-pressure situations.
Y'know, riot i coming out with some broken champs, soooo...... Seems legit.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: 1. Anti-stealth is something that has historically been in the game in the form of pink wards; Akali is the only champion that would be truly hurt by this, and even then, I don't feel guilty including it. Akali would have to be hit before entering shroud, something which should be easy to avoid, as only basic attacks proc this effect. 2. His Q is a very high risk, high reward ability. Consider the support meta. With a range of only 550 units, the skillshot is tuned so it is difficult to use effectively without proper planning, as most mage supports and ADCs will be able to hit him before he gets in range. Then, consider the difference between root and stun. Rha'Quel has to cover the 550 unit distance while the unit is still rooted, or the stun does not proc. If he's close when he hits the initial Q, this means the actual overall duration will never exceed 2 seconds; if he's far, that's a large gap to close without being CC'd by the enemy support, and has a high risk to attempt. Regardless, I see your point, and scaled back the root slightly. 3. W is not overpowered or overtuned. On a non-accused target, it is a simple slow. It allows him to catch fleeing targets, but if used improperly, it will cost the kill chance, as it has a very high cooldown. It is, however, powerful setup for an enemy cast E against an accused target. 4. To achieve high burst with E, Rha'Quel would need to build full AP, not a good look for a rather immobile support. Supposing he managed to get 400 AP, his E would deal 900 damage (before resistances) to a target with multiple effects on it; this target would be cleansed, however, making it difficult to follow up and finish the kill. Much like the rest of his kit, E provides a calculated risk/reward factor which forces the player to think about how they want to use it and whether or not it is a good choice to do so. 5. Max HP is a more enticing buy for multiple reasons. First, it does give Q damage. Second, it allows for survivability in fights, something AP does not allow for. On a champ with little mobility and low damage, survivability is key, because you'll be playing the role of a tank; thus the inclusion of a significant amount of crowd control. This champ is meant to direct and control fights without doing damage. He is meant to enable his allies, not himself, to deal big damage, as well as to serve as a peeler for his carries. Call me old fashioned, but I like it more when supports actually support rather than build full damage. 6. Rha'Quel is a male.
Ok, I see. I missed where you said he is a support, as well as the fac that he is male. Sorry. Still, his auto-attack range is similar to an adc’s. That won’t make it too difficult to his someone like alkali, who needs to get in range to make use of her abilities.
: Rha'Quel, Justiciar of the Void
The Passive might be to be unfair, the whole point of Akali's 'w' is so no one knows where she is, and if she is hit it shows short burst of blue. If you see her all the time while fighting her in her shroud her shroud become useless for her to play with, especially if allies can see as well. It defeats the purpose of her 'w'. His 'q' root _AND_ stun is too op, there isn't any time for counter-play in between (even at his first level 'q' if he already has 'w' and 'e') 2.35 seconds. His 'w' is too much cc as well, he already had a root and stun. I don't understand why he needs a slow and blind as well(that thank god doesn't deal any damage). His 'e' does_ WAYYYY_ to much if you build AP instead of MAX HP. Ult evens it out slightly. I think this champion has too much cc, and depends too much on it. The champion has limited damage from abilities, making the only damage output e and q but q is more focused on cc. Also I doubt people will buy MAX HP items when her main burst ability scales from AP and it has almost the same cooldown as her q.
: Atlas, The Spellsmith (Champion Concept)
I think a personality description or lore might help decide where he might be from, but if he's more on the sketchy side I think it would it would make more sense for him to be from Zaun. If he's a wealthy person, then most likely Piltover. Also I don't think he would be from Mt.Targon cause most magic is something astral related, or they don't have magic at all. Lastly, the last place I think he could fit (if he is a scary, closed of individual) is the Shadow Isles, if his lore his some warrior coming back from the dead, it could very much be a perfect fit for him. Again, I feel like most of this is much easier to determine with a lore or background of somesort. Still I think its a cool idea.


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