: Trinkets go on 2 minute cd when upgrading
Yeah it does and its annoying... but sometimes it doesnt.. i think for the sweeping lens it doesnt for some reason. either way i dont think upgrading trinkets should count as "selling trinkets" and have the 2 min cd.
: Why can't Sunfire Cape be a toggle?
This idea has been mentioned numerous times and a while ago Riot gave us their stance (their stance might change right now but at the time this is what they told us): They believe that they don't want to make it togglable to create downsides as a balance. I personally disagree from this because you are spending gold on an item that can cause problems for you, and you have to stick with it. Every item should have downsides, but the always on nature of sunfire cape makes this just unintuitive and downright annoying. It feels like there needs to be an actual weakness that has a gameplay counter in an item and not "well you can't ward Baron anymore without taking damage"
: Your favorite champion gets elected to President of the United States. What happens?
{{champion:157}} The entire country goes into ruins as he whips up a huge tornado.
: What do you call a fed Bard and Braum comp?
................................................................... *Facepalming intensifies* ................................................................... you know what... u deserve a cookie for how bad that was. {{item:2052}}
Gregma (EUW)
: This happened to me as well, after a very recent windows automatic update. Not even sure if its Windows 10 but I can't even get into the loading screen of a game any more after patch 5.5. Is their a fix for this?
Riot is definitely aware of this and they are looking into this as well. Keep in mind that Windows 10 Technical Preview is not yet compatible with League of Legends, so play at your own risk. > Hey everyone, thanks for the Windows 10 crash reports. As a lot of you have pointed out, we don't support Windows 10 yet so your mileage may vary as we work toward full compatibility. That said, MMACheerpuppy hit the nail on the head - we still want to do what we can to help those of you who've opted into the preview. Speaking concretely, we're currently looking into a few leads from the log information that's been provided (animation and/or sound files appear to be the culprit at this point). No promises on timeline but we're hoping to get something out before the next patch. Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2yshlb/windows_10_preview_users_patch_55/cpcueg3
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: Why won't anyone upgrade their vision Trinkets?
My excuse? I'm not level 9 yet :P but in all seriousness those things are so useful, especially the wardig totem, which actually saves you from buying more wards.
Irasiel (NA)
: Message to all non-supports out there.
This is normally not an issue for a lot of the relic users (since most are melee and take advantage of the execution dmg) But when I play Thresh and I'm playing with a random ADC it's so hard to share moneys :c
: that it does haha but it is more fun then dota, that one is just super confusing and graphics are very grim looking if that makes any sense haha
Yeah the graphics in DOTA 2 are quite lame. Also u came right in time for the map update (idk if u were here before then) but this game just looks pretty good now visually
: Hello
This game definitely has a steep learning curve, especially with all the changes recently making everything so much more complicated. I really didn't know what I was doing until around level 28 or so.
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Addressing the Q's in Quality Connections
: That is interesting. Let me check into this. Great idea!
or maybe implement a "Connection Quality" tab somewhere in the LoL client that will tell us what the connection quality is like in terms of ping and packet loss
: We have not yet. Where are they located?
This ISP serves in cities located in the Northeast of the US. http://www.rcn.com/
: I have not heard of them. Where are they located? We will reach out to them.
http://www.eastlink.ca/ also another Candian ISP
: We have not. Where are they located?
I just looked up that company and it serves in areas in Eastern Canada.
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Addressing the Q's in Quality Connections
Thank you for this update! I can already tell that i am no longer experiencing packet loss as i had earlier this year (thanks to the PoP in NY). I hope that connection quality will continue to improve for many other players as the "South Bridge" slowly comes online and as more ISPs get partnered. And we can already tell that there hasn't been a significant reduction major service interruptions since the hardware upgrade. (I can only recall maybe one interruption, as compared to almost a problem at least once a month). Keep it up Rito!
: My positive opinion on the Veigar changes, being a season 4 Diamond Veigar main
Removing the delay on Event Horizon destroys what riot was trying to do. But .75 second delay I believe is too much, it should be reduced to .25 or .5 secs.
: A Typical Post Rioters Respond to:
Not all rioters are created equal. A lot more rioters will tend to respond to these less "important" things because they are able to. While the game balance is not where a lot of rioters can respond to.
Sherman (NA)
: How have video games influenced your friendships in school?
Honestly, I have closer friends that I've met from the league community (various small streams and even randoms in games) than I have locally IRL.
Vincius (NA)
: Add a button to block player (bots) that spams invite
Yes you can type a name into the block list But the problem with these bots is that they will keep making new accounts as they get blocked and the issue would continue. Riot needs some sort of spam detection system to detect and ban these accounts as soon as possible.
Syeal (NA)
: [Game Mode] "Friendly-fire?!?"
I think a FFA Deathmatch would work best for this lol. Maybe on the dominion map would work best. People would spawn in random areas and the actual spawn area would be blocked off.
: Anyone play on Macbook?
It's best for you to just simply get a mouse. This game requires a lot of pointing movement and precision. And doing this with a trackpad will simply slow down ur actions, even though you believe you can accomplish this with a trackpad
: reimplement thereisnourflevel please.
thereisnourflevel is still there. Just type it in when your stuck on the grayed out launch button.
DWT12345 (NA)
: So... why is it some items are announced in the chat when you buy them and others arent?
Items that may be team related and provide team related actives or provide vision or auras are the items that usually pop up in chat. Wards and ward related items always show up in chat, and actives such at talisman and face of the mountain are shown. Other items that teams may want to take note (so they don't buy 2) are also shown such as frozen heart and locket. And in spectator mode all final items are shown in chat.
: My only problem with unlocked was that I lost my champion, I changed it to color blind mode to get a different health bar and it seemed to help but still had the problem and suggestions?
I mostly play in locked but I unlock it very often. Whenever I want to go back to my champion, I lock the camera.
: 1. Generally, you want to expand your champion pool as you get better, but for the most part it's better to get really comfortable with a small number of champions. People talk about counter-picks, but a champion someone is comfortable with will almost always beat a counter-pick by someone who doesn't know how to play the champ. 2. Yes, you should unlock the camera. It simply gives you a broader view of the map and what is going on. 3. That's really not a good idea. You can use a guide as a general reference, but every game is different and you should be building according to the game, not the guide. It's important to understand what each item does and how it will effect the champion(this is part of getting very comfortable on a single champion). 4. Silver are very well-rounded players with large champion pools that they are very comfortable with. They also build very well and base their build upon the game, not just following a guide. This takes literally thousands of games to reach that level. So, don't expect to get out of bronze 5 for awhile, much less making it to silver and beyond.
A lot of guides show multiple builds for how each game goes. Of course it's best to build according to the game but the guide will tell you what to build in each situation (at least a good one will).
: Looking to better myself as a player.
1. I believe it's best to learn 2 champs very well. Eventually you would want to expand your champion pool but learning few champions really well is better than learning a lot of champions but still being mediocre at them. 2. You can still continue to play in a locked camera if you wish, but you should unlock the camera a lot just to look around what is going on. I personally play on locked camera but I unlock it very often. This is more of personal preference, and some will say that it's best to just play on unlocked but even I can't get used to playing unlocked all the time (and I don't like holding space for centering my camera). 3. Guides are great for reference. And you should keep referring to them if u don't have an idea as to what to build. Most guides will also give you situational builds for different types of games, so pay attention to that. If a guide only shows ONE particular build and it doesn't explain when it's best to get what, it's not a good guide. 4. For getting out of bronze it's best to just learn one role really well in order to get out. However you still need to be prepared to play other roles fairly well in case you can't get your preferred role.
DrBroX (NA)
: Keep running out of mana
It's supposed to be a limiting factor on your abilities (which is why people start with flask and go back and buy tear). Simply don't use your abilities as much early unless you have to.
: Gaining 9LP but losing 14 in Bronze4?
Your mmr seems to be much lower than an average person's mmr in that elo. However once u start winning more games and losing less games the MMR will eventually fix itself and you'll gain more points than u lose. It's definitely going to take a lot of games however
Tusutaki (NA)
: What is Sion? Is he a tank? Or is he a bruiser?
To me I feel that Sion is very slow in his abilities and can get kited really easily. Sion really doesn't do much damage (at all) to be classified as a bruiser late game but in lane some of even "tanks" do a considerable amount of damage in early levels.
: The terrible truth about Poro-Snax
It's a lie. It's supposed to be made with non-ZMO Freiljordian herbs.{{item:2054}}
: Question about East Coast Ping
Riot does not plan on implementing East Coast servers. Instead they plan on centralizing the server somewhere in the middle of the U.S But before that, they are also working with ISPs to redirect your internet traffic to the shortest route to the NA Server. This will most likely improve stability once completed, which means less packet loss and less ping spikes. And once they move the server to a new location you would probably get lower stable ping as well. More information about Riot's plans and current status can be found [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/0hVNFnPH-na-server-roadmap-update-pops-peering-and-the-north-bridge) And also check out their original announcement [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/AMupzBHw-na-server-roadmap-update-optimizing-the-internet-for-league-and-you)
: How do you watch your games after you play, and what do you use to do it?
LoL replay is quite glitchy, but baron replay is a good alternative. However I personally like to record my games as a first perspective, so I set up OBS and record as I'm in game.
: Duo. Duo partner constantly reports you. Your MMR gets really fucking high. +30 LP per win -10 per loss. free diamond.
Well, riot could make it so that repeated reports on the same person will have a lesser effect than different people that report the same person. (They have a similar system for this in the honor system)
: No true damage cannot crit in league
Well that's becuase a lot of abilities that utilize true damage don't Crit anyways. But since gangplank's Q specifically states that it can Crit, the true damage would Crit as well. Just to make things super broken.
: Your Most Recently Played Champion Gains 500 Bonus True Damage on Their W
{{champion:157}}'s Q will do so much damage, and almost all of them are crits so uhh.... Around 2K mixed physical/true damage per Q? Seems pretty balanced.
: What's the most rage inducing thing that can happen to you in League?
Autolockers in blind pick. Those are worst thing ever. And in game it's when Baron gets stolen and we get aced soon afterwards.
: {{champion:157}} "Can you be like the wind... Always by my side?" Me: "I'm not gay." {{champion:157}} "... So is that a maybe?"
: Why is there a Decline Button on Que Pop?
If something pops up while you are waiting, and all of a sudden you can't play anymore, the decline button serves a small purpose I remember back in season 2 when there wasn't a decline button, and you were forced into champion select. I honestly like the new system better, being able to decline games while you just realized that you had something to do.
: Remembering last played spec in Team Builder temporarily disabled
This should be a togglable option. Because personally I don't like team builder remembering what I last played. I'd much rather have it off.
: If I'm playing a duelist intensive champ in top and get counterpicked, I take Exhaust
Yes, and this also applies to midlane and very useful on Zed, Yasuo, and a lot of other assasins.
3lue (NA)
: How are you going to build Yas after IE's crit nerf?
I'm just going to deal with the 90% Crit. It isn't that big of a deal and going so far out of your way just to reach 100% is not ideal in my opinion. Yasuo really enjoys life steal so when u replace that with tri force or youmuu's it may be impossible to get life steal assuming that u get boots and last whisper.
: [GAMEPLAY] strange bug or connection issue?
From what you have said, i think you may be experiencing packet loss, which a connection issue. This issue can arise from either your internet or Riot's NA server. But a lot of other people (including me) also experience packet loss at certain times. Riot has plans to fix this issue by signing contracts with ISPs to allow more optimal connections to the server. More info can be found [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/AMupzBHw-na-server-roadmap-update-optimizing-the-internet-for-league-and-you) To verify that it is packet loss, you can locate your network logs, which is located in the directory where you installed league of legends (C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Network Logs by default) and go to [this website](http://logsoflag.com/) to find out your connection to the server while in game.
: Patch 5.1 notes
We removed and "revived" negatron cloak. And that's the {{item:3026}} joke I'm getting this feeling that all of these Rioters are learning from Phreak, more and more puns exist in the later patch notes.
: Is KSing a good strategy to get fed?
I have two points to make about this topic 1. The terminology Kill Steal or KS really does not exist. There have been so many times where I try to give someone a kill and it goes away or I'm forced to use a summoner to get it just because I waited too long, the term really should be kill secure 2. That being said, trying to give kills to your carry is a great idea, since they depend on the gold the most. However you need to assess the situation and see whether the carry can take it. When in doubt, take it for yourself. In late game team fights In my opinion whoever gets the kill doesn't matter as much, it's all about killing them as soon as possible so you will have enough time to take objectives. You shouldn't complain if u get KSed, even though it may not be the most optimal, and ignore the people that complain about it.
cancle (EUW)
: 2 games that i have played didn't give me IP
Server probably was having problems, so the games didn't register to the server. Chances are the games are just gone. This issue is very common when NA is having issues.
: What's the most embarrassing ability to die to?
{{champion:51}} or {{champion:76}} trap. It is so hilarious when we are having a very close trade and everyone is super low and then a person just dies to a trap.
: Looking for people to play normals or really any game mode. I am a casual player.
You can add me... I have a somewhat tight play time on weekdays but go ahead and add me c:
: o_o look's up the acc..... side acc looks like there using that acc to test this with..
the account is in the video i believe... i dont want to accuse people here though because it is against the forum rules.
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