OgSc (NA)
: For all the ap Midlaners going against AD mid
League: The game where people complain about lacking strategic depth, then complain when strategic depth goes any deeper than a sidewalk puddle, as seen on these boards.
Pika Fox (NA)
: 20/141 havnt been picked or banned in tournament level games. Tournament level. Literally anything is viable up til master tier, even katarina support.
I wouldn't go THAT far but I love the energy.
: The Assassin rework was a complete failure. Change my mind.
: Lux' ult is getting a little ridiculous...
They did this so she could have enough uptime to be influential in matches. Often times, she'll try to do things and just sort of...run out of things to do. With this, she can win a fight and push a lane with ult, or if the fight extends a bit, she can finish things up with another ult. All Lux has is range and damage, so you can't just up and REMOVE the reset.
: When i played lux before they removed ultimate hat, Arcane Comet - Manaflow - whatever i wanted - Scorch - Presence of Mind - Coup De Grace After one shotting someone, ult was on a 15 sec cd at rank 1. fun.
They still have an equivalent to ultimate hat, and no, it's never at 15 second cd at rank one.
: Riot never addresses this point about interaction. @Riot look here
You're complaining that a late game scaling mage built around dying dies too easily to an early game assassin/mage like LeBlanc. Like...this is not a quality thread.
Yara0 (NA)
: You know I miss when champions like Lux Morgana and Annie were the standard for mid.
If Annie of all champs has obvious counter-play, then you should stop complaining about counter-play in general.
: ahri mains are going to downvote u to hell for insulting their waifu. whenever ahri is strong she is cancerous
Kinda like the one extreme over Sona mains.
: Years of changes, reworks and reverts later LeBlanc, Rengar and Fizz are STILL fundamentally broken.
> [{quoted}](name=Holgranth,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BEbRA7w3,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-15T19:07:02.894+0000) > > I've been here for almost every single change to LeBlanc and started playing before Fizz and Rengar. Hell I named my cat Rengar right after his release. At no point in the history of league have these champions felt good to play and good to play against. It might be time to admit that you cannot balance their current play styles. The problem is that people that play these champs won't admit it, so if you change them, they get hate for a justified change.
Rexxiee (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=chipndip1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OKJhAaRI,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-08-15T18:49:57.543+0000) > > Evelynn: AP assassin > > Diana: Super front-loaded AP diver. Basically Wu Kong with AP ratios. > > Any mage after a few items: ...I mean come on, bruh. When you don't build MR you get one shot by burst mages. Yet the same could be said about adcs "1 shotting" ppl with the old IE + SHIV, so much they were completely nerfed. Now its the mages turn, squishies cant just build 1~2 full mr tank items juts so they dont instantly die if they get touched by anything.
Difference: If a mage uses their abilities, they go on cd. Marksmen don't *really* have a cd for AAs, nor do AAs have any variance. They also build for these AAs to eventually do a ton of damage. If there HAS to be a point where you're just a stat-checking wrecking ball, it shouldn't be after 2-3 items. And you can easily build QSS or have your support build Crucible to escape hit-confirms. You can also build Hexdrinker. You can take Nullifying Orb and dip into the Resolve tree. Your team can draft a tank to take the brunt of their burst. There's PLENTY of options to deal with burst mages, since they don't hyper scale with reliable output like marksmen do.
Rexxiee (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ned the kled,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OKJhAaRI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-08-15T18:16:05.267+0000) > > name an ap champ that 1 shots you within 3 seconds I'll name 3 that 1 shots you within less than a second. Eve, diana, + about any mage in the game after they get a few items + void staff, even ori the "utility mage" can kill you in a single rotaion. Squishies have no MR and void staff exists, its just broken, i dont even know if every champ starting with 40 mr would be enough since sorc pen + void staff would still 1 shot you probably.
Evelynn: AP assassin Diana: Super front-loaded AP diver. Basically Wu Kong with AP ratios. Any mage after a few items: ...I mean come on, bruh. When you don't build MR you get one shot by burst mages.
: "Mobility Creep"
Eve's ult blinks her backwards, but it's not MUCH mobility.
: How is this fake news? I really don't understand what you're getting at.
You say "The fun part about mobile champs is that they have less room for error". That's entirely untrue. Some of the hardest champs in the game, like Zed, Azir, Yasuo, Fiora, and such, are all mobile champs, and for good reason. See, when people like you talk about the strengths and weaknesses of a champion, what really makes me think that no one should have sympathy for you guys is that you aren't even objective enough to really look at the big picture. You don't take into account things like champion variance, trade-offs, scaling, ranges, potential crowd control options, or anything else. Guys like you look at champion strength in a vacuum where that champion's always on top and make these crazy threads with these ridiculous claims about how "It's less punishing to play a squishy melee champion against ranged burst mages because of a singular mobility skill". Like, you made this WHOLE sermon of a post and it's already hog wash in the first sentence. OF COURSE immobile mages get punished harder...**because they're ranged.** You have the advantage of pelting people with attacks *well before they reach melee range of you, so OBVIOUSLY it's fair if you're punished when the gap's closed.* Hell, let's look at this account's recent matches: Does any mobile, bursty champion have a semi-global teleport and point-n-click hard cc? Does any mobile, bursty champion hard scale with an unavoidable, team-wide damage ult? Does any mobile, bursty champion have a team teleport? NO. You play champions with more range, reliable roots and stuns, and more scaling, but you're mad at Zed for being strong in the early game? How does someone that plays *Twisted Fate,* someone that can just up and stun someone with no counter-play, say *someone else* that's MELEE and has NO HARD CC is more forgiving? If Zed opts to ult you, just Yellow Card + Exhaust every time. It's not even hard. You outscale the guy in team fights and out-roam the guy at level 6. You're fully equipped to handle a Zed of all things. Just fake news and hysteria on these boards ALL the time. It gets old.
: To be honest she doesn't need that drastic changes. A lot can be changed through simple number tweaks, however I do think certain parts of her can be changed for both; better gameplay experience who is playing against her and thematically. My suggestions: >*** Passive: Replace with something more creative, than having a Lich Bane for a passive. >*** W: Remove the Orb Damage she get's upon using her W and instead add that part to her E. >*** E: If she misses an enemy when throwing her E, but the enemy ends up walking on top of the bubble... * Reduce the Slow from Drowsy from (10% / 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%) to (5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%) * Reduce the CC Sleep duration from 2 Seconds to 1 Second instead. E: If she hit's an enemy with her E immediately, allow Zoe to gain the Orb damage when walking towards them. >*** With these changes, it would add some skill expression that if she wants to kill an enemy, that she has to land her bubble on the enemy instead of just throwing it anywhere and no consequence if she doesn't hit it immediately. This would also get rid of her lazy damage that she get's from W when ever someone uses an Active or a Summoner Spell.
- If an enemy is dumb enough to walk onto a lingering hit box, it should be the full effect of that hit box. We don't reward sloppy play for no reason, and you can easily buy stuff like Merc Treads, cleanses, and spell shields, anyway. Learn to play the strategic game strategically. - Putting her W orbs on E would either increase her overall damage output or make her attempts at combo'ing enemies after putting them to sleep insanely clumsy since the orbs would wake them from sleep before her Q lands.
Sharuken (NA)
: It should be easy to buff champs for soloq and nerf for competitive. For example, we can buff damage and nerf utility
: the reason why mobile champions are more "fun" is because there are fewer consequences for errors
The problem with these boards is that they're blatantly wrong, they spin fake news constantly, AND they want to be taken seriously. It just doesn't work that way.
: The developers still don't understand what tanks are supposed to be.
SOMEONE doesn't know how to not die and outscale a champion.
XBionicX (EUW)
: LS talking about patch 8.16
Here's the thing: LS's videos are based on if Riot balanced *around competitive/master+ play.* Why on Earth are YOU GUYS using LS of all people to bash Riot? You guys...the same guys that bitch about LCS ALL THE TIME...YOU GUYS are opting to do this...
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Nilly00 (EUW)
: go onto a hentai board and look up discussions about child pornography. It doesnt matter what you say how old a character is. What matters is how old they look.
I mean, fair and fine, but I knew some really small 15 year olds back in high school, and I have a cousin that's small and bubbly like Zoe and she's...literally 15, I believe. So unless we're saying my own irl cousin's legit jail bait now... >_>
: "Riot keeps letting CertainlyT make champions, do they have any idea what they're doing?"
Zoe's like 15 or so in body before she stopped aging altogether. Annie is LITERALLY A CHILD.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Boards: "Riot should stop balancing around pro play"
You're not wrong but do you think that'll stop the boards from downvoting you like they always do?
Gizmoduk (NA)
: as long as youre not a woman{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Sire Hippington,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sE1YgTp9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-09T22:31:16.616+0000) > > You know, all champs have that maystical abillity called 'rightclick the ground' which magically causes them to a certain place - **or away from one** > > Seriously, this is like complaining about anivias damage while refuseing to walk out of her ult... i think even if i run i still die, and still i think she shouldnt be able to cast 10 abilities in 10 seconds.
- Player KNOWS that Akali's shroud makes her invisible. This isn't even NEW. Old Akali's shroud did the same thing. - Player takes MASTER YI, A RIGHT CLICKING MELEE CARRY, to fight this Akali. - Player dies. - "No counterplay" Like, really think on it for two seconds. This is silly. This is grade A roasting material.
: Ah yes the champion that has the highest win rate in two separate roles
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Ðucky (NA)
: Pre-rework Aatrox had mobility, cc, and scaling. Morde has none of those. I'm not saying Aatrox was in a good spot balance-wise, but in terms of his agency and ability to solo-carry the game, he just had significantly more tools than Morde does.
I already told you this, so why are you telling me this? He scaled off of Rageblade and he had a "meh" gap closer. The **only reason** he seemed better was because the last few weeks of his time here favored him. His kit was still shit and still subject to either being way too good or way too not good.
: Yeah I think im done with this shit company. They're nerfing Aatrox who has the SAME winrates as Lee and like 1/4th of his playrate. HOLY SHIT what is happening? What is happening with this company lol. Trox literally has a shitty winrate. It's not like... good. lol. Why are they nerfing him. Straight nerf too. No compensation.
On Lolalytics, Trox has a 52.5% win rate in top lane in Diamond. Lee is like a tiny bit under 50%. So you're wrong.
Ðucky (NA)
: Mordekaiser has almost 0 agency. Getting ahead as Morde is done 1 of 2 ways, your lane opponent(s) int into you when you're strong, or your team gets good bot priority early so you can secure dragon. I'm fine with Aatrox'ing him if it means he gets real and consistent tools to open up the game.
Trox was about the exact same in strengths and weaknesses, except he traded the dragon and burst for a "eh" gap closer and dps. Only thing is that right when Trox was confirmed as the next update, itemization favored him HEAVILY and people started crying for Riot to cancel it or some shit. I'm not saying "Keep the pizza feet", but begging for changes after changes is how Trox changed so heavily.
Ðucky (NA)
: Mordekaiser has gone 936 days without a direct change, behind only Zilean by 77 days.
Posts like these are how Riot Aatrox's your champion. I'm not opposed to it, but don't be grumpy when it happens.
: The target range is for the system Riot made that makes every move a point-and-click(towards a target) {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
You're ridiculously wrong still. A little fact checking shows that this is NOT what "target range" is used for. How can I tell? Because Annie's W is listed with an "effect radius", while her Tibbers has a "target range". Target range is the distance *from your character* something can be cast. Effect radius is half the distance across the move's hitbox, utilized for big aoes. For example: Tibbers has a target range of 600. That's its max dropping distance. However, it has an effect radius of 290. So where Annie can drop the bear 600 units away (6 Teemos), Tibbers has an extra 290 reach *around Tibbers itself, from its own center,* making her effective max distance nearly 900 on the thing. So in the case of AHRI: You're saying Zoe can farm under turret utilizing a spell that has less reach than Ahri's farming tool...not to mention Ahri's Q goes through targets so she can cull a whole wave way easier than Zoe can...while Ahri has a massive escape button...and somehow Zoe is safer than Ahri? This is why I don't like discussing shit with you guys on here. You guys don't **bring facts to the discussion.** Like, holy shit, do your own homework. I shouldn't have to spoon feed you basic information for you to just admit you're wrong. Like wtf is "a system that makes all skill shots point and click" anyway? WHERE DID YOU GET THIS FROM!? HELLO!?!?!?
Joeda89 (NA)
: I reference Korea because when it comes to winning games of League of Legends, that region will find the best strategy. If there is something that is abusable, they will find it and use it. The rest of the competitive scene looks to them for reference, so why shouldn't the balance team or myself?
Riot doesn't balance around one region. *In general* Wukong is overbearing with his toxic kit. You can try to slice it 15 ways to December all you want, but you're not fooling me. I'm a former Sona main, so I know a thing or two about skewing information to make my champ seem weak (in solo queue, anyway).
: Where are you getting the 880 range from? It sure isn't in Ahri's wiki. and YOU are the one saying that I'M peddling "fake news" Zoe doesn't care which set of minions that she hits. Front minions take 3 Qs while caster minions take 2 Qs and that's WITHOUT ITEMS After a lich bane Zoe's Q + passive just lets her m8. Ahri's orb would only hit the bruiser minions and not the caster minions. Ahri needs to hit both the bruiser and mage minions in order to waveclear effectively Due to Zoe also standing farther near her tower, her E also lets her escape much more often than what Ahri would get a chance to escape. Post 6 gank and a Darius Flashes to point blank range: Ahri charms the Darius and ults away 3 times Zoe Trouble Bubbles the Darius and uses R which makes the Darius sleep with enough time for Zoe to escape Ahri has to wait another 110 seconds in order to escape if she's caught out Zoe has to wait 16 seconds in order to escape if she's caught out So Zoe has the same power budget as a character with an ultimate every 16 seconds... HMMMMMMMMMM Yeah, that's inherently broken
> [{quoted}](name=MuffledGarbage,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UqXOUm8n,comment-id=0029000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-08T00:55:50.722+0000) > > Where are you getting the 880 range from? > > It sure isn't in Ahri's wiki. https://i.gyazo.com/6ea2aa4b78d92cb6cf068edf7067654c.png I'm not even reading the rest of what you posted. This conversation is over.
Joeda89 (NA)
: A champion with an average win rate around 50% (across all his lanes, not just top or jungle) in the region that takes the game more seriously than other regions shouldn't get direct target nerfs while the tools he uses (runes, items) are also getting nerfed. This done without any kind of change to move him away from his cancerous one shot play style and into a more healthy off tank role.
So to try to make a point you're referencing specifically Korea? Oh, that's right, because when you filter for "global", all his win rates shoot up to 51-54% instead of largely 50%, which makes you seem more sympathetic. Nice try. C+ for the attempt.
: Zoe typically can stay under tower and waveclear from UNDER HER TOWER. Ahri has to move within 4 teemos of the minion wave VS Zoe can waveclear within 10 teemos of the minion wave before level 6 Try again
Zoe's Paddle Star has 800 range, relative to where she is. She can hit anything up to 800 units away from her positioning once it's redirected. Zoe's ult returns her back to where she started the ult, so Zoe has no strong escape tools. Ahri's Orb of Deception has 880, relative to where it's initially thrown. It goes 880 range forward, then boomerangs infinitely backwards until it reaches Ahri again. Ahri's ult is a pack of dashes with no limitations, with a bit of targeted damage for close by targets. She can escape incoming ganks way more easily than most champions after learning this ability. Either way you slice it, Ahri has MORE RANGE and MORE AOE WAVE CLEAR on her farming tool than Zoe does. She also has an escape that she can cast 3 times. Zoe has none. With fake news like the shit you're pedaling, you could host Info Wars. Why do you whine this much without fact checking yourself? It's a quick Google search, man.
Joeda89 (NA)
: With a 1.6% pick rate. Come on. Look at all the data not just win rate. The dedicated wukong players should have a higher win rate than 50%. Dedicated players on any champ should have a relatively high win rate. When champs have more than 10% pick rate and over 53% win rate. Then there is a problem worth addressing with potential nerfs or power change in the kit.
...so learn the champion and become a 53% win rate Korean Wu Kong player in spirit. I don't see what point you're trying to make.
: TF is pretty safe tho
I mean, yeah. That's my point. If this guy makes it seem impossible to gank Zoe, mid lane might as well not exist for junglers if TF is in it. The same way you gank TF (wait for the card cd) is the same way you can gank Zoe...except you can actually outplay a skill shot, whereas TF can just stun you and keep it moving.
: Lmao i was gunna say {{champion:82}}
Morde wrecks if he gets past laning phase.
: Name a situation that Ahri can be safer in than Zoe. There's not one. Behind enemy lines Zoe is safer due to her higher damage output which lets her melt anyone that she feels like In a 5v5 teamfight Zoe can just snipe from lightyears away due to her E Q R Q combo
: {{champion:429}}
Which champion that isn't a complete abomination fits this pool?
: > [{quoted}](name=TitanAnteus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UqXOUm8n,comment-id=00200000,timestamp=2018-08-07T18:38:24.410+0000) > > I don't understand, how dodge the tornado or else you die is any different than dodge lux q or else you die, or don't be lower than 80% health against vel because he'll unload his kit on you and do tru damage with his ult. > Yasuo blinks to the Sight icon visible Airborne icon airborne enemy champion nearest to the cursor, instantly generating 100 Way of the Wanderer Flow stacks but resetting Steel Tempest. For the next 15 seconds, Yasuo's Critical strike icon critical strikes gain 50% bonus armor penetration. 200 / 300 / 400 (+ 150% bonus AD) ^ Everything Yasuo does and gets by landing a skillshot and pressing one button vs After gathering energy for 1 second, Lux fires a giant laser in a line that deals magic damage to all enemies hit, briefly Sight icon revealing them as well as the surrounding area. plus a CD refund 300 / 400 / 500 (+ 75% AP) ^ Everything lux does and gets after landing 2 skillshots (even if her ult is hard to miss) Yasuo does about as much effort, and has 100 less base damage, but twice the scaling, 50% armor pen on crits FOR 15 SECONDS, which he already has double chance from his passive. AND resets his passive barrier. You cannot compare the two without grasping at straws. As for Velkoz, you're exaggerating, or ignoring circumstances. He can only really melt you in late game, or if he's been fed. (Or if you're playing like an ape) And he is literally nothing but skillshots. If he fires every ability off and you take every single one to the chin, he deserves that kill. > It's more interactive then syndra where there's nothing you can do save for Fizz stick, Vlad Pool, Yasuo W to save you from her point and click ulting you to death. > Yeah, she's a burst mage, it's what they do. It's bullshit that it's a point and click, but if you build MR then it's whatever. Also, play Zilean into Syndra. There's literally nothing she can do as long as you're smart about it. That has nothing to do with this conversation, I just think it's funny watching the Syndra give up. > People complain because the board is an echo chamber. Zoe was bad on release but after the changes they made to her, like removing her cooldown resets if she lands her E, Increasing her mana costs, and yes they lowered the damage on her Q and its splash damage. I will be the first to admit she was pretty bad to play against on release. She's much fairer now, but the echo chamber echos to this day. At the end of the day, I don't really care. Public perception is what it is. However in the future, I suggest actually defending the character you're defending rather than saying "Oh look, this OTHER champion has something mildly similar! That makes THIS okay!" Because it doesn't make Yasuo or Zoe look any less cancer. You're just reminding me that Riot has no idea how to balance their game. EDIT: Oh, hey! Also, if those Yasuo R changes go through, it'll actually be more than 3x damage scaling when compared to Lux's R. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Wait...this is wrong. All disingenuous. When Lux lands Q, she gets a free ult AND a free E. So if you're gonna talk about "All the stuff Lux gets from landing shit", you'd have to also compare the benefits of the E, which is *even more damage* in comparison to Yasuo, who, for the most part, is AA reliant. Yasuo doesn't grant vision in bushes. Yasuo can't create a slowing zone. Yasuo's ult doesn't pop a damage on-hit while applying another stack of that damage on-hit. Yasuo doesn't get to fight from half a lane away. Your presentation of this argument is flawed from the ground up.
: > Zoe is not a problem. Ignite is a problem. I'm assuming everyone's seen the wukong level 2 kill with ignite electrocute proc? Rune damage combined with ignite procking electrocute is the problem. I play Zoe with klepto and she's quite healthy. It's nothing like Nidalee. She has to castbackwards, it's her ONLY reliable damaging ability, Nidalee has Pounce, E, Q, and the CC setup can be blocked by minions. The way I see it, a lot of players just don't respect her damage, so they don't play around their minions and when they get caught, suffer for it. Not only that but she's weak as fuck to ganks. > are you implying that challenger+ lcs players don't know how to respect a zoe? or gank? how do you even gank a good zoe? Now i don't follow pro play much but I do know that they know that zoe is broken
How to gank a good Zoe: - When the E's down, gank the good Zoe - Dodge the E while ganking the good Zoe Like, with this framing, Twisted Fate is the safest mid laner in the game.
: I try (mostly because I'm the sole narrative writer for the skins team) to get play on every champion, but dip into the pool of more infamous characters when I'm thinking about special interactions in lane. They tend to appear in games more, and a lot of people have very strong opinions about them -- so those lines will be heard more frequently and get more laughs, as far as special interactions go (mostly I aim for lore and lane matchups). But in order to _really_ insult a character, you have to know them. Here's what I've anecdotally found as a guy better at tank supports and top lane mages: **Zoe:** I cannot for the life of my aim her god damn skillshot. I understand how her kit works, I see how it _could_ be super oppressive, but everyone I play against dodges the bubble and I'm left with an OK-damage nightmare projectile that controls like Master of the Flying Guillotine. Love the hole from The Yellow Submarine, though, that's kinda fun. I picked up this Flash, neat, guess I'll burn it and my second flash to escape and _now I am dead._ Why are people so afraid of this rainbow haired child blogger. Why am I so angry. **Zed:** I have never been good at playing Zed, and this was established once more to me when he got spam-selected in a one for all and I had to die a billion times to a team of Extremely Master Yis. The sheer skill it takes to not bop yourself like a dumb dumb and keep all your positioning in order is crazy, so like Zoe, while I don't appreciate the experience of dueling a good Zed I do understand the level of skill it takes to get him right. **Yasuo:** It took five games for me to figure out how to shoot tornadoes and besides that I know one of his voice lines is "Make it quick," like he's talking to me, Jared, and I've bothered him in the middle of a pleasant afternoon. Well screw you, Yasuo. At least I'm not an alcoholic with spike shoulder. **Ivern:** I have played two games on Ivern and I can tell just by how his kit kind of, sort of worked that he is completely busted. Just unequivocally _busted_ good. In the right hands Ivern could be a _monster_, but I don't think many people have figured him out quite yet. Also, Jesus, those cooldowns. I'm a HUGE TREE with WEIRD FEET and I'm in this BUSH I MADE throwing FLOWERS, somebody HELP ME. **Akali:** Man, this donut is huge. I love this smokey donut. It's kind of like a vape shop where I stab you. I hope my opponent is dead by the time the donut ends- oh. Oh no. **Ahri:** Ahri is extremely easily countered because she has to get in _relatively_ close to secure solo kills. Sure, she can poke you a little, and you can choose to stay in lane, and maybe your friends come down from the river because you stayed in lane, and I'm way too far out. Stop pinging me. I know I'm dead. Please stop pinging. **Quinn:** Okay, so I shoot whoever the bird pecks? And I bounce off them like Puck from the Canadian X-Men? Sweet. He had Puck powers. I think one of the other guys was a Sasquatch. Oh holy wow this damage is high. I hope my trend of messing up my itemization won't _totally cripple_ my ability to contribute in _any meaningful way._ Nope, wait, it did.
It sounds like you need to focus on the match instead of your fictional monologue skills during game, Jared. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Yes, I've played Zoe quite fervently She's fucking broken, PERIOD. Zoe can stay safer than AHRI in any situation while STILL dealing damage Zoe's Q and E together have more burst than most mages entire kits Zoe's W lets her get out of ANY SITUATION THAT SHE FEELS LIKE AND GET FREE DAMAGE FOR NO FUCKING REASON, IT'S BEYOND RETARDEDLY STRONG Her W does more damage than AHRI'S W Zoe's W that has the insane ability to STEAL SUMMONER SPELLS which alone would be okay if it took up ANY OF HER KIT'S POWER BUDGET Instead we have Zoe's W being an Ahri's W on FUCKING STEROIDS If Zoe's kit was just her Q, E, and R, she would be balanced. The reason why she ISN'T balanced is because of her Passive and her W Zoe's Passive and W provide the SAME DAMAGE as her burst, this means that her skillshots DON'T EVEN NEED TO HIT SOMEONE AFTER ZOE GRABS 2 ITEMS LIKE WHAT THE FUCK RIOT?
> [{quoted}](name=MuffledGarbage,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UqXOUm8n,comment-id=0029,timestamp=2018-08-07T21:23:08.983+0000) > > Yes, I've played Zoe quite fervently > > She's fucking broken, PERIOD. > > Zoe can stay safer than AHRI in any situation while STILL dealing damage So now we know you don't play Zoe...
: This was all very small minorities of players, like Hashinshin or ImaQTpie
Those guys, especially QT, have some large followings that'll parrot what they say. We also saw some of the sentiments I put here on these very boards, especially the assassin ones.
: > [{quoted}](name=chipndip1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=L6pAQ7yB,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-08-06T22:42:39.062+0000) > > 1) They've done a visual update + minor game play update for one yordle (Trist, the best one) and a full vgu of another one (Poppy, the other best one). So it's not like they don't care about yordle champs. > > 2) Morde WAS mini-reworked already. Full VGU is down the line. > > 3) Nunu is the next VGU on the list, then Kayle. Those are strong candidates for udpates, are they not? I don't see how that's favoritism. > > 4) I've made multiple threads questioning Riot's decision to stay away from working on Enchanters. No one gives a shit up to this point, anyhow. Idk, man. It's not Riot favoring some champs more than Riot shunning Enchanters. If your problem is Morde and Panth, their time will come. If your problem is KARMA...you should save your breathe. Exactly. People think I am trying to say Karma deserves it more than anyone. No. I don't think she deserves a visual update over a lot of champions, but Ezreal isn't one of them. They picked Ezreal, like they did with the Lux VO update last year, for the sheer fact that he is more popular. It's not because he deserved it or requires it. It was a bias choice because they don't care about anything but the same crap every year. {{champion:32}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:45}}{{champion:74}} {{champion:150}} - We were told that all Yordles would be worked on to make them look more in-line with what Tristana and Poppy look like today. Where is that? {{champion:35}} - We were told they could do a lot with the Demonic Jester theme. Where is that? {{champion:80}} - We were told he needed a visual update. Where is it? {{champion:43}} - We were told, by Reav3, that she needs another VGU. Where is it? {{champion:82}} - We were told his VGU didn't hit the mark and was a missed opportunity. They would come back to him. Where is it? {{champion:72}} - We were told his VGU was not successful and they don't know what he is supposed to be or doing. They said they would come back to him very soon. Where is it? You want to know where all of that is? On shit like this: {{champion:268}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:81}}
You say this like Ezreal doesn't look absolutely horrendous. You say this like Morde and Skarner weren't mini-reworked BEFORE Ezreal. You say this like Riot hasn't **specifically stated** that they've given up on balancing Azir/Kalista/Ryze beyond pro play for the time being for the sole sake of putting that time into other champs that need it. I'm sorry, but it seems like this is a Karma problem you're masking as something bigger. Just be honest with the fact that you want Karma to be *the next champion* Riot gets to and not "one of the next few" since you feel like you've waited long enough. Be honest. You're not fooling me.
: If you can play an assassin tank, then the champion is broken
1) Akali can't carry games. She can shut down potential carries, but she can't carry. 2) She's way easier to shut down than old Akali since she doesn't vamp all over your whole team and run everyone down with resets. 3) She's easier to mess up on her execution than a lot of assassins. I don't see a ton of issues with her, honestly. If she's building a fighter build, it's because her burst patterns delayed enough that people want to get beefier to not die during their burst pattern. Should it be addressed? Yeah, but it's not some super broken thing as far as I'm seeing.
: *sigh* Akali is broken...like every champion that gets reworked or remade or updated
: @Riot Developers - I called Ezreal and I Knew it. Offically Leaving Game.
1) They've done a visual update + minor game play update for one yordle (Trist, the best one) and a full vgu of another one (Poppy, the other best one). So it's not like they don't care about yordle champs. 2) Morde WAS mini-reworked already. Full VGU is down the line. 3) Nunu is the next VGU on the list, then Kayle. Those are strong candidates for udpates, are they not? I don't see how that's favoritism. 4) I've made multiple threads questioning Riot's decision to stay away from working on Enchanters. No one gives a shit up to this point, anyhow. Idk, man. It's not Riot favoring some champs more than Riot shunning Enchanters. If your problem is Morde and Panth, their time will come. If your problem is KARMA...you should save your breathe.
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