: The difference isn't necessarily how CLG played but who they played. Ssumday may be good, but Flame handled Darshan and Ssum didn't. Shrimp is good, but clearly we saw why Xmithie was 1st team Jung and Shrimp wasn't even top 3. Keane is frankly the weakest link on DIG imo, while Pobelter and Huhi both are vying for #3 NA mid. Altec and Adrian have had amazingly good games, and amazingly bad ones while Olleh was universally acknowledged head and shoulders above all other supports and Cody Sun has been a solid starter all split.
I was gonna take offense to you saying Pobelter and Huhi are competing for number 3 but then I remembered Bjergsen and Jensen really are that good.
Prandine (NA)
: I'm impressed by GAM so far this tournament.
And then the game where Peanut breaks the 15 minute kill record.
: CLG Dardoch
Maybe Huhi can stick to utility now and stop feeding since he no longer needs to play carry. He is much better on A Sol and Ori then on Azir and Syndra
: Not a TSM fan, but damnnnn
The issue was Zven got inside on the race for objectives after all the midgame fights. They would fight for baron and get to the point where neither team could take it. Zven would take a mid lane turret TSM would clear top jungle and a minion wave then back for items. This allowed Zven to pick up a ton of gold for himself and his team while TSM would end up not pushing their advantage.
: {{champion:427}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:7}} I fail to see the problem. ;p
and lose the power of an Ivern invade no thank you.
: TSM's play style is slow and methodical. They are more counter punchers. They wait for the opposing team to do something and they out rotate them.
This seems to be true about all the NA teams when they play abroad. When CLG faced off against SKT they where behind/tied 90% of each game and would grind to try to gain an advantage at 20+ minutes most games. NA is almost all Macro plays with only a few great micro players namely Bjergson, Arrow, and Doublelift.
Oelyk (NA)
: Everyone who gets autofilled and is a mid main picks her or Brand.
morris1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SNSD Sunnny,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0F75ABEP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-26T06:45:42.370+0000) > > if you could take it 5x times you would have 250 bonus hp What's the point of this statement lol.
He thought that each level of it was 50 hp not 10 hp
: Twitch is doing exactly what everyone hated about pre-nerf Kogmaw
Can I just say I miss when the adc meta was {{champion:22}} {{champion:202}} and {{champion:15}} I really enjoyed utility ADCs that actually gave you a chance to do something rather then the {{champion:96}} and {{champion:29}} meta where if they get in range of you past 20 min you die.
: Incorrect, before the tower nerfs marksmen were the primary way to take structures, as well as neutral objectives. Most mages have been nerfed since their class 'update', and several people don't bother buying a void staff; or don't time their crowd control, but that's said of marksmen too. Honestly I don't care which class takes their place, though preferably a variety so things aren't so stale. But I'd rather face fed mages than mediocre marksmen; at least mages have cooldowns and mana issues.
Some ADCs have never been the greatest at taking turrets. Noticably Kogmaw he may be good in seiges by forcing opponents off of objectives with range but his kit is focused on teamfights.
: Guess who i play mid when i have an Yasuo enemy. I play {{champion:131}} Guess who wins every time. {{champion:131}} I also don't have much of a problem with lee. I also play other champs against him. But a lot of it also comes down to understand they champion and what to and not to do when playing against him. :){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I also don't think they need nerfs. A lot of problems can be solved with having champions with CC.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Blue Rajah,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KV22dXZL,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2016-12-10T18:44:30.601+0000) > > How's triforce? A lot of Power you can't apply to the enemy: my thoughts on triforce
You would think the phage would help a lot
Shaponja (EUNE)
: kog'maw was gutted but you dont see anyone talking about him, myself included {{champion:96}}
I made a post about the nerf on his e killing a play style I missed for all of season 6 without getting enough compensation to make him viable as an adc in exchange. So I did make a post about it at one point.
: > [{quoted}](name=PhoebusRevenio,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RdVy7Ab9,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-10T19:19:04.922+0000) > > There are a lot of junglers who can counter jungle. There are junglers who can gank and snowball lanes and counter jungle at the same time. > > There are trade offs, when you're not ganking, the enemy jungler has the floor. You really shouldn't focus on any one extreme too much, because that's just not how you jungle, but in lower elos, nobody jungles properly anyway, and that's why there are a lot of junglers that work in lower elos that simply can't compete at high elo. > > Shyvanna isn't really a common pick at high elo. Why? Probably for a lot of reasons that I certainly don't know, but it can be summed up pretty easily as either or both that she's too weak or doesn't bring enough to the table. > > Sure, she can counter jungle. Or, you could track her and know where she'd invade your jungle, and be prepared for that situation or take advantage of it. Or you could just go and snowball all 3 lanes because she's not around. Every game is situational, and there's definitely something you can be doing better when playing against a shyvanna, she's not nearly as oppressive as people make her out to be... > > Udyr at the start of season 6 however, was that strong, and him and the items he built got nerfed repeatedly over several patches. He was strong in the jungle in about every way and had a positive win rate vs every other jungler in the game. Riot doesn't make the decision to nerf a champion or attempt to balance a champion based on what the community believes, they'll consider it, and maybe it'll help point out a problem... but in general, they'll look at their data streams and figure out the best they can what's happening and why it's happening and what needs to be done in order to fix it. > > I don't see people complaining about Vi and Ivern, who have higher win rates. And just because I don't see it, doesn't mean it's not happening. You can apply that to a lot of aspects of League of Legends and Riot Games. Huh. I'm pretty salty whenever I see an enemy Vi :P Now you saw it! Wasn't start of S6 devourere season?
Except for Udyr was everywhere thanks Trick2G
Swae7 (NA)
: Guys ive been playing with a Mac and i didnt know games were bad for macs. I would haev so many irregularities in my ping in every game and in teamfights, my ping becomes 500. If anyone can recommend a good LAPTOP i can buy that will also run games that would be awesome.
If looking for cheap that works go Toshiba you wont get fancy graphics out of them but for stuff like League or games that dont blow up graphics (looking at you fully modded skyrim) it will do the job.
: What crit-based ADC doesn't builds Runaan's?
Vayne and Sivir both do not they prefer Statikk Shiv if they need extra AOE
: CC isn't carrying. It has to be dmg, whether AP or AD; that's what qualifies as a carry. It doesn't matter ifyou have just pure cc, without some form of dmg, you won't be able to do a thing without it. It's why a 5 tank team won't work. When you're just cc, you're going to feel useless a lot more than if you were just doing pure dmg. Sure, you might tank hits, sure you have cc, but, when you get fed, it doesn't feel quite right.
I have won with a premade all tank team in ranked before... {{champion:36}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:82}} We all rushed zzrot (except the morde he got his rylais then zz rot) then banner of command they other team had lots of difficulty keeping towers standing when we either put 3 in a lane with zzrots and banners or just pushed each lane simultaneously
: Soraka having a slow on autoattacks allows consistent slow chaining, and Ashe doesn't have high enough attack range to justify her ACTUALLY reapplying the DoT enough to justify it over giving a fighter (or, like I said, literally any other champion), a truedamage DoT, slow, and health regen. In THEORY, if Ashe was PERMANENTLY attacking someone while she had red, and there was never a single teamfight, and literally nobody ever got caught out by your jungler, Ashe would use red better. Other than that, the only thing that comes close to being remotely plausible as a reason to give it to her is "she might have Runaan's". Literally everything else in defense of giving Ashe red is negated by either A) "There just outright isn't a situation where she's using her range advantage so 100% consistently that it matters more than a melee champion to have a DoT", or B) "The sticking power of the slow (and peeling power) are better on a jungler than wasting it on a champion who has both those things built into her kit"
What Ashe doesn't build runaans? Her kit is very well designed for it. Having her slows go from 1 target to 3 targets and the fact that she gets critical strike damage and chance built in her most common builds makes it a very strong item on her. The red buff dot on three targets is pretty strong. Her range, aa speed, and the fact that anybody that knows how to build her is getting runaan's 2 or 3 makes her a very good champion to hold red buff.
: I'm sometimes a bit too fixiated on counterjungling and more often than not end up getting caught.
I play khazix thats usually not a problem if they find me. My hop and ult gets me out of most collapses flash gets me out of the rest.
: This is basically how I jungle
I died to a counter gank once and my midlaner instead of holding the wave off of the turret went and took my blue. My midlaner was a katarina.
: Riot need to ask why no one wishes to play support? As support main I will tell you. Income is poor, you are getting blamed for everything (low elo) so much tilting,flaming even insulting, when something great happens SUPPORT if forgotten. In my like 50 games Ive seen 3 times OK adc who understood that he is playing well because of me too. And so on... Have fun and avoid support role I wholeheartly suggest. P.s. In low elo you cant influence game as much as you would like, because team mates dont know/dont want to follow your engages, if they feed you are dead as well....
In low elo everybody gets blamed for everything. The jungler gets flamed if he focuses a different lane or focuses on farm. The support gets flamed for roami g and taking a kill. ADC gets flamed for getting out csed. Mid gets flamed for failing to follow or missing a ping. Top gets flamed when they lose turret or they do t actually carry on a carry champion.
Rioter Comments
Saianna (EUNE)
: In Karmas/Xer/Cassios case they have been reworked because they weren't as popular as Riot wanted. Needles to to say they aren't super-mega popular now anyways. Cait/Malzahar not sure, though but Malz rework was nothing more than shuffling his abilities. He's the same as before...
Except AD malz can't be played anymore... It used to be a viable if off meta pick that RIOT had promised to try to keep then they gitted it by giving the w an ap ratio. If it had better base damages then had a good ad ratio then he could still clear camps and waves fast. Then they need to have turrets stop prioritizing voidlings over minions.
: Until you can actually outplay ADCs and their damage, they shouldn't be able to outplay yours
I play khazix so yeah you can kinda out play an adc with your e and r allowing you to gap close and dodge their aa damage. Then it is just down to making sure you are fed enough to blurp them
Volcanuz (OCE)
: Remember when he was considered an adc. Pepperidge farm remembers. No seriously. There was a point people picked him up and tried him as ADC and he did somewhat good. Of course the high skill ceiling kept most from trying it.
Like Au Sol Jungle is kinda a thing? or actually viable like kog mid? Or was he just far to adaptable so some people play him in every position like kayle?
: Played a game against a plat player.
As a bronze 1 this preseason playing with some silver and gold players is very difficult but enjoyable. When I play as khazix it is usually easy to take almost every drake and to counter jungle my enemies into oblivion. However the gold level players understood my objectives and could actually contest them.
: Playing an off meta champ or build is not trolling
So when i play {{champion:61}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:4}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3040}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3146}}
: i mean i saw a pro match where a team lost with a 20k gold lead
Was that the MSI game where CLG had a full build sivir single handidly clearing 2 super minion waves forever?
WeedTits (NA)
: When your jungler ganks bot, you get the double kill, you ping the tower, and he goes back to farming his jungle.... God Damnit
If I manage to get a clean gank off I often invade immediately after but I main khazix if it is only 1 enemy coming for me I can usually burst them or hop away easily. I view it the same as shoving lane after getting a solo kill on the enemy laner. You deny farm and gain vision in one go.
: ?? i made a 150+ upvote thread on my eune acc and so did many moree people
You have an EUW account called FBI officer...
: I was wrong Riot, I take everything back
I was scared the new camps would be hard on single target cleares but its not that bad chickens are a little rough but otherwise its pretty good.
: its called a stomp, do you really think your matchmaking is fair?
I am low bronze... I don't stomp people. Even when I would get fed on khazix it didn't feel easy to go 1 v2 or I didn't feel confident that I could invade and be safe. This rework made it so that their akali would have to pop shroud just to keep me from 1 shotting her. I would tower dive repetatively bot lane to pick up a kill or two and that was versus a taric.
: Don't know about the numbers on EVE or Overwatch, tbh, but LoL is a LOT bigger than all of WoW, Dota, Diablo, StarCraft or HotS.
EVE has about 150k subscriptions with nearly half of those being secondary accounts for miners. Overwatch is getting bigger and may supercede League in around 2-3 years if their growth continues
Rioter Comments
SirLapse (NA)
: I thought it was already broadly known that this system is vastly inaccurate for who is really doing "S+" tier gameplay since it can't detect subtleties like baiting the enemy into a teamfight, forcing enemy summoner's, or the simple idea of giving a kill to a teammate so they can have an item advantage against their opponent. I think of it more as a reward system to flaunt around in spare time since obviously you have to work overtime to get higher ranks in the system. Usually means being an a-hole too gameplay-wise.
Or punishing you as a support for leaving your adc for solo gold on turrets or how well you peel for your adc with a well placed hook or knock up or silence.
: so why do i get S+ on so many supports
From my understanding if you are pulling under 3 cs a minute and have a support item it removes the CS score from consideration from score.
: So giving up CS to teammates can actually cost you an S rank - wow...
Does anyone know if it counts neutral monsters from enemy jungle more then neutrals from your own? I had a game recently as khazix where I had a score of 8/1/1 with 78 cs and a 45% kill participation. However most of those kill where on the enemies Lee Sin along with 30 of the cs. I got an A for that game.
: > [{quoted}](name=q fizz p,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Mm05WZBd,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-10-30T20:21:22.625+0000) > > U said "when i was bronze" > So considering what u where saying, you belong to bronze, wait, u climbed, i was bronze, i belong to bronze, but wait i climbed, many people started bronze, but wait, they climbed. And now are silver, gold, plat! > Dude! Everyone can climb, but some needs more time than others. who are you to judge them if they can get out of bronze or not. It's a matter of knowledge and experience that leads to such a climb. A cup that is full can receive no more tea. Empty your cup, or your climb can never begin.
So what you are saying is they are inexperienced? so they are new...
Ricketts (NA)
: Bang and Wolf were struggling some in the last couple games though. Faker straight carried Game 2 and arguably carried Game 5. Crown was the better ADC in the Finals.
: When it comes to stat allocation MinMaxing > balanced stats. It's better to just highlight your champion's strengths unless you can actually set up matchup specific rune pages.
With certain champs and runes it may be better to go mixed runes. On kha'zix for example CDR blues are good but going 9 of them ends up wasting some cdr in many builds so you go 6 cdr and 3 MR or scaling MR
: People don't want to play Supports
People telling you how to play your champion or which champion to play or that your heimer support is troll or that you should stop taking my cs or you should build support items MY RABADONS IS A SUPPORT ITEM
Choaru (NA)
: Leave my bae alone you pineapples >:C *hugs shaco*
: Ultimate Favorite Champions Survey!
Gameplay: {{champion:429}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:121}} Visuals: {{champion:136}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:240}} Theme: {{champion:427}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:72}} Personality: {{champion:48}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:201}} Lore: {{champion:90}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:412}}
: But he has pool, two slows, a hasten, and two heals with amplifier. He can be very forgiving when out of place and that urks me
Thats mostly just because he is a bruiser/tank
Poske (EUNE)
: The ammount of rage your post just induced to me is ridicilus New Poppy is nothing like Old Poppy. Old Poppy was strategic late game powerhouse WHICH DIDNT GIVE A FK ABOUT ANYTHING. I dont get this wibe from new poppy Instead of Nerfing her unique ultimate they replaced it with another unique ultimate They kept stuff like her charge But what IF I TOLD YOU Riot can call that her iconic ABILITY AS MUCH AS THEY WANT BUT NOT A SINGLE POPPY PLAYER PLAYED HER BECAUSE OF THE ST UPID WALL PIN (well maybe some rugby players would like the tackle..)
I didn't enjoy poppy before. Her new design is definately much better from a make a tank fun point of view
: You mean a champion with 4 abilities that deal magical damage, and a spammable nuke with great ap scaling? How does that compare with Miss Fortune where 3 of her 4 skills deal physical damage with terrible AP scaling? Do you even read?
All of kogs abilities have shit for ap scaling. He was completely relient on M Pen. Void staff and liandries torment where what made him viable as ap.
: When as a tank, my team doesn't follow up with my engage and watches me die... And then fights the 4v5... and gets aced. *Sigh*
or when you are playing as a carry and your tank won't engage because they are "saving it for peel".... I understand wanting to peel but when the enemy is split pushing the side lanes and you are 5 v 3 or 5 v 4 mid lane go in please
: When you 1v4 the enemy team to let the rest of your team escape after a bad fight and they get mad at you even when everyone would've died if you didn't {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
It's even worse when you sacrifice yourself for them and they turn to fight. Welcome to bronze 1
: When you can't transition being fed in the early game into mid/late game prowess
I know the feeling... started 6/0/2 on khazix unfortunatly our last pick was our midlaner and he picked talon giving us all ad... by 30 minutes there was 2 tanks that I could barely scratch and I ended the game as a 9/7/12
Gelmous (NA)
: don't worry it's not a thing, why would anybody build AP Miss fortune? this is an odd request to ask
The support for ROX played 2 games as AP {{champion:21}} he built ad later but was dominant in lane
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