: >Also its not like you can give up 2-3 shut downs in a row anymore, so it feels like its harder to throw when you get focused and killed a couple of times. this statement kind of contradicts your whole post, but okay...?
It actually helps solo carrying. Because you'd give out SO much gold if you started throwing your lead, but now you don't give out nearly as much meaning that your mistakes are punished less. Like what I mean is, if you're 11/0 and you're whole team is 0/12, then you dying pretty much means the game is 100% over because you just fed like a fuck ton of extra gold on EVERY enemy. But now it only goes on 1 person, so it isn't as much of athrow. This is all assuming that _you think_ you're better than the enemy. AKA the gold on you is worth more than others.
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: 4 person team looking for an adc main
You should post in recruitement section
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JeLLö (NA)
: His CS is not good at all, that is probably the missing ingredient.
> [{quoted}](name=JeLLö,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=T8bxoKjJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-22T12:46:54.667+0000) > > His CS is not good at all, that is probably the missing ingredient. Pretty much the ONLY ingredient. I’ve been like 3/4/10 with like 340 CS at 30min and gotten an S. CS weighs in too heavily in grades, if you’re snowballing hard enough it’s worth it to slowpush side lanes even if you lose a bunch of CS the pressure Ian more valuable.
: Real talk, why does Riot not sell announcer packs?
It’s because people already use “custom announcer packs” which are allowed. Pretty much they’d sell the packs and 1) people would just get them for free or 2) Theyd have to unallow custom voice packs but that’d mean they’d have to unallow custom skins etc. Even if people cheese real skins via custom skins, they don’t have the right animations and no graphics and no one else can see them so they are inherently worse. With announcer packs they could get the 100% experience for free. EDIT: solution would be to give them out for free but I’m ghessising then it’d be super low in priority.
: that's bc the game HAS changed. it snowballs like fuck. Watch challenger streams and ull see the same shit. That said, GOLD still don't know how to play from behind so it snowballs outta control way faster. pick hard ganking jungle. Get fed. start 1-shotting everythign. Carry. best option these days
Also it’s preseason and less people give a fuck about even trying from behind. They’re like “why fucking gruel and struggle for 30min for a CHANCE at a comeback when I can just go to the next one”. This doubles over in normals.
: Tumble has such a low cooldown and makes her invisible I mean really. You can't say you got kited when it's that easy for vayne to just press q. I mean she can even Tumble through skillshot.
Stop running at her if she has ult. Y’know what tilts Vaynes? Make them waste their ult and they become pretty useless. Their ult is BY FAR their strongest 1v1, escape, and teamfighting tool. Before 4+ items she builds triple crit AKA A LOT of her damage is from thee AD she gains from ult.
: I really disagree with this. I've played many games and in every single one there are sore losers and flaming. People rage IN CHESS - a 1v1 game with 0 RNG. The current undisputed best player, Magnus Carlson, still has bursts of rage. This isn't something you can escape or design out because it's a problem with people, not games. A sincere approach to reducing toxicity in League would be to start a charity for psychological counseling of its playerbase.
There are already charities that are trying to cure autism /s
: Remember when Vayne had a weak lane phase?
I remember because she still does.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Vayne spikes really hard in lane atm, it's hard to say what level but she just suddenly obliterates you and your adc if she hasnt fed.
Literally at level 6. And she only wins with her ulti. Don’t overextend in lane as soon as Vayne hits 6 especially if she’s gotten a back before then.
: Remember when Vayne had a weak lane phase?
Vayne is NOT a hypercarry akin to the likes of Kog’Maw/Jinx/Twitch. People need to get this shit out of their heads. The reason Vayne has a high skillcap is because SHE NEEDS to find the backline in a teamfight putting herself in a SUPER dangerous position. Vayne might be a “tank buster”, but she will lose teamfights if she sits there hitting a tank. Why? Because Kog/Twitch/Jinx are melting your whole fucking team from 800 range with Runnans while you sit and auto Nautilus 15 times to kill him. No. You NEED to find and assassinate backline members before you deal with tanks because you are ALL single-target DPS while actual hypercarries melt through WHOLE TEAMS. She suffers in 5v5s but excels in 2v2s or 1v2s
: Idk... tanks kinda roll over her early if you play it right. He strongest lvls are 1-3. After 6 I watch most tanks just slaughter her if she plays top.
Well Vayne should actually counter tanks. Problem is they don’t build right (probably still rush IE). They need to go BorK and max W (not necessarily max W, but def BorK). Vaynes problem top lane isn’t lane phase, it’s that your team lacks engage/tanks, she’s easy as shit to gank (very squishy), and her splitpushing is lackluster (a lot easier to catch than other split pushers IE trynd/Fiora/Jax). Lacks innate waveclear (or sacrifices PD 1v1 potential for Shiv). In bot lane though she has a shit lane phase.
: Renekton was viable the entire team Gnar was played season 7..................
But he wasn’t...? Renekton was pretty much NEVER picked after mid season when bramble vest was added. During mid season Gnar was never picked because he was countered by AD Kennen, Renekton, Fiora which we’re all meta at the time. Actually Kennen still counters Gnar (AP Kennen). Actualllt he started being picked again after they gave him a buttload of buffs AND nerfing his counters
: this season? sure. always? hell no seems you didn't play the game when it could last 60 - 70 mins and losing lane didn't mean losing game
Maybe you don’t realize this but maybe you’ve gotten better and play against better people so they know how to close out games. Games have NEVER lasted 60min on avg. The highest AVERAGE game time EVER was around 40min. You just saying “hell no” and then pointing to antidotal evidence doesn’t disprove fact. First tower dropping had about a 70% w/r before first tower blood and 72% w/r after. First tower dropping usually indicates a LOT of things other than just “free gold”. It USUALLY means that the team has the better jungler and/or bot lane which points more to winning than simply the first tower itself falling. This has been true FOREVER and the gold from the tower itself is not what’s creating the snowball.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: They will enjoy the game up to the point where they decide to start climbing and winning, which means they need to learn to play the game, know correct and wrong decisions, which then means they will start getting tilted by other players' mistakes etc etc. Eventually, tilt gets us all.
Haha, but the thing is NAs ranked is like 1mil people while we have like 5x as many active players. Most people just chill in norms (like my friends.
GigglesO (NA)
: same thing up in plat/diamond. First tower is a 70% or so winrate. Combine that with the likely first blood (which has a 60% winrate), and you are probably looking at an 80% winrate An inhib is 90% winrate. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/infographics/patch-7-24-infographics
First tower has ALWAYS BEEN 70% w/r even before first tower blood gold. It’s not about the winning from first kills or w.e., it’s what happens after and how one mistake at 19min means the games over.
korg023 (EUNE)
: "Oh it seems blue team got first tower , let's take it to the analyst desk! "
Wait wait... we just heard that the red team is SKT. Let’s wait till 50 minutes for them to win.
: at least this time around it's coherent sentences over "{{item:3504}}."
: that's why he's always broken when he's viable...
He’s always p/b in competitive IF his counters aren’t viable (or used as a counterpick). Cause now you have a split push threat with early lane priority (aka helps jungler invade). But can also be a teamfight god. You never blind pick Gnar if Irelia/Renekton are viable. In SoloQ there isn’t enough coordination to use Mega properly though.
: Cait doesn't really win by default tho? O_O I´ve beaten several good ones in lane while playing champs like Varus, MF (even before OP hit), ashe and Jinx, mainly Ashe though.
Not anymore, but for the longest time she did. They gutted the ever living shit out of Cait. Ashe is actually a “soft counter” to Cait because she can match push and poke with W. But between players of equal skill she still doesn’t WIN lane. She just has a good ult to set up ganks/for her support, which punished Cait heavily for overextending as she does. But with no jungler/support in the equation Cait still wins. Same thing with Jayce, he’s easy as shit to shut down via camping him, but it sucks to be in a lane where only your jungler can save you.
: How does 3 shotting a darius imply she isnt squishy? Also 35 minutes is well into late game territory. Idk what's your point
Also literally didn’t happen. Unless Darius was building full damage & super behind himself. Simply then health from Cleaver and his BASE stats are MORE than enough that Vayne cant 3-shot, will take at least 6.
: Its the knock-back in melee form that also has a slow that is triggering. Just when you think you finally got him.. yuh dont.
He beats ranged in ranged, and he beats melee in melee. That’s what everyone hates about him. Jayce and Caitlyn are the only champions in the game that just win lane by default. ANd Jayce “falls off” ONLY against tanks, against anyone else he still fucks em up.
Cubical (NA)
: Every game, its incredibly easy to read games. first blood is almost always a loss and a early double kill is always gg. You can tell by the 5 minute mark
It’s not the first blood or double kill, it’s simply what it indicates. It generally means you have the better jgler/bot lane. I’ve had games where my bot/jgler got kinda unlucky and died, but in the next 5 min they turned it around because they were simply better and knew what to do from behind.
: PIck a fighter top and cry as you get outtraded by Maokai, Sion, and even Malphite for some reason.
Ok but maplhite is specifically made to counter fighters. You have to play around his E cooldown. It’s a HUGE amount of damage + slows your attack speed. You will never win a trade against Malph if you eat his E. If he wastes his E (his best wavveclear ability), he is pretty vulnerable in an extended trade (remember, he has GOOD short trades b/c his damage is burst and he has a shield, in longer trades he loses - unless he gets the AS slow on you from E)
: {{champion:17}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:15}}
: This game is starting to sicken me
Just come back when LCS starts. Rito doesn’t balance anything until it fucks shit up in competitive.
TS Media (NA)
: I disagree. If your laner is a tank and you're not, if you can't out shove and impact the map faster than your time can int... it becomes quite difficult.
Well that’s specific to top lane, which is in a shit spot. But other lanes it’s easier to carry id say.
Fajisel (NA)
: In what world is Twitch jungle stronger than Eve? I know we like to hate on Twitch and ADC's here, but Twitch jungle is a very cheese pick that relies on the enemy not knowing how to punish it.
Every jungler can counterjungle the shit out of him and litter his JG with vision (aka you know where he is on the map).
: Riot should be ashamed that hyper carry like Twitch can jungle.
Twitch is only even SOMEWHAT viable in SoloQ (shit win rate). Also his ganks are garbage. If you’re > 3/4 health and not mindlessly shoves, you can literally walk out of his ganks. Also what the fuck do you think happens if a Kha/Lee/Rengar/Vi etc countergank him? Twitch instantly lose the 2v2. Also Twitch has shit and unhealthy clears, if you’re a meta jungler you can literally sit in his jungle 24/7 and take everything he owns. Get vision around his camps so yoour laners know where he is. Most junglers are 1) Tanky enough to run (Amumu, Maokai, Nunu) 2) and/or Strong enough to 1v1 (Udyr, Yi, Rengar). 3) and/or most importantly, have mobility to escape (Sej/Gragas/Kha/Vi/Lee) Twitch has NONE of them and a super unhealthy clear. As much as I hate twitch, he is NOT strong.
: I don't like where this is going. ADCs and supports "for ADCs ofc" are mostly benefiting from this new system. This season wont get any better.
: > [{quoted}](name=My Hands r 2 Big,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m4nYyRiw,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-05T19:47:50.384+0000) > > Don't forget that they removed the attack speed slow from Exhaust, so that's one less reason to take it, especially wince it lost efficiency vs ADCs (and other atk speed reliant champions) I remember the days when everyone, Assassin, Skirmisher, Mage, and ADC mains alike were complaining about how much power was packed into Exhaust, with its MS slow, Reduced damage, Reduced defenses, and AS slow. A year later, people seem to finally regret bitching so much? I miss old Exhaust.
> [{quoted}](name=FlamingEnemy13,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m4nYyRiw,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-05T19:51:28.388+0000) > > I remember the days when everyone, Assassin, Skirmisher, Mage, and ADC mains alike were complaining about how much power was packed into Exhaust, with its MS slow, Reduced damage, Reduced defenses, and AS slow. > > A year later, people seem to finally regret bitching so much? > > I miss old Exhaust. Really? Old exhaust was retarded. Exhaust gave you more kill pressure than ignite and saved you more than barrier/heal, It was so overloaded in what it gave you, and that was the reason it was taken bot lane EVERY GAME. Now it’s not just ignite, Barrier/Heal is also viable because no exhaust isn’t all powerful.
dEAdbUs (EUW)
: Answer is simple: compare pickrates at championships in Dota and LoL. Nuff said. And Crawler said Riot don't have pickrate as main target. Ooooook let's keep Heimer at 1% playerbase and rework every champion again and again (Swain and Ryze). Should I mention that billionare studio make one champion 6-12 months? When couple indi developers can release world hits after month of work? Riots are living in a dream, and mortal problems and common things such a balance don't interest them. Now tell me how is this community problem and not developer problem?
> [{quoted}](name=dEAdbUs,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fM8agrOK,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-11-06T04:27:19.817+0000) > > Answer is simple: compare pickrates at championships in Dota and LoL. Nuff said. And Crawler said Riot don't have pickrate as main target. Ooooook let's keep Heimer at 1% playerbase and rework every champion again and again (Swain and Ryze). Should I mention that billionare studio make one champion 6-12 months? When couple indi developers can release world hits after month of work? Riots are living in a dream, and mortal problems and common things such a balance don't interest them. > Now tell me how is this community problem and not developer problem? Ok, but why ruin champions that those 1% love and enjoy just to make them more “meta”?
: I 100% agree. If my adc pings me off their farm while they're IN BASE, SUPPOSED TO BE BUYING ITEMS, That rustles my feathers just a bit.
> [{quoted}](name=scribbles782,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UoWQgVI8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-30T10:55:40.324+0000) > > I 100% agree. If my adc pings me off their farm while they're IN BASE, SUPPOSED TO BE BUYING ITEMS, That rustles my feathers just a bit. Depends. Sometimes I crash the wave into enemy tower and then the support "half pushes" the next wave for no reason and let's the enemy team freeze the lane, and since he has a late back I lose 2 waves cause of zoning.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: I'm fucking tired of this matchmaking
Why are you acting like you're never the reason your team loses? Looking at your op.gg you have 10+deaths every other game and your Ezreal build is really bad. Yeah maybe your team can hold you back a few games, but at 900 games it's not your team holding you back - it's you.
OHminus (NA)
: I play both Chess and League. The difference between Chess/League is that with Chess, you alone determine your outcome - win/lose/draw. It's a 1v1 game, where you make all the decisions. League? Not so much. If I'm playing in the bot lane I have no say if my top laner gets ROFL-stomped to oblivion. It's a 5v5 game and should be treated as such.
So why do you deserve to win over the enemy top laner? That guy just won lane too, why should you win for winning lane and not him? Also, you can't just be like "my top laner is bad ugh Riot". People have different playstyles. Maybe your idea of winning lane is maybe getting more CS, maybe 1 kill. Maybe he plays super aggro and 1/2 of games he feeds and 1/2 of games he hard carries. He still ends up in the same rank as you, because on average he's just a shot good. It is a 5v5 game AND it is treated as such. The difference is that it simply takes MORE games to determine your actual rank. If you're CONSISTENTLY better than your opponent, you climb (not as fast as chess obviously)
Arkayed (NA)
: "If your team doesn't do well you don't win" "Teammates can't hold you back" You're gonna need to pick one stance and stick with. I won't even bother replying to the rest until you learn how to speak to other humans without being a scumbag about it.
Both are true. If your team doesn't do well, and you do well, explain WHY you deserve to win over the other team who has players doing well. In fact they "deserve to win" more than you because they as a group are playing better than your team. At the same time, TEAMS DONT HOLD you back. Yeah, a few games might be decided by your team mates regardless of how well you play, but ranked rewards consistency. If you go even every game and have the exact same impact as your laner every game. That means you're at your elo and you will win half, lose half. If some games you hard carry and some games you feed, you will probably still win half, lose half. However if you CONSISTENTLY outperform your lane (killing/pressuring isn't necessarily out performing, I'm not impressed if a lane bully can kill/outcs their opponent - depends on what you do with that pressure is what counts), then you will climb over time. At 100 games you're at the elo you deserve most likely. You're as good as any other Gold 3 top main IN TOTAL. You might be a beast laner and suck elsewhere, or you might have really good game sense/teamfighting but suck in lane. Regardless of the cause, your team mates do NOT hold you back. This has been proven time and time again. My friend who got Plat 1 last season and pretty much does whatever the fk on his smurf and still easily gets it to plat (from low Silver). Is it because he's somehow more lucky? No, he's just better at the game. If you play in a bronze 3 game you'll probably roflstomp 70% of games.
Yenn (NA)
: Why do I have 3 Gold and 1 Bronze player on my team against 5 Diamond players?
ITS FLEX QUEUE GUYS. Calm down. I know you want to circlejerk that matchmaking is broken and Rito is holding you back but at least don't take flex queue rants as an example. It's funny that people are so ready to be proven right they don't even check or ask if it's flex or solo/duo queue.
Arkayed (NA)
: *"That couldn't have possibly happened! Matchmaking is solid!"* *"Only low elo trash think matchmaking is BS and blame it!"* *"You're just not having enough impact, don't blame matchmaking"* *"That could have snowballed either way, someone just made a mistake somewhere. Unlucky, but not matchmaking's fault"* *"You should be able to solo carry that if you're actually a good player!"* /s I guess just pick one of those, they're the usual answers.
It's Flex queue. Lol. You're stilll wrong and you're still trash. Keep blaming matchmaking.
Arkayed (NA)
: I see this argument a lot, so *allow me to retort* (Sam Jackson voice). Yes, REALLY GOOD players will always climb, no arguing that. Know why? Because literally 90% of League players are low elo. This means legit Master/Challenger tier players will cake walk it right to their rank time and time again. But what about players that are only Gold or Plat rank on their best day? These guys (myself included) can not, under any circumstances, carry 4 regular feeders or even 1 literal int feeder/troll in a snowball meta. This ends up with the same people getting challenger or master and the rest of us fishing for scraps and praying to every god out there that we can get decent games on the road to Gold/Plat. Yeah, we're not insanely good, so we're not getting Challenger. But it shouldn't be a season long grind to get to the rank we've proved we belong at every season.
How do they know which rank you "belong at" without playing many games? This is a team game. It rewards consistency. It's absolutely ludicrous to think that you should win every game you perform well in because there are 4 other team mates. What about the people performing well on the enemy team? Should they lose instantly because you did well in lane? Why should you win if you perform well but your team mates don't? That'd be BS because the enemy team has players performing well who also deserve the win. If your team mates aren't doing well/you're not winning games, its almost always partially your fault. If you think it isn't then you need to open your eyeballs. You deserve whatever ELO you're in, especially with 100+ games played. I deserve my elo too, I know I'm bad but I don't moan and whine like a little bitch that my team mates are holding me back.
PitchBlack4 (EUNE)
: - Ziggs got pushed out with adc buffs. - Brand got nerfed. - Malzahar got nerfed. - Annie was nerfed ages ago. - Fizz got gutted 3 times. - Akali was mostly played top anyway. - Wukong, J4 and Maokai were always junglers. - When did Jana and Soraka go top? - Morgana was made as a midlaner, but was a better support. - Quinn didn't get nerfed, lethality did. Also she was a toplaner from start, adc was never her role. - Graves is still viable, but he was nerfed because you couldn't kill him while doing assassin lvl dmg. - MF got nerfed on her e dmg and buffed as adc. The problem is that adc's are supposed to be backline carries who get killed easily. But when you have twitch healing 300hp per aa while ulting 5 people then that's a problem. Also give me another class that is mandatory for a team. Support isn't really, sight stone is, you even gave examples (Brand, Malzahar). You can make a whole team of only adc's Top: Quinn Mid: Corki, Lucian Jungle: Graves, Kindred, Twitch Support: MF, Ashe ADC: Every ADC
Its mandatory because this game is about OBJECTIVES and ADCs will ALWAYS be the best at killing objectives because of consistent DPS. Regardless of their state. Ziggs can take towers but what about baron? Can Ziggs kill a full tank Galio? Hell no.
: You clearly haven't been in low elo that shit may work in b5 but as you keep going team comps start looking like an actual comp, the off meta picks every low elo player says is saturated, there are hardly any
Majority of people here have "been in low elo". Was Bronze 4 for a lot of season 5. Sitting around your elo most of season 6. Still in low elo. I still disagree with you. You can play good or bad in low elo, its up to you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Paperbase,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uOyL8E86,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2017-08-04T20:35:06.812+0000) > > Even when you flame and climb you're into another problem of hurting the enjoyment of the player behind monitor. > > And well those moments of league are so bad people start flaming each other like it's a way of life. > > Rito ban system should be improved or bring back tribunal. > > Also ego has nothing to do with flaming. > > Plus enjoyment, reputation, pleasure, etc. arent so common in league. > > It's rare to even play this game for those reasons now. > Rarer still to find people who people who give it. Too many words. As i said, im not flaming the ones who are feeding and are good. Im flaming the ones who deserve it. And it wont change. Ill make 100 more accounts, level them, climb, get banned and repeat.
I'm sorry but that that's a sad life you live man...
: oh so irelia is the one with teleport flash and ignite
I was at work (so on mobile) so I couldn't remove the "as ignite ticks down". It isn't important in any way shape or form to the post.
: how does darius have teleport ignite and flash
Actually originally in my example Irelia had ignite but if I said that people were just gonna say shit like "that's why u don't take ignite shit top laner".
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: D5 0 LP player who has 35 kills 115 deaths over his last 15 games ends up on my team
It's funny because a lot of people on these boards legitimately believe that your elo/MMR isn't indicative of skill level and that they're only held back by teams (not most, but a surprising amount) Actually there was one guy in Bronze 4 with 1000 games arguing very hard on how there's almost no difference between him and Challenger players and the matchmaking system is holding him back.
Rioter Comments
: Lee was out of the meta for quite a while and riot never buffed him nor did anyone complain about him. This was during last season when he had a 46% win rate.
Shh people on boards don't care about stats unless it supports them. Btw 46% win rate is probably too good for Lee according to boards.
Mech0p (NA)
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:157}}
A lot of those champs don't have that high ban rates. People aren't gonna just start banning them because there are 4 more bans. More often than not people just ban champs they don't wanna lane against (Annie, Darius, idk Kled etc..).
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