: Wall of text, can't read it. If you improve, you'll climb. If you don't, you won't. A few AFK losses over a season are not what's stopping you from climbing. Changing LP in ways outside of a win or loss pollutes individual ranks and the ladder as a whole. This isn't me telling you 'git good, bronzie,' because that's what you're thinking. This is me saying EVERYONE who wants to climb needs to improve and focus on the long term, not the few instances of legitimate afk or intentional feeding.
This is the problem of everyone looking form the outside in on these elo's. I am by no means the best player in the world but I play a decent bit and at the champions I am good on I play at atleast a high silver level, yet ive been on borderline demotion to iron for the last few months. While sometimes I have bad games or we as a team are just outclassed, I am also ROUTINELY having games with an AFK or blatant int'ing teammate. when the difference between consistent climbing and consistent demotion if only a few winrate percentages, having even 1 in 5 or 7 games or whatever that are just straight up unwinnable from the lobby due to someone leaving at 20 minutes or running it down after one death will completely alter my ability to climb. This is even more problematic for people like me who prefer roles like support and overall champions who cannot hypercarry their team to winning. I am not a plat player stuck in bronze i am a silver/gold player stuck in iron/bronze. I just want to be less punished for teammates who dont care about the game at all. Also sorry i didnt just say "LEagUe HaRd, MakE eAsiER". reading isnt hard and you can skim.
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: Ok the same topic, it would be cool if you could see your win rate with champions in champion select. By hovering over them (or clicking) you could see the percentage of wins or avg kda (or some other stat).
This would also be good! any improvements to champion specific information across the client i think would be fantastic. Remember to upvote for topic visibility!
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