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Kokua (NA)
: I personally love the idea of Sightstone, and don't feel obligated to buy it. In fact, I feel like it serves a great purpose, and I WANT to buy it. It's cost effective, and gold is something that supports generally get less of. It also serves as a decent upgrade for the early gold income items. It helps to improve visibility without having to constantly buy additional wards. I personally would hate having to resort to purchasing consumable wards every time I go back. I love the idea of things that refresh when you go back to your base, whether it's sightstone, or potions. I really... really... dislike consumables. Except for those obtained from Klepto. But I prefer to sell those rather than consume them. ** They do mention this though: Support items will gain Sightstone’s active as their quest reward. While this is a way to try and sneak it back in without making it feel like something you buy separate, I often get Sightstone long before the quest completes. Meaning, you have that much less vision for a longer period of time. If they change the quests to make them more easily obtainable around the same time people would generally have Sightstone, that would actually be a benefit ** And I just found out: Quest reward thresholds are reduced to 500 gold. So, maybe there's still some hope... They're removing the item, but still keeping the concept. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes. It might actually be a good thing. I originally read this post, wrote my comment, [found the dev post](, then edited my comments. If you actually read through it... it doesn't seem all that bad of a concept. My preferred champion is Random. My preferred role is Support. My username literally translates to support.
Riot's killing what it means to play support :/
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: Pinks can keep you good until i finish tier2 gold gen and boots.
REMEMBER you can only have one CONTROL wars on the map at a time.
: If you are efficient with your trinket usage, you can avoid ganks without needing an early sightstone. not saying you don't need to get one eventually, only that it doesn't need to be rushed. If your jungler has been counterjungling, your other laners have been warding, you can track the enemy jungler's movements through prediction even if you don't have 100% vision on them. Your enemy laners reactions can also be a telltale sign of an incoming gank. A Nami/Kog who have been playing like pussies against Thresh/Ez suddenly taking the initiative to engage is a very good indicator that something is off even if you don't actually see anything (sometimes it's a bluff but that's uncommon). And if you see the jungler elsewhere, you can get a good estimate of the time he might take to get to your lane and pull back accordingly. Lane MIAs are also suspect. If you play around all this, you can delay your sightstone for an item that may win lane for you. You'll still have to get it later for after lane phase, but it is not a mandatory rush unless you are expecting to get camped (depending on the enemy jungle pick). It helps to play jungle yourself to know how to predict the movements of the enemy jungler.
Umm no. How are you supposed to deny vision in river without red trinket? Also, vision in ranked games is FAR more important than in a normal game.
: Sona is busty. She is not busted. Trying to break the English language won't change that.
> [{quoted}](name=ImpossibleGT,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iOP0y0Ek,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2017-11-14T12:20:15.648+0000) > > Sona is busty. She is not busted. Trying to break the English language won't change that. She's VERY busty. And INSANELY busted. And people wonder why I play her :)
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: A support's life
Real supports get Oracles. >:)
GreenBoÍ (EUNE)
: Mostly females... My whole first champ line (based on mastery) are only females ^.^ Including Fiora, Lux, Sona, Lulu, Soraka... AND NO... I am not female ^.^
I feel you! My top 5 are Sona, Riven, Akali, Eve, and Kat (pretty toxic roster besides Sona :P)
: "Gender Roles"
Friends think I'm gay because I main support qq
: can we get a trap character?
I am pretty straight, And I can certainly say, That traps are not gay, 5-7-5 perfection
: How does this deserve a perma?
Umm, I think that you were the one having a mental breakdown if you think coin isn't viable on lulu.
CaptainHout (EUNE)
: Evelynn R doing 0 damage
: 1.) Evelynn is an assassin too, so comparing them to her is valid 2.) Her charming an enemy doesn't really count as "engage", as she isn't really committed to fighting yet Ex: Ahri charming someone and then landing her Q is not technically engage 3.) W>Q is unreliable as "engage", and I am talking specifically about about follow up in a fight, as you are never going to being the first person to go in as an assassin
I miss wrote the assassin part. She's an assassin, but instead of having a reliable dash or blink to engage, she has invisibility, which I feel can be more impactful if used properly
: {{champion:62}} Just when I thought he was too noob friendly to screw up... I saw someone take Courage of the Colossus using him...
did u know.... cotc **works** on everyone now.... blast cones :) never said it's viable
Goroh (NA)
: DO NOT BUILD EVELYNN AP (Read before downvoting) AP OVER TANK ANYDAY WOOOOOO But on a serious note, she should be built as an AP Bruiser, never a tank. (You said tank in the title, but you ended up describing a bruiser build, no flame) You should be going Runic Echoes every FUCKING game, because you'd have to be autistic to buy anything else. I'm pretty sure sunfire removes her stealth too, so I wouldn't ever end up buying it. Following echoes, eve should prioritze 1 or 2 more Tanky-damage items such as {{item:3152}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} and ONLY THEN should she build tank items like {{item:3742}} {{item:3025}}. Against a squishy team with low cc though, you should never be building bruiser and should go full ap.
: "Evelynn is an AP champion" AP>AD
Abibyama (EUW)
: Probably the worst ideas I’ve ever comes up with but here we go: 1. Upon entering Demon Shade, Evelynn also gains movement speed out of combat. 2. Empowered Whiplash range increased to 375-425 (about the same as ekko e blink) 3. After casting Last Caress, Evelynn instantly gains Demon Shade That will probably break Evelynn, Pls Stashu make Evelynn feels good to play ######hehe
I really agree with 1 and 2. She is way too fucking slow for a champion whose motto is "run around the map post 6 with invis and kill idiots who dont pink ward". Her e also just feels a bit clunky atm.
: id say gut the annoying bitch. make all her abilites do 0 damage because fuck that annoying ass champion.
I mean, isn't everyone you lose to OP in b4?
: These changes are good, but this still doesn't cause the issues she has in teamfights Although most assassins don't usually have teamfight capabilities, they have something that can ensure they deal SOME DAMAGE and then can make it out {{champion:238}} Can WEQ from a safe range {{champion:105}} Untargetable so he can RWQ in and then E away for free {{champion:38}} His ult has a low cooldown and can safely jump, do damage, and jump out right after {{champion:55}} She is made for teamfights, so ignore her (but has a blink that leads to instant AoE damage) {{champion:121}} E gives resets {{champion:7}} She can TP back to her W {{champion:35}} Has deception tools {{champion:157}} Has windwall and multiple dashes {{champion:107}} CC removal after jumping in with ult {{champion:91}} Can jump in with E or Q, and then has invis to get out safely All these champions have way to jump into a fight, but also a safe way out Evelynn suffers from the "let me walk up to you with 350 movespeed and a "hope I don't get CC'd" attitude Then when she realizes that she can't do anything to the enemy squishies she if forced to ult the full HP tanks and lives with dealing like 100 damage She needs someway to be capable of actually jumping into a fight, that isn't flash or wasting her ult for the blink portion These forces her to not even bother with teamfights, and just hope someone is stupid enough to walk into a lane alone and to pick up a kill It honestly sucks since she is already bad early game that being bad late game too just makes her a bad champion TL;DR: Evelynn lacks tools that can put her into a fight, and then being able to ult out
Yo, those are assassins. Eve's supposed to kill the backline such as Lux, Kog, Janna etc. Also, Eve uses W>Q to engage, or follows up in a fight.
Bârd (NA)
: My issues with the new Eve, and how I'd like to see them fixed.
I've played the new Evelynn quite a bit, and I really don't think she's as weak as people think. Her clear is SUPER healthy if you actually kite the camps with q and don't auto. It is also quite easy to land the last 3 hit of q if you get your charm off first, or if your lane has any kind of cc. My only problems with the new Eve are her lack of out of combat mobility (you basically have to get mobis unconditionally now), and if you want to play her Ap (like how she's meant to be played) I find her super feast or famine, as trying to get your whole w>q>e>q>q>r will get you killed if behind.
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: you must not actually play the game.... urgot got a rework a month or so ago. completely new kit, and ryze has had 300 reworks
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: Why do people put so much importance on # of games?
People take this game way too seriously, and will try to flame you every chance they get. In this case by mocking how many games someone has played. Games played means nothing as long as you get to a rank you're satisfied with. Getting to diamond is an impressive feat omits own and 800 games isn't abnormal. Don't let them discourage you! Ps I know this isn't relavant to the post, but how come you go 2 chalice items on Sona sometimes? I'm pretty sure that athenes dissonance disables mikaels harmony
Limid (NA)
: Why, just Why man.
Riot considers any visibly moving ability or autoattack a projectile. It's kinda dumb
: how long did it take you to get out of bronze?
Took me around 50 games when I started last year. Ended gold 5 by spamming sona with a 61% winrate
: odd bug when only playing league
U sure you aren't accidentally pressing the ctrl key? This happens to me sometimes because I use cherry mx reds.
cFlake (NA)
: IMO she currently waayyyyyy too easy to get hextech chests. You can literally just hop into a normal play 1-2 games and get an S grade. I think that there should be more ways to earn keys though. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't have 10+ chests without the keys to open them.
Just noticed, op isn't even level 30 Ps. Y u so entitled, git gud
Namid S (NA)
: What is the point of learning new champions to get chests?
IMO she currently waayyyyyy too easy to get hextech chests. You can literally just hop into a normal play 1-2 games and get an S grade. I think that there should be more ways to earn keys though. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't have 10+ chests without the keys to open them.
: End of season rewards?
There's a Victorious skin for each role. (Morg was a mid fyi) and assuming they do the same thing, it'll be a toplaner
: 3 things that maaabye trigger me a little...
There is nothing wrong with playing off meta.
: I can finally quit this horrible game
Thank GOD you got perma'd
: So what is the punishment for "inting?"
it's bronze 4.... Feeding doesn't mean inting
: Reminder that Ohmwrecker* still sucks and is the least built item* in the game
: Reminder that Rylai's still sucks and is the least built AP item in the game
Not true. Hextech-GLP, Archangels, Frost Queen's Claim, Nashors, Banshees, Athenes, Eye of the Watchers, and even gunblade are less popular than Rylais. Rylais may not be Morellonomicon strong, but is mandatory on many champions such as Aurelion. Where did you get your data?
: give me 1 good arguement that swain isnt op
Aazzlano (NA)
: Promos matchmaking... seriously????
You have a negative winrate, meaning your mmr will be lower, hence playing in silver/gold ELO. Because of this, you will be matched with untangled players which is pretty standard from SW through G4 in my experience. For whatever reason, both sides have similar me averages which is why it was matched this way
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Evangele (NA)
: If Your Summoner Name Was an In Game Item
Cornflake (Consumable) Active: Restore 1 HP
: Broken Honor Bug
I thought honoring someone in premade has virtually no affect on your honor?
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: Patch 7.17 notes
> *Mahou Means Magical Oh Gawd, Its death note all over a again
Epicurus (OCE)
: What Happends to Shyvana's Clothes During Transformations?
I would love if Shyvanna pulled a 2B self destruct each time she ults. You catch my drift? :)
: All of these really popular weeb champs getting all of the fancy and cool skins
Hey! Why are you calling people who like these skins Weeaboo???? It's totally unjustified and.... nvm my club tag is "Anime" But in all seriousness, I too want some "enhanced sideboob akali" even though she already has a dozen skins :3
Aenaeus (NA)
: Make Zac's E hitbox smaller the lower health he is.
Nebuul (NA)
: [Training Mode] Refresh Cooldown does not work with tear items
Not a bug, Tear's stacking is a passive, not an active.
: I'm not even sorry
You're a bad person and you should feel bad.
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