: Help plz about boss command card
Not trying to be rude, but what part do you not understand? It's very clearly written. Do you not understand the rune/crystal compass? Do you not understand what the damage icon means? What do you need clarity on? If you are going to understand the game you need to read carefully and if you are going to get help you need to write explicitly what you don't understand so that people can better help you. Because you've given me zero context on what was confusing to you I now need to painfully explain every detail of the card to help you instead of just answering a single question. The rune die is the funky 12-sided die with runes on it. Doesn't matter who rolls it. Just roll one, you don't have to roll two. The rune/crystal compass should be something you are very familiar with at this point, having gotten past the tutorial, mission 1, and mission 2. It's also how minions move during the boss battle. But in case you are unaware the crystal looking compass thing should go beside the board each mission to use as a compass rose and determine directions for things like minion spawning, minion movement, slot damage cards, etc. In case you've been doing it wrong, the slot damage cards that require you to roll a rune die and do something "in that direction" are referring to the direction on the crystal compass, not on the mini color compass on the damage card itself. The rune die has sides corresponding to the four colors on the crystal compass, so when a thing like Mech Magnet says to roll the rune die and then says something about "that direction" they are referring to that direction on the crystal compass. Mechs are your characters, ziggs, tristana, corki, heimerdinger. When it says damage all mechs unless they move x spaces in that direction that means each mech has a choice to make: either move x spaces in that direction or take damage. It doesn't require a command card or a schematic card to move in this way. The mech magnet is what is causing you to either move or take damage. If it isn't possible for you to move in that direction, you don't have to take the damage. The different lines with 1 computer chip, 2 computer chips, or 3 computer chips indicate which effect to activate based on how many computery cards are slotted under the mech magnet card. The gg-101 Doom Cannon ends the game immediately when executed, but keep in mind the boss drafts its cards AFTER it executes, so you get another turn to do something between the gg cannon being drafted and being activated.
: These are really awesome! Gonna have to print these and test them out. You should post this on board game geek as well!
since there isn't going to be an expansion or anything do you think we could have some of the assets for MvM to encourage more community creations like this?
Kades (NA)
: We will be providing digital downloads of the most recent rulebooks, but our plan - similar to League - is to keep updating it as needed. With that in mind, I'm not sure if it makes sense to print extra rulebooks after each iteration. But the plan is to give you access to each iteration.
I know someone has already asked in another post, but since there is no chance of an expansion or sequel in the near future do you think it would be possible to release assets for the community to make fan-made content? We all love the game and I think that could be a good way of maintaining an active fanbase for it. It has plenty of replay value as is but if it is really set in stone that there will never be a sequel it'd be great if the community could get going on making their own stuff.
Swhale (NA)
: I appreciate the legitimate comment jjaekkak. I don't know much of the context behind the board game or the lore behind the characters. I can understand how it can be coming from a place of trying to include females/Trist by helping them/her feel safe in a generally male dominated environment. You are very perceptive to have deciphered what Rumble's intentions may have been and how that might apply to the reason behind him making this particular statement. I'm not sure if that was truly the author's intent here, but it gives at least a single valid alternative to what it might mean whereas before I had no context for or clue of how to comprehend it.
If you play through the game with the radioplay thing for each mission you will get a much clearer picture of the author's intent. Riot isn't going to be on the bleeding edge of the progressive movement, especially when gamers tend to be slightly behind on that stuff. Let Riot get around to making some openly gay champs before expecting them to make a transgender inclusion statement in their board game. In the meantime let's appreciate that they at least have plenty of male fan service and give nods to champs that the community has embraced as being gay in their head-canon like Taric and Ezreal.
: Mission 3 as 2 players
As the game says in the manual, the boss can't kill you by damaging you. You just need to be able to move onto rune spaces and attack. Don't necessarily worry too much about downing a shield and attacking it yourself in the same turn. If everyone is good about building out their command line with varying attack types you should be fine. Also drafting is important, and card counting can help a little. there is a small chance you can get to the gg cannon through inevitable drafts but generally you have 5 turns before that is even feasible. What you experienced seems like bad shuffling to be honest. it's rather rare. In most cases you have like 8 or 9 turns. don't underestimate the power of scythe, fuel tank, cyclotron and hexmatic aimbots. Flame spitter and ripsaw aren't bad options for attacking but your turn commands will help you stay in range while flipping rune switches and aimbots is the only damaging computery card. Just damage the boss as you move past him for more runes.
: > [{quoted}](name=jjaekkak,realm=NA,application-id=AMxvhsRt,discussion-id=l3QxsGZa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-16T00:59:57.161+0000) > > you take the second step and it is an oil slick so you slide forward another space... Correct, but I feel the need to clarify: When you step on an oil slick, you slide until the first non-oil slick square, or until you're stopped by something that blocks movement, whichever happens first. You then continue your movement command.
Swhale (NA)
: Gender Norms and Discrimination in Runeterra
I echo Oleandervine's sentiments. 2 things to know about Rumble - He has a reputation for making things out of junk, therefore people would assume he has shoddy facilities. - He loves Tristana. Rumble knows Heimerdinger and Ziggs would be interested in mech stuff because they are tech geeks. He wanted to advertise his program as being inclusive of male and female yordles to try and help persuade Tristana to attend. Pretty much his entire motivation for this entire thing is to impress Tristana and spend time with her. 99% sure Rumble used all the relatively nice junky parts to make the female bathroom and that the dudes' bathroom is god-awful. If you look on the back of the invite he has R&T written in a heart and on his to-do list he has Tristana first with more hearts. He later on the to-do list has "learn how to run a school." He's just flying by the seat of his pants on a shortsighted plan to get to know Tristana. I think there is a point of inclusion to be made here but I think your missing it. This wasn't meant to be transphobic but rather to be inclusive of females in tech. Also we are talking about fictional rodent people in a cartoony world. You could complain about whether Rumble's obsession is healthy or whatever but it is a cartoon game. It isn't meant to be such a social commentary. However, Tristana's inclusion does give representation for female players should they choose to be her. And it isn't like she is a damsel in distress. If anything, Rumble is the damsel in distress.
: Hey Riot, any chance we can get some Art Assets?
This would honestly be really nice. I'd love to make custom cards for kennen, kled, poppy, and teemo
Murford (NA)
: So the game looks awesome, but $75 is a bit out of my budget for a board game. I totally get why that's the price with all the stuff that's included, but seems like a bit much for the first board game from Riot. The Summoner Icon that's in the store right now that goes with the game is fantastic though.
I know this is 7 months old but it's worth saving the 75 bucks for. I just got my wave 2 last week and it's a board game adventure experience I have sought but never found. Super Dungeon Explore is a comparable miniature-based adventure game that doesn't have a good story or good gameplay or good storage solutions... yet (I'm really hoping for their kickstarter to pull through). I've thrown literally hundreds of dollars into SDE and it isn't even worth playing. It won't be until they fix the inherently broken and complicated rule system. MvM on the other hand plays like a dream with minimal book keeping and truly automated enemies that present a challenge without taking 5 hours to move around between player turns.
: Wave 2 Shipping details
I think I ordered mine a month or two ago and I got it last week.
GastroBoy (OCE)
: Axe Cannon Card MvM
3 months late, but all squares. If it makes you feel any better I had the same confusion about ripsaw, which also damages in the entire line, not just the 4 squares. Makes for a good pairing with upgraded omnistomps.
: What changes would you make?
Unlocking more schematics slots. I know that nothing is stopping me from house-ruling more slots but I wish it was built in to the game. I know having access to too many of them would be op but there are a lot of schematics I don't think I can ever really justify choosing over their better counterparts. I could understand capping how many boost schematics you get to pick especially, but many of the hack schematics don't seem game changing enough to grab when the limit is 2 total schematics. I think that's part of why I like Heimerdinger a lot. He has plenty of good boost options, his slot schematic is extremely versatile, and his few scrap schematics are ridiculously strong. Tristana has some cool options, but her explosive charge is such a good schematic to get early game as it helps you protect objectives, damage enemies, and rack up team gears. I don't know if there was a single mission I didn't take it on so that left only one other schematic option. Kaboom would be a really cool addition to explosive charge's early clear/farming power but she would be left with nothing to farm for. She's got good schematics for farming and then she's got good hack schematics that require farming but she can't really have enough of either so it's just farm and boost. Corki's Ace Pilot and Mad props are way too good to not get once you can unlock them. Like way too good. As cool as special delivery is it can't really compete with upgraded commands. Ziggs has more niche and situational options and I feel like he probably has the best schematic diversity per mission once you unlock everything. I think access to more schematics slots could have been balanced by having damage cards that take away team gears. You can often find yourself in situations where from gear 8 to gear 15 you don't have much to gain along the way because you chose early-mid schematics, and once you've gotten mostly slotted the damage is pretty irrelevant. If everyone takes damage in the same turn, it's likely they can undo it in the next draft.
: Help please I have questions
when you move, resolve each space individually and count it out. Let's say you use a 3-metal skewer and let's count it out. you take the first step and there is a minion in the way so you stomp it and gain a minion shield as well as a minion on the minion tracker. you take the second step and it is an oil slick so you slide forward another space into a space occupied by a minion, which you then stomp, adding it to the minion tracker. You still have another step so you move forward onto a spot occupied by the bomb, and you push it forward. If you slow down and resolve each step of movement individually it helps you sort out otherwise complicated situations. TL;DR: you move 4 spots total, the slide from the slick doesn't count. after everyone picks their cards from the draft, players choose whether to slot them or scrap them. If you only got to pick 1 card and you scrap it, you don't have anything to slot. It is also worth noting that you can scrap a card that you picked without using the "scrap" bonus. So if you only had electric or computery options left and you dont want to slot them or swap any slots, you can choose to just scrap your choice without doing anything. The same applies for if you only had fire / metal options and you had a damaged slot you wanted to keep - you don't HAVE to slot the card you picked, and you don't HAVE to repair damage just because you scrap the card you picked. When you do repair a damaged slot it works just like it did before. The slotted cards remain. HOWEVER if a slot is already damaged and you roll that same slot for a new slot damage, remove the current slot damage, keep the slotted cards, and then slot the new slot damage on top of the slot. Slot damage overwrites slot damage in the same slot, but it doesn't remove your slotted commands.
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: Which Yordles should be in the first Expansion?
{{champion:85}} Kennen - Electric Overdrive - when executing chain lightning, you may move to an adjacent space before selecting targets. Schematics - Mark of the Storm / Gear 5 / mission 2 / hack schematic: Play after executing an electric command to execute the command stacked below it in the slot. If one of the commands killed at least 3 minions, do not discard mark of the storm. Shuriken Launchers / Gear 4 / mission 3 / boost schematic: All mech's rip saw's can fire in a forward diagonal line. Ball Lightning / Gear 5 / mission 4 / hack schematic: Play before executing your command line. Your movement commands for this turn may be executed in any direction regardless of which direction you are facing. Electrical Surge / Gear 7 / mission 6 / boost schematic: All Mechs' Chain Lightnings can target two initial targets, but bounce 1 fewer time when doing so. Slicing Maelstrom / Gear 5 / mission 9 / slot schematic: (basically cyclotron but in all directional lines in addition to diagonal lines instead of just diagonal lines.) {{champion:240}} Kled - Fire Overdrive - scrapping a metal or fire card repairs 2 damage instead of 1. Schematics - Jousting / Gear 3 / mission 6 / boost schematic: Whenever a mech finishes executing a skewer command that killed a minion, they may rotate 180 degrees and move forward up to 4 spaces. Beartrap on a Rope / Gear 3 / mission 10 / hack schematic: Whenever you damage an enemy with hexmatic aimbots, you may move your mech as close as possible to that target. Retrieve Beartrap on a Rope every 3 team gears, and once in overdrive you do not have to discard it. Pocket Rocket Pistols / Gear 6 / mission 5 / All Mechs' Blaze: may deal their damage in diagonal spaces either in front of or behind them instead of on either side. Skaarl the Cowardly Mech / Gear 3 / mission 2 / hack schematic: draw 6 face down damage cards and place them on top of this card. When you would take damage, reveal one of the face down damage cards instead. You can repair any revealed damage card proactively, but once all of them are revealed, apply them in order, draw 2 more damage cards, and discard this schematic. Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge / Gear 10 / mission 9 / slot schematic: (basically a fire version of Speed that deals damage along either side on each movement) {{champion:78}} Poppy - Metal Overdrive - After executing your command line, gain a minion shield (maximum of 1 for this ability) Schematics - Iron Ambassador / Gear 2 / mission 2 / hack schematic : Before executing your command line, damage a target within 2 range. You may scrap a minion shield to retrieve Iron Ambassador. Heroic Charge / Gear 7 / mission 4 / boost schematic : if a minion is directly in front of you after executing a move command you may stomp it and gain a minion shield (maximum of 1 for this ability). Steadfast Presence / Gear 8 / mission 10 / hack schematic: Play after minions spawn. All damage done to friendly mechs or the bomb is instead dealt to you until the next draft. Hammer Shock / Gear 6 / mission 5 / boost schematic: All Mech's Scythe commands gain a minion shield if they kill at least 1 minion. Keeper's verdict / Gear 8 / mission 9 / slot schematic: target a space within 4 spaces in front of you and select a direction. For all targets within range 1/2/3 of that space: damage all enemies and move all other mechs and the bomb 3 spaces in the chosen direction, ignoring obstacles until landing. {{champion:17}} Teemo - Computery Overdrive - Draft one more card every draft. Schematics - Scout's Code / Gear 5 / mission 3 / boost schematic: All Mechs': When you are the first player you may return an amount of undrafted cards to the top of the command deck up to the number of extra cards dealt. Move Quick / Gear 6 / mission 4 / hack schematic: All mechs may immediately move 1 space in any direction up to 4 times. A mech stops moving from move quick immediately once it stomps, slides on an oil slick, hits lava, reaches a repair station, or pushes. Runaan's Dart Salvos / Gear 8 / mission 7 / hack schematic: Play before executing your command line. Each time you execute a computery slot, execute all hexmatic aimbots commands slotted under the top command. You may draft 2 less cards when you are the first player to retrieve Runaan's Dart Salvos. Hut Two Three Four! / Gear 5 / mission 8 / boost schematic: When you are the first player, once per mech per turn, whenever you would execute a move or turn command you may choose another Mech to execute it instead. Guerrilla Warfare / Gear 4 / mission 9 / slot schematic: (basically memory core but also your team gets to draft 1/2/3 additional card as well and Teemo takes 1/2/3 damage)
: On the League of Legends wiki, the first item under **Trivia** states that the item was originally named "Wraith Collar". Given this, I'm assuming the art is supposed to be a necklace/amulet item around one of the *spooky ghosts.*
It still doesn't really look like anything though. And it is a legendary item. You combine {{item:3113}} which has a good and clear icon with {{item:3108}} which is a good and clear icon to get... {{item:3023}}. If it is supposed to be the collar or whatever lets get some detail and contrast like with {{item:3069}} or {{item:3301}} or {{item:3190}} . Make it shiny. Make it not a crappy torn piece of paper.
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Tynoshi (NA)
: Great idea! Definitely should happen!
: It'll be fun in the jungle with this skin :)
It'll be fun everywhere with this skin :3
JackAqua (NA)
: Maybe, report and leave without penalty (in champion select). If the report proves false the penalty is applied at a later time.
That's not how the tribunal works. Not every case gets reviewed. Toxic players are identified by how many reports they've accrued out of how many games they play more or less. When it seems you might be toxic some of your cases are reviewed by the tribunal and then voted on. And you would want to run the risk of randomly getting penalized later on when you're supposed to be playing with friends?
: I think you completely misread my post. Yay, Internet! I was merely stating that their impression of minorities wouldn't rightly be impacted by my dodge because I am not a minority, and to equivocate me with bigots is a little extreme, don't you think?
Their impression of minorities isn't rightly formed to begin with, so dark's point remains. If you're even just sending the message that tolerant people are assholes then what good are you doing? Again nobody is calling you a bigot. You're just objectively being toxic by leaving a game. You are leaving 3 summoners to deal with the toxic summoner on their own. You want people to get over their ways of not accepting people who are different? Learn to get along with bigots and other people you disagree with. Be the bigger person.
: Thank you, you prove as the perfect example to Riot. Look what he/she has said there. "Leaving a game is just as toxic as being homophobic and racist..." Riot thank you, your intentions to keep this game more focused on the "important things" in this game like leavers or dodgers, more-so than the well being of the people who play this game is ridiculous. We can fucking sue you for that. Listen to this, get you're shit straight. People should not have to suffer 20 minutes to an hour of their life with people insulting them. Even after those people have been muted, the thought of having to suffer by waiting the 20-60 minutes (in game or out of game) is horrible. But it's ok, its fine that we suffer through those games, because that means that someone somewhere will have earned their 4-26 LP the right way, because that's what matters most in this game. No wonder this game has a shit community. I know I have my faults, but I'm not the one with the rights to this game, you are. So fix it. To all: Please consider the above.
You do realize that there are more people in that game than just you and the homophobic racist? You leaving the game makes it miserable for the innocent summoners who are just trying to have fun. You just left them 1 man down and with a toxic player. It even ruins the game for the opposing team. Do you realize how much of an effort it has been to make the tribunal and keep it going? Riot has done a lot to promote good sportsmanship, from the summoners code, to tips regarding sportsmanship, to banning players, to suspending players, to rewarding sportsmanlike players with snowdown stuff and honor ribbons. If you want to make a difference, just mute the person and ban them when you are playing while setting a good example for the other players in the game by being the bigger person. Then spend some time every now and then in the tribunal. You want the community to be better? Guess what. You're part of it. Do what you can within your own sphere of influence. Wanna talk about shit community? check out dota or hon. They make league look like My Little Pony. And for the record **I myself am gay**. I run into homophobic comments all the time. I find that people respond better to wit than to angry retorts. And no, no you cannot sue them. You are welcome to try but you have no case. No lawyer would take your case because you have none. You'd literally be throwing money at riot. If that's what you want then buy skins. Specifically skins like Arcade Hecarim and Armor of the Fifth Age Taric which Riot not so subtly made for us in particular. Riot has made multiple statements that they in no way support homophobic and racist behavior.
: Why do I get penalized for not wanting to play with homophobes and racists?
There is a mute button for a reason. Just mute them at the second offense and report. Leaving a game is just as toxic as being homophobic and racist and it just proves them right that gay people or other minorities are inferior. Don't give them that pleasure. Just mute them, play better than them, and report them. They've just given you all the motivation you could ask for.
: Sweg, so much sweg
Be sure to upvote it on reddit too! The more publicity this gets the better. [here](http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1sanuo/skin_idea_geomancer_karma_13503250_rp/)
: I had an idea a while ago for a skin for {{champion:44}} {{champion:48}} and {{champion:20}} all because they are very under-rated champions but all have really good potential. I just hate to see good champs go to waste :(
Have you seen gravevstone taric? its pretty badass.
IgI007 (NA)
: Skins and ideas (creative discussion)
[Geomancer {{champion:43}} Ultimate Skin](http://community.na.leagueoflegends.com/c/ideas/kGsm23yn-skin-idea-geomancer-karma-1350-3250-rp)
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