Quepha (NA)
: IP price on those chromas during the sales?
2000 IP for individual Chromas.
EroBunny (NA)
: Can you delete {{champion:17}}from the game? It would be much appreciated by everyone! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
You had your chance and missed it. https://www.facebook.com/leagueoflegends/photos/a.244834685555.296890.82061850555/10157034085585556/?type=3&theater
: speaking of which, shouldn't this system have a sorting option? Like if I wanted to ask a narrative question, it would probably be in my and your interest for only narrative to see it and not have to sift through a whole list. It just seems inefficient, and a good way to make sure our questions are lost.
So I am just seeing this question. (Sorry about that!) We considered sorting but decided it was more important to let players ask questions with as few barriers as possible.
Jeddy017 (NA)
: Will we get a notification when one of our questions have been responded to?
Unfortunately we won't be able to do that with this system. We're going to read all questions but won't be able to specify when your question has been answered.
Shíny (NA)
: I get that you guys have to be a bit more formal since this is something that has the riot games brand on it, but when I first heard about an "ask riot games" system awhile back I wasn't exactly expecting a weekly column. I guess I should go bug some more rioters to get an ask.fm account.
When you're asking an individual Rioter something on a personal social channel, he or she might might not work on the thing you're asking about so your question will likely go unanswered. Hopefully, this system will enable all questions to be seen by the appropriate people. This will also give more players the chance to see our answers, which means more of you get an answer.
: So...is Dominion coming back?
Definitely Not Dominion: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/5OYfakRk-definitely-not-dominion-game-mode-live-on-the-pbe-for-rgm-queue-testing
: I mean, it's still less than league, but sports do evolve over time. http://www.baseball-almanac.com/rulechng.shtml
Sports change a lot, especially when you look at it from a generational perspective. There was a time when the forward pass was outlawed in football. Basketball didn't always have a 3-point line (and the dunk was outlawed for a very long time as well). Baseball has changed the stitching on the ball and height of the pitcher's mound. I watch a fair amount of football and even in my lifetime, I've seen massive changes in rules and strategy. League changes more rapidly, but you see rules changes in all major American sports every season. (If you watch American football, you know how frustrating the new targeting rules can be for fans.)
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ploki122 (NA)
: > During October, we released a game mode (One for All) That's kinda irrelevant when the game mode isn't available for the Holiday though, don't you think? This was my main gripe with the event personally. When I plan on having some fun for Halloween, I usually do it on 31st +/- 1-2 days. However, you removed the fun game mode 4 days before the actual holiday and didn't replace it with anything.
Yeah, we definitely see splitting up the different parts over the course of the month wasn't as effective as we wanted.
Dalthine (NA)
: Here's the basic gist of it: * Riot pushed Harrowing content to the pbe and tested it, announcing it as such. * No other in game content was announced, different from previous years (previously, there was a featured game mode or SR reskin). * No indication of when the content would be released was given, with Riot prioritizing World's instead. * The announcement that Harrowing would not coincide with Halloween was buried on the pbe boards, where very few people saw it. * Halloween came and went, with no official Riot comment on Harrowing content all weekend. * There was still no definite announcement about when the content would be released until several days after the uproar (best we had was "later this week"). This isn't even getting into player opinions on how people disagree with separating Harrowing with Halloween. That's all just things compounding to explode in their face about what went wrong.
During October, we released a game mode (One for All), a new story with Shadow and Fortune: A Harrowing Story and we released new skins and Legacy skins this week. We made the decision to split these things up to avoid clumping too many things at once, especially with Worlds earning so much attention. Based on your feedback, this wasn’t the right decision. We’re looking at how we can fix this in the future and we're listening to better understand what you expect to see for future seasonal events. We'll be the first to admit, this isn't always easy for us, because our seasonal events don’t always feature the same things. But we realize what we did release for The Harrowing didn't meet expectations.
Vacus (NA)
: Here is my list of things Riot has done wrong with this Harrowing event and communcation related to it. Note that I don't actually mind that it's a different theme, and I don't actually mind not having Harrowing content. - Skins take a while to make. You have known for a significant length of time that there would be no traditional Harrowing skins this year. That means that you have known, in general, that events and holidays will be done differently, for at least a few months. I know you don't want to have a release schedule and you don't want to talk about upcoming content, but we were not informed early enough. Not even close. As a result of the information being released so close to the event, it felt much more like the event was cancelled than that there has been a change. - The actual new decision about decoupling events from calenders is absurd. An event that has no relation to a real-world event can be done whenever. The Harrowing loses a massive amount of its impact if it is not done at Halloween. Similarly, Snowdown anytime other than the winter holiday season would be vapid and uninteresting. Saying that you can push out these events any time and it will be just as good is not something that anyone will ever believe. Acting like it's an improvement is insulting. - The failure to post this in a place where you could receive public feedback until now. Halloween is over. You missed your chance entirely. 100% complete communication failure, which there is no excuse for. There's probably more, but this is off the top of my head.
We messed up by not sharing the PBE post elsewhere, specifically over the holiday weekend. And while we communicated directly with players in that post, we should have done it again on the main boards before Halloween. We’re not going to ignore seasonal moments, but The Harrowing is a little tricky, as its changed often over the years. Skins like “Officer Vi” were part of former Harrowing releases but for this year, we released “Shadow and Fortune: The Harrowing Story,” and new champion bios dug deeper into some of the Shadow Isles champs. (Dark stuff if you haven’t read it yet, much recommend.)
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