: Season 8 was a total mess. An absolute trash for 9+ months. As soon as Ghostcrawler stepped out of the Lead position, both Meddler and Scruffy acknowledged that the state of the game has been complete garbage. Hopefully, they'll fix most of the issues during Pre-season 9.
Yeah ghostcrawler stepped down and suddenly damage being addressed, and Zoe getting a huge nerf hammer. Thank god.
: Where exactly in the patch notes is that?
It was in PBE for cycle but I guess it didn’t get pushed.
: I mean, rengar has no AoE teamwide knockup for teamfights. But i agree with your point, duskblade+storm should share passives.
They literally do. It was added in patch 8.16.
: No I think we just want to actually be able to have fun playing solo queue.
And the fucking world revolves around you. Doesn’t matter if ADCs have fun, or if Assassin players can have fun. Riot should specifically cater to YOU and other mage mains. Get over yourself. Fuck a s6 meta where mages pop everything in sight while being oppressive laners. Didn’t see any mage mains talking about “balance” then.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: I'm just using this account to post on the boards, I don't play on it My point is what you said actually made no sense at all because a hit and run playstyle cannot be "mashes your face on the keyboard" your post was just frustration nothing else in it was true Akali doesn't even have 28 dashes, she has LESS dashes than before and one of them is a skillshot But your post showed one thing, people don't care about gameplay anymore, they just use the boards to talk about frustration rather than anything reasonable
I like how this dude above you was calling you out for commenting on an alt, when he’s commenting on a level 12 alt. Fucking lmao.
: Assassin players are so entitled. They think they're entitled to win 1v1s and also be able to escape or outplay every bad situation. These champions make the game less fun for everyone else and assassin players don't give a shit about that.
Mage players are so entitled. They think they’re entitled to be good in lane as well as have the strongest teamfight utility, best AOE damage, and also be able to outdps AND outburst everyone with huge range advantage. These champions make the game less fun for everyone but mage mains don’t give a shit about that.
: How about fuck assassins and fuck assassin players? How about that?
How about fuck mage mains who are the whiniest people in the fucking world and can never be at fault for being shit players and have to blame another class for their problems. Go jerk yourself off with other mage mains on the boards and keep using your alt account so you don’t embarrass yourself.
: Yeah man all those zero Vel'Koz mains in master and challenger! He's totes more viable than the plague that is assassins. Try attempting Vel'Koz combo with an assassin in the game. Just try. Try to lane as Vel'Koz vs. an assassin. Yeah, you can beat them but you have to be 99999x better and it's not going to be fun at all. Vel'Koz has a sub 50 win rate in both roles so I'm not sure how he's better than most assassins but yeah man, keep thinking your precious point and click champions that do more damage than immobile mages are healthy for the game. The playerbase doesn't agree with you and neither does the money.
Sub 50%? Look at Op.gg stats tab. Lmao. I don’t even play any assassins. But mages are cancer and mage mains are whinier than ADC mains. Let mages be weak for once in the past 4 years and they lose their shit. Get over yourself. You’d probably be complaining about assassins even if they were bad because you’re just a shit player. Downvote me all you want that’s just facts.
: He's strong because he does a lot of damage and kites pretty well but it doesn't mean Vel'koz players are automatically having fun in solo queue. Solo queue is overwhelmed with hypermobile pubstompers which makes it really frustrating for us. And no we can't 1v1 assassins. We can only avoid them and do teamplay.
And you shouldn’t be able to 1v1 assassins. Would that be “balanced” in the eyes of mage mains? Being better 1v1, laners, and teamfighters?
: To be able to play the champions I like to play without some 12 year old assassin main who can mash his face onto the keyboard to smash me into oblivion because his point and click assassin has 28 dashes, true invisibility, and can one shot me with one full rotation while my insanely hard to land combo tickles him in comparison while they heal back all the damage with their ungodly sustain.
VelKoz is stronger than most assassins right now. If you think Vel Koz combo tickles anyone then lol. Also this mentality of “I can’t 1v1 assassins” is fucking stupid. What about the fact that Vel Koz has huge range AOE and pretty good CC. Vel Koz melts through tanks as well. It’s like what the fuck... mage mains on boards think balance = I win 1v1 against assassins, out teamfight and damage ADCs, and have more utility than tanks. Also god forbid that you have to land skillshots to be able to do this.
Drago326 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=LTK KoRo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LMbz3qOw,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-08-11T10:58:53.217+0000) > > And that proves completely nothing lol, you could have played vs 5 boosted bonobos, and now you're using this as a "great" point in anti-ignite crusade. k buddy, settle down there. first of all you're not cool for making it seem like ignite is in the slightest, fair combined with electrocute. you can miss your entire combo on someone, land a point and click, proc electrocute and kill them. They were not 'boosted bonobos' you provide no argument other than a shitty Nb3 reference. No where did I say it was a great point or that it was revolutionary. This is an example of how overtuned the keystone combined with ignite is
Lol in your Op.gg you went 1/8/2with ignite then 6-1-12 with ghost the next game. But nice cherry picking.
: doesnt feel like 50 tbh thought it would be less
I think 50 is right because not being S tier doesn’t mean shooting yourself in the foot. Hell, I’m having a lot of success with Taric even though he’s considered “C tier”. Just fits my playstyle. The problem rn is that playing a lot of champs is borderline trolling.
kargish (EUW)
: More people should make private servers so we can experience true balance
Except the balance would be complete garbage - at least judging by the boards. It'd literally be "x counters my champ/makies me die, NERFF!!!!" with no review or anything. You ever see the board's patch notes? Jayce main says nerf Doran's, Zed main says nerf Zhonyas, mage main says nerf Zed. Fucking lmao. People think they'd be even remotely good at balancing the game are fucking delusional and I hope to god they make a private server so they can get flamed hard as fuck by their community until their game dies (because why play a shit private server when the normal game is f2p and the have 2 brain cells)
: @Riot, here's a summary of the boards for you
wildfox99 (EUW)
: some of them like {{champion:82}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:36}} use their HP as resource bar,the problem is that their HP cost are irrilevant (especially when theystart to stack HP) and their sustain heals way more than the value they lose
Vlads HP costs are actually quite noticeable (especially when he gets more health, losing % health on his low cd E can be quite impactful - especially since his emp Q heals % missing, whereas E uses % current).
Astorine (OCE)
: Pretty sure they work differently to average matches. I got a full competent team that all won lane my 1st promo then my second, well not a single person on my team was even or positive in k/d. We lost that one in 20 minutes.
That doesn't make sense then... is it fair that you would get a "competent team" (aka wins all lanes) every game?
: One play in one game obviously proves that Zed CONSISTENTLY rolling face every single game is fine and not overpowered. Sounds about right. Which mental disability do you suffer from exactly?
"consistently rolling face every game" confirmed low elo.
Ahris (NA)
: Zed can just proc it with w q e? Fizz can just Q auto w E? Katarina can do something similar? They also already has a lot of burzt that electrocrute just did overkill damage. It is a nerf to Ahri though since she doesnt even have as much damage as other champs.
Yeah dude, its definitely a buff to champions who have to use long cooldown abilities, which if they use they literally cannot farm for 16+ seconds - and ideally want to kill you 100-0 in a combo. It's definitley a nerf to a champion who can proc it off cooldown from range with autos or short CD spells at long range - and can farm from range. Good analysis!
Swimmx (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=QmegaSquadVeigar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jenYUEuh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-04T22:13:16.028+0000) > > Not really, the frontloaded dmg is reduced but the keystone is gonna be slightly stronger in lane due to the CD reduction but after that it's gonna fall off. > I think its a good idea of it being something like reverse dark harvest worse scaling for better landing. Are you fucking kidding me? The main problem with Electrocute Is in the Laning Phase
It’s a buff for mages and a nerf for assassins. Mages can proc it off CD whereas assassins still want to 100-0 you with it.
: I think it's worth focusing on how Scarra discusses player perception of League: During his discussion, and around the start of the eight minute mark, Scarra starts talking about how League has been generating negativity from within its community. Among his prime examples, he cites fellow players, namely fellow high-level players, content creators, and the League subreddit. He does not mention the Boards, arguably the most negative space of all. For quite some time, Riot and a handful of people on here had tried to employ a divide-and-conquer tactic against this space, attempting to convince people making complaints here that they were isolated, and only in a small minority in both numbers and opinions. Even as evidence mounted, this kind of tactic continued to be used, and while it didn't entirely convince people, many here were still willing to give Riot the benefit of the doubt. For those who still are in doubt, I invite them to go to the subreddit, and see for themselves: where once the space was dominated by pro highlights at all times of the year, as well as threads celebrating custom creations, promoting new creators, and so on, the space is now filled with complaints and criticism not that unlike the ones on Gameplay. A thread linking Scarra's video is at the very top, with near-universal agreement to what he says in the comments, while threads further down poke at subjects like Zoe, Ahri's charm, and Akali's champion spotlight in intense detail. Contrary to what certain people have been suggesting, even the largest and most representative among League communities is very much in sync with the Boards, as are its figureheads. Point being, we've been lied to. Moreover, we've been lied to deliberately, and turned against each other in an attempt to obscure the facts on the matter. The truth here is that Gameplay isn't this pocket of delusion, but simply one out of the many League subcommunities out there, one that has picked up on the issues with the game and tried to bring them to Riot's attention. Even as a few Rioters have come in just recently to insinuate that damage creep is a hoax, we get wave after wave of analysis from the top tier of players in League confirming it. When players bring up the number of streamers that have left, and have those dismissed as isolated cases, Scarra himself brings up the fact that many among his own friends and colleagues have either left, or admitted that they only continue streaming League out of financial necessity. It is time we faced reality: League is not a popular game. It may still have many players left, but as Scarra pointed out, many of these players actively hate the game, and play only out of the investment they've put into it. Even then, that has not been strong enough to prevent many players from leaving, and its viewership from declining. The game is generating a lot of negative word-of-mouth, which is causing what little attention it continues to receive out of its own sphere to be very unattractive. The game is not gaining the success it is aiming for, as noted by the failure of Clash, and is certainly not generating player growth, in spite of its campaign to attract fresh blood. Instead of publicly acknowledging this, however, or even just remaining silent on the matter, Riot's response has been to divide and dismiss what has become fairly unified criticism against their decisions, using intentional deceit and outright propaganda. To some extent, I don't blame whoever has to be in charge of that. League's development is such that Riot cannot allow themselves to enact any major changes before Worlds, which means we're all trapped with the game as it currently exists until then. Even though inaction will only generate further negativity and resentment, it is impossible to solve the game's current problems with minor changes. Because of this, it is understandable that one would try to mollify public opinion until the developers finally have a chance of making things right. The problem, however, is that the methods employed thus far have been unethical and disrespectful of players, as well as patently unsuccessful. Many among us still remember the fiasco that was Dynamic Queue, and Riot's ineffective attempts during that time to convince everyone that it was succeeding. It seems that Riot has doubled down on that strategy, as this season has seen a rise in dev posts that try to twist and misrepresent sloppily presented statistics in order to contradict the general consensus, each time to no avail. Moreover, League's development has been in trouble for some time, as this is by no means the first season to receive large amounts of complaints, but unlike most previous seasons, Season 8 has seen a rise in many of the factors players had pointed out as problems in its immediate predecessors, namely an increase in damage and snowballing. Season 8 may be League's lowest point not simply due to circumstance, but because it is the product of Riot actively trying to go against its own playerbase. Because of this, I think Season 9 is going to be a major turning point for League one way or the other. This isn't to say that League is dying, or will die then, because it still has a large playerbase and enough capital to keep going for a good while, but it is a time that will determine whether Riot is willing or not to reconnect with its players. Much of this season's criticism can be boiled down to some very basic points: damage is too high, games are too snowbally, balance is too extreme, runes have too much impact. Addressing these conclusively would be a pristine opportunity for Riot to score a big popularity hit, regain some of its playerbase's respect and trust, and generate a ton of momentum for their new season, particularly since the devs are giving themselves much more time to work on a bigger update with the lack of balance work we're seeing in these recent patches. It may not solve all of League or Riot's problems, but would address many major pain points, and show to us all that Riot does listen after all. Should they fail in this, however, in spite of all the feedback given to them at all levels, through all platforms and media, and it will be clear evidence that they fundamentally do not have the players' best interests in mind, and are on a path to permanent decline. I too would like to see a League that returns to a state where it can generate passion and enjoyment from its players, and encourage people to get together for fun. There are a lot of content creators I miss, and I'd like to see people like Sp4zie and Dyrus (especially Dyrus) go back to posting fun League content. It saddened me to see Dyrus go from intense sadness during his retirement video, to immense joy at returning to streaming, and back to boredom and frustration upon falling out of love with a game he played since the beginning. It saddens me to see someone as toxic as hashinshin become one of the major voices of this community, simply because he's one of the few older content creators who hasn't quit. It also saddens me to see someone like Scarra, who is still visibly passionate about League, talk about it with a palpable sense of finality. These are not the signs of a healthy game, yet there have been many seasons beforehand that were well-liked, even as they were being experienced then. Whatever strategy Riot has been following since Season 6 has been failing spectacularly, and it's time for them to admit their mistakes, and bring us back to a more sane environment. The future of League depends on it.
No one takes the boards seriously. Hell, they don’t even really take Reddit seriously and their community is like 30x as big if not more.
: pretty good points being made in that video. I hadn't thought about his point that Riot is going to wait for Worlds to be over before correcting this situation. Kinda made me sad to realize this is for-sure the meta until Novemeber or December.
Nah, they’ll probably fix it around 7.19 or 7.20. Only to fuck it all up again cuz “preseason lul”
: Scarra's thoughts about the game right now.
It’s not that it’s suddenly harder to carry a 0/10 bot lane - it was always hard. It’s just that it’s so fucking hard not to chain feed if you get behind because literally nothing (towers lmao) stops you from getting 1 shot over and over.
: > [{quoted}](name=Khristophoros,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ysrdGE6Z,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2018-07-31T01:54:02.185+0000) > > Champion levels are extremely important for duels especially between burst champions. > > Zed has 244 more base health than Zoe in this scenario among other base stats which are minor in this case. He also has 3 more points in his abilities. > > But it didn't matter at all because Zoe is broken. I mean broken or not,Zed got outplayed. Slept right out of ult because faker knew to E behind himself. Zed also missed every Q and faker made use of W three times. Zed also didn't have duskblade up because he was in vision for so long Let's not act like Zed is perfectly balanced too
He landed double Q and Zed was MORE fed than Zoe. Holy fuck you are delusional
: > [{quoted}](name=charge attack,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ysrdGE6Z,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-07-31T00:33:59.879+0000) > > And it's physically impossible for anyone else to time time their CC when zed lands in a telegraphed spot (always behind you .5 seconds). Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, most players have no clue how to play around cooldowns and waste their cc ability and still walk up. > > If this was a worse player, I guaruntee they would've thrown out their E a lot sooner, and then been mad about how OP zed is. lol zoe donest even need to time it.. it stays on the ground... u shouldn't be ulting a zoe and not expecting to get hit by a bubble. if she isnt in a minion wave every zoe player who isnt a complete noob would do that. i referring to the rest of the clip being "faker" he also got outplayed there as well, but u need to expect to be able to kill them before the sleep hits, or you shouldn't dive
You literally can't. It will not stay on the ground right next to you, it will pop out only at max range. Idk why I even bother talking to silver players.
S1rkin (NA)
: I don the play ZED so I can't really talk about a champion I never play consistently . ZOE does have a somewhat defensive setup. I would like to say ZOE has barrier which blocks 335 dmg lvl 12 and orb which gives 200hp? and popped that pot which gives Idk hp per sec. So maybe like 550hp gained sue to barrier orb and pots running (ZOE has <100 hp) Also ZED did more than what you claimed. Zed also used ignite which you failed to mention and ZOE also used that ignite which you failed to mention. I'm pretty sure if ZOE didn't have BARRIER and orb but had ignite and seekers FAKER would have died.
Used ignite for literally 1 tick of damage, same could've been gotten out of an auto attack
: .... its FAKER.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} also zed got completly outplayed becuase {{champion:142}} put her bubble under herself after he ultied her.
And it's physically impossible for anyone else to time time their CC when zed lands in a telegraphed spot (always behind you .5 seconds). Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, most players have no clue how to play around cooldowns and waste their cc ability and still walk up. If this was a worse player, I guaruntee they would've thrown out their E a lot sooner, and then been mad about how OP zed is.
Fízz v2 (EUW)
: >can someone explain this I mean... Im pretty sure the Zed didnt auto attack in the beginning when he could have.. and Zoe only lived because of Barrier lul
Zed also used ignite. Zoe also wasted her ulti and didn't have it to dodge Shurikens. You're acting like Zoe played that perfectly.
Rioter Comments
: LB is ten times more fair than Zed, Talon, Kha, Rengo or Kat. The champion takes actual risk and skill to play and has to combo, unlike the duskblade auto oneshot + one ability all AD assasins are using. Frustrating to face? Sure, but still better than any of the other cancer assassins. LB basically doesn't have wave clear either.
What the actual fuck is this comment. “Actual risk” Compared to Rengar. I don’t even wanna waste my time explaining here if you’re that delusional...
: That was true at some point in the past, maybe still is but it doesn't apply to all champions. Because the power level difference amoung champions that are within the same class proves so. Conparison... * Ashe vs Draven (we all know who would win) * Kled vs Urgot We all kinda live in a game where we will always get counterpicked (the fault of draft design picking).
You rarely get counterpicked in SoloQ, especially in lower elos. People just instalock whatever champ they wanted to play - regardless of matchups or comp. A lot of people have climbed to Masters if not Challenger with “off-meta” picks. ADCs are a little different though.
: Boards has definitely always complained about the same things
You can probably copy and paste a front page thread and get upvoted to the front page on the same day. Also I don’t know what the fuck OP was talking about. The anti ADC circlejerk was just as bad just a couple of months ago.
2quick4u2 (EUW)
: ok, I guess I'll play mages against Vladimir. I usually pick Katarina, Akali, Zed. Thanks for the answer.
zed does very well against vladimir, especially earlier in the game. His pool CD > your W cd and you can abuse that to get a kill. After 6 if he ever uses his pool then he's dead meat. You also have more waveclear than him. As long as you avoid his third Q you'll be fine. Idk about Akali and Katarina, but I would think that Akali wins against him too.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: What often made me sad was seeing adc players who are like 15/0 and have vision score of 4 in 25-30 minute game.
I can imagine ADCs having low vision scores. After lane phase they normally are not in position to put down any meaningful vision, also blue trinkets are used more sparingly. Hell, even in LCS a lot of times you don’t see ADCs buy control wards.
Anin777 (EUW)
: Source for the player loss? Not contesting. Just need to read it.
There is no source. Also they made improvements/new servers in that area. Turkish servers, Russian servers, EUNE. Pretty much before they’d all have to play on EUW.
: true, and we also didn't had 1 guy autofilled everygame and people where in general smart enough to win a game and play support if required (still with some trolls but they are less common than now imo)
Umm... that’s not what I recall. Every champ select was a fucking battlefield and some games you’d easily have 5 mid mains.
Sunibee (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Seen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ranuecVv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-24T04:29:30.850+0000) > > Fun fact: Riot is a global company. Even if NA shuts down, the EUW and Asia servers are more than enough to keep them profitable. sadly this BUT that doesn't mean they WANT to lose the west. they will most definitely take action to keep from closing down the same region where their literal HQ is. Also they will never close in the west. They will just use SEA/CN funding as "life support" for NA region. Closing down in NA is like super last resort.
They could lose 90% of their playerbase and still not “shut down”.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wukong Zenith,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Tok746sG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-25T12:11:34.831+0000) > > {{champion:62}} Almost like we just saw this and Monkey King got slapped with nerfs. Ohh boy, wukong become meta let's nerf him hard but the quinn cancer kit that was like that for years and was highest winrate stay like that.
Cause you see Wukong more in low elo than Quinn. Wukong is also a strong team fighter and in like 90% of elos every game is just a bunch of 5v5s which Wukong excels at. No shit you will see more complaints about Wukong.
JJques (EUW)
: But according to boards trend armor is useless,isnt it ? LUL
I don’t agree with boards either. Fact is most people on boards have almost no capacity to think on their own and don’t know anything about the game. But in this case a lot of what the boards says is being proven true: 1) Poppy is chunking Trynd for 50% of his health within stun lock, aka Trynd can barely get any autos off. Another way to say damage is too high. Also poppy is gonna have a good time if she’s the aggressor because she can fuck retaliation by using her W. 2) Tower is doing fuck all (towers being weak). 3) I’ve watched enough Challenger Trynd play to know that a Trynd will meltate the living fuck out of a tank if he builds to do so. This one example means almost shit cause we have no context.
Rexxiee (NA)
: "I Dont even feel like a tank anymore" "bruisers OP" "Nerf conqueror, it makes tanks unviable"
Shit comparison. 1) He build purely for the 1v1, stacking multiple armour items 2) Most Trynd build AP now, which is more bursty and relies on E cooldown and isn’t as auto focused or much of a tank buster (yes, AP Trynd does mostly physical damage cause of E). Let’s see what the fuck would’ve happened to that poppy if that was Jax instead (Hash’s favorite champion), and if his team wasn’t massively ahead. Like fuckin cmon, why even listen to Hashinshin. He will legit 1v4 a backline and kill them all, die to the fifth person and complain about how broken they are.
Naymliss (NA)
: To be fair, if you're playing someone because they "counter" a champion, you probably don't know how you should be playing the early lane to punish assassins, so it is a LOT harder to win in those cases.
Also he’s a support main that got autofilled mid... yeah... but he only lost cause zeds broken
: possibly, but at that point maybe unnerf heal?
That’s the biggest problem right now. Before heal would be super important for all ins. Now it’s pretty much non existent thanks to ignite being almost mandatory. So then it became, why not just take TP?
: > [{quoted}](name=Trollmanship,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mon0PEuJ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-07-22T14:46:35.622+0000) > > Too bad there&#x27;s no keystone that lets me not lose 1/3rd of my hp to the enemy sneezing at me. that's how we ended up with bruiser fizz and tank ekko in metas past. fragility isn't a bad thing no matter what the boards tells you. damage is too high but not actually by as much as the outrage suggests. five ish years ago when it was mid morgana who would kill you if she hit binding, guaranteed. like one ahri charm was a guaranteed kill. anivia could kill you the moment she dinged lvl 2 with any prior damage. rose tinted monitors on a lot of league players.
Its cause a mage 1-shotting you is A-ok but any other class is a no-no. Go watch 2016 worlds - legit mages could wipe whole teams in one combo (specifically vlad, orianna, and viktor). As well as ap champs like Kennen/Rumble.
Coalcaine (EUW)
: this meta is as unwanted as dynamicQ
No one has 20 armour. No one started the game with 60 armour even with runes. Edit: I'm wrong. It's crazy how low the base armour of some champion is (not counting Orianna, who intentionally has low base armour). No wonder its so easy for Talon to 1-shot you.
Rylalei (EUNE)
: How to counter pick Nocturne 101
There’s a reason he’s 100% pick/ban in competitive.
: They delete anything questioning what riot does on Reddit. Reddit is basically the Esports and announcement page, that is about it.
They don’t delete them and there are plenty of actual discussions regarding gsme balance. Hell, if you want, I can link you to a bunch in the past week. Yes, they do delete “Riot fucking sucks and are retards - and if you don’t agree with me ur an idiot” posts. Also those posts never get upvoted either. I’ve seen plenty of posts that are top of the boards, get copy and pasted on Reddit and then shit on by people using more than 2 brain cells.
: The champion mains dont have the same amount of traffic as the main one. Syndra mains are still confused why they have not gotten a buff after it was said they were going to get one. Also, look at the first two pages on reddit. I couldnt see anything similar to "balance sucks"... I see lots of "RIP Akili butt" or "Dont like this art" or "T1 dodged!!!" Almost nothing meaningful.
Yes cause “balance sucks” is the only “meaningful discussion” according to Boards. It probably fucking irks board members that there are people that actually enjoy the game.
: Actual discussions on reddit: A: I don't think conq is really that op. No statistics show it is. I'm a toplane main and think it's grasp that is too strong for the laning phase, conq is actually a keystone for the mid to lategame *-50 downvotes* B: Lul look at this silver idiot *+500 upvotes*
Link me to this “actual discussion”. I’ve seen way more of this on boards. Especially considering you can actually see people’s ranks.
: I actually like the new runes. Def an improvement in terms of gui, but looks to need a lot of work yet balance-wise. Consider the sorcery tree, with its 4 movement speed runes, its fairly limited except for a couple of notable exceptions. Conqueror is finally getting a much needed nerf, and domination is severely overloaded. It seems like these weren't particularly well thought out. They're definitely chasing their tails in terms of, buff champions, nerf runes, now nerf champions, buff runes. Round and round they go. Game not going to stabilize anytime soon because they put it out before it was ready. At best, they'll have it roughed in by end of this season, and will spend all of season 9 putting the polish on it.
Bigger problem is that they keep doing giant ass changes and have no time to balance runes or anything. AP item rework, adc item rework, scuttle changes, Baron changes. If they were just like “hey guys, we’re only gonna make numbers changes instead” - they would have more time to figure shit out.
: Ya Gameplay is pretty bad. People complain about GD being bad, but this place is a million times worse.
People bitch about Reddit being circlejerky on boards and it’s hilarious. As an avid user of both - Reddit is wayyyyy better for actual discussion. Boards is where you go if you wanna just literally copy and paste whatever the fuck is in hot and get upvotes. The biggest problem with Reddit is that some of the mods are straight up idiots, but it’s way better than being not moderated st all.
: Ok, sure. They draw nice. You're a patron of the arts. Congratulations hero.
They’ve also had a multitude of good changes too. People say rune rework sucked/was a failure, when in reality it was much needed and the old rune system sucked dick. Just cause the new runes lack some defensive stats doesn’t make them fundamentally a failure - but people on boards will circlejerk anything that says “Riot is stupid”, it’s fucking disgusting.
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