: > [{quoted}](name=Lost In Time,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AJb3EAVM,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-10-05T14:21:16.085+0000) > > You don't need to last hit to get Sated stacks. > > If you read it, it says you gain stacks upon _takedowns_, which are kills and assists, even on monsters. So as long as you damage it once, you get the stacks. I think that only works on dragon...the other camps (like buffs) the jungler has to last hit it to get te stack
: It's been said on countless occasions that Riot doesn't actually use PBE as a testing ground, just a preview of what **WILL** be on the next patch. Anything that goes on there is almost guaranteed to be pushed onto the Live servers with complete disresgard to player feedback, even if it be loud and unanimous. This has held true countless times, this entire thread's existence is unshakable proof of that.
Yeah that last part isn't true at all. It has happened before but a lot of this thread is bs circlejerking. 'Unshakable proof'? Please. You must not follow the pbe closely enough because they pull back changes all the time. And with juggernaut reworks they worked a lot with the community to iron them out (outside of mord a little bit). And in case you missed it, not many said anything when the changes were on the pbe, they even said skarner was weak before he was released and found to be broken.
DropFill (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=canpan14,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qtpQNacL,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2015-09-25T12:37:43.550+0000) > > Fiora does not shit on rammus haha. My friend loves when people pick fiora so he can destroy them with rammus. So maximum health true damage....with flat sustain.....doesn't counter rammus? Can you see that what you said makes no sense?
Thornmail + W and she just kills herself. I've seen the matchup a number of times, try it out some time.
DropFill (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Krinu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qtpQNacL,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-09-25T01:49:55.794+0000) > > Put it this way: ADCs and AD juggernauts are a big thing right now. > > Rammus is *the* tank for fighting AD foes. > > He's nowhere to be seen. Mordekaiser does magical damage. Darius has plenty of armor pen plus true damge Fiora shits on rammus so hard that is not even fun GP has a way to get out of his taunt AND armor pen The only ones that can't kill rammus.... can't be killed by him either. Both Garen and Skarner can simply ignore rammus on a teamfight
Fiora does not shit on rammus haha. My friend loves when people pick fiora so he can destroy them with rammus.
: Craaaaaaaaaap, I meant to do that at some point. Unfortunately, we're past localization cutoff date at this point for 5.16, so it will have to wait until 5.17. For those that didn't know and are interested in knowing, we have to have all tooltips and other text information completed for a patch about a week in advance of the patch so that they can be translated into all the other languages the game. This is that localization cutoff date. So yeah, I'll try to remember for 5.17.
While you are at it, fix Warwicks passive tooltip. It should say you need to hit the same target to keep the buff stacking (the buff itself correctly states you need to hit the same target).
Rioter Comments
: Rito, I am impressed
The interaction was in the patch notes. But yes it is fun.
: @Riot, with Kassadin sitting at a 42.04% win rate...
His base stats are around the middle. Some high (mana) and some low (health). His ult does do damage. His scaling isn't mediocre (he can build tanky like ryze and still rip your face off). He is just more challenging to play now and doesn't reward sloppy play/mistakes early. I agree he is a bit weak now but he has been pick/ban almost the whole time s1-s4. Let him take a break on the bench for a bit.
: His ultimate does provide on-hit magic damage based on his bonus health, but that's about it.
> [{quoted}](name=EndlessSorcerer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ttgtcQd1,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-07-10T14:19:17.482+0000) > > His ultimate does provide on-hit magic damage based on his bonus health, but that's about it. Yeah I was more referring the the active portion. I don't really see his ult passive as part of his ult. Not even sure why that passive is there.
Arsames (EUW)
: The delusional "Tahm Kench most balanced released champ since Vel'Koz" crowd are hillarious :^)
[His ult isn't global ](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Tahm_Kench) The ranged slow/stun are the same ability and to get the stun you need to him them 3 times first. Also that ability is a skill shot that stops when it hits an enemy. It is faster than blitz hook but still it won't go through minions and crap. I agree his tanking is strong but that is the whole point of him. He has no mobility outside of his ult which can be interrupted with anything. Also the ult doesn't even do damage itself.
TMO Zerka (OCE)
: Tahm Kench Eating Team
Bard can do the same thing with his ult, or anivia with her wall. People will find a way to troll if they want.
DJ Di0 (NA)
: Sated Devourer is some Scurry Sh*t
Maybe if anyone bothered invading the jungle vayne it would have been easier. You can get away with almost anything jungle if they are allowed to free farm the whole game.
: Bye Bye LCS Plays Rest in piece
First why did you post this twice in a row? Also calm down, he said he is starting at the extremes and will changing things over the next few iterations.
Rioter Comments
: Kra'Heel, Voidflame.
Passive: How would someone toggle this? Passives don't have key bindings. Q: Is this a ranged or melee ability? That is a crazy long cooldown also. Is it a skillshot? W: Why would this deal physical damage? E: So morganas e? R: Seems fine. It feels like you have no idea about this champions kit. This abilities aren't explained well and it isn't clear what you want him to do. Come back when you have clarified his abilities because they are so vague that it is really hard to pass judgement.
: Masteries + runes + items are applied in what order??
flat calculates before % when working for you on your stats. and against you when working on the enemy (% and then flat reduction) (flat hp and then % hp)
Afeee (EUW)
: Stop saying Season 5 is super balanced
Support is miles better than it was in season 3. We have gold and items now and a free ward! In solo-queue you can support tons of different people and do well unlike season 3. You can't compare competitive to solo queue in some regards.
: The Blame Game
I'll throw this under the general, 'Don't be a jerk', rule.
Elfezen (NA)
: Anyone else got extremely bored of LoL?
Once and a while I stop playing as often. It is much more fun if you play it with friends, doing silly builds or just screwing around in aram.
: > [{quoted}](name=canpan14,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TpVutY9L,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-01T17:09:29.323+0000) > > Don't run the extra 5% cdr form masteries then when you play zyra. And take what then? Attack speed? What's the point of that lol. At least the CDR mastery helps early on when you have none. And then I'd still be forced to build another CDR item to hit 40%....
Get some extra AD to help with farming/lane harass (idk haha).
Narog (NA)
: has anyone try it on Gankplank?
Would probably work the same and make AP GP even better. I'll give it a try when I get home.
: While we're at it can we please make her W give 15% cdr instead of 10? Ending at 35% CDR once I have morellonomicon and 5 ranks in W is infuriating for my OCD.
Don't run the extra 5% cdr form masteries then when you play zyra.
: Dragon and Baron timer changes?
Honestly people often don't look at them anyways and miss timings. To get the timers you have to have visions when the buff/camp is cleared. They said they didn't like that it became a game of who can keep track of various numbers better and scrolling around in chat to see what the last thing they said was. At first I was against this change for similar reasons but I think it helped a lot (especially from my support main view) in giving me time to focus on objects and the next thing to do rather than making sure I remembered all the timers for the various buffs.
Halcyn (NA)
: No but i know for a fact no one should stand around while people are making half ass decisions and spoiling the name of their company.
I think they have made great decisions over the years. Not all have been perfect but eventually things come around and are better. Many of us have been playing for years and 0% of me would like to go back to previous seasons. I think the game is always improving with the new champions/items/map. Not going to pretend like they never take steps back, but overall they have done an amazing job over time. It is easy to look at a small subset of decisions and say, 'wow they suck at everything'. But when you look at the big picture and see how much the game has progressed you have to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Halcyn (NA)
: I say I blame everyone is because if you even work at Riot you have more of a voice than any of us. Do everyone a favor and next time they try to give a champ a dash when auto attacking walk into their officers and let them know it's an awful idea maybe they'll listen then because they sure won't listen here.
You must have never worked a real office job then. You don't just walk up to another team as a regular employee and tell them how to do their job. Just like how the devs shouldn't go to the art team and tell them how to make their art.
Halcyn (NA)
: Questions for Gaming Companies (Riot specifically)
> I blame everyone at Riot, honestly. God damn those artists. Messing up my precious game balance. You really think they are involved in the balance process? Game companies often do this not only to balance their game but to shake things up. They don't want everyone to be perfectly on the same level. They want to keep changing things to keep the game interesting. Also your points are pretty dumb. Diana is supposed to two shot people, she is an assassin. Lastly if the players got to balance things the whole game would be a mess. 95% of the time the player base is wrong and doesn't understand the ramifications of changes they want added in. If you really think the player base is that smart than you should follow all the crappy posts on the boards more often.
Noctius28 (EUW)
: {{champion:33}} is simple, {{champion:51}} is simple, old and new {{champion:22}} is simple, {{champion:266}} is simple, {{champion:222}} is simple Hell most champs until 2014 were mostly simple, excluding a few bad seeds ({{champion:64}} ), the fad of doing over complicated champs is a recent thing {{champion:266}} and {{champion:86}} are equally simple but ages apart, there would still be alot of variety if they kept design simple
Rammus is actually really complicated. Sometimes I have to decided if I wanted to max w or e first. These are big decisions.
: Riot Made new balance changes.
Complaining usually sparks more conversation than just saying 'Yup that thing was good'.
: Ignite or Exhaust on Thresh Support?
Exhaust if they have heavy engage/assassins. Ignite otherwise because most of the time allies don't take advantage of the exhaust. Also in fights on bot i always throw the ignite early to burn a flash or to counter their heal. Soloqueue is all about snowballing early kills and ignite is better for that.
NLghtnd1 (NA)
: "A love-letter to supports" By: End Game Summary
No because it doesn't mean much. Ashe would have like a million seconds of cc (yes slows are cc). And red buff applies a slow. It just wouldn't mean much. Riot gives a ton of love to supports (support main here). Comparing supporting now to like season 2/3 and this is the golden age. Supports are banned all the time and also have gold to build higher tier items without sacrificing wards.
: Really. Got demoted for losing twice. Elo hell isn't real?
You don't get more points because you had a good KDA. All that matters is the win or loss.
: "Scoring a champion kill or assist will grant 2 Devourer stacks and killing a large monster will grant 1." You remember, the change to encourage the AFK farmer to stop AFKing? I bet that Yi had a ton of stacks.
Yi had 18 kills by the end of the game. So probably ended with around 50-60 stacks which isn't way over the top and isn't the main reason Shyv got destroyed by him. Full build yi will pretty much melt anyone with his normal damage + true damage. When it hits late game you need burst to kill the yi. Tanks wont be able to take him. (I play both yi and tanks). Not saying 50-60 stacks isn't nothing, but it isn't some game changing number of stacks compared to if he just had like 30.
: Riot, you wanna explain why Mundo's self heal is completely broken?
Just looked up the match. The mundo was way ahead of you in cs/items. Also you were basically full tank. This is the expect result of a fed tank vs a not fed tank.
Fadedpf (NA)
: I just got destroyed by a Devourer Yi even now
I doubt devourer is really the reason he was destroying you. If he was just running around killing all of you, I doubt his devourer had a ton of stacks on it. You just lost to a fed yi doing what fed yis do.
: Congrats on runeglaive
Some people in this thread don't get that one of the main reasons it is amazing on ez is that it turns his Q into MAGIC DAMAGE. Which means ludens now procs with it and magic pen now works with his Q. This took out a huge weakness in his kit. Also he can just run to raptors and get back a good chunk of mana once and a while. If he falls behind early though and can't get a fast runeglaive he is really meh.
: anybody else realize that when you have a duo bot
Me and my friend used to duo all the time (I am a support main and he would adc). It was really a 50/50 shot because he was just an alright adc, had good games but would easily tilt. But every champ select he would say 'bot with canapn' and either no one would care or it would just cause problems. We found much better success if we just said nothing and happened to get bot together.
: AS a Kalista Main about her Balance
I think they want her to be this super kitey/jumpy champion that builds up lots of stacks of spears on her enemy and blows them up. I think the 90% damage is a cop out though from the fact they can't balance her. It is really sad that to make the champion work they are just making her do 10% less damage basically.
Tahm basically does what you want. Nomz the ally for long enough that whatever cc was on them will be gone. You need to calm down.
: Get your shit right. I am in silver 5
My mistake =) Was looking at your ranked team. Still impressive it is that low. Still think you are blaming everyone but yourself and are overreacting.
: Why isn't Caitlyn played max CDR AD Caster like Varus?
Her poke doesn't hit as hard or go as far as varus's. And her root aka trap has an arm time and in a 1v1 wouldn't usually work.
: Please, please never ONLY let us play teambuilder on the PBE
If there was only team builder there wouldn't be an hour long wait. Also the new teambuilder they are talking about is a mix of the current one and a new system that basically has you choosing like two rolls you play (and fill) and it throws you into a team for a quick champion select (or something like that).
: I cannot win versus bronze midlaners as a plat 5
Fellow support main. You have to go back to the basics. Pick up a mid champion you like/feel comfortable with and spam them in normals until you can use your abilities correctly without a second though (which I assume you can do on supports). Also realize that you are responsible for a huge amount of damage on your team. Be prepared to have to make plays and also be very careful to position and not die at key times. On support it is nbd a lot of the time when you die. But if you position badly/die in mid you may have dropped your teams damage output by half.
Duke Anax (EUW)
: He probaly know how to ward properly, but a Support doesn't CS nor freeze lane.
Supports do help freeze lanes (good ones).
Mr Comet (NA)
: Question for Riot about the code.
I doubt there is code in for that as no ability can currently do that. They could probably do it, but I don't think it is there yet.
: Took a break from ranked. Came back, I have never been more disgusted in my life.
Jinx didn't feed (Assuming you are talking about the game you just played). Your team just fell behind and she died a lot later in the game. You seem to complain just as much as those guys. 'Never been more disgusted in my life'. Really? And your viktor fell behind against a zed. Wasn't really much hope for him unless a jungler (you) helped him out. Also you are in bronze 5 at 0lp. What are you expecting?
: [GAMEPLAY] Melee Form, Ranged Autoattack
Bug isn't gamebreaking as the game does not break when it happens. It is a bug and should be fixed, but far from game breaking.
FHMarshy (NA)
: I think the reason OP think blitz has high damage, is that he has no armor nor MR in his runes. He doesn't even have a full set of runes.....
Haha at that point anyone has high damage.
Rew711 (NA)
: Just got a daily reminder why Blitzcrank is BS
He is op in lower elos because players are really bad at getting caught out without vision. His grab costs like half/ a third of his mana early game and his E is melee range. He has really high mana costs and if he doesn't hit a Q he is not much of a threat for the next 10-20 seconds. If you don't abuse this opening then it is your fault. Also if his team gets behind it is really hard to come back because unless he pulls a super squishy, He might get his whole team killed.
: Ideas for 3 champs.
Passive: That is a lot of extra movement speed especiall when it gets to late game. Tone it down to like 5-7% Q: So like pikachu neutral b in smash bros I'm assuming. Base damage is way to high at later ranks, cut those down. W: I think you meant to say 4 directions. Ap ratio is too high (All your skills have really high ap ratios. need to be tuned town) E: You can't ignore spell shields. Just take that out. Even with a spell shield you would go to them, just not deal the damage. R: Once again your damages are way too high. Assume you have 700-800 ap and you will see how obviously over the top these numbers are. The ult alone would do like 1100 at max.
: Roughneck Tryndamere
I agree with pancake. Would make more sense on trundle. Pillar could be oil etc.
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