: Dont. Buff. Pyke.
Pyke is a "support" LOL
: Other gamemodes give us a break from the broken state of other games, and bring joy.
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KazKaz (OCE)
: Damage meta is just not fun
Damage meta ruins everything. Aram is worse off, the fun modes are worse off... it's just so bad.
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: Morde is simply perfect.
this sounds like he got paid off. that's all!
: Morde is simply perfect.
Seems just like Swain
Jamaree (NA)
: People will literally never stop complaining, Hell for anyone who has been here long enough back when the game was that slower methodical game, one of the core complaints was how slow and boring games were and if we ever go back to that point, guarantee the complaints will be that once again.
That sounds like a complaint regarding slow play in the LCS.
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: In my experience overall premades don't tend to any better than randoms in ARAM. In a few cases yes (if you are trying to dive their backline and they all peel). But I've won vs. many a premade (or lost games where I was the odd man out and the other 4 are a premade).
Yeah of course it’s possible to beat them. But I don’t like having to consider that the team Im playing against is on mics. It would be like going to a pick up basketball game and the five guys who end up on a team don’t tell you that they know each other. Totally unsportsmanlike.
: unlike SR, having a premade in aram doesn't mean squat because all champions are literally right in front of you. there isnt anything to coordinate other then the fact that you intend to fight because there are no objectives to rotate to; everything is directly in front of you, including towers. it also has nothing to do with the fact that its a casual mode, but since its just one big teamfight there doesnt have to be much thought put into it.
they pick a target and eliminate that person first "Focus Jayce when I stun, ready?"
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: why do you love this mode so much if it has huge balance problems?
I've been playing it for five years or something... Lots of quick interactions. Lots to mentally process...
Flarizon (NA)
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Pipu (NA)
: aram akali buffed ????????????
they have no idea what they are doing.
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: Patch 9.10 notes
zoe buffs on aram LOL
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Ornn (OCE)
You would need 25 bans to get rid of the strongest ARAM champs. Then you would have a new tier of OP champs. The ban thing doesn’t really work but I did enjoy banning Yasuo not gonna lie. But then I saw more Zed. Can’t win!
CD8 (NA)
: Is there a reason why Yasuo is constantly left untouched?
Hexmage (NA)
: A Toggle for Viktor's New Walk?
The new walk animations are bizarre
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: ARAM fixed?
I think if they just reduced damage in the whole game it would go a long way to making ARAM better.
: Should Riot Revert What League Used Be Like in Season 5
I totally agree. League used to be so much better. It's sad that the developers took it in a direction that a lot of people don't like. We can't get the old game back so players just end up leaving.
: The Problem with ARAMS
Every ARAM comp nowadays is like LCS tier synergy. The bench & rerolls have basically guaranteed a decent comp. ARAM was more fun when it was more random. I agree with your comment.
: Can solo/duo become just solo?
Premades in Aram ruin the game. 4 guys on mics vs strangers. What a joke.
: End this Riot, keep Warmogs out of aram, FOREVER THIS TIME
: why nerfing yasuo wont fix yasuo
Why does Yasuo have a better shield than Braum???
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: Seriously. The only people who were complaining about ARAM bans were people with ARAM accounts.
I've seen people do very well on Xin, Garen, Ekko, etc etc etc. Are those aram accounts?
: Riot recently made the best addition ARAM ever got just to remove it mere days later...
Riot: "Gosh guys we can't do anything right, can we???" Us: "Yes, exactly."
: Patch 9.8 Notes
Zed +5 damage dealt. say waaaaaaaaat?????
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: my teammates all suck in aram
Not enough people play league anymore so the matches are unbalanced in skill level.
: I would like to play dominion again
blah blah they changed the coding, blah blah, new client, blah blah resources elsewhere BLAH BLAH.
: Which Meta is Wrose?
psh, it's much healthier for Zoe's single ability to take 2/3 of your health bar.
Kimuto (NA)
: Stuck on the "accept or decline" notice for a ranked game
: Just play normals or go to anger management class {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> [{quoted}](name=Wolfie Mike 12,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=veoaK6QF,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-04-12T18:43:21.297+0000) > > Just play normals or go to anger management class {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I think you missed the point.
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: Monthly Reminder That Twisted Treeline is a Stain on League of Legends
I want dominion back. And... can we just go back to before season 8?? I'll take anything around season 5 or so. Thanks!
Kantan (NA)
: I’m not the only one, am I?
Nhika (NA)
'dynamic queue is the future'
Noxina (NA)
: I dislike the ARAM changes. Here's why.
Aram was way better a few years ago. Well, so was the entire game. Riot is trying to individually balance each champion to ARAM when they can't even do it on Summoners Rift. YA RIGHT
Bârd (NA)
: I feel like nerfing the sustain options in ARAM is the wrong way to go.
Just let the champions be what they are, unlock all the champs, and don't allow rerolls. If people dodge so what. Make the countdown timer 20 seconds to start a game.
toravi (NA)
: Aram champion diversity.
everyone has rerolls, everyone can ban, everyone can trade. yeah... not random.
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